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December 2013 (1 comments) I'm so glad I got another Fitbit. It always makes me feel more inspired to keep at it. Treated myself today to celebrate 5 lbs lost. A local place by my job makes the best cup of coffee I've ever had. No cream or sugar necessary. Just basking in the chocolate and hazelnut tones. But, it's a little too expensive to be an everyday trip. Posted a goal Guess who just finished their first day of Couch to 5k! We were rained on and met the entire cast of Bambi along the way. Thankfully, Flower took mercy on us and did not cause an abrupt and unfortunate end to our workout. Couch to 5k! Week 1, Day 2. Tana could have kept going, but I struggled. I don't know if it was my allergies or yesterday's workout, but today was a physical and mental struggle to the finish. Couch to 5k. Week 1 completed, 7 more to go! Had my faithful running partner to push me to the finish. We finished Week 2 Day 1 of C25K! This should have been the last day of week 2, but food poisoning has had me in bed since last Wednesday and I'm just glad to be back in it. Doing a Mon, Wed, Fri schedule will work better with my work hours anyways. Week 2 Day 2 of C25K is finished! A good way to start a foggy Wednesday. Week 2 of C25K is finished! 6 more weeks to go. Week 3 Day 1 of C25K! Tana loves the running and hates our post-workout selfies, but they help keep me going! #deliciousdailymoment this curry chicken is my new favorite recipe. Week 3 Day 2 of C25K! Today was a hard one. Mentally I just didn't want to do it. I ignored my alarm. Spent most of dinner trying to convince myself I could skip today and just pick it back up on Friday. But, I got out, I finished it, and I feel great. Week 3 of C25K is finished. But, more importantly, look at how cute Tana looks in this picture! Week 4 day 1 of C25K! Can you believe it? Tana literally sighed when I took out my phone to take the picture. Week 4 Day 2 of C25K is complete. But, while the workout was a success, the scale told a different story. I've gained back 2lbs in the last week. Now I'm just trying to refocus and keep moving forward. Week 4 of C25K is finished! We're officially half way through. Skim milk and no syrup brings this cappuccino in at 60 calories. The sprinkle of cocoa powder makes it wonderfully aromatic. Week 5 day 1 of C25K was not completed. I slipped at work yesterday and woke up with a pain in my foot. I debated not running today, but decided to try. It was a beautiful morning and 60 degree days in August just don't happen in Maryland very often. We didn't even make it through the first interval before a sharp pain had my ankle rolling to the right. Scared Tana half to death. We'll give it a few days rest and hopefully be back at it soon. Week 5 Day 1 (take two) is complete! Tana and I were out in the rain this evening. We're wet, but at least we stayed cool. Week 5 Day 2 of C25K! It's amazing the improvement you can make in 5 weeks. Week 5 of C25K is completed! And, today Tana and I are celebrating our 4 year anniversary! She started as a Montana stray, but now she's a Maryland frisbee chaser. Week 6 Day 1 of C25K is complete! We finished week 6 day 2 of C25K! Posting on here every morning and the support of everyone on here has been the push to keep me going. Thank you! Pumpkin Pie steel cut oats! I'm really happy with how this came and it's a lot of food for being under 250 calories. Day 2 Week 1 of C25K! Had my running buddy with me the entire day today. Week 1 of C25K complete and finally there's sun! It's been raining for a week. Tana won't come inside. We live out here now. Week 2 of C25k has begun. But, I'll be running solo this week while Tana recovers from an ear infection. My Little Stray (2 comments) Best Friends (6 comments) Before... New Orleans...the best city on the planet. Backpacking! The family in Glacier National Park My paradise

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