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Kayaks were gone - had to canoe instead... (1 comments) (2 comments) Oh yah, those marathons are definately going to happen.... My daughter, me & Jen (SPIRITRUN) these 2 are good for my health!!! (1 comments) Seriously, let us out...we'll help you shovel!!! (1 comments) (1 comments) Mississauga Marathon 2010 (2 comments) (1 comments) Chocolate Race (1/2 Marathon) August 2010 (2 comments) 1 Pooped Pup!! (1 comments) Honestly, they are not spoiled at al!! Stand and Stay (1 comments) New beds... Midsummers Run - Aug 20/11 - Team Abby - Abby crossing the finish with me! My trainers - the one on the left is my little Jillian Michaels - she'd run forever (3 comments) Could I have picked a more unflattering picture??? I REALLY hate having my picture taken! My daugher & I the day of her Grad - where did the time go??? (4 comments) (2 comments) (2 comments) I did it! Very nervous (fearful) of this "challenge" but it was great! (2 comments) How could I not learn with a teacher like this??? Say cheeeese! (1 comments) Edge to Edge Marathon - My fitness goal! (2 comments) Edge to Edge Marathon - Vancouver Island (2 comments) Maddy (1 comments) Monty (1 comments) Always with my mouth open....geesh, just can't stop talking long enough to smile (1 comments) Ta Da!! Sort of upright on rollerblades... (1 comments) We did it!! (3 comments) Interesting....probably me for a lot of years.... Getting organized Ready to go Off we go! A well deserved treat Honeymoon Bay - Corn Cob Hike 09/12/09 (2 comments) One tuckered little girl... (1 comments) Come on Genna, share some of that apple with me! (4 comments) (1 comments)

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