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12.20.14 (1 comments) Every day I'm building this body into something stronger and healthier!! Face mask and a flex :) Putting in work to reach my goals 💪 Lower body progress pic Late July 2017, sitting at 180 #facts Finally figured out an amazing overnight oats recipe!!! 😁 1/2 c. Steel cut or traditional oats 1/2 c. Water 1/4 c. Plain Greek yogurt 1/2 can (8 oz.) crushed pineapple 1 tbsp chia seeds 1 big dash of cinnamon Put it all in a mason jar, shake it up. Then, put it in the fridge overnight and enjoy in the morning! Excited to see what my lower body will look like in 6 months... Been working hard and seeing changes 😊 Ready to conquer the day!! 😃 Keeping at it... Focused on putting on more muscle and fueling my body with the right foods. (2 comments) Went out for a casual Sunday dinner with the family tonight... ordered baked fish and had a cup of green tea before bed 😊 #healthychoices #smile October Motto: Friday feels 😊 For the sake of keeping things honest and real: progress pics. Left = 06/09/17. Right = 11/23/17. Making progress day by day. Reclaiming my body and health in 2018! 💪 Making progress... can't wait to shed some more fat. My muscles are dying to show!! 😊 Being patient and consistent while I put the work in... #trusttheprocess This is 172.8 lbs. Seeing some changes and getting super excited! Happy Friday! 😊 Progress... Feel like I transformed overnight... is this real life?? Not done yet, but getting closer to where I want to be 💪 Progress... Posted a photo Posted a photo Size 8 jeans. Feeling lean & mean! 07/01/12 Engaged! 02/20/13 (5 comments) My love & I :) (1 comments) 12.31.12 05/2012 in VT (1 comments) With the love of my life on my birthday, 01/04/14 (1 comments) July 4th, 2010 (12 comments) 06/30/10 - after spendin all day at the beach! (4 comments) 06/23/10 - 140 lbs (2 comments) my geeky new (driving) glasses... (3 comments) 06/16/10 - goodbye to blonde for a while! (4 comments) 06/02/10 (2 comments) my back :) (14 comments) 04/21/10 145.. gettin there! (11 comments) 04/10/10 after a night of drinking.. i saw abs. lol. (10 comments) a lil tipsy before goin out 04/10/10 (2 comments) 04/07/10 - 150 lbs. (3 comments) 03/27/10 (i'm not trying to offend anyone.) (12 comments) i've made a lot of progress this month! (12 comments) these muscles will be getting biggerrr!!! (10 comments) 02/17/10 - 155 (4 comments) 15 lb. dumbell curls.. WHAT?!!?! (5 comments) NYE 2007 with some friends :) (1 comments) at the heaviest i've ever been, with an ex. (9 comments) i don't even recognize myself in this picture. 2001. (7 comments) some time in early 2006, i believe. look how round my face is...what the??? (1 comments) at a christmas party...i believe it was december 2005. wow. (5 comments) may 2008 (1 comments) 05/14/08 (6 comments) stayin focused. brother's grad. from boot camp, 2004. (2 comments) brother's wedding, 2004. 08/2008 (4 comments) just my camera and i. (8 comments) i am OBVIOUSLY having a great time with friends, here. LOL. dancing with my bestfriend, richie. (2 comments) ready for a fun night in miami! (2 comments)

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