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Breakfast. I admit to adding dressing for once. Kinda regret that. Not just for health reasons. Reminded why I prefer without. (1 comments) Finally finishing up the classroom painting I've been meaning to get done all year. At least it'll be finished before the school year is done. Finally feeling better and using it to spend quality time with hubby and the camera. Finally feeling better and using it to spend quality time with hubby and the camera. Spent a wonderful morning in Lassen National Forest. Pointillism with white ink on black Back to Working on my Artwork (2 comments) Took the kid off grid for the day. Went up and played in a couple creeks at 4000-5000 ft. Had to try stippling when I saw this paper/ink. Perhaps should've started smaller. Took me 18+ hrs. (2 comments) (2 comments) Why, yes, that is a Mercy Warriors (Mercy High, Red Bluff, CA) hat! (1 comments) (1 comments) A recent snapshot from my computer's camera. (1 comments) California International Marathon finish. Happy 36th birthday to me! The illustrious cake. (1 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) spent a great day with her students in the parade float and with her baby girl at the rodeo. I want that definition back in my facial features. The start as tiny nubs on the side of the cactus. 2-3 WEEKS later, they bloom for ONE day. Starting as nubs on the side of the cactus, these bloom 2-3 weeks later, for ONE day. wants to get the Gecko team going with a fresh start but needs willing active members. Sac State 5k April 2010 (1 comments) Cowtown Half Marathon - Official time 2:23:41 (8 comments) As usual, my best friend is there for me... My Momma, My Baby, and Me. (3 comments) Honest, my girl will get one of these...someday somehow. (3 comments) (1 comments) Elsa (the ham) meets Gidget? (1 comments) That's as cheerful as she looks most days. (1 comments) My Father-in-Law on his 83rd Birthday (1 comments) (3 comments) Somehow I don't remember volunteering to be camp cook.... (1 comments) Finally Found a Proper "Before" pic. Uggh. (1 comments) Wow they're getting big! Elsa Bug (and her favorite type of bug). (1 comments) Elsa's 1st Pony Ride... (1 comments) Elsa LOVED the Pumpkin Patch! (1 comments) December 2007 Finally a size fourteen! October 26, 2008 (1 comments) January 29, 2009 (1 comments) Hubby and Me at Easter 2009 (3 comments) Early July '09 Camping Trip - This is where I'm getting back to. (4 comments) Elsa "Cleanin' the Dirty" at Grandma's house. Our team for '08 Race for the Cure. I'm 10189. My "Other Mother"/Sue (in pink) left us in November. Team Treasured Chests 2009. We miss you, Mom. My mother and me at Easter 2009 (1 comments) She usually avoids the camera so well... The lovely lady who got me to try Spark.

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