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(1 comments) (4 comments) (11 comments) In Sorrento, Italy on our honeymoon. (4 comments) Engagement photos (2 comments) Happy Thanksgiving! I really need to start making the scale go down and not up. This photo is a bit of a wakeup call (I'm the tall one on the right). I look pudgy and droopy. Time to track food for real and naybe buy a better bra! Nothing like a great pair of new shoes for instant motivation! Apparently 2 someones think I'm gorgeous. I'll take it! At my daughter's 2nd birthday party, May 2016 (1 comments) (6 comments) Just finished my workout. Felt great! Yesterday - so close to 10k! Practicing single legged squats while waiting for my allergy shot. #multitasking #getthoserepsin 3 day streak of meeting my 10k steps. Let's try for 4! Cleared by the physical therapist to try running again! First time in at least 6 months, probably longer. Tiring but felt good! So ... I am 40 cals over my goal for today. But I had the following successes: - exercised for 66 minutes, including my first jog in over 6 months - reached 10k steps for the 4th day in a row - forewent chocolate cupcakes for dessert on favor of tea and fruit - AND lost 1.4 lbs since Monday. I'd call that a successful day! A good day for stepping! Another jog! Standing desk today in an effort to get to my 10k step goal. It doesn't add much, but every little bit counts. #getupstandup Way too tempted to eat the peep off one of these cupcakes in the breakroom. Send encouragement. #staystrong #justsayno Victory yesterday! I love when it flashes green to show I reached my goal! Walked, didn't drive, to the farmers' market. You find beautiful things when you walk! Thanks to the spring 5% weight loss challenge and especially my Fitbit workweek hustle challenge for inspiring me. (2 comments) Look who I saw on today's walk around the office complex! #everylittlebitcounts Delicious healthy lunch: romaine salad with broccoli and radish sprouts and blue cheese, topped with salmon. Oil and vinegar dressing. Fruit for dessert. All produce from farmer's market. Yum! Vacation in Puerto Vallarta (3 comments) That moment when you're over your calories for the day, and then you realize you forgot to track a 45 minute walk ... And you're within calories again! Another 1.1 lbs down. Slow and steady reaches the goal! Present from my husband! 😍 Question: here is my weight tracker from the app. How do I get everything before April 1 to disappear? I'm doing well since I've recommitted but would like to make the old weight gain stop showing up (on my body, too, but for now just asking about the graph). TIA! Well, didn't win my workweek hustle challenge, but I'm on the podium! Survived a trip to McDonald's and still on track! Beautiful hike with the family enjoying the last of California's super bloom and ocean views! Ready for a beach bike ride and lunch with an ocean view! Healthy, protein-pqcked lunch of poke, seaweed salad, and brown rice at the halfway point of my beach bike ride! 🚴🚴🚴 Refreshing grapefruit mint water with ingredients from my garden. Hey, look! I didn't want the rest of my cereal so I didn't finish it! That's huge for me! In other news, cold cereal isn't a very good breakfast for me. I need to be better about preparing breakfast the night before: baked oatmeal, chia pudding, or something else that fits my breakfast criteria of slightly sweet, cereal-y, but also protein packed. Summer is coming!!! (But I didn't buy any peaches today - they'll be far more delicious next week.) Somehow convinced that I look chubbier around the midsection today than yesterday. Couldn't have happened, right? Healthy and fresh lunch in the spring sunshine! Searing grouper for dinner. We usually have salmon - hope this is yummy! Mid-walk treat from my favorite coffee shop. Cold-brewed coffee with about 1 oz of half and half = 39 calories of delicious refreshment. Phew! Swimming is one of the best (and most exhausting) full body workouts I can think of! My hard work has been paying off this month! Down 4.5 lbs. Shabbat dinner! Seasonal fruit bowl on the counter! Such a beautiful day for a walk! Here is one house we saw on our way. Gorgeous roses, perfect weather! These shorts were too tight to wear comfortably a month ago; now they fit great! #NSV Next step, tighter abs too! Today was a great day for stepping! Remains of a delicious brunch eaten al fresco: breakfast sandwich with fried eggs, laughing cow cheese, and Trader Joe's turkey bacon on a whole wheat English muffin. Grapefruit half for "dessert". So satisfying! My daughter was painting with Grandma over the weekend. What a fun fridge we have today! Enjoying some relaxation in the front seat while someone small and cute snoozes in the back :) Getting ready for the week: zucchini and tomatoes for roasting, sweet potato soup in process, and onions and peppers sauteing in the back for thick and hearty black bean soup. Healthy snack under 200 Cal, full of protein and some fat: 2% Fage Greek yogurt with strawberries and cinnamon. πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“ (1 comments) I have been doing Coach Nicole's 12-minute Pilates abs for two days now in order to get rid of some of this bulge. Very sore abs! Let's see if I also get visible results. Canned salmon salad for lunch, eaten with celery instead of a fork. Watermelon for dessert. Lots of protein and healthy fats! Summer fruit is here!!! Back to jogging again! (Ok, intervals.) Over 1 mile, and over my 10,000 steps for the day. Nice and sweaty. #running #sweatyselfie #gymhairdontcare Pilates abs - day 3! Today's try at a healthy protein m–filled lunch: spinach salad topped with leftover salmon and sprouts, cup of hearty black bean soup with labneh, tangerine. Using my daughter's dance studio time to do my physical therapy leg exercises. Stronger every day! My colorful lunch! #tastetherainbow Snack time! Didn't want to go to the gym but did anyway. 10k steps, 1.5 mi. #sweatyselfie #gymhairdontcare Mushroom soup simmering, and black bean chilaquiles ready to go into the oven. #cincodemayo Empty gym here today on Cinco de Mayo. But I showed up! #sweatyselfie #gymhairdontcare So close to winning this challenge! Do I have 4000 more steps in me before 10pm? Shabbat Shalom! My old scale (left) stopped taring. Hello shiny new petite friend! Well ... I really wanted to win my work week hustle challenge, but the other ladies were stepping and I just couldn't pull past them. But I beat my personal best! #smallvictories Brunch! Yummy treat! Steak salad :) Things I didn't eat today: - birthday cake - pizza - tortillas and rice from fish tacos - CUPCAKES! (In a cupcake chandelier too!) Go me! Workout done, 10k steps reached. 6 min elliptical warm-up 25 min leg exercises and other strength training 23 min jogging intervals + cool down Phew! πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸ’ͺπŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈπŸ˜…πŸ‘ I got a trophy yesterday! Thanks Jerri and other fellow scarlet dragons! Lunch: poke, Brussels sprouts salad with dates, broccoli salad with ricotta salata. Yum! First outdoor run with couch to 5K app. Run periods were shorter than I have been doing on the treadmill,so I ran into the walk intervals a little bit. If I keep with this program, I'll be doing an all running 5K (or at least 30 minutes straight) in 8 weeks! πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈ #sweatyselfie #gymhairdont
I always feel a bit lost when my Fitbit is charging. Hope I don't forget it today - I'm in two different challenges! My family eats cereal for breakfast, but it's not a good breakfast for me: too many carbs, two little protein, and too easy to overindulge. Today: baked oatmeal! Packed with Greek yogurt, eggs, and protein powder, as well as healthy carbs and fiber from oats and coconut, plus chia seeds and flaxseed meal, it's a great, filling breakfast that keeps me going until lunch. Afternoon treat for only eating 2 bites of the kids' Nutella crepe. Because of spark and my Fitbit challenges, I forced the kids to walk (not drive) to and from the farmers' market. Healthy and fun for everyone! And I am almost at 10k steps! No run today, but 7 miles on stationary bike. #sweatyselfie #gymhairdontcare Yum! Couch to 5k day 2. Harder than last time! Look what I found at the supermarket today! Cherries are here! Not sure what this flashy green screen means on my Fitbit app, but I know that I like it! Lunch prepped for tomorrow's long day at work: big salad with salmon, cherries, assorted veggies, fruit, cheese, and yogurt. Yum! I bonked on my evening walk - ran out of blood sugar (I guess I didn't have enough dinner!), but I did get an award! And, now I'm within my calories! Workout time truncated due to preschool mother's day festivities. But they were super cute! Now for an extra fast workout. Fastest run pace 5.5! I prefer to run outside, but there's something to be said for the consistency of the treadmill. #running I'm officially down to 180.5, which is below my official pre-pregnancy weight. Down a total of 6.5 lbs. Still have more weight to lose, but can't blame on the kids! This is the first time in over a decade that I have really felt I can make a difference in my weight. What an amazing feeling! I'm currently leading in my workweek hustle Fitbit challenge. (Enjoying it while it lasts!) #fitbit #10ksteps I won one! Goofy curly hair after an evening jog! I got to go while my husband and relatives cleaned up from mother's day dinner. Aww. Couch to 5k day 3. #sweatyselfie #gymhairdontcare The benefit of hosting mother's day dinner is leftovers for lunch the next day! - salmon topped with pesto and pistachios - beet salad with parsley and feta - roasted asparagus - fruit salad I also made walnut raisin bread, but there were no leftovers of the loaf! (And strawberry pie, but didn't bring that to work πŸ˜‹ Happy belated mother's day, everyone! Excited and inspired to see a runner shaped like me on an ad for Women's Running magazine. Maybe I can be a real runner after all! Low on time and couldn't make it to the gym, but I fit in Coach Nicole's 12-minute Pilates abs and 9-minute arms and shoulders workouts. I definitely feel the burn! Chicken prepped and ready to stick in the oven before this afternoon's workout. Healthy dinner for the week: βœ… CrΓͺpe at the farmers market: lunch of champions! View from my treadmill today. C25k day 4. Fastest run pace 5.6 mph. Made me perversely proud to see I was faster (when running) than the people on either side of me. #running Lunch was yummy - a Mexican-style salad with carne asada, brown rice, beans, a little cheese, and lots of salsa. But I'm full, so instead of finishing it, I'm going to save the rest for later. #smallvictories Was at work from 8am-8pm but still managed to get 10k steps and stay within calories! #winning #smallvictories My royal walking partner for this morning's trip to the library and grocery store. So, I bought a bra online. Now it's a little weird that every time I look at Spark on my computer (even at work), I get images of bras. Um ... Healthy treat for lunch: spicy poke! Beautiful run today - my first on the strand since my surgery. (It's concrete - hard on knees.) feels great so far. Can't believe I get to exercise in such a gorgeous place! This is why I want to run! Happy birthday to my daughter! I may be on a mission to eat healthier, but I can still make a beautiful cupcake for my daughter's birthday. (I'll sample it but will try hard not to finish mine.) Had one bite of cupcake (plus the tastes of whipped