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Murray (11 comments) This might as well be a person standing there. One reason why I choose 100% USDA Certified Organic. ... it's too bad Convenience trumps Common Sense ........... it's too bad Greed trumps Common Sense "Processing Aids", like chlorine & ammonia, in food production are not required in ingredient lists antibiotics keep the livestock from getting sick in the deplorable conditions they're forced to live (copy - paste) ... 1 1/2 Minutes ... "Meat Without Drugs" Conflict of Interests (COI) - Ticker Symbols = PFE; ROMA; LLY; MRK; BMY ... They want you on Drugs. Conflict of Interests (COI) - Goldman Sachs Ticker Symbol = "GS" - a.k.a. "Evil Empire", look it up. Conflict of Interests (COI) - Monsanto Ticker Symbol = "MON" - Get it out of your Portfolio / 401(k) (1 comments) Support: Sole Proprietorship; Partnership; and Companies ... NOT Corporations. Say no to a Ticker. Offshore banking. Move your money to a overseas mailbox, then you don't have to pay any fed taxes. Surprise! Monsanto-Funded Research Finds Their Products Safe! Look at the INDEPENDENT Research I feel that Food should NOT be allowed to be Patented. Just say no to Patented Food. "Control the food supply, and you control the people." Scary that Monsanto controls what we eat! Ingredients in this new product: Mercury; Sulfuric Acid; Alpha-Amylase. Yep, "Just Like Sugar" NOT!! Babies aren't "lazy". HFCS is now the most prominent ingredient in Baby Formula. Coincidence? So many other countries have banned this, I can't wait for the USA to at least label it. Don't support it ... don't buy it. It's too bad Cheap trumps Common Sense. GMO Foods Cause Sterility In Third Generation - I hope your Grand Kids don't want Kids. If Genetic Engineers don't have anything to hide, why can't they just label the food? Taking genes from species, forcing them to cross with each other via bacteria, and then eat it? I feel like they don't have the right; but, I'll admit, I'm pretty alone on that feeling. Never owned one, never will. (Shocked when I learned that my DH felt the same way.) "Canary In The Kitchen" (Teflon Toxicosis). Great Grandmas; Grandmas; Mom; Me = Iron Skillets One word ... Hitler. Gave up Fluoride over a decade ago: water; toothpastes; Dentists that use it. BPA is Estrogen HRT. When I eat foods out of cans my breasts hurt; so, I gave it up. The molecules in this new product, Hydrogenated Oil, are only one molecule away from being plastic Aspartame is GMO Ecoli Poo ... Raw Milk ... "Freedom to Choose" Hope that Albert Eisenstein isn't right about 4 years left after the bees die ... ... ... World Body Fat Percentages - The USA is the World Leading Producer of GMO Crops 30 - We met up w/another couple (Charles' friends) at Cedar Point, in Sandusky, Ohio. (4 comments) 30-Me, Charles, my sisters son, a girl that worked for me, & her son - went to the zoo. It was fun! 30 - Michigan Dunes; with my, now, husband, Charles ... :-) Had a blast at the Dunes. 31-Me 'n' Charles' Mom - at Charles' parents house; they're about 1 1/2 hours north of us, in IL Chaz & I on a Ferry to Kelleys Island to get a case of Coyote White, eat pizza, play horseshoes Chuck & I at the African Safari Wildlife Park. We had *dozens* of different animal heads in the car. (1 comments) My ex-employer took a few+1 (I took Chaz) in Chicago Party Bus, to watch a Bulls Game from a Skybox 33 - Me & my husband Charles - I love him sooooo much! He's my soul mate. (5 comments) Phoenix --- Murray (4 comments) Murray -- Phoenix -- Greta -- Serena ---- Did you play today? (6 comments) Me & Charles' family - parents, 3 brothers, and 1 sister w/her DH - our backyard Me and, *some* of, Charles' immediate family, at our house (there are 5 kids & 1 wife missing) Me & Charles' family Gotta love the things that people that control people say. (Sir, Yes Sir!) (1 comments) Greta - Phoenix - Serena - Murray Our Green Cheek Conure, Yooruhnuhs (1 comments) 15 - Aerobics Instructor & chosen from High School to participate in an Accounting Competition (5 comments) Me & my family. At my brothers & his DW house; he's knelt down in front (Guy in green = SIL brother) (1 comments)

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