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Pencil skirt from FreeLady Times Square Friday April 15th Jessica & Debbie in Times Square 4/15/2011 (1 comments) Portland August 2011 - Judy, Deb, Jill (Judy's sister) The RB Chorale December 2010 Yosemite Falls July 2011 (1 comments) Yosemite July 4, 2011 Ted, Nathan, Joan, Jon & Deb My favorite flower I am a Rebel The RB Chorale (4 comments) is thankful - Noah had a better day yesterday. (3 comments) Much to get done today before long drive "home"... (1 comments) Ready for walk in the sunshine. Terrible sleepless night...too much on the brain. (2 comments) Day 4 - Suffering and Pain - expect it. (1 comments) Happy Super Sunday...this is the day God made. They say it's my birthday...send cake. (4 comments) Oh boy, mus pie for dessert last night. I couldn't eat it all (and knew when to stop). Oh boy, Mud Pie for dessert last night. I couldn't eat it all and I knew when to stop. Since starting tart cherry juice to enhance sleep...my rest has taken a nose-dive. Huh? (1 comments) Uh oh... birthday celebrations have ratcheted up my weight. A months worth of loss regained in 10 days. (2 comments) Happy Wednesday... Lordy, Lordy...I need a shot of motivation. (3 comments) Wishful Wednesday.... TINF Talking myself into a #10+ mood day! (1 comments) Ate crazy yesterday...at the movies! (4 comments) Quality of sleep improving with Ambien help. is putting her foot down on my abusive eating! (2 comments) Yes, it is a happy Friday. (1 comments) Happy Resurrection Day! Hold on...... (1 comments) Reminder to myself... Blessed Sunday... (1 comments) Busy Tuesday ahead After 2 non-stop busy days, am happy it is Thursday. I am happy... (1 comments) Honoring a dear friend who struggled with weight which never let her stop singing & dancing. RIP (1 comments) On my way to the Holy Land .... (2 comments) Will be incommunicado for the next 2 weeks. Vacation! Wishing I was back in Israel... Cappuccino with my newest friend in Israel. Ancient Israel (1 comments) concerned about making the right choices with a "big" landscaping change. (3 comments) Got to have a plan (2 comments) Oops, I bought french baguette last night. My 2nd food vice. Must ration out! This is a test. I am addicted to rocky road ice cream... (2 comments) (1 comments) It's Tuesday and a new day. (1 comments) Happy Days... (1 comments) Heat wave coming...went to sleep in CA and woke up in FLA. Oops...its Thursday. Says it all... (2 comments) (2 comments) Yeah........... It's Friday! Beck Team Day 1 - Starting a new Beck 2 - Exercising the right muscle... Beck Day 3 - Hunger is not an emergency (2 comments) Beck Reboot - Chapter 4 Beck Reboot Chapter 5 - Day 1 Advantages Response Card (1 comments) Beck Reboot Chapter 5 Day 2 - Choosing a diet... Beck Reboot Chapter 5 - Day 5 Eat Slowly This says it all this morning... Beck Day 7 - I am not buying peanut butter or potato ships Beck Day 8 (1 comments) Heading out to the game...will Beck tonight. 1 dog & 1 beer is my limit today. Beck today - what is the answer? (1 comments) Beck outlook tomorrow...just kidding. (1 comments) Fasting from 8am - 6pm (1 comments) Beck Overcome Cravings - Stay Calm (1 comments) Summer gone, days growing shorter... Happy Monday (2 comments) Yeah...let's hear it for Tuesday. (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) Another day... Happy Tuesday.... Busy day ahead... (2 comments) Never one to wish away a day, but Happy Saturday cupcake-free Day. (2 comments) Happy Wednesday... (2 comments) Well, not really.... (2 comments) Happy Tuesday! (1 comments) Wishful Wednesday... Great day ahead... TGIF and Happy Halloween. Is it Monday again...where did he weekend go? Working luncheon today... Happy day.... Long wonderful day ahead! Put laundry on "to do" list for the weekend. (1 comments) Don't I wish I could chill...things to do. Celebrating this day...and all who give of their time, talents and treasures. Have a wonderful day.... (1 comments) Signed up for a local CSA yesterday...going to be my fresh fruit & veggie connection. (4 comments) Happy Monday....... (1 comments) The work is piling up like snow. (1 comments) Gonna be a beautiful day! (1 comments) Blessed day... (1 comments) Off to rehearsal... At my desk ready to go... Did as suggested and dispelled a couple of pounds of water weight...but still must turn up the burn to get those last 10 pounds off. (1 comments) Raring to go this Monday and last day of November! Been there, have the T-shirt. (1 comments) Guess what I am doing after work today! (1 comments) To much up & down the ladder yesterday (10K steps the hard way)...I can feel it. (3 comments) Hurrah for this sunny day. (1 comments) Happy Monday...trying to keep the clutter out of the Christmas Season. (1 comments) Ten days and counting... Anyone in the San Diego area...come to our show. The tree in our building.... Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas... (2 comments) Started the new year with a cold...but will not let that derail my efforts... Perspective today...set a couple of goals and stick to the program. A long "to do" list is self-defeating. (3 comments) Glory...the Word for the year. Big plans ahead. (1 comments) Back to work and inspired! (1 comments) Craving... People made fun of President Obama's Change theme...neanderthals. (1 comments) My CSA box was delivered this AM...the kale, brussel sprouts, beets and broccoli look amazing! Feast time. (2 comments) I have a new Great Grand Niece...Alexandria lives in Texas with her Mom & Dad. (5 comments) Saturday or Sathurray! (1 comments) Woke up in the middle of the night filled with "fears". Used my recipe for peace. TYJ (1 comments) Waiting for the Solar guy to come and hook up my monitoring device. Sunshine promised today! (1 comments) Happy Friday - 3 day weekend ahead and going to abandon the cats for a visit with a friend in the desert. (2 comments) I am out of control and in (3 comments) Only good choices today! One good thing about winter (even in San Diego) - lost my Rocky Road craving. Have 1/2 gal. in the freezer I haven't touched since October. Have been praying and meditating on my fast challenge - fell into it last night. No eating/snacking after dinner. Fast means fast to Breakfast. (1 comments) Smoothie morning... Calm before more storm??? (1 comments) Ha...its even cold in San Diego...42 at my house this morning! (2 comments) Will resist going to Costco to buy the monster chocolate layer cake with chocolate frosting for 42 people. LoL (2 comments) Costco here I come.... (4 comments) Never bought that chocolate cake...did take possession of lots of kale (1 comments) No weight gain with... Looks good to me.... That kind of day... (3 comments) Ha...going hiking up a mountain tomorrow. (2 comments) Its a good day to... Happy Monday for those who have to work today. I am fat! (1 comments) Cooling off some today...praying for some rain. A little rain came... (1 comments) Not true...my Monday face is smiling. (1 comments) I think this says it all....... (3 comments) Drinking some thick green stuff for breakfast...without the banana. (4 comments) Taking a break and going to visit old friend in... Back and buried at work. Send in the Marines! Cherry season is coming... (1 comments) Think I will try a new recipe this weekend...and perhaps some of this for the freezer. Sort of what I want in my front yard. (2 comments) After the rain storm we had a cold and starry night... (2 comments) Van Gogh (1 comments) After a rough week...I yearn for the peace that Friday brings! (2 comments) My retirement dream... Resetting my goals...with determination. Let it go... I know it must be some Sparker out there celebrating...best wishes. May all your cakes be virtual! (2 comments) Bonzai! (1 comments) One of my favorite paintings...in person the lamp actually seems to cast light upon the faces of the Potato Eaters. (2 comments) Learned a new term today...Red Ocean vs Blue Ocean. Ah April Fools Day NOT! Happy Monday! After my vow to start living each day I decided I needed to set a new goal each day...oh an do it. Goal today taken right from my daily devotional and life changing! (1 comments) This relates to work...my goal Answered prayers... (1 comments) Planning for a bagel this morning to celebrate & thank our student worker. My eating is out of control again...I need a (1 comments) Didn't buy it, not gonna eat it! (2 comments) Used restraint at dinner last night but succumbed to 2 of these! Great health check up yesterday.... (1 comments) The campus is beautiful and the jacaranda trees are starting to bloom! (3 comments) (8 comments) Back on track after a bingefull weekend...afraid to get on the scale this morning! Back on track Day 2... (1 comments) Yikes, I am fat!Follow the prescription... Reached 160 this morning and totally disgusted (but recommitted) with myself. You heard it here. (1 comments) Got my CSA this morning...check out my blog for a grocery list. Won 2 weeks Pilates membership...really need something! made scones with very little sugar to serve with fresh strawberries at work today. (2 comments) Who says "you can't go home?". Will be away for a week. Stay committed SparkFriends. (1 comments) Just feel happy today.... (1 comments) Happy Fourth of July! Remembering... (1 comments) Be gone! Resetting back to zero today. (1 comments) Staying strong! (1 comments) Not so...Mondays are ok. Wow 3 people will take it off my hands. I can get a new one. is contemplating this set (2 comments) Must