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Me a little while ago More recently (1 comments) Not a bad effort!!! Thanks Vivid Sydney and salsa dancing!!! 2 days in a row I've hit that goal!! Gotta keep it going even thought tomorrow will be hard It's been a while since it was this good :) happy face today!! (1 comments) Apparently the trick to getting loads of step is running after a 6 year old all day instead of going to work!! (1 comments) This mornings snack. Blueberry tea and almonds. (1 comments) Winter has descended onto Sydney! Brrrrrrr (2 comments) This mornings hydration! Apple spiced tea and raspberry infused water in my new infuser bottle!! Excited!!!!! Found on G.I.S.H.W.H.E.S. Facebook page A little present for myself! New tights for winter! And got them at a bargain 40% off! Woot Today's morning tea is Green Tea with Grapefruit and Pineapple. This is one of my favourite teas and really the only green tea I'll drink. (3 comments) Pink water!! A horrible way to spend a Saturday #sydneyobservatory A horrible view :) #sydneyobservatory Today's tea is Lemon Zinger. It's a bit more medicinal than what I usually drink but that's what is needed today. This horrible cold has hit back with a vengeance and I've pulled a muscle near my ribs which reminds me it's hurt every time I cough (a and occasionally when I breath). I hope everyone else out there is having a better Monday morning than me! :) (3 comments) My new best buddy I'm feeling sad and sorry for myself today :( I've got an ear infection and had to cancel my dance lesson. Boo (2 comments) Rainy morning :( on the plus side I finally got to wear my new boots that my mum got me :) snugly and warm (3 comments) Found at my friends parent house Watermelon Feta and Mint on a bed on baby rocket and baby spinach with lots of pepper and a drizzle on olive oil. Just waiting for my chicken to cook. Yum!! A jar of Turkish Apple tea waiting to be drunk. Yum yum! (1 comments) Turkish Apple tea waiting for me to drink! My fav!! (1 comments) Found on Facebook ;) A little inspiration found on Facebook (1 comments) Snack pack!! Yummo My new tea.... Hopefully will be satisfying for those mid afternoon sweet cravings (2 comments) My Choc Peppermint tea today... Looks kinda gross with the chocolate bits at the top but is very tasty Not quite bone broth but homemade chicken and veg stock simmering away on the stove getting nice and tasty (1 comments) My delicious broth just waiting to be eaten A little Saturday funny for everyone :) happy weekend!! Found on Facebook. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. It's time for bed for me :) Tonight's MasterCard creation! Chicken Parma, cinnamon sweet potato and braised leeks. Yum! (1 comments) Nina Debrov from Facebook Pan fried diced chicken breast and tofu. Waiting for some veggies and noodles and a@little satay sauce. Yum yum Minions!!!!! Be Brave. Live. Post post-work walk Lunch time walkies... I do love Sydney :) (1 comments) Lunch time walkies... I do love Sydney :) (1 comments) Dinner tonight. Chicken and veg enchiladas with pico and spiced corn, cucumber and capsicum salsa. Yum!!!! (1 comments) A little Friday funny for everyone!! :) (2 comments) My first attempt at French toast casserole! Smells amazing!!! Now I have breakfast for the week ahead. Yum! (2 comments) It's a little cut off at the top but a little bit of a funny for your Monday morning :) have a great week! (1 comments) A little sun baking ;) Sydney Opera House lunchtime walk (1 comments) Gorgeous harbour Lunchtime walk A little weekend funny :) (1 comments) I could totally turn Paleo then (2 comments) Prep first time making zucchini boats.... Can't wait to try More prep for zucchini boats (1 comments) Almost done.... Can't wait I'm hungry The final product! Yum! (3 comments) Got a Nutribullet today!! Here are my supplies!! Can't wait to try it out... But what to try first??? (2 comments) My first Nutriblast (my first ever green smoothie). Yum (3 comments) Hehehe found this on Facebook :) hope everyone's having a great weekend (1 comments) The spinach just makes it look gross!!! It's quite tasty though. Today is Pineapple orange banana and watermelon with spinach and a little spoon of Greek yogurt Homemade Satay Pork burger - Symply too good to be true! Yum!!!

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