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April 21, 2010 MY SON AND ME GOING TO SHARKS PLAYOFF GAME May 2010! August 2010 Size 16 and 229.5 lbs (IMAGINE WAS 26 going in to 28's!!!) 10/2009 San 235 Kitty and Sandra 10/24/2009 San 227 10/24/2009 223 Size 16 (well most can fit unless they are low rise, haha) (1 comments) (1 comments) 8/21/09 245 3 month surgiversary (1 day late) MINUS 60 LBS! Sugery was 5/20 and weighed 305 lbs Me at work 07/21/09 (256 lbs) July 10, 2009 / 262.5 (from 305 on surgery date) (1 comments) Lake Arrowhead - 6/28/2009 Post Op 6/11/2009 Brandon and Sandra 6/11/2009 Izzy and Sandra 6/11/2009 3 days after surgery 5/23 (I know yuc, but a lot of people ask!) 5/22/09 going home from hospital, day 2 post op 5/20/09 PRE OP, going in to surgery... 5/20/09 PRE OP with Isabel, LOOK AT THOSE SWOLLEN ANKLES! (NOT ANYMORE 6/2009 )!!! PRE OP, DAY OF SURGERY 5/20 sending son off to school before I go... MS WALK 4/18/2009! Nam and Sandra (pre op) MS Walk 4/18/2009 San Jose, Sandra and Brandon (pre op) MS Walk 4/18/09 San Jose, Robyn's Mircacle (pre op) Mothers Day (Dad, Susie, Me and My BOO!) Sandra February 4, 2009 down from 336 to 315. My "before" picture. Nam & Sandra - Summer 2008 @ Paisley/Jewel concert- one of my best supporters and friends! Summer 2008 Brad Paisley Concert with Nami (at my HEAVIEST 340 lbs !) Teddy Bear Factory with my BOO! 2006 (I think) Sandra and Nyssa San and Tonya DISNEYLAND 2005 with my family - Ray, Sandra and Brandon DISNEYLAND - It's a small world with my family in 2005. Look forward to going again! ON MY WAY TO PRO Disneyland in 2005, can't wait to go again when I will have tons of fun with my family! Scrapbook day with friend, one of my most favorite thing to do! SCRAPBOOK QUEENS (and my best friend of 25+ years) , Deana. SCRAPBOOK QUEENS (SB Expo 8/11/2008) (Fr left/ right/center) Jaci, ME, Angel, Deana, Cheryl and KIT! I could not live w/out my awesome friend! Kitty supports me in everything I choose to do (almost)! Ray (husband) and Brandon Spring 2008.

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