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My cute little "monster" grandson having a nap after all his exercising for the day! (2 comments) My Grandson has some Decisions to make today! "Which one of my toys do I pick to play with today?" Had a wonderful Salad yesterday for my lunch! YUM!!!! (2 comments) Our Mall had a display of Fruity Juicy by M.A.C. cosmetics.....What is your FAVE fruit to snack on???? We just bought a Sweet Watermelon!!!! (1 comments) Have a New Hair Color....."Medium Golden Blonde".....I like it!! Macy's always has such beautiful displays of flowers ....love our Mall Walks!!!! (1 comments) Our Grandson, Yitzchok is so happy to get up off the floor and start to learn the next step.....CRAWLING !!!! (1 comments) Loved our 1 hr Walking at our Mall. Can you see the "halo" on my head? Love this store "Claires" ....so many cute things!!! Our Grandson has his 5 month check up at doctor today. Just LOVE him!!! (3 comments) Last day of School here in Florida! My beautiful Sister, Donna is a School bus Driver....she works Hard!!! Our grandson Yitzchok is checking out his mommy's new glasses!!! (1 comments) Today will be another Nice WALK thru our beautirful Aventura Mall. What are your plans today?? (1 comments) NO mall walking yesterday...weather was too BEAUTIFUL to pass up our walking at the Beach....2 hrs ...over 8,000 steps 3.3 miles!! (2 comments) Yesterday I had for my lunch.....Nice Salad....need to stick with it!!! (1 comments) Last night we saw a GREAT tribute band doing Billy Joel Songs...Got over 11,000 steps and 4.4 miles of walking done yesterday! (2 comments) My BFF and I going to have Lunch together today!!! Our 5 month old Grandson is learning to Read Early!!! Just Love him!!! (1 comments) day 375 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 6/22/2017 My grandson Yitzchok...."Wish I was home in my bed"....just went to get his passport picture done! Must of wore him out!!! (2 comments) Going to Gulfstream Racing Park for another tribute concert tonight....The Beatles!!!! Can't wait to be dancing!!! (1 comments) Our Beautiful Daughter Jennifer & Grandson Yitzchok.......Just LOVE them!!! Had to buy a New Coffee Pot ...Black +Decker!! How many cups of Coffee do you drink in the morning? Or Tea?? Our Grandson Moshe helped do some painting with his Mommy's Boss. Summer Camp starts soon!!! Enjoyed 2 hrs of Dancing with Band, Mister Nice Guy at Gulfstream/Villages Sports of King Theater. Really worked up a sweat!!! Our 5 month old Grandson, Yitzchok is celebrating 4th of July!!! My two Grandsons enjoyed their 4th of July playing....Yitzchok got a new mat to lay on! Moshe is a great big brother!!! Yitzchok is wondering which toy do I want to play with this morning! He also loves his new mat to lay on. (2 comments) My mom & Preston ....He celebrated his 90th Birthday!! Party was lots of FUN!!! Our 5 month old grandson Is starting his day off with his Push-ups!!! Our HEARTS belong to these two adorable grandsons!!! Does anyone else enjoy making "Fairy Gardens?" I finally tried one out and think it looks pretty cute! (2 comments) My BFF got me this beautiful pillow and bag yesterday...We watch her Mini Schnauzer for her when she goes on trips. Love them!!! (2 comments) We had another Great Friday night of Dancing....Jeffrey James Gang played some older Southern Rock & Blues songs!!! (1 comments) Our Grandson Moshe had a wonderful time with his parents at the Beach yesterday!!! (1 comments) My daughter loves an Ap on her phone to make these cute pictures!!! Enjoying everyone sent to me!!! (1 comments) Our beautiful daughter & crazy/funny Grandson!! Just wish we could see them more!!! (Brooklyn, NY) Our cute 5 month old Grandson doing his Yoga !!!!! Never to early to start!!! (1 comments) Yesterday my fitbit ended up with 13,844 steps and 5.51 Miles of walking!!! Night out with dancing and FUN!!! Our Grandson Moshe enjoying his summer time!!! Would love to be there with him. Our Grandson, Moshe is having a FUN Summer time!!! Just LOVE him and Yitzchok too!! Our Grandson Yitzchok is starting his morning out with his special exercise.....touch your toes .....but don't eat them!!! (2 comments) Our Grandson's Push-Up exercise for today! WOW....he is only 5 months old!!! Starting early!!! Found the Exercise Bike I LOVE....only cost a little over $2000!!!! YIKES!!!!! (1 comments) Just LOVE these Two Grandson's !! Keeps my Going!!! One day we shall get to visit. Live too far away. Pictures do Help!!! (2 comments) "He ain't Heavy he's my Brother"......Moshe is helping Yitzchok stand up. Not walking yet! (1 comments) Yitzchok said "If you are ready for Your exercise this morning....Raise Your Hand" Just LOVE our grandson...6 mths old now! (2 comments) Just LOVE these pictures I get from our DD with Grandson....He is growing fast!!! 6 mths old already....One day will get to hold him! (1 comments) Can't help but BRAG about our 6mth old Grandson.....Yitzchok!!! Can't wait to hold him one day!!! (1 comments) I met the CUTEST Emotional Service Dog on Friday night while we were out Dancing. His name is Trevor. Went to Michaels Yesterday and thought of making something "crafty" ....so I bought these Carnival minatures and made a Boxed Carnival!!!! Our beautiful Daughter and Son in Law....she loves her Phone Ap to make these lovely pictures!!! (1 comments) Another beautiful picture our daughter did with her phone Ap.....Grandson is getting bigger!!! Yitzchok said, "Look Grandma, I'm doing my Push-Ups this morning"!!! Daughter using her phone App again!! (1 comments) Very proud of our 7 Yr old Grandson, Moshe...He was awarded "Student of the Week" (1 comments) Had a GREAT night of Disco Dancing listening to "The Brass Evolution" band. Got in 2 hrs of walking & dancing Friday Night!!! Our Grandson, Moshe picking out his fresh FRUITS!!! Yummy grapes/strawberries!!! Just LOVE our 2 grandson's ...Yitzchok is learning from big brother Moshe about using a cell phone!!!! Yitzchok said, "Hey Look Grandma ...I can sit up by myself" !!! His big brother Moshe has Water Park today !!! (1 comments) Yitzchok is having his first Piano Lesson today! We just LOVE him!! (1 comments) Would anyone Like to join me with having a Morning Strawberry Smoothie ? My hubby & I have a Concert tonight!! One of the most Entertaining person who Lives inside my hubby now!!! Can't wait to hear his songs! Had a Wonderful Time at the Elvis Live in Concert last night! Orchestra played just beautifully to all of Elvis Songs. Our Grandson Yitzchok loves playing the steel drum!!! Yitzchok loves his new outfit Grandma & Grandpa sent him! It fits!!! He also loves sitting up now by himself!!! (1 comments) Got a free sample of Born Sweet Zing Stevia Organic.....Anyone else try??? I think it taste awesome in my hot coffee in mornings! Our Grandson Yitzchok would like you to join him this morning doing some Planks!!! (1 comments) Our Grandson Moshe LOVES the new Juicer they bought!! Carrot, Apple & Kale !!! Waiting for our Avocado's to Ripen !! Neighbors tree has Plenty!!!! Yitzchok loves his Mommy's Kale Smoothies!! (2 comments) Our beautiful Daughter & Funny Face from our Grandson, Moshe!!! He LOVES to act Silly!! But we LOVE him!!! (2 comments) Did LOTS of dancing last night! Going to rest up today! Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend!!! (1 comments) Today's LUNCH!!! Yummy!!! (1 comments) Wishing all my Spark Friends a very Lovely Labor DAY!!!! My new washing machine is getting delivered Tomorrow!!!! (2 comments) PLEASE HURRICANE IRMA - DON'T COME TO THE U.S. ....TURN BACK NOW!!! (9 comments) FIRST DAY OF BLC35!!! GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE TEAMS!!! (2 comments) My Grandson's Backpack weighs more than he does!!! (1 comments) Today is our day to get REALLY PREPARED! Hurricane Irma is on her way to Florida!!! (5 comments) Wishing my hubby a very Happy Birthday Today!!! What a day to celebrate...the arrival of Hurricane Irma!!! (1 comments) We still have Electricity!! BUT.....the Hurricane winds will get worse for us today!! PRAYERS for all the Florida Residents!!!! Stay SAFE!!! (2 comments) We survived Hurricane Irma..No electricity for 3 days. Came on this morning at 2am! Neighbors Avocado tree gave us a bushel of them!! Still more in their yard!!! (2 comments) Our adorable Grandson, Yitzchok is now 8 mths old. One day we will get to hold him! Lives in Brooklyn, NY. (2 comments) Had a GREAT time last night ...lots of dancing ...band was called ROLLTHESTONES ....played Rolling Stones songs! Hoping everyone Enjoys their Monday!!! Going Thrift Shopping Today!! Anyone going with me???? "Look Grandma! I stood up all by Myself" says my cutie pie Grandson, Yitzchok!! Going DANCING tonight!!! Enjoy your Day!!! (3 comments) Had a GREAT time last night at Gulfstream's "Sport of Kings" with MNG band!!! (1 comments) Enjoyed a light lunch today of 2 hard boiled eggs and 1/2 beefsteak tomato! YUM!!! Ready for your week??? I know I AM!! Need to get busy....I gained 1 lb over the weekend! (2 comments) Sticking with IT!! Yesterday's Lunch; take a slice of deli roast beef and roll around 2 carrot stick....had tomato and cucumber. (1 comments) So Proud once AGAIN ...Our grandson, Moshe Got another "Student Of the Week" award!!! (2 comments) Tonight is my FAVE....We go out Dancing!! Love to get my Exercise this Way!!! (1 comments) Have you gone yet ladies ???? Very Important to remember to get done!!! (2 comments) Fun day yesterday & LOTS of walking the beautiful Hollywood Beach, FL !!! (1 comments) "Look Grandma & Grandpa, I'm on my first Airplane Flight - Going to Israel" Yitzchok says. (3 comments) Wishing everyone a Thankful Thursday!!! What are you MOST thankful For??? (1 comments) Back to "Sport of Kings" tonight for our FUN FRIDAY Dancing Night!!!!! (1 comments) Big ROCK Band played last night...great old rock songs...lots of dancing!!! Our lovely daughter, husband & 2 grandsons. (9 comments) Early Morning to Rise.....Day started off with freshly brewed coffee!! What time did you start your day???? Yesterday's Healthy Breakfast...around 430 calories. YUM!!! Going thrift shopping today....Who wants to come? Yesterday's TREASURE that I found while Thrift Shopping....I Love anything with Pink Flamingo's and spotted this wine glass on my way out to pay at register!! LOVE IT!! Can you guess how much it cost? Brand new with tags! (1 comments) Trying out my new BIG glass bowl I found at Ikea for my salad....Works Great!!! (1 comments) Yesterday's doctor visit went well...lost 2 lbs!! Going walking today at Hollywood Beach, and a band outside to dance at 7pm!! (1 comments) Such a great time Dancing last night on Hollywood Beach!! Band was terrific & had a nice ocean breeeze!!! (1 comments) Who bought their Pumpkin??? Saw in Target huge pumpkins for only $3.99!!!! (4 comments) Our Grandson Moshe is enjoying his trip to Israel and Also his Ice Cream Cone!!! (1 comments) Yesterday's delish Lunch! Lettuce, tomato, baby carrots, cucumber & chicken breast...with a tbsp of sliced almonds. Hope everyone enjoys their Thursday!!! Hope everyone enjoys their Friday!!!! Stay focused, be successful & Most importantly SMILE!!! (1 comments) Happy Saturday Spark Friends!!! Just had show off our younger Grandson and How cute he is......Love you Yitzchok!!! (3 comments) Great time dancing at Hollywood Boardwalk last night...Very Breezy & lots of people there! (2 comments) Wishing all Spark Friends a Marvelous Monday!!! Grocery Shopping for me....What are you planning to do today??? (2 comments) Our Grandson Yitzchok is ready to go travel again!!!! (2 comments) I'm ready for Thrift Shopping Day!!! Who is coming with me???? Another night for our Dancing at the Beach Boardwalk! Yeah!! 70% chance of rain tomorrow.....so I can rest up!!! Yesterday's total walking steps 15,156...total miles 6.03!!! Danced a lot last night!!! (1 comments) Going to Mall for some walking.....just window shopping!!! Yesterday's Walk at our Beautiful Aventura Mall....the 3rd Largest Mall in the World!!! LOVE it!! and got in 3 miles!!! (2 comments) HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! What are your