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Achieved A Goal (1 comments) Me in the office Leg day has come again. Here is a picture from the leg press station. I blew through the workout in about 70 minutes and now able to up my weight next week and complete 3 out of 6 sets of walking lunges. Woo-hoo! As I finish my cardio, let me encourage you to listen to your body and adjust when necessary. Do more of what works and less of what doesn't. #progress #fitness #gym #goldsgym #legDay Increased the intensity of my workout today and it felt great. More weight, less reps, exhausted muscles sooner, but it's how I'm going to force these babies to grow. #chestDay #fitness #goldsgym #goldsboro Changed my pre-workout breakfast this morning to a protein shake. One, I'm trying to cut down on the time it takes to get out of the house in the morning. Two, I would like my body to focus on the workout and less on digestion. As I finish my cardio, I feel light, sweaty, and focused. Here is to driving the process and being intentional. #growth #fitness #gym #goldsgym #backDay Back in the lab this morning where the focus is on my shoulders. Surprisingly, I really increased intensity, but they could take more than what I was originally giving them. So, I pushed them harder. It's when we release our limitations and get outside of our comfort zone that we find out what we are really capable of. #goldsgym #shoulderDay #goldsboro #fitness #gym #lessons Back in @GoldsGym after two weeks away. To my surprise, I came back stronger (good) and a bit heavier (bad). Can't outrun a poor diet. Attacking the back this morning. @GoldsGym #fitness #backday (1 comments) Cardio deck at @GoldsGym. We have #ellipticals, #bikes, #treadmills, and stair machines. #gym #fitness Recently reintroduced a probiotic back into my daily routine. Gut must have been out of wack because there is a serious war going on inside. Building thickness in my arms is the goal.

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