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they are saying my mummy is a pink viking,woo hoo (7 comments) woo hoo my mummy is a pink viking.woo hoo (9 comments) sil henna night with zakariya and ayman and a cosin (2 comments) sil showing off herb henna (9 comments) sil,mil,fil wit ayman (3 comments) zakariy with cousin and sil in her wedding dress (10 comments) my husband and me are looking to see what ayyub is doing as he didn´t want to be on the photo. (7 comments) who remembers bouncy bobbers.looks like i am wearing one but is just the decoration. (5 comments) this is just before the wedding .this is the size i am starting the sis challange.go mama´s go. (8 comments) at the wedding,my son´s are the one crying being held and the one with the bride´s arm round him. (4 comments) walk the walk (2 comments) thought you might want to see my better half. (11 comments) family outing (3 comments) another family photo (2 comments) ayyub (3 comments) mya way of sunshine. (2 comments) relaxing on the deck of the ship (6 comments) are you messing with me! (1 comments) zakariya´s first day at school 15.9.2009. (6 comments) the proud mum. (4 comments) the proud brother (3 comments) look how big i am now. (2 comments) i am going in the school now.wish me luck. (2 comments) my second home for the next few days. (1 comments) hi (2 comments) my ray of sunshine. (3 comments) by the ship´s pool.we are proud to have a pink viking as a mother.woo hoo (3 comments) it is great coming home from school on the sliegh,thanks for pulling us mom (1 comments) (1 comments) i ´ve had enough now,can we go home (2 comments) i know it is sideways but i just love this photo of lotfi,lol (2 comments) ayyub at the kindergarten pirate party (3 comments) ayyub (2 comments) ayman (1 comments) latest photo of lotfi´s father with one of his grandchildren (3 comments) yusuara´s new baby"ayathier ddin"(spelling might be wrong but that is nearest to how it sounds,lol) (1 comments) part of the muriel i painted on the kids wall it was too large to down load the whole picture. (2 comments) another part of the ben 10 muriel i painted (1 comments) as requested a photo of the spiderman cake i made. (3 comments) ben 10 omnitrix watch cake i made for zakariya(no egg) (1 comments) as requested,sponge bob cake(no eggs) (1 comments) ayyubs luke sky walker costumn i made (1 comments) the cape i made closed checked up on internet to buy a cape it was 179€ .who are they trying to kid (2 comments) photo taken this EIDmy mummy is a FBI AGENT (7 comments) copied this from dalids blog.this is more for me as a reminder but for all my sparkfriends. (2 comments) (4 comments) and i want to thank all my spark friends that help lift me up,thank you,you know who you are (3 comments) managed to do some knitting yesturday and made theese baby booties for my friends baby she is due end of the month.made me realise how much i love craftwork and sad that i don´rt always have the time (4 comments) has 1,000%stepped out my comfort zone today.did an zumba demostration infront of loads of people,men and women and in the rain without using a stability ball did a whole 45minutes in public. woo hoo (4 comments) proud mommy brag,ayyub won his first sporting medal for light athletics in the school bundesland(against other schools bayern)he was the only one in his class that won one.he was third place overall. (2 comments) ayyub and ayman´s new haircut ready for eid (4 comments) proud mommy brag.this is the painting ayyub did in school(age 9)i think he did such a good job that i just had to frame it and put it up on my wall. (1 comments) ayman has official graduated pre school.i am now officially the mother from 3 school children. (1 comments) aymans latest piece of art (age 6) (1 comments) we are leaving to go on 5 week holiday to tunisia today don´t know when i will next have computer access.will seem strange this time without lotfi´s father may he R.I.P..keep on keeping on my friends (1 comments) is very proud of my boys they run well,ayyub was 5th and ayman 18th.i cut 2 mins,7seconds of my last 5k time so good day all round (2 comments) imade some freash bread rolls yesturday.can you just smell them? (3 comments) the organisers of the run the kids did the other day posted a new photo on FB as both boys are clearly to see on it thought i would share.hospital wasn´t good.other knee needs replaceing as well :o( (1 comments) is just trying to remember the warmth of tunisia as we are now in the minus´s here (1 comments) is grateful for all my sparkfriends.and sp.thank you all for being you is celerbrateing her 14 wedding anniversary for our islamic wedding.love you lotfi,the time has gone quickly.hope we have many,many years together.love you love (8 comments) would like to wish my son ayman a very happy 7th birthday .hope you have a great day in school and that you and your classmates enjoy your birthday cake i made for you.love you love (2 comments) happy 13th birthday zakariya.you did a great job of decorateing your own cake as that is what you wanted to do.hope you have a lovely time love (5 comments) is redefining herself by her choices today was the kids first day back in school.went well and i managed to get some me time in (1 comments) is wishing ayyub a happy birthday.it is a miricle you lived past your first birthday and look at you now in double didgets.poud of you love. (3 comments) mommy brag.taught zakariya how to follow a knitting pattern.his first attempt a pair of baby booties for his cousin.i think he did well but then i am bias lol. (3 comments) (1 comments) is is doing a mommy brag.look what ayman(7)made for lotfi for his birthday yesturday.he sawed and hammered all the wood himself but what he loved the most was using the hot glue gun 4 the birds eyes etc (1 comments) ayyubs craft work (4 comments) saturday is children´s cook day by me(so they learn what goes in to their meals and have fun and eat more)today zakariya made sushi.i think he did a good job.what say you? (1 comments) never give up-we can do this (1 comments) my early birthday presant for my self.photo took before the security mesh was put on (2 comments) is doing a mommy brag,lol.so proud of ayyub and ayman.did blog on their races,check it out.here they are after getting thier t shirt and bib (1 comments) happy mothers day to all mothers out there (3 comments) lamb stew,tasted as good as it looked (1 comments) meal prep sunday (1 comments) has mixed emotions today.ayyub has just left to go away afew days with the school.it is the first time he has been away without either myself or lotfi (3 comments) is doing a MOMMY BRAG,ayman and ayyub took part in the baryish interschools sports compitition.ayman won 1st over all bayern and ayyub was only 2 points behind 3rd for 4th years (1 comments) look what came in the post this morning.our colour run packets for sunday.myself,zakariya and ayyub are doing the colour run together (2 comments) look how many steps i got in yesturday.40044 (1 comments) is happy belated thanksgiving to all who celebrate it and a happy save black friday to all taking part in it has just finished wrapping up ayman´s birthday presants for tomorrow or should i say today as it is now past midnight lol.happy birthday ayman.mommy loves you (2 comments) just finished making ayman´s birthday cake for school tomorrow.it is of his favorite football team from tunisia (4 comments) wants to wish all my sparkfriends a happy new year (2 comments) happy 11 birthday ayyub (1 comments) is is starting to get back on track.missed you all.after dr´s today plan to go swimming before ayman´s speach theraphy.have a great day everyone. is hoping her 100% will be enough iayyubs fc bayern birthday cake my nephews wedding august 2017 ayyub at yayha´s wedding ayman atyayha´s wedding guess what instrument is next on the agenda at music school to all you beautiful welsh people out there asking for prayers just got results back from husband biopsy today and not looking good.he has to go into hospital monday for further tests.this is like the last straw on the donkeys back so to speak and i have to keep reminding myself that god wouldn´t give us anything he though we couldn´t handle.i also have to keep reminding myself i am stronger than i think i am.but inwardly i am shattering into tiny little pieces which i am not sure can be put together again is is trying her best (2 comments)

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