plans for your FUN time today?? Stay Healthy & Wise with all the Goodies out there!!! Thrift Store shopping DAY!! Grab your bag for some Treasure Hunt of Goodies!!! Have A Wonderful Thursday's Spark Friends!! Stay Successful & Keep Smiling!!! Will be our Dancing Night!!! Going to the Free Concert at Hollywood Beach!!! What is your "Happiness" Day going to be?????? Had lots of fun dancing last Night - Checked out Margaritaville and ran into two very TALL people!!! (2 comments) DON'T FORGET!!!! (3 comments) We will have our Friend ARCHIE coming again for a visit!!! He is just so SWEET!!! (1 comments) Have a Marvelous Monday! Grocery shopping day for me!!! Have a Terrific Tuesday!!!! (2 comments) Who want to go Thrift Store Shopping with me today???? (1 comments) "Look Grandma & Granpa" Yitzchok has one baby tooth on bottom coming in!! Just LOVE him!!! 10mths old now. (2 comments) Having my blood work done this morning...waiting to have my coffee....miss my morning coffee!!! Thanking all the Service Men & Service Women !!!!! (1 comments) Had a wonderful 2 mile walk at our Beautiful Mall...All decorated already for Christmas....Love our Mall!!! (1 comments) Our 10 Month old Grandson, Starting his Piano Lessons!!! (1 comments) OK...Now I've heard everything!! Stove Top is selling elastic pants for Thanksgiving!! $19.88 would you buy a pair???? Time for this Diva "Thrift Store Shopper" to go shopping today!! Who is coming with me today???? GRAB you BAGS!!!! My morning is always "complete" seeing a picture of our lovely daughter & grandson! Pure LOVE!!!! (2 comments) Enjoy your Friday!!! Saturday!!! Walking our beautiful Mall later this afternoon!!! Need to get in those STEPS!! (1 comments) We enjoyed the Mall Walk..and they are expanding our Mall....Outside Fountain area is looking GREAT! Can't wait till all of the Stores will open. They had "Zara" opened! (1 comments) Good Monday Morning!!! What's on your Menu for Thursday - Thanksgiving ????? Hope everyone Enjoys their Tuesday!!!! I'm so "THANKFUL" for these 2 beautiful grandsons! My DD is so far away but sends pictures to brighten my day ....every day!!!! (1 comments) Wishing you ALL a very Healthy, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! (1 comments) ARE YOU going to the SALES today???? (3 comments) We walked yesterday ...to get off some of our Thanksgiving Meal! 14,856 Steps 5.91 Miles. Boardwalk -Hollywood Beach, FL Walking off Our Thanksgiving Meal Yesterday.... Over 14,000 steps and 5 Miles!! Beautiful Hollywood Beach Boardwalk! (1 comments) Happy Sunday!!! Hope you enjoy your day! What are your plans?? Going to Big Lots & Michaels this morning!!! Have your Christmas/Hanukkah shopping done?? (1 comments) (4 comments) Got all my Christmas Decorating Done!! Anyone else have theirs all finished?? (2 comments) DO YOU HAVE P.M.A. TODAY??? Wishing ya all a HAPPY Tuesday!!!!! Happy 41st Birthday to our Beautiful, Smart, A wonderful mother/wife/sister ....Our Daughter, Jennifer/ (Yael). Her visit to Israel. Also for making us grandparents of 2 adorable grandsons!!! (2 comments) Enjoy your Last Day of NOVEMBER!!! Welcome to December!!!! Have a very Successful Month....End of the Year and Keep Smiling!!!! Opening Day of our beautiful Racetrack, Gulfstream Park!!! Maybe Bet on a couple Races........Wish us Luck !!!! We had a Beautiful Sunshine & Lots of Walking at the Gulfstream Racetrack yesterday. No Wins!!! But lots Of FUN!!! (2 comments) Hope you ENJOY your MONDAY!!! Stay focused/successful/Positive & Marvelous!!! (1 comments) Hope everyone Enjoy's their Tuesday!!! How's your Holiday Shopping going ??? Our 2 grandsons, Yitzchok & Moshe are looking forward to their Hanukkah starting in 5 days!!! (1 comments) Happy Thursday!!! Enjoy your DAY!!! (1 comments) Having my Christmas Lunch with BFF today. Here is who will be visiting us on Sunday and we babysit till the New year!!! Another FUN night at Hollywood Beach, Margaritaville & 5'Oclock Somewhere Dancing/Walking over 4 Miles!!! Having our Good Friend "Archie" return today. Will be visiting us till after the New Year!!! He is just the sweetest!!!! (1 comments) Yesterday we had our FUN walk thru our Expanding Mall....Outside they built more stores....restaurants.....water fountain and this HUGE slide for the kids!!! (1 comments) Brrrr!! we have 50 DEGREE'S in Miami, FL this morning!!! How cold is your State?? Our Grandson, Moshe ....lightning the Menorah for the First night of Hannukkah. (1 comments) Our Grandson, Moshe ....lightning the Menorah for the First night of Hannukkah. Our grandson, Moshe, Lighting the Menorah for Hanukkah. Our grandson, Moshe, Lighting the Menorah for Hanukkah. Our grandson, Moshe, Lighting the Menorah for Hanukkah. Our grandson, Moshe, Lighting the Menorah for Hanukkah. Moshe opened one of his gifts for Hanukkah....Game called "Sorry" Anyone remember that game? (1 comments) Our grandson Moshe is really Enjoying his Face Paints from his Great Grandma for Hanukkah (1 comments) Yesterday's Lemon Chicken from Publix was delish added to my Salad!!! (2 comments) Yesterday's Racetrack fun & also walking at Mall....We got at least 5 miles of walking done yesterday!!! YEAH!!!! Enjoy your Sunday!!! (2 comments) I received 1000 Goodie Points on the Wheel this morning!! Anyone want a Goodie sent from me?? HUGS!!!! (1 comments) Our 11 mth old grandson, Yitzchok is having a wonderful Hanukkah! (3 comments) Keeping weight Maintained for the Holiday's!!! Today is thrift store shopping....Who is coming with me????? FIRST DAY OF WINTER IN FLORIDA!! Our temps 67 degree's this morning. What are yours??????? (1 comments) Happy Friday!!! Got to see our son yesterday after 1 year of no communication...good news we Made Up and have PEACE now with him. (1 comments) Yesterday's 5.56 miles on my fitbit! Walking the stores and then Hollywood Beach Broadwalk.....Margaritaville!!! FUN!!! + Exercise!!! (1 comments) Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas Eve!! (1 comments) MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I will be leaving tomorrow for my mom's - Be