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See this image largerday 116 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 2/2/2017See this image largerThis is my Reverend Heidi, I'm ready to perform your marriage ceremony you look!See this image largerBetween back, groin and sciatic nerve, made the decision to sell my bike!See this image largerGained back another 4 pounds. Time to refocus on my healthy lifestyle choices!See this image largerThis is one of my elopement couples in Big Bear Lake, California. We're doing a Celtic Handfasting.See this image largerStep one of The xeriscape project! We successfully killed the lawn! We rototilled the yard and raked it smooth. Next step, weed cloth and getting bricks for the walkway! Hard word but worth it!See this image largerI decided for health reasons to go vegetarian and I am having a blast! Here's my healthy lunch, cucumber, carrots, tomatoes and garlic hummus! This morning was organic nonfat Greek yogurt with honey, blueberries and dried cranberries! Also walking for an hour 4-5 days a week. I'm still getting plenty of protein and nutrients I need but keeping calories and fat grams under control. #lost3poundsthisweek #yummyhealthyfood #prettyfoodSee this image largerI've lost 2.6 lbs and 8 inches in the past 9 days.Trying to get 8000-10000 steps, drinking 64oz of water and I decided to go Lacto-ovo vegetarian. I still eat dairy and eggs. I lost 3" from my stomach alone!!! I'm still not great at cooking but I've got the smoothies and salads handled! #vegetarianwins #prettyfood #ilovemylifeSee this image largerMe having fun sharing peace and love with a couple I just "married"!See this image largerDoing a Celtic Handfasting during Emily and Cory's wedding!See this image largerOur 20th anniversary saying vows to each other on the beach in Central CaliforniaSee this image largerThis was on the sidewalk during my morning walk.See this image largerGreat words to live by.See this image largerOur wedding photo from 6/23/2000(3 comments)See this image largeris in love with my husband! 12/15/14(1 comments)See this image largerMarch, 2016(2 comments)See this image largerClothes I haven't worn since my 1st date with Alan in 1999! March, 2016(1 comments)See this image largerHaven't worn these clothes in 25 years! March, 2016(1 comments)See this image largerMy husband, Alan and I on our 15th wedding anniversary! 6/23/15(1 comments)See this image largerMet a nice couple that hired us for their wedding, walked on the beach, ate healthy, yummy food & got stuck in traffic! Also were incredibly romantic!!! 💗(1 comments)See this image largerMy handsome husband, Alan and I! 12/15/14See this image largerGypsy, William and I picking apples! Fall, 2014See this image largerMay, 2014 Ren FaireSee this image largerThis is a photo from August, 2014 and my weight was 184.See this image largerGypsy on Mommy's lap! July, 2011.(1 comments)See this image largerGypsy, our adorable Samoyed puppy! June, 2011(2 comments)See this image largerThis is my gorgeous Samoyed girl, Gypsy! April, 2012See this image larger10/2011(4 comments)See this image largerTopaz, my furry and darling daughter! 12/10/2010(5 comments)See this image largerMy girls, Sophie and Tiara...Tiara up front and Sophie in the back. May, 2011(1 comments)See this image largerI'm moving forward towards healing and better health. 2013See this image largerI'm very excited about my new Trek Silque S road bike! Time to work a little harder! March, 2016See this image larger2010(1 comments)See this image largerMe and my amazing husband, Alan! 2010See this image largerMy wonderful family, hubby Alan and sons, Ian and William. 2010(1 comments)See this image larger12/2014(1 comments)See this image largerMarch, 2016(1 comments)See this image larger2006(2 comments)

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