cream I snitched while frosting). Now here's my delicious dessert. Today's healthy goals: - eat within my calories, preferably at the low end of the range - get 10k steps to win my five (!!!) Fitbit Goal Day challenges - wear lots of sunscreen and don't get burned at the beach! β›±β›±πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜Žβ˜€οΈβ˜€οΈπŸŒŠπŸŒŠ Breakfast! Treats for everyone! (Mine is the coffee :) note - my kids don't have treats all that often, but I really do believe that in order to form a healthy relationship with food, they should eat 80-90% healthy (which we do at home) and then truly enjoy the treats they get, with no guilt. I feel a bit self conscious about wearing this form fitting dress, but it's a hit day, and gosh darn it, I'm going to do it anyway! In any case, it's the jewelry that really makes the outfit :) Had one bite of the buttercream frosting (my kryptonite), and said no to the rest! Hadn't planned to have any, but that's how it goes ... Healthy lunch: chicken apple sausage with a big green salad and cut up veggies. Tastes great after saying no to bagels, cake with frosting, and mimosas at a birthday party. My husband's suggested caption: this is what I'm reduced to eating! Today's run was on the greenbelt (wood chip trail). Hot weekend, but not too hot to run at 5pm. C25k week 2 day 3. πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ #sweatyselfie Extremely unfocused and unproductive morning. Hoping a chance of scenery and some caffeine will help. Couch to 5k week 2 day 3 repeat. Phew! #gymhairdontcare #sweatyselfie Look who decided to join me for morning toothbrushing and squats! #morningmultitasking Summer berries are here! Another Tuesday, another family walk to and from the farmer's market. πŸšΆπŸšΆπŸ“πŸ‘πŸπŸŽπŸŸπŸΏβ˜•οΈπŸ’πŸ₯’πŸ₯•πŸ₯‘πŸ₯šπŸŠπŸ‹ #healthymom I was a rockstar today! Snakes prepped for the workday. Alternative use of the flip belt: it holds my keys when I run, and also holds ice on my injured knee while driving. OK, I love hot dogs as much as the next person, but this is NOT a balanced meal. Where are the freggies? Happy anniversary to my main squeeze! 8 years of marriage today - here's to many many more healthy years to come. ❀ Officially out of the 180s and feeling amazing! Now time for my workout. Couch to 5k Week 3 day 1. Runs are now 3 min long - much more difficult. But I'm progressing! #sweatyselfie #gymhairdontcare Gorgeous and healthy lunch of leftover salmon over a green salad with sprouts, radishes, and sprouted lentils. πŸ˜‹ Off to San Francisco! A wonderful first day of our trip. Here's to day two! What a beautiful breakfast at this B&B! (There's also breads, quiche, cottage cheese, etc.) Today was a great day for stepping! Good morning! Back from our short vacation and back to eating sensibly and mindfully and fitting in bursts of exercise when I can. (And no more 25k step journeys across San Francisco, waah!) #morningmultitasking Happy Memorial Day! First day of the summer season here in the US! Booyah! (Ok, it helps that I chose a heavy walking weekend for this challenge, but still!) It doesn't photograph well, but overnight, this will turn into delicious chocolate peanut butter Chia pudding for breakfast tomorrow. Here's what overnight chia pudding looks like in the morning (with strawberries). Yum! Farmers market day treat! Leftovers of a delicious and healthy dinner: seared salmon; salad with sprouts, raw turnip, and blue cheese; and red carrots. Not pictured: tomato soup (from a can - what can you do?). Had sort of a grumpy day. Over calories, despite eating only good choices, and under my 10,000 steps. But I know how to fix that! #letsdothis #gymratandproud #running In fact, I DO feel better! Endorphins FTW! Couch to 5k Week 3 day 2. #running #sweatyselfie Mini inspiration board inside a picture frame I made at moms' camp. The text around the side is hard to read, but it says. "I will run a 5k in 2017!" I clean up good and can totally impersonate a competent professional. I am really convinced my waist is more defined than the last time I wore this :) #smallvictories So weird - I realized today that the gym is actually my happy place! I'm still hungry after a small dinner, so I'm having a healthy protein packed dessert: Greek yogurt with cocoa powder and Splenda stirred in, topped with strawberries. Tastes decadent, but full of healthy ingredients. Some new bathing suits and summer dresses. Hope they fit! (And several hundred dollars with of food ...) #costco Lunch for two al fresco! (Canned salmon salad, veggies, fruit, iced tea.) My fave summer snack: cottage cheese with fresh fruit, sprinkled with sprouted lentils. Couch to 5k Week 3 day 3. This was hard - I think I didn't eat enough beforehand and bonked during my cooldown. But I'm proud of myself for doing it! Very excited about tonight's salad, which feature spinach, strawberries, pistachios, radish sprouts, and red onions soaked in icewater to remove the bite. Also chicken and fresh corn! Shabbat shalom! Another workweek, another workweek hustle won. These small rewards help when the scale doesn't change! Physical therapy drills completed while waiting for kids to leave the synagogue! #multitasking Doggie cake in process for tomorrow's birthday party for my daughter! Stretching after #running. Couch to 5K week three day two, but I was focusing on longer runs - up to six minutes – and slower runs. Still felt very hard today, possibly because I didn't take a rest day in between runs. Lots of energetic dancing at tonight's Bar Mitzvah reception! Phew! Wanted to post a different shot so you could see both the awesome Fosse-esque hat (a dancing prop given out at the party) as well as my fabulous necklace and awesome cleav. I so rarely get to embrace the low neckline look these days! Happy third birthday to Mila, who loved her doggie cake! (5 comments) Gym bag packed so I can fit in a workout after work! Healthy snacks packed too! And leftover cake to feed my co-workers and get it out if the house! Fresh and healthy treat for lunch! Intervals! I was cleared to register for a 5k, so I ran for a longer distance - 5 min running, 2-3 min walking recovery. #running #sweatyselfie Healthy snacks and dinner prepared for a long day at work! This made me smile. Hope it does the same for you. Have a wonderful weekend, Spark brothers and sisters! Quick and healthy treat before the gym. #pokelover Today I learned why is a bad idea to go for a jog right after lunch. Uurgh! Jog cut short. #sweatyselfie Maybe I'll fit in another run later tonight, but more likely tomorrow. A breakfast worthy of a restaurant! Whole wheat English muffin, laughing cow light cheese, sunny side up eggs, and lox topped with sprouts. My goal is 10k steps/day. I've hit that goal every day since May 16! #streakpower The best cure for a bad mood? A run! 3.1 miles of intervals not counting warm-up and cool down. 5k here I come! #running #sweatyselfie Need inspiration to exercise? Lunch for one al fresco: tuna salad eaten with fresh veggies instead of a fork, fresh seasonal fruit, iced tea. Want a great motivation boost? Try listening to the theme music of your favorite adventure movies or TV shows! Who doesn't feel like a bad-ass when working out to the Indiana Jones or A Team theme song? (1 comments) Beautiful run on the beach! 4-6 min runs, 2 min walks. 3 miles. #running sweatyselfie Corn chowder on deck for dinner. Once the veggies are sauteed, I'll add the broth. Corn chowder, lemon balsamic chicken, roasted cauliflower. Dinner is served! (With plenty of leftovers for the week ahead :) πŸ˜‹ How's this for motivation? I REGISTERED FOR MY FIRST 5K!!!! Well, I WAS enjoying my salad until I discovered a bug in it! I think I may have eaten one, too (sudden unexpected bitter taste). PSA: always wash and check your lettuce thoroughly, especially if it's organic! #hazardsofhealthyeating Healthy habit: if I'm needlepointing or knitting while watching TV, my hands are busy and I'm not snacking! Working on the background of this beauty. I ended up with an active day yesterday and then went a little nuts because Spark was down for maintenance and I couldn't post about it. πŸ˜‚ #addictedtospark #thestruggleisreal Hope this success carries forward into a good morning weigh in! Determined to have an efficient morning and both finish my report and fit in a run before preschool pickup. We can do it! Another beach run! Only 2.77 miles including warm up, but I'm confident I can do the whole 3.1 (5k). I actually passed another runner (then she passed me back, ah well.) 13 min mi run pace. Delicious and healthy fresh veggie salad! Goals for today: - make progress on grading for class - clean up house - cook a healthy dinner - exercise - strength training or cross-training - 10k steps - track all food and stay below 1800 calories - no nighttime snacking Fresh summer bounty for lunch! Nuff said! Arms and legs, worked out. Look at all that beautiful sweat! #sweatyselfie #crosstraining Posting photos of dessert as a proxy for eating it :) Advantages of nighttime walks:πŸŒ™πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ - fresh night air and time to decompress from the dayπŸŽ‘πŸŒ™πŸŒ˜ - exercise points so I'm not over my calories for the day 😎😎😎 - being out walking means I'm not home snacking 🚫🍰🍭πŸͺ - hopefully I'll win this week's Workweek Hustle Fitbit challenge :) πŸ₯‡πŸ…πŸ† Sharing my breakfast with Maggie the dog, lambie, and baby robot! Healthy and active family fun day at the beach! 10k steps daily for 40 day streak! What do you call the main meal of the day when eating at 4 PM? How about, delicious? Fried eggs over a bed of steamed spinach, and leftover ground bison and lentils. Another run on the beach. 5k in just 7 days! (My phone died partway through, so I took this photo after I got home.) #running #sweatyselfie Epic summer day spent playing, walking, biking, and running at the beach. Happy summer, everyone! I was craving coleslaw the other day, so I made some! Sausage on the side for protein, and of course some fresh fruit for dessert. Despite my overall lassitude today and the frustration of being stuck in a plateau, this weekend I won a hard-fought weekend warrior challenge. Thanks to all my fellow dragon competitors! #smallvictories Finally off to the gym. Only 80 min later than planned. But should still have time for strength training for upper body and core, and for speed work for running. We can do it! Intervals! (Surges workout on Runkeeper): 5.5 mph fast pace (30 sec), 2 min recovery at 4.2 mph (still a slow jog for me). Faster and stronger every day! πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ Workout also included 5 min rowing warm-up, and 20 min of upper body and abs strength training. πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈπŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈ #sweatyselfie #running #gymhairdontcare #sweatisfatmelting Added bonus of working out in the afternoon: I shower after dinner, which means I don't need to shower in the morning. So I get a few more minutes to hang around in my jammies. (check out my awesome pajama shirt, left over from my college days) Cottage cheese, fruit, and cereal for breakfast! Avocado toast with lox. #lunchspiration I should remember I can make this at home too (but should add more protein :) Farmers' market day! The best day of the week! (And we walk there = over 10k steps and it's only 3pm) Lunch for tomorrow: check! Way healthier and more delicious than anything in the commissary! Woke up this morning feeling sore from yesterday's workout. But today I need to do a morning jog. Totally unmotivated. Quick, someone day something that will fire me up! Who cares if I didn't lose this week? Just ran 1.5 miles at 4.6 mph, walked half a mile to recover, ran 1.1 mile at 4.5 mph. That is the most I have ever run, EVER. 5K here I come! Saw duckies while coming out of the gym! Now that's unusual! A good day in step-land! Workout complete! Hip hop dance (50 min, fun but not as good of a workout as I'd hoped), 20 min running speed work, 14 min strength. Phew! #sweatyselfie #running Weight lost! At last! Probably a result of using a different scale and I didn't actually lose 5.9 lbs overnight, but I'll take it! This is the motivational boost I needed! Morning hike! Over 10,000 steps, and found three geocaches with my son while on vacation. A great day! And if you haven't tried it, geocaching is a really fun way to get your steps in. Tomorrow is race day! Up at 5:30 to be there at 6:30 for a 7:30 start time for the Manhattan Beach 5K. my first 5K! So nervous and excited! About to start my first 5k! First 5k completed! 