back on Thursday!! Enjoy!!! (1 comments) Back from my Vacation seeing Mom...My sister & I went to "Blue Springs" to see the Manatees.....just Beautiful!!! (1 comments) Loved visiting with my Mom and Preston, they are quite a couple ...so much FUN !!!! These are the Sand Hill Cranes that come to their community - Orange City, FL (1 comments) Had a wonderful time at the Broward Center of Performing Arts yesterday...We saw "Cirque Dreams Holidaze" Had a GREAT time last night at our Gulfstream New Years Eve Gathering. Had a nice laser light show!!! (1 comments) Grocery Shopping Day for Me!! How is your New Year Going so FAR????? Give yourself a "Pat on the Back" for Starting Over & Getting to your GOALS!!!! JANUARY 1ST IS MY 18TH YEAR WITH SPARKPEOPLE. THANKS EVERYONE!!! (1 comments) Have a wonderful THURSDAY!!! Going to be listing my Items on my Ebay Store. Also morning walk as soon as it warms up here in Florida!! 45 degree's this morning!!!! Another Cool Day here in Florida! 44 here in Miami!! I know LOTS of you even have it colder......stay WARM!!! Enjoy Your Friday!!! (1 comments) This afternoon plans....LOTS of walking on our Beach Boardwalk!! (2 comments) Yesterday's Walk on Beach - Warmed to 72 degree's!! Got at least 3 miles of walking!!! Happy MONDAY!! Stay Positive!!! Hope you ENJOY your Tuesday! Stay "Positive".....WE CAN DO IT!!! (1 comments) Morning Walk -30 fast pace on Stepping stones around our house....Then slow walking later at Thrift Store -3 Hours!!! (2 comments) Had FUN at thrift with my sister! Going to start listing at least 20 items in Ebay today! Hope everyone enjoys their Thursday!!! Hope ALL Spark PEOPLE have a Sparkly Saturday!!! ENJOY!!! Mall walking today for me & hubby!!! (3 comments) Had a NICE walk yesterday at our Mall. Over 3 miles on my fitbit!! Love our Beautiful Mall !! Grocery Shopping Day for me!! Do you have a Healthy Tip while Grocery Shopping?? I know not to go while Hungry!!!! Good Morning Spark Friends!! I have my Eye check up this morning. How often do you get your eyes checked?? Wednesday......I'll be thrift shopping!!! What is your one "BEST" Find you found thrifting??? Having my Check Up at Primary Doctor this morning. Have a Wonderful Thursday!!! Today I got to meet one of my Spark Friends! Susan was A lot of FUN today for lunch at Outback and glad to have met you and your husband!!! Today is our Beach Walking DAY!!! Yeah!! Enjoy your Saturday !!!! (1 comments) HAPPY 1ST Birthday to our grandson, Yitzchok!!! Where does the time go??? (3 comments) SPARK FRIENDS.......Have a Wonderful Sunday and follow these 5 steps!!! So PROUD of our 8 year old Grandson, Moshe!!! (1 comments) Yeah!!! Thrift Store shopping Day!! Getting 1/2 off price on most of the items in store is Awesome!! What is Awesome about your day? Nothing like seeing a peaceful young child ...so in love with this little guy! Grandma love you. One day we shall meet. Enjoy your Thursday!! (3 comments) My daughter sent me this picture of our grandson eating a vegetable...Can you guess what it is? (3 comments) We had a very BREEZY night at Hollywood Beach/Margaritaville last night. Over 11K steps and 4.60 miles for the day!!! (1 comments) Have a Sunny SUNDAY Spark Friends!!! Monday Grocery Shopping Day! Thinking Healthy Foods!! And one tip: Don't go shopping hungry!!! (3 comments) Yesterday's Lunch....big salad with deli turkey breast....YUM!!! My grandson, Moshe does enjoy the snow in Brooklyn, NY but can't ride that bike!!!! Hello FEBRUARY .....2 celebrations this month for me...42nd Anniversary On Valentine's Day & my Birthday -63 yrs old! (1 comments) Happy Groundhogs DAY!! WILL HE SEE HIS SHADOW????? (2 comments) Received my first Birthday gift (early not until 20th) Picked up these from Edible Arrangments! They gave them FREE and they are Delish!!! (2 comments) Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!! Who will be watching the game? Your FAVE team??? We don't usually watch it.....I'm having lunch with my friend today. ENJOY!! And Good LUCK to your team!!! Yesterday lunch at Grand Lux with my BFF...it was an Asian Chicken Salad...so Huge!! Only ate half and saved the rest for lunch today!!! The Award our Grandson, Moshe received from his school made it in their Paper!!! So Proud of him!!! (1 comments) Worry-Free Wednesday!! Don't WORRY about those few lbs you might of put on ...keep going and Never Give UP!!!! I'm Thankful for all Spark People ...my Family, Home, Health & Freedom. Hope you have a FANTASTIC FRIDAY!!!! (1 comments) Happy Saturday Spark Friends!! Hope you Enjoy your DAY!!! Mall Walk for us today!! (2 comments) Had another great day of Walking our beautiful Mall. Took lots of pictures of all the "Heart" displays.....Here is one of my FAVE's!! (1 comments) Our Grandson, Moshe had FUN at a Party Yesterday with Reptiles! He even held a snake!! (1 comments) Thank you Spark People and FRIENDS for making me The "Motivator of the Day" !!!!! My 42nd Anniversary today!! Wishing All my Spark Friends a Happy Valentine's Day!!! Saying prayers for families of the 17 killed in shooting yesterday at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Weekend is Near!! Spark Friends, Hope you enjoy Yours!!!! xxxxxxx Wishing all my Spark Friends a Successful Saturday!!! Back to our Mall Walking!!! (2 comments) Wonderful Walk yesterday at Mall....got in 2.5 Miles!!! This is their New Slide outside...didn't take the stairs yet......Walking is about all my exercise I can do right now. (1 comments) Are you enjoying the Olympics ?? What is your favorite to watch??? Feeling GREAT for a 63 Year Old Lady Today! Come Celebrate my Years with ME SparkFriends!!!! (2 comments) Thank you for all your Birthday Wishes!! Had a wonderful -relaxing birthday - NO CAKE!! Just a small piece of banana bread. (1 comments) Had a Great Spin on SparkPeople Wheel ! Going to see a Tribute Artist sing "Elton John" songs tonight ! Enjoy your DAY!!! WONDERFUL Tribute concert last night....It was the REAL Elton John but he did a fantastic show!!! Very colorful outfit he came out in!!! Would you Return to