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newest pic of me at 230lbs slow pace wins the race (10 comments) per request so that you can take the pic! ;) (1 comments) Me today Ehhh (1 comments) My Luchi she's so big! (1 comments) My Luchi she's so big! Wow it's crazy what a couple of months will do and 24lbs down .. I look younger even and in the first pic I had makeup on.. smh! 5/8/2012 (6 comments) (1 comments) before & after ..before 280+lbs in 2009 after 4/2012 239lbs (7 comments) waiting for the train to go home! smirk! (3 comments) the first pic is from last year 2010 ...the last 2 are from this year!! 2011 crazy huh!! (7 comments) 12.4.2011 (2 comments) 12.4.2011 i look so slim..but i have lots more to go!! lol! come on 80 pounds! lets get it! (3 comments) my hair i did it my self cut and color :) (19 comments) Shrinking me!!!11/8/11 (4 comments) 10/2011 (17 comments) "D" for DONE! (4 comments) My new hair red faded into yellow....did it myself..btw...not easy at! (4 comments) At work June 10th :) (3 comments) Taking a break at work felt like doing a new DONE pic ..hehe! (13 comments) ME IN THE SALON JOB INTERVIEW...WEIGHING 264..CANT TELL WITH THE APRON ON THOUGH..LOL (2 comments) ME IN THE SALON 264LBS...2/26/2011 CHANGED THE PIC SO YOU CAN SEE MY BODY BETTER AS IT CHANGES :) (4 comments) 10/13/10 me last year...i see a bit of a difference (4 comments) (13 comments) (2 comments) FINALLY IN THE 240'S YEAHHHH BUDDY!!! (5 comments) Before and After pictures START WEIGHT: 273lbs SECOND WEIGHT: 257lbs THIRD WEIGHT: 247lbs (15 comments) WOW WHAT A CHANGE!!! (16 POUNDS TOTAL..DONE!!)..CRAZY!!! (14 comments) THE BIRTHDAY CAKE I MADE FOR MY MOM TODAY!!!...4/22/2011 (4 comments) Just for you miss VGARZA65!! :)P (5 comments) this was so funny!! i love it! (1 comments) That's my Luchiana (Luchi) at my best friend Frankie's new place (8 comments)

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