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(4 comments) Some scrapbook FB group cover photo (1 comments) Some scrapbook FB cover photo (1 comments) Today is the day my Boo gets here for her visit...4 hours and 15 minutes before her plane arrives. (2 comments) My new fur baby, Louis Armstrong :) (5 comments) He may be little but he takes up more than his fair share of the bed. (2 comments) He just looks guilty :) (2 comments) This morning's walk (1 comments) Almost didn't happen, dropped my phone, shattering the screen which let to a major meltdown (2 comments) BUTTON this one's for you... Louis destroys my living room as fast as I clean it (1 comments) It's been an awesome day!!! 96 ounces of water, 6 mile walk and over 15K steps and I still have 6 hours before bedtime (1 comments) virtual 5k this morning (2 comments) A month of progress (1 comments) (6 comments) Power walk intervals... pace during high intensity was around 13 min/mi... Would have liked faster but having to keep moving for cars slowed me down (4 comments) Good morning! Time to rise and shine, it's going to be a beautiful day. Happy Sparking!!! (3 comments) (3 comments) Pushed outside of my comfort zone during my run intervals...avg pace about 30 seconds faster at least after I got through a rough start during my first interval...i fell off the road lol (2 comments) Mommy got her workouts in today...had to leave Harley out in the living room so Louis wasn't alone... No whiney fur baby today=happy mommy (4 comments) With shorter intervals and longer recovery I can push myself a little harder (1 comments) My HIIT workout was out of the question but I did get my walk in and 20 minutes strength and stretch on Stability ball (1 comments) Seen the sun peak out so I checked the radar and I had a window to get some miles in... And I left it all out on the road...sanity restored!!! (3 comments) is bummed...I have always been drawn to this old house since I moved down here...fascinated by what story it might hold...but they tore it town when they logged the woods it was located in (4 comments) Had a great run this morning, set a route PR and was finally able to run it in less than 40 minutes... 39:01to be exact...the best part was I wasn't even trying... I was just trying to clear my head (1 comments) My sit up coach...each complete sit up I got a kiss and giggles... (2 comments) Ready for my interview...want what I normally would have chosen but everything else I own is too big (4 comments) Couldn't decide if I wanted to run 5k or walk it so I did both :) (2 comments) The resemblance is uncanny lol... I have to just laugh at myself at this point...i won't even leave the house (4 comments) Happy Mother's Day!!! (1 comments) 5 mile power walk in the rain... Avg pace 12:52 min/mi... I can live with that :) (4 comments) Post run glow... 74 degrees and 88% humidity and it's only May...we're looking at a high of 91 today... Good thing I'll be stuck inside recuperating in the A/C (1 comments) Louis waiting patiently to quit playing with my camera so we can go for a walk (2 comments) My little walking buddy will be sidelined for a few days, he sprained his front paw yesterday when he got a little rambunctious... Harley is taking good care of him though (3 comments) (3 comments) I'm guessing I'm being ignored for some reason...he is refusing to come out of the room or listen to me today... Sheesh!!! Kids!!! (2 comments) My daughter was trying to take a picture of her kitten to send to me and this is what she (3 comments) Before and after...6 1/2 years of progress... (4 comments) Took a little detour on my walk this morning...found this little to go back with my book and a blanket (1 comments) Morning walk (1 comments) Don't let a bad yesterday keep you from reaching your goals today (1 comments) 4 miles done...2 mile run at a very comfortable pace then a 2 mile walk back was a little warm but I have to admit...I love the triple digits :) (2 comments) 5 mile walk complete... 