your grocery store if your pears never ripened ? I paid $6 for 4 huge pears....turned yellow but too hard to eat. Hope You ENJOY your Tuesday!!! Keep SPARKING!!! Meeting my sister at Denny's for my late Breakfast Birthday gift! Then my thrift store shopping!!! My grandsons are enjoying their Holiday ....Purim......Get to dress up. Moshe will be a Spy and Yitzchok is going as Bubble Bee!!! My grandsons enjoyed their Holiday, Purim. Moshe is a spy & Yitzchok a bumblebee! (3 comments) Started my Spring Cleaning yesterday.....got my bottom kitchen cabinets all organized now! No more falling out of plastic containers! (1 comments) Had a wonderful time yesterday with our walk thru our beautiful Mall. 2.6 Miles of walking! (2 comments) My last Celebration for my birthday last week!! Had Lunch with My BFF. Enjoying our visit with son, Sky.....He is going to do my taxes for me today & even make the payment for my late birthday present!!! (1 comments) Good Morning Spark friends!!! Hope you have a WONDERFUL Wednesday!!!!! My thrift shopping day with my sister!!! Good Morning Spark friends!!! Hope you have a WONDERFUL Wednesday!!!!! My thrift shopping day with my sister!!! Our weather got as low as 58 degree's here in Miami this morning!! How cold our your temps this morning???? (2 comments) Used my New Air Fryer yesterday ..Works Wonderful & no OILS used to make fried chicken....turned out delish!! Anyone else have this ?? Had a beautiful Day yesterday for our Beach Walk! Over 3 miles - walking for 2 hours!! DID you CHANGE your Clocks Ahead ?? We might be keeping this way now in Florida !! Another WEEK for everyone.....Be SUCCESSFUL !!! Going this Morning for my Mammogram.....Have you had yours yet? (1 comments) Going Thrift Shopping Today!!! Anyone want to come with me???? Yesterday's thrift shopping - Found 31 pieces of clothing & 1 New Vera Bradley wallet. Spent $123!! Great deals!!! Got in my 2 Miles of walking also!! (1 comments) BEWARE.....You might get "Pinched" tomorrow!!! Here's a Cute Funny!!! I Love "Pickles" !!!! Have a GREAT Friday!!!! (1 comments) Wishing everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day! Who is making corn beef & cabbage? I'm going to put in slow cooker - and go to Mall for our 2 hrs walking - Be ready when we get home!! YUM!!! (1 comments) Had my fitbit on me all day..we did 3 miles of walking. Our Beautiful Mall did a great set up for the kids of MSD #msdstrong. (2 comments) Daughter sent this picture of our 1 yr old grandson, Yitzchok sitting in his favorite spot!! HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING SPARK FRIENDS!!! Hope your weather will start changing for the better. High here in Florida will get to 90's temps!! (1 comments) Happy Wednesday!!! Easter coming soon, April 1st!! That's no April Fool's!!! This is the Easter Chicken!!! Did well with my Thrift shopping yesterday....found 33 items !!! Hope everyone Enjoys their Thursday!!! Our Grandson, Yitzchok had fallen asleep before he could finish his breakfast!! (1 comments) Yesterday's walkling totaled 4.35 on my fitbit! Had a lovely walk in our beautiful Mall!!! Loved this "Spring" display on the store Disney. Hope you Enjoy your Monday and have a successful Week!!! Today is my ultrasound. They saw something on my mammogram. PLEASE no more cancer for me! I'm 7 years free from that disease! (1 comments) My daughter sent me this picture of Yitzchok waiting in line with her for their Passover shopping. She waited 1.5 Hours!!! (1 comments) Doctor visit for me today.....Get Blood test Results & Maybe my Ultrasound? Hope everyone Enjoys their Thursday!!! Have my doctor appointment this morning. Get blood work results & also might have my ultrasound. Hope you enjoy your DAY Spark Friends!!!! (1 comments) To all my Jewish Spark Friends....Enjoy your Passover. Our Grandson Moshe just loves to clown around with his mom (our lovely daughter) (2 comments) Wishing you a very Happy Passover!! Wishing ya all a very Happy Easter!!! (2 comments) Started off with 100 Goodie points on the Spark Wheel! Have a GREAT week Spark Friends!!! (1 comments) (2 comments) Starting off my morning with a Delish Breakfast! Healthy too!!! Low fat cottage cheese with pineapple chunks, crushed walnuts. Strawberries & Red seedless grapes! YUM!!!! My Thrift Shopping Day!!! Hope everyone enjoys their DAY!!! Be Successful!!! (3 comments) My 2 Grandsons had a wonderful Time at the Childrens Museum in Manhattan!!! Yitzchok looks good as a Penney! Moshe is just in love with his little brother. Hope you Enjoy your Friday Spark Friends!!! What are your Saturday Plans? We have our Mall Walking planned for today...Hope to get in at least 2.5 miles of walking!!! (2 comments) No Walking yesterday ...felt sick...so Hoping I can make it today! Enjoy your SUNDAY!!! (2 comments) Saw 2 lb loss on scale this morning!! The Mall Walking Yesterday helped a lot!! Over 2.5 miles of walking done! Happy Monday!! (1 comments) Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!!!! Grab YOUR bag.........Time to thrift shop!!! (1 comments) Morning Spin -Won 50 SparkGoodies!!! Hoping everyone enjoys your Thursday!!! (2 comments) Wishing All my Spark Friends a Very Fantastic Friday!!!! (4 comments) Yesterday was the Verdict/Sentencing of the man who took the life of my sister & niece. It has been 9 years of waiting for this. He will receive Life ......and this puts an end to a very sad part of my life. (4 comments) We did our 2.6 miles yesterday with walking at stores & Mall. Our Lovely Aventura Mall!!! This is in the "Disney" store. (2 comments) Happy Monday!!! Enjoy your Week!!! (3 comments) Have a Terrific Tuesday!!!! Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!! I'll be at the thrift store!!! Who wants to come ??? Have a very happy Thursday!!! My beautiful Plumeria Flowers are Blooming !! Smell so Nice!! (2 comments) Happy Friday!!! What is on your list for FUN today? (1 comments) Successful Saturday!!! Going to get in over 2 miles of walking today! Mall Walking!! Had our Nice 2.95 miles of walking yesterday!! The Mall was beautiful as always!! Happy Earth DAY!!! (2 comments) Hope your Tuesday is very Tasteful & a Happy One!!! What's for Breakfast ???? (2 comments) day 225 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 4/25/2018 Happy Wednesday!!! I'll be at the thrift store......where will you be today???? "Thankful Thursday" I found 26 items to sell on my Ebay yesterday at thrift! Going to be busy today!!! I'm Thankful for ALL of my SparkFriends!!! Fabulous Friday Friends!!! Hope your day is a successful one!!! (3 comments) Our grandson, Yitzchok getting out in the sunshine in Brooklyn, NY. He is listening to birds singing and watching his shadow. We would love to meet him one day. Going for Mall Walk later today. Fitbit is on!! (3 comments) Our Mall Walking yesterday was over 9,000 steps and 3.79 miles !!! (6 comments) Terrific Tuesday!!! Hope all my Spark Friends stop by to say hello!! Luv ya all!!! (2 comments) Enjoy Your Thursday!!! (1 comments) Happy Friday!! Our grandson Yitzchok loves to nap on couch ....Funny way!!! (5 comments) Yesterday's Doctor appt went well. Said I'm doing good. And my Spa Treatment of Manicure/Pedicure was AWESOME!!! (3 comments) Yesterday's walking ended up over 10K steps on fitbit & 4.04 Miles! The Mall walk was 1 Hour and just lovely!!! Loved this background picture of us. (3 comments) Today is Grocery Shopping Day for Me. I know NEVER go shopping when Hungry. I've made my list of what to pick up. Do you have any tips??? Have a Terrific Tuesday!!! I'm going back to my Tracking on SP. What is something you do to help you keep on track? This morning Having my first cup of coffee and then hit the THRIFT stores!!! Who wants to come with me??? (2 comments) Our beautiful daughter is a wonderful "Mom" of our 2 grandsons. Mother's Day is on May 13th.....My mom turns 83 on May 18th. (1 comments) Hope you have a Fantastic Friday!!!! Yitzchok just loves his new hat!!! (2 comments) My beautiful Mom!! Will be seeing her next weekend for her 83rd Birthday! She LOVES her Peanut Butter Cups!!! (1 comments) Wishing ALL Ladies and even some Dad's for being a Care Giver & Enjoy "Mother's Day" (2 comments) A gift to my daughter on her "Mother's Day" Yitzchok got hummus in his hair!!! (3 comments) Keep SPARKING and enjoy your Tuesday!! (2 comments) It's my Thrift Store Shopping Day!! WooHoo!! Looking for those bargains! Hope you will come with me!!! (1 comments) Enjoy Your Thursday Spark Friends!!! (2 comments) Leaving with my Sister today for celebrating our moms 83rd Birthday today! Hope to also visit Blue Springs - Manatee's!! (1 comments) Had a GREAT weekend at my Mom's celebrating her 83rd Birthday. Her partner, Preston is 90 yrs old. He is going thru radiation, but doing well! Need to grocery shop today. Even though still waiting on part for our big refrig I'll pick up a whole chicken to bake ....last for days! Have a Great Tuesday!!! (3 comments) Our Grandson Yitzchok enjoyed his chocolate pudding.....but I heard he got some on the floor as well as all over his body. (4 comments) Moshe & Yitzchok taking their Walk. Yitzchok got on his new crocs. (1 comments) Received my Fitbit Flex in mail yesterday! Anyone use this one...didn't know it was so tiny!! Set up ap in my iPhone. Now need the wristband to use it!! Walking day for us at our Mall....I saw the Flamingo in window and had to get a Picture...I LOVE pink flamingo's!!!! (1 comments) Who wants to join my Grandson, Yitzchok in doing his morning push-ups????? (4 comments) is wishing my Mom a Happy 82nd Birthday today!!! (10 comments) My Grandson Moshe is baking Chocolate Chip cookies for everyone......YES you are allow to have ONE!!! These are low calorie type. :) My daughter & grandson having their afternoon nap. Do you get a Nap during the day? (4 comments) Our Grandson Moshe loves playing this game...Anyone Remember this one??? Our grandson Yitzchok is in deep thought !!! (1 comments) Our Grandson Yitzchok is so worn out!! Tried to crawl ......he will get there soon!!! (3 comments) Walked a total fo 4 miles and over 10,000 steps yesterday!! Our walking in our Beautiful Aventura Mall was just so Lovely!!!! Guess who is coming to visit with us again....ARCHIE!!!!! First he needs to get his meals for the 5 days!!!! (2 comments) This precious Face keeps me going!!!! Glad to see a 2 lb loss this week!!! FINALLY!!! (1 comments) Happy Tuesday Friends!!! Just LOVE my two grandsons!! Moshe is going to be the BEST big brother to Yitzchok!!! Fun 2 hr walking yesterday, and meeting some very TALL girls!!! Outside of Margaritaville. We will be walking the Hollywood beach boardwalk & visiting Margaritaville today!! What are your plans?? Sleepyheads! I can see big brother Moshe just loves his baby brother Yitzchok. Love them both!!!!! (2 comments) Can you join Yitzchok in some "Modified Push-Ups" ???? (3 comments) My two grandsons take over their Mommy's Bed. Just love them!!! So sweet looking when sleeping. (2 comments) My grandson Yitzchok is giving out "Free Hugs" ....anyone need one today??? (4 comments) Our grandson Moshe finally lost his 2 front teeth!!! (1 comments) Glad to have our Little Friend "Archie" back for a weekend Visit!!! He is so Smart & FUN to be with!!! (2 comments) Our Grandson Moshe is losing his front teeth...picture of our daughter at the same age......They look so much alike!!!! Enjoyed our Easter Brunch!!! Stayed in control & even lost 2 more lbs!!! (3 comments) Yesterday me and Hubby walked our beautiful Aventura Mall. Happy Easter Spark Friends!! (1 comments) My hubby surprised me with my Easter Flowers yesterday!! Did you get any surprise yet for Easter??? (1 comments) Our Friend "Archie" leaves to go home today....Such a Good Mini Schnauzer & a cute Easter Bunny too!!!! (2 comments) Happy Passover to all my Jewish Spark Friends. My 2 Handsome grandsons enjoying their day of burning breads. (1 comments) Me and Hubby walked 2 hrs up and down Hollywood Boardwalk & He sang all of "Elvis" tunes to everyone there!!! 