41:13.17. A personal record. The medal is a cookie! Post race breakfast of champions. Post race breakfast of champions. Well ... over calories today due to mismanaging food after the race. I was just so hungry! But LOTS of physical activity, and a successful 5k completion, so I'll consider today a success even if it wasn't a weight loss day. And I tracked all my food, too! Back on the wagon and within calories tomorrow! Beach-bound in my new tankini with healthy picnic lunch in tow! Goals for today: - stay within calories, include protein and fats in every meal - over 10k steps - don't get sunburned! Regularly scheduled exercise (and work) resumes tomorrow. My kids had ice cream at the beach. My treat? 7 ounces of plain Greek yogurt mixed with cocoa powder and Splenda, topped with strawberries. Delicious and packed full of protein! Lunch for tomorrow! Canned salmon salad, coke slaw, fruit, veggies, other snacks. 32 min of intervals: fast speed 5.7 mph, slow speed 4.2 mph. Getting stronger and faster every day! #sweatisfatcrying #sweatyselfie #running #gymhairdontcare Got to take a walk on the Disney studio lot today. Pretty cool place, even in 90 degree heat! How do you keep your avocado toast safe? Put lox on it! How do you keep your avocado toast safe? Put lox on it! Picking up kids after a great full body workout at physical therapy. Pure summer happiness: fresh local peaches, apricots, and cherriums! Been feeling slim and attractive in my serious business dress today! #NSV Not much time to work out today, so I did 20 minutes of high-intensity interval training. Top running speed 7 mph. Faster than I have ever gone before! Faster and stronger every day! #running #sweatyselfie #gymhairdontcare My dining companions. Thursdays are adventure days! Today, the bones museum. Many, many thanks to those who have commented on my blog, what do you do on your bad days? I'm not sure where you all found it! But I really value knowing that people have read it and that it has resonated. Thank you again! Here's how it makes me feel: 2 miles of intervals on the treadmill at PT. The therapist says my form is good, even at fastest speed! #running #sweatyselfie Tuna, coleslaw, and the cutest little personal watermelon for lunch! I may be fluctuating upward this week in terms of weight, but I did some great stepping! Potato, zucchini, and feta frittata. A very satisfying vegetarian meal! Oatmeal cottage cheese blueberry pancakes and fresh summer fruit! I live in paradise! Also a great place for a jog :) Faster and stronger every day! (My first outdoor jog in a while, and I probably snacked too soon beforehand. Lesson learned. Oof!) Beautiful weather on my walk with my brother. Unfortunately everyone else in Santa Monica seemed to have the same idea! πŸ˜ŽπŸŒ΄πŸ–πŸŽ‘πŸŽ’ Yesterday: along but amazing day with my brother in which I had two great restaurant meals, probably went over calories, but also walked more than 12 miles. Today: a walk to the beach and back, followed by a family barbecue. Lots of fun stuff, but I am committed to tracking all food and staying within calories today! Chicken with homemade cherry whiskey barbecue sauce, and grilled corn. Not pictured: coleslaw, homemade guacamole, and Jell-O mold made with real fruit juice. Happy Fourth of July! Feeling a little "hangover" after the festivities of a four-day weekend. But today starts with a healthy breakfast and gets better from there! Taking the stairs down to lunch instead of the elevator. Every little bit counts! #fitbit #gottaget10k In our house, even the stuffed animals start the day off with a healthy breakfast. What did you have for breakfast? Full body circuits! I was planning to jog on the treadmill, but I couldn't resist the call of the beach! Treated myself to poke for lunch! Healthy and delicious (though I actually prefer nontraditional salmon poke to ahi tuna). My running shoe company endorsed me as an athlete! (OK, it's a gimmick, but a fun one. I love seeing myself this way!) (2 comments) 5k in 45 minutes of fartleks. I've always wanted to do a fartlek! Faster and stronger every day! #gymhairdontcare #sweatyselfie #running Feeling tired, but so happy and peaceful after a great weigh in and an even better run. Endorphins are real, and they are amazing! I'm teaching tomorrow, which is tough on a summer Saturday, but plan to spend Sunday by the pool to see the new house of some old friends. Hope you have a wonderful weekend planned too! Veggies sautΓ©ing for a variation on shakshuka. Next step is to crack eggs in the pan and let them poach. Top with feta cheese if desired. Fresh and yummy! The shakshuka was amazing! Side dish of roasted cauliflower too. Beautiful! Found this sign during the cool down of my beach run. Beach run! So tired after teaching and a poor night of sleep, and it was hot, but I still got out and did it! #running Ready for another hot day tomorrow! Cold brew coffee steeping, grapefruit water prepared, overnight oats ready and waiting for breakfast. Gym on the agenda tomorrow. Over calories for today, but let's let bygones be bygones. Monday, here I come! World's easiest (and most beautiful) summer soup, cold borscht. Combine: - 4 cans whole beets (with liquid) - 4 cups buttermilk - 2 cups apple juice Blend until smooth. Season with salt, pepper, dill (preferably fresh), and caraway seeds. Serve over chopped cucumbers, hard boiled egg, radish, and/or avocado. A delicious dinner (serve alongside a protein like chicken). My Russian husband says it tastes just like the cold borscht of his childhood! Lunch! Leftover shakshuka (basically vegetable hash) with an egg on top, English muffin, nectarine. I have been hungry all morning, but this should do the trick! Can you read it? Wake up and frolic! Was having kind of a down day, but a nice sweaty bike ride turned around my mood. My longest in years! #sweatisfatcrying #biking #endorphinsFTW Parenting is a lesson in picking your battles, interspersed with moments like this. We enjoyed our outdoor art day! Hope you are having a wonderful day too! Avocado toast with sardines! After a full day with the kids (and a very hot day too) I'm completely wrung out! But will try to do my leg exercise set this evening, and maybe some abs, for some light strength training. Pan-searing fresh salmon and yellow squash. Le yum! The full dinner: cold borscht over chopped egg, radish, and celery; seared salmon and squash; simple green salad with cherry tomatoes; and cut up veggies (mostly to ensure the kids will eat a vegetable, since they didn't touch the soup, salad, or squash). Served with homemade pumpernickel bread and butter, and iced tea. Summer dining at its finest (and everything was prepared in about 15 minutes, too)! Farmers' market bounty: peaches, mango nectarines, and grapefruits from our own tree. #deliciousdailymoment 13x1 intervals. Fastest speed 6mph, fastest slow speed 4.4 mph (though I did slow to a walk for some slow intervals towards the end). Faster and stronger every day! #running #sweatyselfie #gymhairdontcare Oops! I usually keep silverware in the top part of my lunch bag, but looks like I grabbed my son's bag today and found preschool art there instead :) Bougainvillea on my evening walk - an antidote to horrible LA traffic. Sometimes I make dinner into a BFD. (In our house that stands for "breakfast for dinner.") two fried eggs, English muffin with laughing cow light cheese, half a tomato courtesy of our neighbor's garden. Cherries for dessert. Worked up quite a sweat with an at-home full body strength workout courtesy of the Biggest Loser Challenge Indigo Shuffle! Go Scarlet Dragons! πŸ²πŸ‰πŸ”₯πŸ’ͺπŸ†πŸ… #sweatyselfie Cottage cheese and fruit for breakfast. But honestly, I am getting a little tired of it. What do you eat for breakfast? Ran about 2.8 mi (4.2 mph, sprint at end) without stopping. I'm ready for my next 5k! Faster, stronger, and more endurance every day! #running #sweatyselfie #gymhairdontcare PS Spark, please add a fitness entry for running slower than 6 mph but not intervals! Make me feel like my slow running is still legitimate! Canned salmon salad and accoutrements for lunch! #deliciousdailymoments Something tells me this challah doesn't want to go into the oven! Shabbat Shalom! Breakfast! Looks exactly the same as Thursday night dinner :-) New summery sundress - a hand-me-down from a friend. Perfect for a summer Sunday by the pool! Now I just need a thick belt to emphasize my waist. Photo courtesy of my 3 year old :) Phew! Awesome day of swimming in a friend's pool (lots of treading water for deep end volleyball). I am exhausted! Hoping I have 7000 more steps in me whole cleaning the house and resetting for Monday to reach my goal. After a brisk evening walk, goal met! Now if only I could figure out why Runkeeper keeps dying on me ... #10kstepstreak Lilies of the Nile at the end of a 3.1 mi beach run. I got tired toward the end, but definitely ran about 85% of the way! I have got to start packing my lunch to take to work. But for now, this is a pretty healthy option: brown rice poke bowl, cut up veggies (those are from home), iced tea. Had the nerve to wear a short skirt to work today. I like how it shows off my stems! Instead of snacking before bed, I did a brief full body workout! Stronger every day! πŸ’ͺπŸ†πŸ‹ #sweatyselfie Relaxing with ice after a vigorous physical therapy session, including strength exercises and stationary bike. I ❀ PT! Stronger and fitter every day! πŸ’ͺπŸ‹πŸ†πŸŒŸ #sweatyselfie PS Pro tip for fitbit users - you can attach your fitbit to your shoe to get credit for pedaling! Kids weren't excited about the usual lunch choices at home, so I whipped up some smoothie bowls topped with granola, almonds, and chia seeds. Trendy, nutritious, and perfect for a hot day! #momwin Was intending to go for a beach bike ride this morning before work. Instead, I'm here at home, babysitting the plumber. Send me some encouragement so I can meet my goals of a workout and 10k steps today! Plumbing done. One cure for a bad mood coming up! Cure for a grumpy mood? A beach bike ride. 73 minutes and 13 miles of sun and ocean views! Feeling much better now. Faster and stronger every day! Beach views from my bike ride today! I truly live in paradise. #deliciousdailymoment Somehow I missed lunch today. So here's a hearty but healthy snack! #deliciousdailymoment Teeny tiny adorable (and only slightly slug-eaten) strawberries from our own garden! Salad prepped for a long day tomorrow! Greens, tomatoes, black beans, leftover salmon, and