stop stressing... (2 comments) At 2:20am I am up moving the water and after that well, my mind was going, going, gone! (1 comments) Worked in the yard on my herb garden... (1 comments) Was awake from 2am to nearly 4am...tired and a little addled... (2 comments) Starting a yoga class today - Thursdays with More E for energy. (ha ha) I am eating my own home-grown lettuce! Got some kale to eat too! It looks just like this! (2 comments) Coming soon to our city...could it be a sign? (1 comments) Started a new Alexander McCall Smith book on CD this morning. I love the sound of the names of the people and places. I always repeat them out loud when I hear them. (2 comments) It's Homecoming Weekend...we are being invaded. Breakfast with SparkPeople plus I added my favorite raspberries, too! (2 comments) Starting out this morning with a "10" mood Choosing to be a 10 today! (2 comments) Choosing to be ... (1 comments) My choice after a "harrowing" drive into work this morning. (2 comments) What happened....missed my repost. Happy November 1 and I am.... Candy.... (2 comments) I am my own worst saboteur...can't blame anyone else. (2 comments) At 7:15 a long line at the campus polling place. (3 comments) God bless their sacrifice....let's honor it better in the future. Best wishes to all my SparkFriends. (1 comments) Happy Monday.... (1 comments) Today is the first day of the rest of your life...live each day. (3 comments) Merry Christmas...will be traveling and disconnected from SparkPeople. (1 comments) Happy New Year friends! Did not get enough sleep last night... (4 comments) Now where is my purse & cell phone? (1 comments) Never Give Up! is rethinking a lot about my country and my role. (1 comments) Breakfast, leftover birthday cake from shared dessert last night! With strong black coffee, after sleeping in to 7am. Hurrah! (1 comments) Leaving tonight for Puerto Rico and disconnecting from everything I can. (5 comments) Oops I was gonna do a daily accountability blog but blew it already. My bad. This is the kind of Friday I want. It's a new day. Lamentations 3:22-23 The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. (1 comments) Having raspberries & blueberries with non-fat Greek yogurt, flax & chia seeds. Yum. Have been afraid to get on the scales since buying Kettle BBQ chips at Costco. Bad me! (2 comments) day 7 of my streak for "Drink 8 cups of water per day" earned 7/9/2017 Out of control, I find myself. Time to get back on the plan. (1 comments) I never have enough time on the weekends to catch... (1 comments) Going to make it so! TGIF (1 comments) Seems to be working...hurrah. (3 comments) Feeling inspired today---which motivates me to give myself credit for being strong. Going to Laguna Beach for the Art Festival and Pageant of the Masters tonight/ Home tomorrow. (1 comments) Keep the faith...shared today on SparkPeople. To celebrate each sense every day! Today: smell of cinnamon toast in the breakroom. Just the smell was delightful! (1 comments) is echoing...You may think you have control to direct your own path. I believe that none of us has control – we have choices. Michelle King Robson (1 comments) Paying for it today...ate too many chicken fingers last night and my scale reflects all the salt overload. Shame on me. But they were so good! (1 comments) Disasterous weekend...and I wasn't in Texas. The weekends always do me in. On a whim yesterday booked a tour of Iceland for mid-February. Now who can loan me some -11 degree weather wear? Happy Tuesday Try and make it the best day ever! (1 comments) Staring today with conviction! (2 comments) Grateful for time off and for having a good job to go back to this fine January 3, 2018. (1 comments) Down 2.5 pounds (2 comments) (1 comments) I am off to Iceland tomorrow...will wave as I fly over Canada to my Canadian friends! (1 comments) Playing catchup after vacation...up 1 pound. (2 comments) Met with a neighbor about Optavia health plan...shout out to anyone who has had experience. Starting Optavia Plan (2 comments) is excited to start Optavia program. is excited to start Optavia program. (1 comments) Day 2 - 1 fueling left, all my water drank and tomorrow's plan done. Day 2 - 1 fueling left, feeling ok and tomorrows plan done. (2 comments) New Orleans 2009 Debbie, Erich, Jessica & Ken with "fruit punch" (1 comments) (5 comments) Portofino, Italy October 2010 Debbie & Judy Lake Como lunch in Bellagio October 2010 (1 comments) Joining the Group - Women With Wine Ah, San Diego, Home My sister Joan & I April 2010 (1 comments) Family Reunion 2010 Chloe & Franny - fat kitties (1 comments) The Development Gang - Jessica, Deb, Jeanna (now gone), Rachel The Neurosciences Institute Staff

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