3.3 MILES!!!!! (3 comments) Our Day to head out for walking the Hollywood Beach....and of course visiting Margarativille!!! FUN!!! (1 comments) We will have our Friend, "Archie" here for a week!! His mom is traveling to Spain! (5 comments) I LOVE the smell of my Gardenia's .....What is your favorite smelling flower??? This Smile always makes me Smile!!!! Hope everyone keeps smiling and enjoying your day!! (3 comments) Had a wonderful Time with Mom this weekend...Her "No Talent Show" The Goodship Lolipop was so funny!! She put everything together & was the director!!!! Can't wait to see my Mom this Saturday!! She has put together her "No Talent Show" for the Clubhouse & all the Residents particapate!!! (1 comments) I LOVE when Spring is here and beautiful Flowers bloom & birds are Singing!!!! Monday Motivation......What keeps you going? This precious Face keeps me going...what to see him grow up!!! (1 comments) Enjoyed our Walk at the Mall, Beautiful Spring Displays in the Store Windows!!!! (2 comments) We are off to the RACES!! Horse Track in Florida.....Gulfstream Villages .....LOVELY place to just walk & see some fast horses racing!! Maybe a bet or two?? Here is the Adorable little face that went to my "Toes" picture yesterday! My Grandson, Yitzchok! (6 comments) Have ya ever seen such cuter Toes!! My 2 month old Grandson's!!! (5 comments) Had a 3.94 mile walk yesterday at the Broadwalk -Hollywood Beach & YES Margaritaville with its big FLIP FLOP!!! (1 comments) Going to our Hollywood Beach -Margaritaville broadwalk....lots of walking! (1 comments) Going to be eating HEALTHY today!!! Our new Grandson, Yitzchok just can't understand he dad's beard!!! (1 comments) Our backyard Trail for our walking!!! Goes all around to the front yard. We will do at least 25 laps. (1 comments) (1 comments) Our Grandson Yitzchok celebrating his Purim as a Lion. (2 comments) Our Elvis 60's Party was a big SUCCESS!! (2 comments) Hubby & I have an "Elvis Gig" Birthday Party tonight! They are doing the 60's Era. WooHoo!! (4 comments) Beautiful day at Racetrack yesterday!! Made a few bets - but no Wins!!! Maybe next time!!!!! Off to the HORSE RACES - GULFSTREAM PARK!!! Wish me LUCK with some bets!!! GO 7-9 (3 comments) Our Grandson sure is growing fast!!! (4 comments) Great day yesterday at Hollywood Beach- Margaritaville -Flip flop in lobby......... (2 comments) (14 comments) Celebrating my 62nd Birthday!! Had a great time yesterday at Cheesecake Factory...They sang "Happy Birthday" and shared a pc of german chocolate cheesecake with sister & BFF. (17 comments) Hollywood Beach, FL (1 comments) Gulfstream Racetrack -Aventura, FL (2 comments) Gorgeous day & Over 9000 steps done yesterday at Hollywood Beach!!! (5 comments) Son Sky and Me (11 comments) Daughter, Moshe & Baby Yitzchok (5 comments) Happy 41st Anniversary to Me & Hubby Valentine's Day! (3 comments) Our Grandson Moshe loves to shovel Snow.....Brooklyn, NY. (4 comments) Found these cute little shoes for our new grandson....thrift store price $2.99 (5 comments) Happy Tuesday! Daughter & New Grandson.... "Hi Mommy" !!! (7 comments) Gulfstream Racetrack was a Blast! But no Wins! (4 comments) Baby Yitzchok gained one lb for his first check up - Got his new swing also!!!! (4 comments) New grandson, Yitzchok enjoys his new mobil!! (6 comments) RELAXING TODAY - My grandson has his name now: Yitzchok Mier Krel.....Just LOVE him!! & Moshe too!!! (5 comments) Saturday- Margaritaville DAY!!! Have you ever seen a more peaceful baby? Today is our grandson's Bris/Name announced! (7 comments) So in LOVE with new grandson! Wish I was there in NY to see him!! (10 comments) So happy About New Grandson, and our grandson Moshe also LOVES him!!! (3 comments) Our New GRANDSON was born last night at 11pm.....weighing 7 lbs. Daughter, Son -in-Law and Moshe very excited. (10 comments) Just got sad news...dogs last night got our Mr. Meow.....so loved him!!!! (19 comments) Our 7 yr old Moshe celebrated his birthday Yesterday! Happy Birthday to YOU!!!! LOVE you!!! (5 comments) This Christmas visit to mom's a DISASTER....I forgot to bring the GIFTS!!! waaaaaa!!!!! Forgetful ME!!!! Picture of me, mom & sister Donna. (9 comments) Hard Rock was so much FUN last night...so many decorations & pretty Trees!! Going to my sisters Church Christmas Party & Service this morning. Enjoy Your Sunday!!! (1 comments) Loving my new hair cut feels so much better now! Enjoy your Tuesday!! Going to post office & Goodwill shopping. (10 comments) 40 Years ago I gave birth to this beautiful young lady......our Daughter Jennifer....Happy Birthday!!!!! (5 comments) Margaritaville -Santa !! (1 comments) Last night at '5 o'clock Somewhere! Got to DANCE!!!!! Margaritaville in Hollywood, FL Celebrated their 1 year Anniversary this weekend! (2 comments) Beautiful Aventura Mall 2016 (1 comments) Fun day yesterday at MARGARITAVILLE!!! Just a little rain! (2 comments) Great time for the Surprise Bachelor Party.The Bachelor is the one in the tux t-shirt next to me!!! (3 comments) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SON SKY!!! (6 comments) (3 comments) My Hubby is performing tonight at a Birthday Pary !!! A FUN time tonight!!!! (4 comments) Wishing my Hubby a Very Happy Birthday!!! (6 comments) Hubby & Me at Aventura Mall (3 comments) Keep your "Spark" going today!!! (1 comments) Lovely Day yesterday in our NICE cool Aventura Mall!!! Trying Hat on at Aventura Mall 7-2016 (3 comments) Trying on a new Hat at Aventura Mall Daughter-Jennifer & Grandson Moshe (7 comments) Pictures done yesterday at the Mall.....no shopping...just Walking!!! (1 comments) My daughter & grandson left for NY today! Sure had some fun with them! Saw A Beautiful Planet in 3D yesterday! (1 comments) Taking my Mom to train this morning to head home. Going to Museum of Science with Daughter & Grandson!!! (2 comments) Father & Son.....My 2 Handsome Men in my life!!! (1 comments) Back from visit with Mom!! Very tired and going t bed early. Hope your Monday was Marvelous!! (1 comments) Went walking yesterday at out beautiful Mall....enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!! (1 comments) Going shopping again at Goodwill!!! My