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had an ultrasound today, then tried to nap off my awful night last night. (1 comments) Active labor for 40+ hours. Natural birth, 8lb 9 oz chunker. And many horror stories in between. I'm exhausted.... but look! (3 comments) loves this little beauty! (2 comments) took the Dutchess out to enjoy one of my favorite hobbies....hiking! (1 comments) Not sure how it happened, but my itty bitty Dutchess is somehow a month old already! (And so big!!!) (2 comments) Happy Baby: Duchess Elleanor Elizabeth! (2 comments) bundled up to take the Duchess for a walk! (1 comments) 's sweet Elleanor Elizabeth is 4 months old tomorrow! (2 comments) seriously has the cutest baby! Gosh I love her! (And bed at 730 for me to deal with today's nasty migraine. Wish someone could help me!) (1 comments) had a lovely Christmas! (1 comments) My Chunky Butt is 5 months old! (1 comments) is madly in love..... Elleanor Elizabeth is 7 months old today! Cute as ever! (1 comments) loves her baby girl so darn much!!!!!! (1 comments) spent the afternoon on the pontoon with hubs, the girls and great friends! is already thinking about next year's camping trips, after another family camping trip this past weekend! can't get over just how darn cute Miss Elleanor is! (1 comments) got out for a 2 mile hike with baby girl! She walked 3/4 of a mile of it! found an orphaned baby skunk last night.... love him so much! Wedding Day kiss for Emma (1 comments) Candid shot before the wedding. (1 comments) Me and my Best Friend on our Wedding Day! (1 comments) Me! (1 comments) took the kiddos roller skating for Emma's 6th Birthday! I am so out of Hubs and Me out for a Date! Love this man so much! (1 comments) had cupping done on my back yesterday...loved it! leaves a mark, lol. (2 comments) 15 Weeks! (2 comments) had an exhausting weekend of work and cleaning basically non-stop. But got a lot of good sleep....and felt baby moving for the first time!!!! (1 comments) ...Baby is a girl!!!!! (1 comments) Engaged 11-16-13 (4 comments) Hikers...rain or shine! (2 comments) Once a gymnast....always a gymnast! (3 comments) Well this is what I'm working with... 12-8-13 (3 comments) Sweety and I out for a winter hike! <3 (2 comments) Me 4-30-13 (1 comments) My old "before".... 130 lbs. Sept 2010 (3 comments) Highest Weight...ever. 12-30-12 , 160 lbs. (4 comments) July 2012 - 143 lbs (4 comments) Just lil ol' me in my kickin' new shoes!!!! (125 lbs, 8/2011) (6 comments) 2011 Marine Corps Musicians Birthday Ball (3 comments) Us at Balboa Park in San Diego Sailor! Halloween 2011 (1 comments) Me :) (5 comments) Grecian Goddess, Halloween 2010 (5 comments) Happy Anniversary! (3 comments) Mother's Day 2011 We look good together, eh? :P (7 comments) My "After" Photo! March 2010 (25 comments) Working hard to stay HARD! May 2010. 12.1% body fat (30 comments) Me and My Best Friend and True Love, Josiah. I love rock climbing. :) (1 comments) My hunny and me Mini Golfing! Me out hiking. I love hiking! (3 comments) We love hiking together. <3 (1 comments) I love getting all dolled up! (13 comments) Erin, Danielle and Me before our first 5k (1 comments) Finishing our first 5k at 36:04 (1 comments) My wonderful boyfriend and me in a cave (out hiking.) (1 comments) I Love Him so much! (3 comments) Me :) (6 comments) My new abs! (19 comments) Me at Christmas 2009 (1 comments) My sister, my niece, and me at my niece's dedication to Christ :) (2 comments) Me and my boyfriend Josiah out hiking :) (2 comments) Me and my niece...."Baby Jesus (2 comments)

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