leftover squash from dinner. Dressing in an accompanying container. Yummy! Mountain views on my lunchtime walk. Fit in a few minutes of arm exercises -- and 10k steps -- on a very long day. Still over calories due to my skinny cow ice cream treat, but some days, that's just what has to happen. #gymhairdontcare #sweatyselfie Found an old pair of jeans in my closet. They were very tight a few weeks ago. Now they are totally wearable! #NSV Salad with leftovers for lunch. Le yum. But I miss the blue cheese :) Physical therapy exercises done! Also, I'm up .2 lbs from an afternoon weigh in, which means I most likely actually lost weight! The best part is that for my physical therapy cardio, I'm going to bike on the beach rather than in the PT office. #gymhairdontcare #sweatyselfie I wasn't feeling it for my job today, so it was mostly walking. But at least I went! Stronger, fitter, and more determined and consistent every day! πŸ’ͺπŸ†πŸƒπŸŽ½ #sweatyselfie Check it out! I reached 100k Spark points! And my 10k steps per day remains unbroken from May 16, even after a tough couple of days. Feeling determined! Stronger and more willpower every day! πŸ’ͺπŸ†πŸ…πŸ˜Ž Sitting in a giant Adirondack chair during my class break. Life is good! Yup! Showing up is half the battle! Old behavior: went to get frozen yogurt after class. Not terrible, but lots of sugar and not portion controlled. New behavior: Greek yogurt and a nectarine from home. Healthier, cheaper, more protein, and I don't have to drive to the froyo place = I get home sooner. Win-win-win! Trying something new for a light dinner: turkey wraps with avocado, bell pepper, laughing cow light cheese, and hatch green chile salsa. I think it will be yummy! Trying KT tape to see if it will help with my tennis elbow. World's healthiest picnic! I roasted peaches at 350 for one hour, and will eat them for breakfast with cottage cheese or yogurt. So yummy, and this totally deepens and intensifies the flavor of already sweet and delicious seasonal fruit. #breakfastspiration Good morning! Let's get the day started right! Posted a photo If only grownups could go to art camp! Summer is the best! Breakfast for lunch! Do you hate your thighs? Don't feel bad! Even this carrot has inner thigh rub πŸ˜‚ #iloveuglyproduce #farmersmarket My first try at aquafaba meringues (vegan, fat free, but with lots of sugar). They taste good, but next time I would use a stand mixer to whip the mixture for more, and probably use some cream of tartar to stabilize it as well. Or I might just make meringues using actual egg whites :-) Ran on the wet sand today to be gentler to my knee. The ocean is always beautiful, but the star of today was the cloudy sky! #running Faster and stronger every day! 40 push-ups! Stronger every day! And I mind someday soon, arm muscle definition! Daily inspiration! Even this car is telling you to get your workout on! It'll cure what ails you! Quite a colorful haul from today's farmers market! Beach bike ride. Feeling blessed! Another view. Workout complete! Feeling fit and strong. Better every day! Treat time! Beautiful and perfectly symmetrical succulent on my walk today. Also, I am trying walking barefoot to see how that feels. 20 min jog without stopping! Plus warmup and a relatively long cooldown. Faster, stronger, and more endurance every day! Date night. Look, Ma, I'm wearing makeup! Today's adventure: California science Center! No official exercise, but I did get almost 7000 steps :-) 45 push-ups. Stronger every day! Party at physical therapy today (really!) Live music, shave ice, dancing! 29 minutes of intervals. Feels good to get back to running! #running #gymhairdontcare #sweatyselfie Shabbat services on the beach, and the beauty of the setting sun's rays peeking through the clouds. Shabbat Shalom, everyone, and a peaceful and joyous weekend. Colorful breakfast! My sidekick and I are cleaning out the refrigerator. Makes it so much easier to prepare meals when you can find everything! Organized -- and labeled too! Goal accomplished! Booya! 20 min running without stopping. Run pace 12:30/mile (whoa!). #sweatyselfie All this and 50 push-ups too! 50! Super yummy brunch: avocado toast over fried eggs over sweet potato and pork belly hash. And a victory: I ate moderately and didn't stuff myself! Lots of hash and avocado left over :) Date morning: bike to brunch and back. Oatmeal made with protein powder, topped with peach and strawberry, plus a hard boiled egg. It's what's for breakfast! Lunch! Homemade pressure cooker black bean soup topped with labneh and green onions, and sardine and avocado cabbage wraps. Cut up bell pepper and nectarine on the side. About 550 cal, and it looks like a ton of food! I may not even finish it. And so colorful too! My endorsement check arrived! Thanks Brooks! #professionalathlete #running #goHilarygo Lunch al fresco! Black beans and turkey avocado wraps, accompanied by fresh veggies and fruit. Lunch al fresco! Black beans and turkey avocado wraps, accompanied by fresh veggies and fruit. I'm sick, so I didn't jog as I normally would have, but a brisk walk sure felt good! #sweatyselfie In case you needed more evidence that weight loss doesn't go in a straight line ... but the general trend is in the right direction. That's all that matters! Don't give up! (3 comments) Brisk bike ride + humid weather = lots and lots of sweat! #gymhairdontcare #sweatyselfie Today my helpers assisted with a delicious quinoa vegetable salad! Now they are excited about eating it! 1/8 cup of ice cream. Weighed, measured, and accounted for. Now to enjoy! Long summer day! Highlight was the cutest picnic ever. Hope you enjoyed your day too. Tired at the end of a long day, but still managed to fit in 20 minutes of strength training while watching TV. Didn't want to log zero minutes of exercise! Go Rebels! #sweatyselfie #gymhairdontcare Today at physical therapy a fellow patient told me I look like an athlete! Best compliment ever. Also, I find that the way to alleviate boredom on the treadmill is intervals. Today I fartleked! #running #sweatyselfie Finished my silly kitty cat hat for my daughter. Knitting keeps my hands busy so I don't snack while watching TV :) Squats done! Every morning. Really great upper body and abs workout today! (I had been planning to go biking, but bikes were all checked out. That's what you call making lemonade out of lemons!) coming soon, upper body muscle definition! Can't stop won't stop! Stronger every day. #sweatyselfie BFL: breakfast for lunch! Found a really pretty walking trail near my in-laws' house! Overnight oats prepped for tomorrow's breakfast. Lunch packed too! Busy Monday morning of a busy week. I'm starting out with a quick trip to the gym. Let's carpe this diem! Run complete! Faster and stronger every day! #sweatyselfie New (to me) skirt! I think it makes me look slim :) Family dinners are really great. We eat the food and then the plate. πŸ˜‚ (from an old children's book my parents used to read to me) Tonight's menu: watermelon soup, leftover shakshuka (eggs on top of vegetable hash)/scrambled eggs for kids, and ΠΏΠΎΠ΄ΠΆΠ°Ρ€ΠΈΠ½ΠΈΠΉ ΠΊΠ°Ρ€Ρ‚ΠΎΡˆΠΊΠΈ (Russian fried potatoes made by our nanny). 52 push-ups. A new record! Farmers market is my happy place! The kids love all the produce, especially using the cucumbers as telephones! Nice sweaty stationary bike session at PT. My next to last session! Bittersweet for sure :) #sweatyselfie Long day at work, but I managed to stay within calories AND get in 10k steps, thanks to an evening walk. A successful day! Long day of working with no chance to go for a jog. But! I did a brief arm workout and resisted the siren call of the chocolate ice cream sandwiches. So it's not all bad. Got to do ladder drills today at PT! Just like the athletes! As of today, I am officially down 15.5 lbs. About halfway to goal! Been trying since April - I am certainly in contention for slowest loser. But speed doesn't matter, as long as you're headed in the right direction! #slowestloser #slowandsteadywinstherace Lunch at my desk today as I bust my hump to get ready to go on vacation for a week. But at least it looks pretty healthy! Challah and sautΓ©ed vegetables. Not pictured: turkey meatballs, baked peaches with crumble topping, watermelon soup. Shabbat Shalom! My neighbor is growing beautiful sunflowers! I am sick and tired of working, but excited to be leaving for vacation tomorrow! Have a wonderful Saturday everyone! Yesterday's leftover sautΓ©ed veggies became the basis for today's veggie scramble. Just add eggs or egg whites, and shredded cheese. I know it doesn't look great, but it was amazing! #recycleyourveggies Realized that for the first time in years, I won't have to worry about whether my jeans fit after summer is over. Because I lost 15 1/2 pounds this summer! #winning #NSV Yummy pea soup at the famous Pea Soup Anderson's in Santa Nella. Driving from LA to Bend, Oregon. You will never believe what happened! We missed our flight and ended up driving up to Oregon (12+ hrs total driving time). Today we are having breakfast at our hotel in Redding, north of Sacramento, and expect to reach our destination around lunchtime. Here's breakfast! Scrambled eggs, oatmeal, and fruit- quite satisfactory! Lunch! Still did my push-ups, even on vacation - my husband was impressed! Sad to be saying goodbye to beautiful Sunriver, Oregon. See you next year! Spent some quality time in the bouncy castle with this one today. Going to count it as trampolining :-) definitely good exercise! Had a chance to try rowing (in a rowboat, not a rowing machine) on this beautifully serene lake. Great exercise! Back from a really great vacation – away from home and away from Spark too! I didn't track my food, and I even had an ice cream cone today. But I was also quite active on my trip. Tomorrow, I will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to exercise, track my food, and meet all my goals. Sometimes we all need a break! Healthy breakfast eaten and tracked. Back from vacation and starting off on the right foot! First run back after vacation! Overnight oats prepped! Tomorrow is going to be a good day. #dailydeliciousmoment Well, yesterday was the first day back from vacation. It went well until dinner time, when I met my girlfriends for book club. At an amazing restaurant. Totally overate. Feeling much heavier than two weeks ago today (I haven't had a chance to weigh myself since I got back). But today is a new day, and a Monday, and a great day to recommit to healthy eating, food tracking, and exercise. Have a wonderful day! All food for the day tracked. And within calories, too (albeit just barely!). Loved my Fitbit so well that the original purple band broke. Hello shiny new pink accessory! New day, starting out with 46 squats! Over 10k steps already today. So this is a well-earned snack! And a table decorated with beautiful fresh blooms. First day of kindergarten! Long day! I didn't get to 10,000 steps, but I did get in a walk and even a few minutes of weights while watching TV. And I'm within calories! It'll be a busy day tomorrow too! Good night! Weight lost over vacation! I finally got a chance to weigh myself (albeit on a different scale) and results are good! Made good food choices today at the fiesta - BBQ tri-tip, grilled corn on the cob, an apple. Proud of myself! Pictured: my and my favorite boy on the ferris wheel. 30 min running without stopping. Beautiful breach run on a perfect overcast day. Slow but steady! #running #lappingeveryoneonthecouch #sweatyselfie At the theatre. In a dress I haven't worn in years. We clean up good! 14 miles of bike riding! With a beautiful brunch too :) healthy date morning! 