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One of the graduates, Maxwell and me (1 comments) Halley's House- The orphanage. 4 girls are loving on me. (4 comments) Vineyard South Africa leading worship. I am playing 2nd guitar Knee replacement surgery-the day after. (3 comments) Thermal pool therapy (1 comments) Me and my dear hubby (9 comments) Called Out of Darkness (1 comments) Made this poster from a photo of me and my hubby (1 comments) Jesus is my Eternal Valentine (2 comments) My Valentine! True Love (1 comments) (3 comments) Promoting the exercise class I am leading today. January 19, 2013 (1 comments) Mary and Don 2013 (3 comments) January 2013 (1 comments) March 8 2013- 76 pounds lost (3 comments) We've Come A long WAY BABY! (3 comments) 12 April 2013. One of my trainers totally lit up when I came in my new outfit. (2 comments) 19 April 2013 (1 comments) 1981 Nursing Graduation. I am front left. My smallest weight, due to not eating. Above the clouds Don, my husband and me together around Christmas My big brother Lou on the day he gave me my new guitar! (1 comments) Bao is a game that is played in many different African countries. It is something like Risk. Here I am playing guitar and singing in Tanzania (1 comments) Here is a group of the Masaai together. Beautiful Maasai ladies from a town we visited in October 2007 (1 comments) Dust tornado in Tanzania This is what the ministry looks like. Very few homes in Tanzania have running water. The women to to wells or water pumps everyday This is our cat Ginger (2 comments) Michael, my son is the one with the big dimples. He is so handsome. A brick oven used for baking bread and cakes. The team is putting up speaker towers. Don and me wearing African outfits (2 comments) This is one of the homes in our neighborhood. The child goes to our school. Our cat Ginger sitting on the Leopard rug. She is like a child to us. I teach a class on Praise and Worship.The assignment I give them is to make instuments. Cool! Don and me in Denver 2008 This is my mom and me earlier this year (1 comments) There are over 400 children in our academy. Here are just a few. Aren't they adorable??? The team was drawing people with a push up competition on the platform. Testosterone filled night. Before Photo 2003 (2 comments) Beautiful sunset in Mkwajuni My Fat Jeans (5 comments) Where we live in Tanzania (1 comments) Praying for the sick children (2 comments)

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