3 miles at very brisk pace then strolled home Decided I was never going to get faster if I didn't start pushing myself a little harder but that means I actually had to slow my walk pace down to recover between interval... But I got an extra 1/2 m (1 comments) PR'd my route by 1:13 and I wasn't even trying...last route PR was in April and I about died trying...getting stronger (1 comments) With all this rain, I decided I would just become a duck :) (5 comments) I've decided to become a duck until all this crazy rain passes :) (2 comments) Even a duck likes to dry off once in awhile...ready to bask in some sunshine... (2 comments) What a difference a year can make...size 12 to a size 8 (4 comments) prerace jitters...a little running mantra I keep repeating to myself (4 comments) 6 years of running (11 comments) This made mommy happy! Louis went back to bed instead of destroying the house while I went for my run. (2 comments) Cut my run a little short because my legs felt like they were dragging bricks around. I usually don't run after work. Finished the day with 15,128 steps (1 comments) Be Yourself (1 comments) "Value our imperfections as much as our perfections" I am doing this! (1 comments) Pre-race jitters in full effect and my 10 miler doesn't start until 1pm...I am going to have beautiful temps...60s...but plenty of time for my brain to say WTF you doing!!! (1 comments) yep...this sums it up this morning crawling out of bed...CAUTION...Slow Moving Sparker Ahead!!! (1 comments) Be Yourself (1 comments) My walk went much better than expected, was a little tired afterwards but took some more B-12 and by the time I was out of the shower it had kicked in (1 comments) I think my body was trying to tell me to stop abusing slow down and reward it with rest for all it's hard work...because when I don't just shuts me down (2 comments) I guess it's a good thing I bought a new photo editing software so I can start scrapbooking again with all my unwanted free time (1 comments) Got my 3.5 mile run in and when my shoes got too wet...I took them off and ran barefoot...jumping in all the puddles on the way's a good day :) (1 comments) You can do it! Taking it one day at a time (1 comments) Good Morning Spark Friends! (2 comments) My New Year's Resolutions :) (1 comments) Don't just watch but be inspired to do it too (1 comments) Happy New Year!!! (1 comments) Daughter finally made it happy momma right here :) (6 comments) Rockin' out my new yoga pants :) (7 comments) After years of not being able to eat grapefruit due to dietary restrictions on meds...I think I am making up for lost time... (2 comments) Nom.nom.nom. decided to mix things up for breakfast this was so yummy!!! Love sweet potato hash browns (5 comments) New cut and color (6 comments) Same route 3 weeks apart...first one ran 1/2 mi walk 1/4 mi...second one ran 5K walked 5k...walked as much as I ran and was still faster :) (2 comments) So this is what "rain" looks like in least that is what my weather app has been trying to tell me for 2 hours now lol (6 comments) Being silly (3 comments) My Corpse Bride yoga pants came today :) (9 comments) Still covered in ice... (5 comments) Came in after 7 miles...after it stops sleeting I will head out for the last 4...90 minutes of getting hit in the face with little ice balls was enough for me (3 comments) Even got 3rd place in my age group yesterday...too bad I couldn't stick around to get my medal I was coughing too badly and I needed to get some medicine :( (3 comments) 11. 15 miles that's how you start the weekend of right :) (1 comments) Another awesome workout in the books :) (3 comments) And it's only 2pm...I think I may have earned my lunch today :) (1 comments) Sent the picture on the left to my daughter to get her option before my interview...came home to my FB blown up because she posted this picture (7 comments) Nobody can say I let the grass grow under my feet yesterday (6 comments) Since I couldn't make it to my half it was no excuse not to get it done right here (3 comments) Even though I am gaining pants are getting too big :) (2 comments) Somehow he managed to get an infection in his foot...6 hours later and we're still in the ER (7 comments) Just me (4 comments) Had a great two day with family visiting from back home (3 comments) Good morning :) (2 comments) Just need to make it through my shift today and another 3 days off from work :) (3 comments) This is what happens when it's beautiful outside and I'm bored... I head out for a 30 minute walk and come back 2 hours later (1 comments) Today is off to a great start Morning walk was a huge success!!! And no pain :) Double yeah!!! (1 comments) Dazzling Diamond... (1 comments) (1 comments) Got 4 miles of intervals can you not love running in the rain (4 comments) Me and my youngest granddaughter Jazzy Went for a bike ride (3 comments) First outing in Hawaii (6 comments) Went to the city beach This is along the walking path (3 comments) Figured since I am Hawaii it was time to learn to Hula...took my first Hot Hula fitness class today (3 comments) Took a Zumba class for the first time in a while...I still got it :) (1 comments) Went snorkeling for the first time...I do believe that I have found a new hobby (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) exploring the island a little more exploring the island a little more exploring the island a