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Me and Christer (1 comments) June '11: Kitt Peak Ascent Had to get glasses today for the first time ever :) (3 comments) Never before did I think I would say this, but....I am starting to feel pretty....YAY! :) (16 comments) Me and my crazy Swede (Met my sweetie right here on Sparkpeople! :) (3 comments) Fitting into a blouse I haven't been able to wear for a year and a half! :) 6/11 (1 comments) Post workout sweaty/disheveled appearance is the new SEXY, right?!? ;) (3 comments) Keeping my eye on the prize!! :) (4 comments) Me savoring the satisfaction of tackling something that scared me...water aerobics! :) (2 comments) No matter which side I roll out, I will have a furry chearleader cheering me on :) (7 comments) Left: 6/15/11, Middle: 7/20/11, Right: 8/7/11 (5 comments) Frustrated w/scale today, I went looking for a different sign of progress...and found it! :) (5 comments) Kisses from my boy Cooper....we've been together 8 years now! :) (4 comments) Two days after Kitt Peak Ascent, and I can't just sit around! Non-impact biking, here I come! :) (2 comments) Left: Oct '09, app 265 lbs; Right: June '11, 242 lbs (3 comments) Left: Oct '09, app 265 lbs; Right: June '11, 242 lbs (2 comments) Fun hike but STEEP CLIMB!! Very happy to make it to the top :) (6/11) (1 comments) The view from the top was incredible! (6/11) Meet Me Downtown 5k 6/4/11 (1 comments) June 2011 (3 comments) Comfortable wearing a tank top in public AND starting to have a waist! Woo Hoo!! :) (3 comments) (3 comments) Just a few short weeks ago these shorts were tight....time to do some shopping! Woo hoo!! :) (3 comments) Leaving for dinner w/a friend, saw myself as I went by mirror. Starting to like what I see... :) (5 comments) Me and my main squeeze Sam, on our date almost four years ago. Dang I miss that kid!! Left photos: 2/20/11, Right photos: 5/7/11. Starting to see a difference!!! :) (2 comments) My tech shirt from my 5k in Feb '11. This shirt was too small to wear...until today!!! :) Treated myself to some sunshine today! :) (2 comments) New haircut (not the best pic though b/c I'm sweaty and disheveled from my run :) (1 comments) Wilson's thumbs up when he heard I've lost over 20 that kid! :) (1 comments) April, 2011 February 20, 2010 My very first 5k....happy!!!! (3 comments) My parents and I, on a hayride to Winterhaven to see the Christmas lights 2010 (1 comments) Mom and me (1 comments) 13 pounds, to be precise!! :) (1 comments) My four legged kids....Cooper and Gracie (2 comments) (3 comments) Me and my little buddy Harper (my Mom's dog) (7 comments) 17 lbs, to be exact :) (5 comments) left: 265 lbs/right: 10 years ago at 210 lbs (3 comments)

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