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We made chicken noodle soup when DH had a cold. Paleo noodles with juicer. Just a treat. Fried plantain chips in coconut oil for a treat. Chicken salad sandwiches. Chicken stir fry, we make shrimp too. Hot, lots of pepper. Bulletproof get some ice cream. Paleo pizza 6-8 times a year treat. Mini salmon cups. Slow cooked sesame orange chicken over cauliflower rice. Amazing. (1 comments) Pool 48 Cold Thermogenesis (1 comments) 48° water, cold thermogenesis. (1 comments) Not a small (4 comments) (6 comments) Jackie and Bethie (11 comments) (2 comments) (2 comments) 2005 HS graduation of a baby I delivered. Almost back to that weight. (3 comments) I will not be chained by this excess weight. (2 comments) (1 comments) Matthew's baby picture. (13 comments) Bradley's baby picture. (16 comments) (11 comments) AZ Spark People Rally 4-14-12 (1 comments) DH at Grand Canyon 11-3-12 Had to get him new pants, he lost most of the belly. (1 comments) Mom and Boys at GC 63F wearing huaraches and comfortable. (1 comments) Me 11-3-12 nearly sparkversary and nearly small. STOP EATING WHEAT (5 comments) Porkitos. Prosciutto baked a few minutes to a crisp makes a great snack. (1 comments) My BBQ on grass fed beef steaks w paleo toast. This cashew butter bread turned out great. (2 comments) Made candy again today for DH. I make mayo. Cauliflower popcorn is carmeled and tasty, but doesn't make much. I delivered this girl holding her son. Was a L&D nurse and Dr did not make it. (1 comments) Orange chocolate paleo biscotti.

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