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rats, my Spark Points passed my Fitness Point....must work out more!!! I'm in Oklahoma City this week. Where are you going today? (2 comments) FOCUS today! Because a wandering mind is an unhappy mind! (1 comments) Bring it! (1 comments) "For there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so" - Shakespeare, Hamlet (1 comments) - What do you long for? (3 comments) - "If to enjoy even an enjoyable present we must have the assurance of a happy future, we are 'crying for the moon.'" - Alan Watts - If to enjoy even an enjoyable present we must have the assurance of a happy future, we are crying for the moon - Alan Watts (1 comments) man, how do I compete with this! (2 comments) is going to do a sledgehammer workout today!! (2 comments) felt good & strong in the gym's great to be back to my routine!! RIP: Leonard Nimoy....Live Long and Prosper (1 comments) has a fever....and the only prescription is....more kettlebell!! (3 comments) didn't work out today....I feel so weak! (2 comments) Today's workout..."kettle bells a la mode" this is why I believe in Getting Stronger!! "Civilize the Mind, but make Savage the Body!" (2 comments) Happy Memorial Day Spark buds....spend a little time today reflecting on what Memorial Day is all about made a 100 lb sandbag for training this weekend.....I think I'm in love!! (4 comments) say, "I am stronger than I think I am" 100x/day...or until you believe it...which ever comes first!! (2 comments) is off to get fitted for my new suits today!! is driving to Annapolis today....Renaissance Festival is in full swing!! (2 comments) Love my gym!!! happy "Back to the Future Day!!" where the hell is my DeLorean?!?!? (1 comments) is driving up to Gettysburg, PA for the weekend! is driving up to Gettysburg, PA for the weekend! (1 comments) is bracing for the SNOWPOCALYPSE here in Washington DC!! (3 comments) forgive me SP has been 41 days since my last workout...but today, I made it back to the gym...and it was WONDERFUL!! (2 comments) Yeah Baby!! (3 comments) I recommend multiple sets.... (1 comments) is getting ready for an awesome 2015!! (2 comments) Lift something heavy today! (1 comments) It's better than therapy! (1 comments) Can you say that? Go on, what are you waiting for! (1 comments) Too busy? Too tired? Too...whatever!!! The 2012 paralympics team is not impressed with your excuses! (1 comments) I think about this when I feel too lazy for cardio (3 comments) Yeah, I'm sure you have a reason NOT to exercise today....what was it again? (2 comments) What was YOUR excuse for not going to the gym today Tell me again, what was your excuse for not working out? (1 comments) It's what I tell my excuses (1 comments) What are you telling your friends? (1 comments) This is simple.....I like it! (4 comments) In case the poster next to this was too hard! Damn Right! (13 comments) Tough to hear, but what the's the TRUTH! (2 comments) OK, I can do just a little more then! (2 comments) Questions? (1 comments) My weight loss machine! (10 comments) Finishing my last marathon - 2009 (11 comments) What motivates me to move (3 comments) What my dream of health and wellness feels like (3 comments) Another health and wellness dream! And there you have it! (1 comments) OK, all my excuses suck! (1 comments) Excuses....I have none! I'm a simple man....I like simple rules! (1 comments) Actually, do something every day! (2 comments)

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