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After a foundations class at Crossfit! Sweaty mess! =-P Dan and Me at his brothers wedding. (photo taken by Tina Novak) Side by side comparisons sometimes keep me motivated! (1 comments) My home gym! At Dan's brothers wedding rehearsal! Us, Dan's Step mom and Dad, and his brother and wife! Me and Dan after our first Spartan! 6/3/12 (3 comments) Me and my best friend Alana after our first Spartan! 6/3/12 (1 comments) (3 comments) (3 comments) Purple layer... thinking about maybe pink or turquoise for the top layer eventually... hmm (1 comments) TERA! Elphy the Elin Sorcerer on Serpentis Isle! Taste my fiery wrath! (1 comments) (1 comments) New running shineys! Blonde for now! Purple soon! Me. Gettin ready for work. yoga clothes! Me and my fiance, Dan, at his step sisters wedding. Ran home from class after my first time getting into Crow Pose, tried again and made Dan snap a pic (1 comments) I met Algalon the Observer!! (1 comments) I miss my red hair! Me and Siri at the Zoo! (1 comments) Me and my best friend, Alana, at her wedding in 2009. She is my MoH for my wedding now ^.^ Me and my giant deathwing! my fur kids <3 Asha (Coonhound) and Izzy (Papillon) (1 comments) DROOD SHIRT + Purple hair (1 comments) Priest shirt (1 comments) Me and Dan ^.^ Billy (Dan's brother) and his fiance Erica, Ginger (Dan's sister) and her husband Paul, Me and Dan Freshman year of college, my first roomie Sam and Me. Around 185lbs. Freshman year of college, Lisa, Me, Kt, and Sam. Around 185lbs. My freshman year of college... i think I was like 180 in this pic. Llast day of school freshman year, and me at my biggest. Weightloss journey began the next week.

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