🚴 Ingredients for a fresh and healthy summer succotash dish to accompany grilled sausages. Today I went running with my sidekick! She did some great running, and then we brought the stroller for when she was tired. It felt very different running with the stroller! #running #sweatyselfie #fitmama Totally delicious homemade dinner: yesterday's summer vegetable succotash made into whole wheat three cheese summer vegetable pizza, plus salad. My secret ingredient for the pizza was cottage cheese, which added a lot of protein and not too much fat. Mixing it with a small amount of Parmesan adds a great flavor and a ton of creaminess. Not as much time as I'd like to be on Spark recently, or to exercise. But today my husband referred to me as "my svelte wife!" Going strong! The clouds are beautiful today as I walk the long way around back to my car from a long day at work. So sleepy this morning! But I did a brief pre-shower workout: sit-ups, jumping jacks, squats, wall sit, push-ups. Good morning! Delicious birthday breakfast! That's basil poking out from under the egg. Birthday dinner with my main squeeze. I'm 39 and feeling fine! πŸŽ‚ So proud to be 10 lbs less than this time last year, and hoping for more success in 2017! It's a little scary now that my workload has gotten more intense, but I promise myself I'll persevere with food tracking and exercise. Took the day off of tracking yesterday for my birthday party (but I did eat reasonably). I'm back today! Goals: 100% tracking, 10,000 steps, almost finished with my report except for proofreading. Happy Labor Day! Today: - put the finishing touches on my report and turn it in!!! - farmers' market with kids - exercise - in back yard? Kids' club at gym? - 10k steps - getting a good start on this by walking my son to school this morning - track 100% of food and stay within calories Let's go! Lunchtime! Steps accomplished. Report turned in. All food tracked. Day ended within calories. Success! πŸ†πŸ’ͺπŸ’«πŸŽ‰ Tomorrow: getting lots of sh*t done before my trip to Dayton, including an actual workout. Hooray! Amazingly beautiful day for a jog! Get out there and do it! (Thoughts and prayers to all those in the path of a recent out upcoming hurricane ...) Gorgeous breach run today. Well, the first part was running. I bit off more than I could chew, was getting a blister, and walked the rest of the way back. Still. Almost 2 miles running, 4 miles total! #running Exercise completed. Errands done. Time for a delicious poke lunch! I've lost focus the last few weeks, but now school has started, I jogged today, and I'm back and ready to show that flab who's boss. The good news is that I appear to have maintained weight rather than gained over vacation and work week from hell. From the better late than never files, I also had a great week a few weeks ago! Look at my shiny new badge! Caught a glimpse of myself in my undies in the mirror and thought, you know, I look pretty good! Sometimes I surprise myself when I spontaneously have positive self-talk. #NSV #TMI I just love being able to walk my son to kindergarten. So much fun to see the other families, see him interact with the kids, and say hi to the parents. And on a humid day like today, it may be only a brisk walk, but I sure get sweaty! In transit ... Chose healthy Greek yogurt and a banana while en route at O'Hare in Chicago. Used Dayton's bike share program to tour around the city yesterday. Affordable, quick, and healthy too! The city is beautiful! Making the best choices I can at the airport travel lounge. Skipped mac & cheese and clam chowder in favor of salad! Jogged through the O'Hare rainbow tunnel. Not a lot of exercise, but on travel days I'll take what I can get! Ingredients for summer veggie pizza! Busy busy day today! Goals: - make good good choices, stay within calories - record ALL food - 10k steps - exercise? My first day of return to normalcy. I can do it!! Beautiful beach jog today! #running #keepingmypromisestomyself Half a Fitstar workout while my son watched Wild Kratts. Something is better than nothing! I'll fit the other half in later. #sweatyselfie 2nd kid home from school. 2nd TV show. 2nd half of workout! #sweatyselfie #keepingmypromisestomyself Great day at Universal Studios with my mom for her bday celebration! Snacks and water bottle packed for a busy day! Lunch today: fresh, colorful, healthy, delicious! Long day! All I wanted to do was watch TV this evening. But I did the 9-minute arm weight exercise routine - this time with my new 10 lb weights! Found the most awesome die to use for my Scarlet Dragons BLC monopoly challenge! 🐲πŸ”₯πŸ‰πŸ’ͺ #dragonstrong Bonked around mile 2 of my run today, despite eating immediately before. Also, running on wet sand may be easier on the joints, but it's definitely more difficult overall. Still, first mile was at 4.41 mph, which is great for me. I need to remember that just because I ran a 5k in June didn't mean I've maintained that level of fitness without training :( time to do it again! #running Today's summary: - jogged 3.1 mi (intervals) - stayed within calories - almost 20k steps Huzzah! Today was a great day! Morning push-ups: done! Even after months, they're still hard, but I did 60 :) Costco is certainly the cheapest place to buy neat and other essentials. But unfortunately, it still adds up when you buy this much. At least I got lots of steps in! While the family swam, I spent 40 minutes treading water! Kept me warm in the cool water! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ Really fun backyard BBQ today - my family's annual triple birthday party for my husband, his twin, and me. I made a beautiful cake, and, ok, ate a little more than I intended. (Also, I feel a little chunky, though that's partly because of some healthy but extremely salty poke yesterday.) But otherwise I made good choices, and I also fit in a 24-min brisk walk and short upper and lower body workout videos. Overall, declaring today a success. Haven't been to the gym much recently. (I've been working out at home or running outside.) They remodeled! But I get a better workout at the gym. It's fall, time to get back to it. Workout completed! Haven't done intervals in a long time, and they felt great. I really had to push myself. Down .1 lbs from Friday. Not what I was hoping for, but slow progress is better than no progress! Flu shot achievement unlocked! Here's to a healthy fall! Check it out! Size 10 jeans! I haven't been a size 10 since I was a teenager! 15 lbs makes a lot of difference, even though I have more to lose. #NSV Here's what I'm having for my snack instead of leftover cake. Go me! Family dinners are really great! I love fish night! Really great beach run today. I managed to sort of do intervals outside. Fastest pace 5.46 MPH! Faster than a (very slow) speeding bullet! #running #sweatyselfie Great workout capped off by a great weigh in! Added bonus: I hit 10k steps, and I also won't have any trouble drinking my water today! Shana Tova from my family! On our way to do Tashlich (symbolically throwing our sins into the water) off the pier. Ready for Rosh Hashanah dinner! Difficult run today. Forgot to eat a protein bar beforehand and bonked, and couldn't finish running. But I did it! Also, I was trying to do intervals of 10 min slow, 10 min medium, and 10 min fast, and that was very hard. But still, stronger every day. #sweatyselfie #running Successful managed to head off a binge this evening! Oatmeal cottage cheese pancakes! Delicious looking salad from the aquarium cafe! Saw the world's biggest spiders on my walk yesterday! It doesn't look like much, but it's chocolate chia pudding for breakfast for the next few days! Ending the day under calories. And I feel pretty! Blue is my color :) The whole family enjoyed vegetarian chilaquiles from Moosewood low fat cookbook for dinner tonight. Even my picky eater liked the chips and cheese, and ate a few of the veggies. #winning #momlife Today my get up and go sort of got up and went. Tomorrow I vow to be better: - school drop off - jog - grade week 2, class message - begin watching client videos - school pickup 1:35 - farmers market - finish birthday sign for papa We can do it! As inspiration, a photo from my awesome spin/TRX Class on Sunday. Morning walk with my best girl and her babies. Morning push-ups? Check. 65! Ocean was so placid today on my beach run. And I learned I can run faster than a 10 min/mile pace for a few minutes! #running Faster and stronger every day! Did my 50 walking lunges while walking back to my car from my beach run. Thanks for the suggestion, daily coach sparking tip. #strongereveryday πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈ Proud of myself for sticking to my no-added-sugar vow almost completely, despite a long and difficult work day. Been making good choices so far today. Lowfat Starbucks egg sandwich for breakfast, hard-boiled egg for a snack, sushi for lunch. Walking over my lunch break. Here's to 10,000 steps and within calorie range today! Seen on my lunchtime walk. For people who really really like chess. #everystepcounts Sugar: successfully avoided Calories: within range Steps: over 10k Exercise: short walk at lunch, push-ups, bicycle crunches. Not great but not nothing! Bedtime: imminent I'd say today was a success! Got to fit in a quick run before preschool dropoff, thanks to my husband. ❀️πŸ’ͺπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸ† I love these candies. BUT a promise is a promise. #justsayingno #keepingmypromisestomyself #nosugar (1 comments) Nice n sweaty! Not my best speed ever, but I did it! #running #sweatyselfie 2 min squats, 50 push-ups. Morning exercises: βœ”οΈ Lunch! Think you have to go to the gym to work up a sweat? Wrong! A little pre-dinner backyard workout courtesy of the Fitstar app. Stronger every day! #sweatyselfie #gymhairdontcare #sweatisfatcrying Within calories. Great sweaty full body strength workout. 8 glasses of water. Lots of work done on my report (though still dreadfully behind on my to-do list). Groceries for the week purchased. On track for 10k steps. I even got my oil changed. A thoroughly successful Monday! Late summer Farmers Market is the best! Plums vs chocolate. Pleased to report I made the right choice today. #winning Managed to find energy for my favorite 9-minute arm workout video. Thanks, Coach Nicole! Well ... Another very long day at work. Over calories and under steps. But I avoided evening snacking, so that's something! #smallvictories This is a terrible photo, but it's intended to be a selfie with my client's case of Emmy awards :) looking forward to a more relaxing day, with time for exercise, tomorrow. Biked to the gym. Weighed in, and now I'm nice and sweaty after a 7 min full body workout. Now to bike home! Bike ride completed! πŸš΄πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸš΄πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸš΄πŸ»β€β™€οΈ now shower and being productive time. Lunch in the sukkah! Healthy choices for lunch (note no bread!) Took a day off tracking yesterday. Got a good night's sleep and I'm back in it today! Fitstar Quick Strength workout was not quick, but it was intense! Stronger every day! #fitmama Nothing like a brisk morning walk to school with my son to get the blood flowing! I got off track in over the weekend, but I'm determined to make today a good day. Ok! Just weighed myself. 