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See this image largerSee this image largerThis is my daughter and me, the redhead, at 287 lbs. Just started Sparkpeople. I have diabetes, pulmonary hypertension and walk with a cane. It won't be easy, fricking truth, but I'm going to finally get the weight off, God on my side!See this image largerExample of how essential to read labels! All the food listings I saw indicated my Hot & Spicy Italian Polska Kielbasa Smoked Bratwurst were 220-260 each yet package clearly shows 200 calories each and lower fat, etc.See this image largerSalad with lettace, red cabbage, tuna, pimento olives and Kraft light Raspberry VinaigretteSee this image largerMy sister gave me this. I love it and use it instead of salt. It has tumeric, sesame seeds, nettles, bladderwrack, kelp, milk thistle seeds, fenugreek seeds, burdock root, schisandra berries, dulse flakes, black pepper, sea salt and manzanita berries. It is organic and wild crafted. Florestabotanicals.com is their website.See this image largerLast night's dinner: turkey burger with red chili paste on whole wheat bun with chipotle dill pickles, jalapeño ketchup & jalapeño mustard and sauteed onions plus green beans. Yummy!See this image largerMy homemade chicken tortilla soup topped with my baked tortilla strips and a spoon of Mexican cremaSee this image largerHaving a cup of tea with my Manatee tea holder. Cheers me up every time!See this image largerMy 300 calorie lunch: 2 slices 100% wheat bread, tbsp olive oil mayo, 2 dill pickles slices, 3 slices Healthy Ones rotisserie chicken breast plus a 100 calorie bag Salt & Vinegar pip chips: filling and delicious!See this image largerMy 300 calorie lunchSee this image larger3 slices only 25 caloriesSee this image largerHere he isSee this image largerThis is what I do daily in the late afternoon to avoid snacking: hot cup of blueberry tea and a nice mystery to readSee this image largerTaking a vacuuming break to be loved on by my cat SpikeSee this image largerOne can equals 180 calories and its filling and delicious with hot sauce added!See this image largerTurkey burger with a little feta on top on a whole wheat bun with side of some sliced mushrooms and green beans. Including condiments of jalapeño mustard and jalapeño ketchup and grand total for whole dinner is 502 caloriesSee this image largerMe, walking on our 3.5 acres for 15 minutesSee this image largerWalked 17 minutes with my cane, burned 113 calories and completed .15 of a mile. My girl Lily led the waySee this image largerWalked 18 minutes out on our property and another 2 logged climbing my stairs and walking across living room for a total of 20 minutes walking with cane today!See this image largerSeeing this photo made me cry. Has it come to this? Well. Yes. It has. I've lost about 4 lbs since starting SP but as I plainly cruelly see I've got many miles to goSee this image largerDreary and foggy so doing my 20 minutes walking with my cane INdoors today!See this image largerGreen salad with some pulled pork and a bit of feta cheese, apple cider vinegar as dressing. Delicious!See this image largerThese are my chocolate fix and just 40 calories each pop.See this image largerUsing my new sloth tea infuser and relaxing with a good book. I do this daily before dinner for an hour or so. Having lemon tea on this rainy day.See this image largerThese are 5 calories each and taste exactly like the real thing. I use them when I crave a soda.See this image largerWalked one of the paths on our acreageSee this image largerDinner of large plain sweet potato and 2 grilled (I like them black, haha) hot links for 562 caloriesSee this image largerWalking the big circle driveway 4 times to get my 2000 steps on my FitbitSee this image largerMy daughter placed a bench at the halfway mark of walking our big circle driveway so I can rest there and listen to the orioles sing.See this image largerThis is so amazing to me as I have breathing issues and use a cane to walk yet I've walked 26 miles in less than 3 weeks!

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