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See this image largerSee this image largerI have an American brindle pitbull...can't hold her 'licker'!(1 comments)See this image largerWe have an American bulldog much like this guy-scary looking, but SO gentleSee this image largerOur coon hound mix is lots of fun!(6 comments)See this image largerlove the color of spring poppies!(1 comments)See this image largerSize 12 at 195# in 2010See this image larger2010 after losing 100# in a yearSee this image larger2008 and well over 300#See this image larger2010...feeling great about my new bodySee this image largerour doggie Abby(1 comments)See this image largerYou can see I'm super excited about my transformation of over 100#(1 comments)See this image largerSee this image largerAmerican bulldog-Chance & my daughter AnnaSee this image largerGinger our American pitbull(1 comments)See this image largerHiking & walking helped me to lose the weight the first time aroundSee this image largerWho doesn't love daisies?See this image largerMarch 2010See this image largerearned my Master's at age 50-during my weight loss of 100#See this image largerRan/walked my second half marathon in 2:57See this image largerOne goal met-another one waiting to formSee this image largerPersonal trainer & I -those 60# in 6 months reshaped meSee this image largerover 300# and size 24 before 100# loss...sadly, about what I am now 5 years laterSee this image largersize 18 with two little ones and 10 years of marriageSee this image largernutrition is great-but hard work reshapes & molds the mind and bodySee this image largerSee this image largerwhat can I say-the dog was a card shark!See this image larger25, 140# and newlywed...that girls' in me still!See this image largerBlack Panthers BL Spring 2015See this image largerPanther PartnersSee this image largerPanther PartnersSee this image largerPanther PartnersSee this image largerSee this image largerwill be painting all week!See this image largeris counting the days to Spring Break!See this image largeris down 21.8# i 8 week-I'm happy!(1 comments)See this image largeris on a sick day-no standing or getting anything done todaySee this image largeris fighting to get well!See this image largeris glad to fell well enough to do some chores!See this image largeris up & at it for painting todaySee this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largeris watching her grandbaby today!(1 comments)See this image largerwill be getting ready for a road trip!See this image largeris back from the road trip & ready to'roar' into the Panthers ChallengeSee this image largeris tuckered from painting for 3 hours, but the basement is looking good!See this image largeris finishing up the second coat of painting today-great cardio!See this image largerhas done two hours of yard work-now to have a salad & work on refinishing an old bedroom dresserSee this image largerhas had too many days without Spark!See this image largeris loving the nice weather-so are my daffodils(1 comments)See this image largerwill be reading up about 'National Health Day' & taking steps to be healthier myself

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