176.1. I'm sick and tired of not committing, not tracking, and bouncing around the 170s. My goal is for my first two numbers to be 16 by the end of the year (or sooner). No more dinking around. Real talk: it's fall. Time for $#!+ to get real. Time to focus and get it done. Nice healthy lunch colon leftover coleslaw and quinoa salad, and turkey Roll-Ups for protein. Both my sidekicks worked out with me today! #sweatyselfie #thefamilythatworksouttogether Good morning Sparksters! Had a wholly successful day yesterday; let's do it again today! - efficient work following the goals I set - farmer's market - solo today, but that'll be so much faster - exercise - today a beach jog, I think - fish and pumpkin soup for dinner - track all food, within calories - 10k steps Si se puede! Taking a break from work to get my push-ups in while I wait for tea to boil. Phew! Loving my new routine of bike to the gym, short Fitstar workout, bike home. #sweatyselfie Lunch! So ... No exercise today, because my knee is aching so I'm taking a rest day. And I'm over calories. But I was so moderate at my book club and made great choices! Ate beforehand to avoid gorging on charcuterie, and brought knitting to keep my hands busy and avoid much munching. Not sure how I ended up over calories - I think my lunch turned out much larger than I'd planned. And I'll get to 10k steps before bed. So still counting today as a success! :) A walk, cold brew coffee, and a little bit of me time before a very long and intensive afternoon of work. Over calories again today, as I often am on Shabbat. But only mindful eating, no grazing, no nighttime binging. I also didn't really have time for exercise, which is unusual on a Friday, but I've been slammed with work and the kids were home sick. Overall, I'm giving today a B+. Knee pain is mostly better, so I'm back. 4 mi of quarter mile intervals. Faster and stronger and longer every day! Wish I could have run outside on this beautiful autumn day, but the kids are at the gym kids club. Treadmill is easier on the knees anyway. #sweatyselfie #gymhairdontcare #running Pinquito breaks for lunch with fresh veggies! Lovely evening at dinner the theater with a close friend. Thank you to the rowdy rebels for reminding me to track food! Another backyard strength workout. My husband joined me this time! #sweatyselfie A bounty of fruits and veggies! Behold my masterpiece! Hazelnut brown butter cake with whipped cream frosting for my MIL's birthday. The plan is to eat moderately, focusing on veggies and lean protein and eschewing most carbs, and finish with a small piece of cake. Very small. I can stay on track! Today's final verdict: - under 10k steps BUT - 23 min strength training workout - all food tracked and within calories! πŸŽ‰πŸ† Huge accomplishment on a weekend day with a party! And getting to bed on time-ish to help ensure a great week coming up. Beautiful fresh fall kale persimmon salad Steelhead with salad. So fresh and healthy! So I'm a bit of an over-spender, but what beautiful farmers market bounty! Lots of fresh veggies for lunch! Pretty office park walk at lunch! Today's final verdict: work was crappy. But I got in about 20 minutes of weight training in addition to a walk at lunchtime. I am on track for 10,000 steps. Drink all my water, stayed within my calories. From a spark perspective, a good day! Really excited about my midmorning snack today: seeded crispbread from trader Joe's, laughing cow light, heirloom tomato slices. And now to work! Pretty excited about my roasted veggie feta basil quiche (in progress). One of those days where I was exhausted and wanted to stuff my face all day. At 5;30 I finally convinced myself to go for an easy run instead of noshing. #keepingmypromisestomyself #sweatyselfie #10ksteps #running The finished quiche, topped with breadcrumbs. Next time I'll also add some sun dried tomatoes. 3 out of 4 family members approved! Bike today to the gym, 15 min full body workout, bike home. Awesome routine! Stronger every day! πŸš΄πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ’ͺπŸ‹οΈπŸš΄πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Bike ride home finished. Look at all the beautiful sweat! #sweatyselfie Lots of fun at Halloween carnival! Dessert: raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, pomegranate seeds. So fresh tasting! Beautiful beach run this morning. Looking forward to running in cooler weather soon! #running #sweatyselfie Faster and stronger every day! Post run treat! someday I'll be able to wear the clothes from this Boutique if I keep it up! First lunch: avocado toast with egg. Le yum! Appreciating the beauty of the city as we drive home from Santa Anita. 4500 steps this morning at school drop-off. All for so far on program and tracked. Now I'm enjoying how quiet it is in my house. Time to get work done! Later, kiddo pickup, homework, and a workout for all of us :) Lunch: salmon salad, half a seeded crispbread, celery, green salad. Yummy! 3 out of 4 family members loved this fresh, seasonal vegetable soup with onion, beet, carrots, parsnip, wax beans, canned tomatoes, and homemade vegetable broth. My grandmother would have added "wagon wheel" noodles; I had whole wheat rotini on hand. Devoured! Accompanied by leftover roasted vegetables quiche and bread. #vegan #supermom Took a little break from the program yesterday. Just got a little too overwhelmed with life. But I'm feeling good and back today. Going to start the day with a workout after school drop-off! Today's goals: - workout - treadmill intervals, weights - 10k steps - track all food, stay within calories - finish guest lecture, read program proposal - list of points to justify continuing employment - wrap gifts for tomorrow's birthdays I can do it! More fartleks! I've lost focus recently, and I can tell something hormonal is going on, and I'm up a pound, not down -- no surprise. But the only way out is through! Keep going! Faster and stronger every day! #running #whofartleked? #sweatyselfie NOW I'm sweating! #gymhairdontcare Lunch: harvest kale salad with pomegranate and persimmon, topped with egg for some protein. Yummy! Salmon salad! Lunch Frustrating morning with kid tantrum, social anxiety. Extremely time crunched. Picked a treadmill intervals program but it wasn't users enough. Then did 6 min of rowing - that got the heart pumping and the sweat flowing! Used our kid free morning to take a walk around super hip North Culver City. Nice and sweaty. I love the slimming racing stripes of my pants! Bike, weights, bike. Sweat! #sweatyselfie #crosstrain πŸš΄πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ‹οΈπŸš΄πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ’ͺπŸ†πŸŽ‰ Very frustrated that despite making good choices today (only half a beer at the Halloween party, and no dessert), according to my calculations, I'm 350 calories over range. Two parties in one day is just hard. Sigh. Tomorrow is a new day! Tomorrow's goals: - gym (running if knee feels better, otherwise bike or row, plus weights) - make mushroom soup and bison meatballs and salad - lunch under 500 calls and before 1pm - 10k steps - make sure all food is as joyful as this beautiful floor picnic - don't get despondent about the scale going on the wrong direction; get determined! Today's kindergarten Halloween parade was just the cutest! My knee has been aching (10 months after ACL reconstruction surgery) and I'm freaking out. Scared and not in a good way! 😱😬 Going to do my best to rest and sit today. Can't let my exercise goals get in the way of my health! Thanks to the magic of the slow cooker, this will become a healthy vegan bean soup for us to eat before trick-or-treating! Halloween successful! Within calories, no candy binges, no meltdowns! Still having knee pain; physical therapist says it is almost certainly just inflammation and to take a few days off exercising. I'd rather not, but I'll do it (will focus on upper body tomorrow). πŸŽƒπŸ‘»πŸ’€πŸ† Lunch! Just completed a very lengthy census survey. Research karma! After a few days of resting my knee, I'm back! Easy bike ride on a beautiful sunny fall day and upper body weights. A really nice day. Took my son to school, preschool carpool, coffee with friends, beach bike ride, poke lunch while relaxing, friends over for dinner. Most of all, I'm expecting to enjoy my weekend with just my daughter (the boys are on a scouting trip) and the week of less work. Feeling a great lightness! Ditched yoga in favor of a nice sweaty 5k run! Knee felt ok too as long as I don't push to go too fast. #running #sweatyselfie #gymhairdontcare Strength training completed. TRX is an awesome workout! Look at all that beautiful sweat! Banana oatmeal cottage cheese pancakes. Delicious, full of protein with no added sugar. To with applesauce. A great breakfast for me and my best girl! Cleaned out the Halloween candy and didn't eat any! #winning The rest will go to the troops. Beautiful breezy day. Biking and strength training complete! Did great all day today until dessert, when I had a second frozen brownie. But still within calories. And tomorrow is another day. Did well at sisterhood dinner tonight: wine, but no bread, very little pasta or tiramisu. Focus on fish and salad and veggies. 🌟 A special lunch date with my special guy! Preschool carpool accomplished! One of the more taxing parts of the day. Now for a quick workout before my 1130 phone call. Today’s beach bike ride was 8 miles! Seen on my walk today. Knee is still bothering me 10 months after surgery. Tendinitis or joint inflammation, definitely swelling. WTF? But I went for an easy run today - 2 miles of intervals on wood chips. Hope I didn't exacerbate anything. But I feel better everywhere except my knee! #running #sweatyselfie Healthy and hearty potato vegetable soup in progress. Perfect for fall! It may be elementary school run club, but the whole family can get a workout! Got back to my normal routine of squats, calf raises, and push-ups in the morning. Feels good! 2.07 mi run/jog intervals. Total 2.07 mi. No walk breaks. Booya! Hooray for a workout! Beach bike ride and Fitstar 15. Simple healthy veggie forward dinner! Registered for my second 5k, a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning in downtown LA. Eeeeee! Don't know if I'm more excited about an actual finisher medal or the fact that my son might join the kids' 1k race! Beach 3.5 miler. Of course I took some walk breaks, but overall I ran well despite the heart. I guess I'm ready for Thursday's 5k Turkey Trot! Farmers’ market bounty! Dinner! Turkey trot completed! Chip time 36:51. (Just under 12 min/mi pace.) Not too shabby! Lunch of champions! Er, does 80th in my age division count as a champion? Sure it does! Skipped the dirty chai latte (yummy but maybe 300 Cal) in favor of my usual cold brew coffee. It's never too late to make good choices! Back from a few days away for Thanksgiving and back into running! 