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After 7 weeks of consistent weight training, cardio and nutrition, this is how my body is looking 8/18 Progress with my backside, tighter and rounder glutes and hamstrings -8/18/09 =Waist and hips have lost a lot of fat, still have more to do 8/18/09- Quads and Abs are tighter. Abs started to get some definition... STOMACH CHANGES: UpperLft 8/18/09; UpperRT 7/2009;LowerLft 6/2009; LowerRt 11/2008 (1 comments) December 2009 January 24th, 2010 July 8th, 2010 - Sebastian Inlet, FL July 23, 2010 - In my kitchen multitasking: doing hw & cooking! During my "half" birthday in September...dancing at a club with my friends...clean fun & exercise Me -January 13, 2011 January 2012 - Me after my weight training session in my home gym! :) June2013 - Just finished my workout at my home gym! (1 comments) This picture was taken on Nov 16th, my first day with my personal trainer Christmas Eve 2007 - Me & the Loves of my life: my inspiration & motivation.. my girls!! February 2008 - At an Amusement park during a challenging time. How far I've come! What people say:"Such a pretty face...if only you were thinner.." (2 comments) May 2008 - Just Got my Hair done & was Going out on the town with Friends (2 comments) Right side 11/03/8 (1 comments) Right Side-Jan01 2009 Full Body - Left Side 11/03/08 Left side - close up 11/03/08 Left Side-Jan01'09 Close Up Front Shot 11/03/08 My Front Jan 01 '09 Back Side - Close Up 11/03/08 My back Jan 01 2009 Back side - Full View 11/03/08 Back Side Arms Up-Jan 01 '09 Me-November 17th, 2008 Christmas Eve 2008 May09-GettingOverACold

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