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Really an impressive side by side. Associates Degree in '08 (lbs: ?) and Masters Degree in '10 (190) March 2009 to May 2012. Starting weight in 3/09 and 3/12 were only two lbs difference. (2 comments) Pre-wedding pics (5 comments) Pre-wedding beauty time (2 comments) Me, my mom, and my little cousin (flower girl) (3 comments) My super awesome family! (This is only missing 2 people on my entire side!) (2 comments) My super awesome family being awesome! (This is only missing 2 people on my entire side!) (2 comments) My Associate Degree (2007) (1 comments) Bird Banding (I have an American Redstart female) -2008 - by the way this is 5:30 a.m. (3 comments) These are my children! Jackson(dog) & Zoie(cat) (3 comments) My 21st b-day. 1 Month before SPARK. MY KIDS! (Jackson, age 4 and Zoie, age 14) (10 comments) My Motivation. NEVER AGAIN! (3 comments) I try to tip my chin up to not look so fat. (3 comments) My Vision Collage (8 comments) Toppings for the Popcorn Bar! (June 4th Blog) (3 comments) The popcorn and toppings (and little labels with what it is and the calories!) (2 comments) New hair-do! (I have bags under my eyes b/c I was SO sick) (2 comments) This is ~30 pounds lighter! Thank you SP! (1 comments) Smile! (2 comments) WOW! Compare this side by side old ones. WOW!! (4 comments) Before: Feb 6th 2009 (~225 lbs) and During: June 16, 2009 (~195) !!!!!! (19 comments) This is the "IT" picture. I've refused to reveal until now......ohmigosh. (Oct 2008) (8 comments) Down 34 lbs! Me and Joshy at the lake. (Aug 09) (4 comments) I hiked, Nancy! With my soaking wet puppy near a beaver dam. (Can you see all of the bugs!) (3 comments) I made a "bug guard" out of my sweatshirt - TADA! (5 comments) Me and my baby boy, Jackson! His first time camping!! (2 comments) (2 comments) You don't know how cool we are! (Redneck Christmas Card!) (1 comments) Before: Feb 09 (~225 lbs) and Current: Christmas 09 (~178 lbs) (4 comments) (6 comments) 51 Pounds GONE!! (1/2010) -- Update: gained back everything .... Can't wait to get here again! (29 comments) The Spark (6 comments) The difference 364 days can make. 21st birthday and 22nd birthday! (16 comments) In no way is this photo flattering. I was up at 1:30 after studying since 8, HOWEVER, it does show no double chin and a skinny face! WhooHoo!! (9 comments) Doing my field research and pretending to eat a spotted salamander egg mass!! (3 comments) Masters in Biology! (Completed in just 2.5 semesters). One of my proudest days. (7 comments) Us at dinner after graduation (cap hair!) (1 comments) Happy 4th of July! :) (1 comments) I may have gained some back, but dang it, I've come a long way!! (Before: Feb'09 Current: July'10) My engagement ring!! (Green Peridot)! (5 comments) New sweater from Old Navy and size TEN jeans (tight, but still on!!) Weight: 185ish (4 comments) Hey, I know why I gained in December.....geez!! (5 comments) Calorie Differential 09-10 versus 10-11. Hmmm, wonder which year I lost and which I gained?!? DUH! (1 comments) 172.4 in 2010 vs 182.2 in 2011 (Darn it!) (1 comments) Birthday 2009 vs. Birthday 2011 (1 comments)

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