2.29 easy miles in 31 min on wood chips (that includes warm-up and cool down). Run pace around 11min/mile. #running #sweatyselfie The holidays continue, but don't give up! 3 appliances in use making food for the week: whole wheat bread, veggie broth for soup, steel cut oats all. On my way to the gym. Still having a fair amount of knee pain and swelling, so today's goal is an extremely gentle workout: stationary bike and upper body weights, maybe some therapeutic knee exercises. Borscht and salad. Colorful and fresh! We love fish night! Check out my shiny new Fitbit badge! On business travel. Not enough energy to work out today, but I ate reasonably and took a walk to get to my 10k steps. #nottooshabby Proud of myself for finding the fitness room and putting in 20 min of running before today's sessions. Now it will be a great day! 20 min stationery bike, and some bodyweight exercise. Salad and wine in front of a cozy fireplace! #hyggelig Run and stretch. But a) I forgot my Fitbit, and b) my knee has really been bothering me. No more running until after I go to the doctor and get this sorted out :( #sweatyselfie Got to take a walk over lunch Resolution fulfilled part 1: on the elliptical! πŸ†πŸ₯‡ Safari sogoodi, as my father would say. All food and exercise for the day tracked and plenty of calories left for dinner. Go me! A very successful day! All food tracked, and I ended up within calories. Let's do it again tomorrow! #bedhead πŸ˜΄πŸ’€ Quick morning workout: βœ… Thanks, Fitstar app! Still on business travel. My friend couldn’t meet with me. It’s Hanukkah. But I still managed to enjoy a very nice and not too decadent meal (Houston’s Thai Steak Noodle Salad) with my book and a glass of red wine. Decaf cappuccino for a leisurely dessert. Bliss! Lit the first night Hanukkah candles with my brother in Brooklyn thanks to FaceTime. Happy Hanukkah! This morning: 25 min on the elliptical. I prefer running, but I'm still nice and sweaty! I didn’t gain, and even probably lost weight, on my business trip! And worked out every day! Hanukkah with the family in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. On vacation, but that doesn't mean I'm giving up on healthy eating or on holidays either! Back from vacation, today was my favorite breakfast! Here’s to being on track for the rest of the year :-) Shot some vigorous solo hoops whole the kids played at the park. Who says you can't watch the kids and work out at the same time? Today's workout: done! Fitstar + my backyard FTW! Lunch! Under 500 cal and yummy! Beach bike ride felt like relaxation, not exercise :) Oh yes. Spent the morning at a new year's drum circle with the kids. Getting ready for a rhythmic 2018! (3 comments) Ended 2017 right with a vigorous 5k (walk due to injury) on the beach at sunset. Started 2018 with decadent yeast raised waffles and a tea party for the kids. May this year be a balance of the healthy and the decadent! Last week was a pretty good week for movement :) At the gym on New Year’s day! I think my hips look slim :) Posted a photo Doc says my knee pain is bursitis - not a big deal. So back with a very gentle run. Not as sweaty as I'd like, but it'll come. Oof. Had a very good day today food wise - until right before bed when I ate 2 pc of cake leftover from New Years. Boo to evening snacking! πŸ˜•πŸ€¬ well, anyway, I'm 250 cal over. But at least I tracked it! Here's to a better day tomorrow Had one of those days - headachy all day, hungry all day. Way over calories. BUT I snacked on healthy foods (leftover salad and grapes for dessert) and did two spark workout videos on the evening, so I'm ending on a high note! My sidekicks is demonstrating back plank, the last exercise in my workout today. Workout completed! 10 minutes of elliptical before bookclub! Walk after book club. I'm fortunate to live in such a warm and beautiful place! Bike intervals! Gentle on the knee and makes me nice and sweaty. Enjoyed walking the kids to school in the first rain shower of the winter! Beautiful walk to school this morning after 2 days of rain. Workout complete. Jog plus TRX for upper body. Man, this was one tough workout! #sweatyselfie #gymhairdontcare Healthy snack! Grr. I was hungry ALL DAY today. I made good choices (no sugary foods or my other vices) but devoured a ton of air popped popcorn. And had a healthy but relatively high cal dinner (that's what was on the menu - maybe a poor choice for me to cook for the week!). Net result? Despite my exercise this morning, I'm 500 calories over. And STILL going to bed hungry!!! Pissed off. #venting Yesterday was a hungry day. But today WILL be better! Post run club. Workout complete! Trying a more protein intensive breakfast: Greek yogurt, pb2, and pear. Hope this helps with all day hunger! Some challenges with eating and with hunger last week, but it was a good pick for exercise! Got to sleep in - thank you Grandma and Grandpa for babysitting! Now a bike ride and brunch. Lazy Sundays are the best! #healthydate Ended the day within calories AND turned in my long and hairy report. Booyah! Beautiful beach run on a lazy Monday. Now to pack for my work trip to SF. Don’t forget gym clothes! Brought my own dinner to the airport - leftover fried chicken over homemade kale apple salad. #balance Reading spark articles this morning kicked my rear into gear. On my way to the gym before work! Went to the gym on my business trip. It was expensive and I left my boots in the Lyft. Sigh. Can't win em all! #atleastIworkedout #theywereoldbootsanyway Hard run followers by some TRX for upper body. πŸ’ͺπŸ…πŸ† Over calories due to a long day and a big lunch at my client’s very nice cafeteria. But: I tracked all food for the day, made healthy choices, had fruit for dessert, and will have 10k steps. Not too shabby. #smallvictories Today's successes: - within calories! - 10k steps - no time for real exercise but I did get a nice walk after dinner - snapped this photo on the commute home Long day! But I got in 40 min of easy treadmill intervals instead of crashing in front of the tv! On the downside, I think these otherwise awesome pants make my spare tire more pronounced. Need to rein in 2 weeks of great free food at my clients’ cafe. Made it to the gym before work (and I'm NOT a morning person). And ran a whole mile at 5.5 mph - impressive for me! #fastereveryday Awesome bike ride today on a beautiful January day! Mid morning snack: Apple with laughing cow light, and 1 ounce of edamame When elementary school run club starts at 7:45, I'm amazed how much I can get done before 9am! Kale salad with almonds, Apple, radishes, and pecorino, topped by a fried egg, topped by red caviar. Because lunch. #putaneggonit #howweroll Driving home from a beautiful beach run. Happy Friday! Tomorrow I rest before race day on Sunday. #running #fastereveryday Such a beautiful hike yesterday! #grateful Peanut butter and banana on English muffin. Race day breakfast of champions! 5k completed! I took walk breaks, but ran most of it. Final chip time 36:39. 12 seconds off previous 5k time from Thanksgiving. Not too shabby! Also proud of myself for being courageous enough to wear these snazzy pants! #running #fastereveryday I had a good weekend! Run club today! Only 15 minutes (a little over 1 mile) but it's time I otherwise would have spent coralling kids. Now to work! Elementary school run club! A delicious and healthy brunch choice! Scramble with goat cheese, avocado, and veggies, fruit on the side. Higher calories than my usual lunch, but I'll have a smaller snack than usual. Windy but beautiful walk along the beach. 10k steps: βœ… Did the best I could with food choices with family at The Magic Kingdom. (They don't let you bring food in now! Really!) Had half a hamburger for a snack instead of sugary junk. Didn't eat all the bread on my panini at lunch. Salad for dinner. Diet Coke instead of mine julep. And tons of walking, of course. Not too shabby! Our last day at the magic kingdom. Sad to leave, happy to be returning to the gym and to healthier food and the farmer's market tomorrow! I am loving working out with my new personal trainer. Certainly a worthwhile investment. Met with my trainer today, and I have another session next Friday. I will be traveling 3 days next week, but my goal is to work out four times between now and then. Mix of strength and cardio. I can do it! I didn't have cake for dessert (even though my husband did). That's a win! I’m proud of myself for stopping after a single bite of cake and not devouring much more. I’m proud of myself for remembering that a single bite of cake is not a dealbreaker. My favorite breakfast Today's run was tough. But I did it! My sidekicks got sidetracked partway through, but I enjoyed the Fitbit Trainer Strong Resolve workout! No kids club availability? No problem! Fitstar workout followed by two circuits from my new personal trainer. Because I rock! πŸ’ͺπŸ†πŸ’ͺ An exhausting day of single parenting while my husband was sick. And I'm heartsick as I keep thinking about school shootings (I know, time to turn off the news). And I stress-ate dessert. But not a ton. I did some vigorous exercising and lots of walking today, so I'm still within calories. Tomorrow I'll be on a plane!!! Third consecutive day of workouts. I sometimes forget, running outside is great because of the fresh air and greenery, but treadmill is great because it's easier on the knees and doesn't let you cheat. And you get to watch TV! #running #fasterandstrongereveryday Made my dinner leftovers into a really delicious lunch. Meatballs, roasted chickpeas, and labneh over salad. Just arrived in Seattle. It is colder than a witch's tit here. Literally 6 degrees from freezing! And this Californian didn't bring a warm hat or gloves. And I don't even own any winter weather exercise gear. And rain is forecast for the next few days. Guess I'll be doing all my exercising in the hotel gym :) Proud of myself for working out at the hotel gym - and for coordinating with the decor! I am smart enough that I grabbed an egg and some oatmeal for breakfast. So I don’t have to rely upon the all carbs all the time warning stack my conference. Go me! Taking the stairs! Look! Sweat! Yoga hair, don't care :) Had an ice cream binge last night :( but I'm on track and at the gym this morning. 1.5 mi continuous running - a treadmill with a view! Phew! Long day! One highlight was shopping at the farmers' market with this little one in her tutu. Of course she brought her shopping cart and her doggie too! Got to do some rock climbing today with my little one while my older one was in climbing academy. After some initial fear that the auto belay wouldn't hold me, I did pretty well! Workout completed! Booya! Jogging as well as exercise at PT today. Buckets of sweat from today's workout. πŸ’ͺπŸ†πŸ‹οΈβ€β™‚οΈ Proud of myself for making good choices and eating moderately at brunch with a friend today. Bonus - I now have leftovers for a snack! Got my jog on. Gotta get ready for Saturday's race. (And gotta remember that it's about the run, not about the final time or breathing a previous race time.) This tamale pie was pretty yummy. 