grandson had a Friend trying to get in window!!!! (3 comments) Happy Sunday!! Walking in our beauriful Mall...loooks like the Sales Associate "Photo Bombed" us!!!! (1 comments) Our Grandson, Moshe is celebrating his "Purim"...tonight he will dress up as bear. (2 comments) Aventura Mall with Hubby 2-13-16 (4 comments) Happy Sunday!! We walked 4 miles yesterday at the beach!!! (2 comments) My new Yonanas machine works GREAT! BEST banana Ice Cream made with frozen bananas!!! (2 comments) My friend gave me this yesterday...going to try making Banana Ice Cream today!! It is really Healthier to make !! Hope I like it. (4 comments) Happy 6th Birthday to our Grandson, Moshe!!!!! Leaving for my mom's today with my sister....Will be back on Monday! (4 comments) Sky & Jeric (3 comments) Me and Hubby 2015 (1 comments) Daughter Jennifer & Grandson Moshe (3 comments) Had a great time yesterday at my Sister's Church. We also got to meet someone.....And a beautiful Cookie Exchange!! OH NO!!!!!!! (4 comments) Going to lunch today at Cheesecake Factory with our son!!! He will take a 2 hr lunch break from his work. Yipee!!!! (10 comments) Our son SKY is here now!!! Here he is with his sister in NY. Just left there and is now in Miami!!!! (2 comments) (2 comments) Relaxing Today! 3 miles of walking last night at Hollywood Boardwalk!!! (6 comments) Me and Hubby at Margaritaville Enjoy your Tuesday!!!! Take some time for yourselves......I'm getting ready for the Holiday's!!! Yeah!!!! (2 comments) Have a GREAT Monday!! GREAT Week & Happy Thanksgiving !! Hair Cut & Grocery shopping today for me! (2 comments) Had FUN last night at Margaritaville!! Even got o Dance -Band was Great!!! (2 comments) Will be doing a lot of Walking/Dancing tonight at Margaritaville! (2 comments) Monday Healthy Grocery Shopping to get done!!! Our Son ..."Sky" will be here tonight!!! (1 comments) Heading back to Margaritaville today!!!! Enjoy your Saturday!!! (3 comments) Going back tonight to Margaritaville!!!! Hoping to get to dance tonight!!! Enjoy your Saturday....have FUN!!! (4 comments) Happy Birthday to my Sister, Donna.....Victory957......http://www.spark
Beautiful Day at beach yesterday....We walked 2.60 miles. Today Relaxing! Enjoy your Day!!! (5 comments) Our Son will be here today visiting until Saturday!!! YEAH!!!! (2 comments) Plans for today...Another walk in our beautiful Aventura Mall!! Enjoy your Saturday. (3 comments) Good Monday Morning!!! Picture is one my son took in his flower garden. Bee SAFE today & Push yourself !!!! (1 comments) Going to look after my sisters cats and then on to my Thrift Shopping! (3 comments) Grandson Moshe, slip at pool and glued forhead....and enjoying the remote control police car from his Grandma & Grandpa!! (5 comments) Going to get my ab roller crunches/leg exercise done this morning! Grocery shopping day!!! Monday's not too bad!!! (3 comments) MURPHY'S LAW - Paradise Club 2015 (2 comments) Ate my RED - WHITE & BLUE today!!! (2 comments) Last day yesterday with daughter and grandson...went to Water Park!! Had lots of fun....but got too much SUN!!! (3 comments) I got 20 points on wheel & 100 Goodies on Bonus Wheel!!! Yesterday was Museum of Science with Grandson & Daughter!! (3 comments) Had a wonderful time at Flamingo Gardens & went to Chuck E Cheese for video games!!! (5 comments) Having a GREAT time with daughter & grandson....Flamingo Gardens Today!!!!! (2 comments) LOVED our 2 mile walk in beautiful Aventura Mall!!! This was outside Bloomindales....of course I LOVE pink flamingo's!!!! (2 comments) Daughter Jennifer (Yael) and grandson Moshe (6 comments) Grandson Moshe and Son Sky -enjoying the pool (3 comments) Great day at our beautiful Gulfstream Racetrack!! Bet on 2 races....but lost!!! Oh well got in a lot of walking!!!! (3 comments) Hope everyone has a SPARKtacular Day!!! (2 comments) Today are friend Archie will be here!! He is a mini Schnauzer visitor for a few days!!! LOVE him!!!! (5 comments) HAPPY 80th Birthday to my Mom!!!! (19 comments) Our son left today!! Visit is always so fast!!!! Until next time Sky! Love YOU!!!! (8 comments) Relaxing day!!! Very tired from all that dancing last night. Have a Successful Saturday!!!! (3 comments) Do you do this? (3 comments) BEACH DAY!!!!! (5 comments) Grocery Shopping day!!! Enjoy your Monday! Great weekend for me! (4 comments) Valentine's Day 2013 (5 comments) Gulfstream Racetrack Aventura, FL (6 comments) Son Sky...Daughter Jennifer & Grandson Moshe (10 comments) (6 comments) (3 comments) Jennifer & Moshe visiting Isreal (3 comments) Me ...Elvis(Hubby) & Marilyn 2014 (6 comments) (12 comments) Daughter Jennifer & Grandson Moshe - Aug. 2013 (7 comments) I do LOVE Dark Chocolate!!!!! (9 comments) (19 comments) Mother's Day - Son Sky (14 comments) Valentine's Day - 40th Wedding Anniversary (7 comments) (2 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) New me for 2012!!!! (11 comments) (5 comments) NEW ME!!! Hollywood Beach !!! (13 comments) Beautiful Day at Hollywood Beach (13 comments) Our meeting in CA (Me and Dutch) (1 comments) Me and hubby(Lee) visiting our son SKY in Los Angeles,CA (8 comments) Grandson was born Dec. 26th 2009!! Jennifer & baby doing well (2 comments) Daughter Jennifer (Yael) and grandson Moshe (10 comments) Beautiful daughter Jennifer & Grandson Moshe (5 comments) Survivor of Cancer - The new me, still fighting!!! (16 comments) (10 comments) Proud Grandma! (5 comments) Uncle Sky and Moshe (2 comments) Jennifer and Moshe (born Dec 26th) (3 comments) (2 comments) Grandson....... Moshe Elimelech- born Dec 26th (6 comments) I love to read!!! (4 comments) OH BOY...I got a Happy 1st Birthday Cookie!!!!! Moshe is now 1 year old 12-26-10 (9 comments) (7 comments) Lee, Me & son ...Sky (4 comments) St. Patricks Day -Me & Lee (5 comments) Me and Hubby (4 comments) "Give Peace A Chance" .....John Lennon (6 comments) My Handsome son, SKY the Teacher (7 comments) 10th Grade (4 comments) 28 years ago....to be that weight again ...135 (8 comments) (6 comments)

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