little more is the proud Nana of twin they are 8 days has been so crazy (6 comments) first off OMG!!! I can't figure out how to use this site anymore...secondly...I am 3 weeks post-op from my ankle surgery...sorry for those who I grossed out...I still have 2 more weeks in a cast (3 comments) I got my cast off today and I am amazed at how well the incision site healed...get to start exercising again tomorrow if I wear my sports brace (1 comments) I am no where near where I was a little over a year ago before I got sidelined due to injury /surgery but I am still so much further than what I was when I started my journey. I will be back to running half marathons but until then I will take it one run at a time I was being hard on myself for not going for a walk before work...I am now thankful that I didn' was a crazy night The twins just aren't cooperating least we got our walk in (1 comments) Another busy day😊 (2 comments) January recap Monthly recap Weather is still yucky...upper and lower body plus cardio...63 minutes done Boys and weather cooperated...felt good to get back outside 2 mile belly walk and 20 minutes of core while the twins nap...outdoor walk after their nap Nighty night (1 comments) Who needs a weighted vest?!?! 2.36 mile walk with this little chunk After I got home from my first walk, Oaklen was awake from his nap and was not happy to see his brother in a carrier without him. Loaded the both in the stroller and did 2 more miles They say if you're still cute after your workout, you didn't work hard enough...channeling my inner Alice time remove mascara before running (1 comments) 1.25 miles with these two strapped to me...I can't believe how painful this hips hurt so bad from the extra's hard to believe I used to carry that extra weight around daily (3 comments) Another rainy day in "paradise" means indoor walking...40 minute SUPER Burn with Leslie (1 comments) The tiny terrors and I got a walk in between storms...Oaklen wasn't feeling it after mile one and Rowen was trying to hook himself back into the stroller when I was trying to take him out This is beginning to be the norm and my poor body if feeling it...I woke up this morning and my legs feel like bricks (1 comments) Absolutely no chance of a walk outside today (2 comments) Good morning! Took a rest day yesterday and my legs feel much better this morning😊😊 (1 comments) 3 rest days in a row but still avg more than 12K steps...2 mile comfortably paced run this's amazing how much better I feel. (3 comments) I have said it time and time again...when you just don't feel it... do it anyways...once you start you will feel better and glad that you did it (1 comments) 5K of intervals followed by a walk with the boys this just relaxing before work Loving my new water bottle...100 oz before 1pm (1 comments) Made it out with the boys before the storm hits, even managed to "run" for 1/2 mile pushing a regular tandem stroller...stroller + twins = 85+ pounds (2 comments) Posted a photo First "official" run with the boys...I am pretty excited about my run intervals...I know it was only for a minute and I can only imagine how much better it will be with the right stroller Monster stroller (1 comments) Happy Monday!!! (1 comments) is sick...the boys gave everyone in the house their cooties :( (1 comments) Boys pediatrician said that some fresh air would do them so good They say your first 20 minutes of your run is the hardest...which was clearly true today since was 5 minute cool down jog was my fastest interval pace Running with these little guys sure is a workout Made yesterday all about a pedi and a fill and finished my day off with some much needed ink therapy (1 comments) Happy Easter πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡ When the boys eat healthier than me #breakfast (2 comments) Me and my granddaughter Ryleigh (1 comments) Chillin' while Sparkin' (1 comments) Selfie after a run (1 comments) For my daughter Still have a ways to go but I will take it :) (9 comments) Me and my baby girl at her high school graduation. And can you believe me in a size 6 dress :) (7 comments) Me and my granddaughters <3 (2 comments) At daughter's boot camp graduation...August 10, 2012 (1 comments) My daughter and I having fun at the Rainforest Cafe in Gurney Mills, IL Me and my newest granddaughter Ryleigh Rian...7lbs 4oz 19 1/2" long (11/8/12) (1 comments) Christmas 5K and new PR 30:50 (5 comments) Me and my girls on Christmas Eve Before and after 100 pounds lost...31 months in the making but I did it. Slow and steady!!! (7 comments) Me and my granddaughter Angelica Me and my daughter Noelle 9/18/2010 (1 comments)

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