75% of the people in my house loved it (what can you do about picky kids?) Ok, so I am slightly over calories for the day due to brunch out. But I ate moderately, made good choices, went for a run, and avoided late night snacking. I'm calling that a win! Within calories today! My sidekicks and I went rock climbing today! Lunch in the sun! Today's workout included wall balls, battle ropes, and tabatas. Booya! πŸ’ͺπŸ†πŸ‹οΈβ€β™‚οΈ #strongereveryday Beautiful beach run today. I'm still nervous about Saturday's race, but I'm not sure why - the time doesn't matter and I know I can finish. But still ... Getting ready to race! 5k time: 34:23. Not too shabby (and 2:16 off my previous 5k time!) Nice n sweaty! My dessert. Wasn't feeling it today. Worked out anyway! Not my best run ever, but it'll do. #gymhairdontcare Not only did I work out, but I bypassed the snack mix and wine at the event at the gym. The sweat is strong today! Over 15k steps today marching against gun violence and school shootings. Post run Yesterday's run was beautifully sunny but VERY windy. I felt good despite the goats like gusts! Today's exercise: rock climbing with these two goofballs. I feel really proud that I managed to get to the top of a red (hard) climb. Ok, it was in the children's climbing area, but still an accomplishment! Super excited about today's lunch! Salad topped with beans and canned salmon salad. #gymhairdontcare #sweatyselfie Awesome run today. No walk breaks! My sidekicks were working out with me but got bored halfway through :) Feeling hung over today (and not because I drank too much). But I ran anyway! Not as far as usual, but still. A new Fitbit badge! Just got my St. Patrick's Day race photos and wanted to share them with you. Next race is next Saturday! My lovely lunch. That is a β€œnakedβ€œ orange on the left Dash Zaz did for some baking. Next time, lunch needs to be before 3:30 PM! Workout in the back yard. Because it's such a shame to go to the gym on such a beautiful day! Victory: 100% of food tracked and within calories for the day! Passover rock climbing adventure today! Exercise helps with depression for sure! #sweatyselfie Down 1.6 lbs today. Right direction! Today's lunch was delicious! Salad with chocolate balsamic vinegar and olive oil, quinoa, roasted cauliflower, and steelhead trout. So huge I didn't have room for my orange! Lots of sweat today! Tracked All food and with in calories: steak since Sunday. And down another half pound! Walked to and from dinner for date night. Adding in that activity kept me within calories for the day! Lunch today was yummy! Baked sweet potato with yogurt, salsa, and fresh herbs. Advice needed: I am supposed to run a 5k tomorrow, to meet my goal of 1/month. I did something weird to my knee while working out on Weds, and now it is swollen and painful. Walking is ok; stairs and squats deeper than about 90 degrees are painful. I haven't been to a doctor yet. Do I walk the 5k to keep up my streak and keep myself from feeling wimpy? Or just blow it off? (Also, any sympathy would be helpful - sooooo tired of being injured.) Spring vegetable soup and seared zucchini for dinner (along with chicken). Fun hike and lunch al fresco with the kids. I think we hiked the 1.8 miles in the slowest possible way, exploring side trails, identifying plants, looking for bugs, trying to catch lizards. And snacking too! The calorie count is way off on this, but it did take us about 3 hours! Believe it or not, this is actually a wild cucumber - but you should definitely not eat it! Find hiking in the LA area. Within calories (I THINK) and all food tracked again thanks to this hike (even though calories came out wrong because we hike so slow). This despite wine and matzo crack (and smores for the kids) this evening! Heading to a baby shower with an open bar. (I know that’s weird :-)) this post is to remind me to eat moderately and sensibly. I can do it! Ok. Way over calories today with baby shower and book club (and not managing my hunger well in between). But tomorrow is a good day to start over and do it right! This is how we lunch! So physical therapist says it is joint inflammation and that I have to take it very easy this week. Sigh ... But glad it's not worse! I am 17 calories over for today. I want dessert but I'm not having it because I'm over calories. That's an accomplishment (but I still want my chocolate to close out the day ...) My favorite place to shop! Lunch! Poor planning, no exercise (too busy + ordered to stay off weight bearing exercise for my swollen knee), and too little protein for lunch = 350 cal over. Bleh. I'm trying to see it as a learning experience. I'm determined that today will be a good day for food! Got it all planned out. Trickiest thing will be a workout at noon - Need to have a big enough snack so that I don’t bonk, but without adding in too many extra calories. Thought you'd all like to see my colorful getup today. Only upper and abs as I try to let my knee heal. Less sweat that way :( Only 45 calories over today. I choose to think of it as a success! Update: I found the food I tracked but didn’t eat. Deleted it, and now I’m under calories! Had the most divine strawberries and yogurt for a snack. Lunch today was salmon salad with black beans and blue cheese over regular salad. Very yummy and the lettuce really bulks it up. Multicolor radishes and tangerine added for color and more freggies. Can you believe all this was 500 calories? (Ok, I didn't eat ALL the radishes :) A warm day, and our first outdoor dinner of the year. And I ended the day within my calorie range too! Shabbat Shalom! A week later, knee still had joint inflammation and I'm still off weight bearing exercises. :( But I have this cool octo kinesio tape design on my knee, so there's that ... Spent the day enjoying a party with my son's Hebrew school class (and siblings, including this munchkin). Ended up over calories, according to my calculations, but I ate mostly salad and skipped dessert ... Maybe I calculated wrong? My delicious dessert! 0 calories and soothing! 70 calories over. But this not exercising and resting my knee thing is still a bummer ... Gotta get back to the gym after my week of testing is over. It didn't photograph well, but I made a really yummy curried sweet potato soup this evening. My favorite shopping venue. Every Tuesday! My lunchtime view! Can't run due to unidentified knee pain. Just tried to go for a bike ride and that hurt too (even though physical therapist said it was ok). I might cry. Upper body workout completed. Man, I need to do more abs! Today: pity party over. MRI is scheduled for next week. In the mean time I am going to stop eating my feelings and declare the pity party over! Exercise make me feel like this and I can still do it, just being mindful of which ones are ok for me and what hurts. Couldn't go for a bike ride today due to injury. So we went sea kayaking! Chaotic but fun family dinner! My superpower is that I can pull together dinner for 8 at any time from what I have in the house. Radishes dipped in curried sweet potato soup are surprisingly yummy! Ended the day just about within calories even with some overindulging on birthday cake! My son is so proud of himself for cutting up a bell pepper and creating a beautiful dish of veggies! #proudmama Lunch! Salmon salad on salad with beans and blue cheese. Tangerines for dessert. Got my climb on today during my son's lesson. Ok, it's the kids' area, but there's still a strength benefit to pulling yourself up these walls! I can't attempt the more difficult ones right now due to a knee injury, but I'm still climbing! Well, I went over calories today due to weird dinner situation (kosher visitor rather than planned dinner). But I'm proud that I had a mango for dessert instead of a sugary treat or dried fruit! And I drank all my water too! On our walk to and from school drop off. On our walk to and from school drop off. I blackened the salmon in my impatience, but it still looks like a really yummy lunch! Lunch! Stealth abs workout this week Omg. Haven't weighed in for a while and I'm up 5 lbs to my highest weight in a year. Much of it is due to another knee injury that doesn't let me work out as I normally would. But I've mostly been eating well and I'm SHOCKED. This is a wake up call! Cottage cheese with farmers market fresh berries. So beautiful! Look what I found at Trader Joe's: a variegated bell pepper (enjoyable variety). Fancy! Finally good to ride the bike again! Went over calories again today (after swearing I wouldn't). And it was even a higher calorie count because of exercise that was probably overestimated in caloric terms. In my defense, it was a difficult day (brunch out, a dinner party). But still. Fortunately tomorrow is another day! Every morning I weigh my cereal :) Today: all food tracked. Within calories. Short upper body workout completed. Daughter in bed only 15 min late. All is right with the world! Brekkie! Beautiful beach bike ride today and almost no knee pain. So grateful! Victory! Finished the day under calories (just barely) even though the synagogue gala was tonight. Hooray! Lunch on the go, but still healthy- and crunchy too! When you eat healthy, colorful veggies, even your food prep is beautiful! Raw broccolini and purple radishes are so good together in a salad! All food tracked and within calories (although just barely). A successful day! Workout. No trainer today, but I got it done! A little girl just ran Passed me shouting β€œI love this day!β€œ We should all be so lucky. Tuesday is my happy day. I hope today treated you well too. Dessert - fresh berries and some really yummy farmers market yogurt. Beautiful plants on a rainy morning walk! Shopping at my favorite venue today! All food tracked! Within calories! Lunch was a bit heavy, but it was also a big bowl of deliciousness! New haircut! And all food tracked for the day, and within calories, thanks to biking to our dinner date. Nice! Workout complete! Literally dozens of push ups and (assisted) pull ups today. Down 3 lbs (from last week's highest weight in a year) Remnants of lunch Warm up :) Goals for today: track all food, get 10,000 steps, stay within calories, make good choices. I can do it! Israeli festival! OK, it may not look that great, but I’m really excited about today’s breakfast. Over the weekend I cut and brew laid oranges with a little bit of brown sugar on top. Now I’m having them over cottage cheese sprinkled with sprouted pumpkin seeds. Manage to do the school drop off run without my fit bit! But it was probably about 4000 steps. At least I’m tracking my walk! Today’s goals: - 6000 more steps today (I did the first 4000 without my fit bit on, oops!!) - get to the gym - make wild rice and onion soup, and spinach feta quiche or other dinner entree - finish grading week four of my class And ... Go! Lunch! At long last. Lunch! At long last. Seen on my walk to and from school today. Such a lovely day! Evening walk instead of tv! Look! Stone fruit is here! We both got our workouts yesterday! Walk to school today and a rose for teacher appreciation day! Hardcore workout today! Ending the day on the low end of my calories range! Turkey wraps with avocado, mustard, tomato, purple radish, and broccoli sprouts for lunch Family hike to a waterfall! Been enjoying good food on my business travel, but very much needing to get back on track. So far today’s been a good day. Look! Veggies! (I’ve been missing greens while on travel) Beautiful night walk around the exotic streets of downtown Philly. Ate half a brownie for dessert. It was delicious, but the other half is going in the tag where it belongs. #restraint Ending the day within calories! #priceless Made a good choice for dinner tonight. Seared scallops, brown rice, broccoli. Oh, and wine :) Smart choices look yummy! Happy birthday to my favorite 4 year old! They had gelato, I got a really yummy coffee. Walked downtown to celebrate this kiddo's birthday with gelato! Workout complete! I was really tired but I did it! CanNOT believe how much I ate for dinner today. Healthy choices, but I really picked out on Cuban chicken, rice and beans, fried plantains, and empanadas. OK, those last two are not healthy :-) tomorrow is a new day! Breakfast. Greek yogurt, pb2 powder, strawberries. Trader Joe's poke bowl for lunch. But it looks rather low protein. Too bad! Me and my mini me. I am just checking in mid day. So far today has been a good day. All food tracked and all foods planned and healthy. Later today we’re going to a birthday party, so one trick will be to avoid the frosting on the cake – my Achilles’ heel. Food prep for the week: mushroom stuffing for chicken cutlets, and beet soup! Finished the day within calories. It was hard but I did it! Boo Ya!

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