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See this image largerBlaze and Virginia chilling on me this morning!See this image largerBlaze(black) and his Momma(brown) Virginia this morning! ❤️See this image largerWell, I guess I will brave up and post a picture of me! Hi everyone, this is me, Mel!(1 comments)See this image largerFinally got Pharoah to come give momma cuddles! 😻❤️See this image largerPharoahSee this image largerBlaze is a big boy! Just so everyone knows he is a Bengal. The son of Virginia my female Bengal!See this image largerHere is Virginia my female Bengal! The Momma of Blaze! I just love this picture of her!See this image largerLola my Sleepy Sphynx cat 🐈See this image largerNOT COOKED yet! This is my chicken pot pie for dinner. It’s in the fridge ready to pop in the oven tonight! Can’t wait to eat it! Been a while since I made this one!See this image largerAnd now for dessert! Step one make your crust? Any guesses?See this image largerDessert step 2: mix the filling!See this image largerStep 3: pour filling into crust and bake! Please don’t mind my icky drip tray!See this image largerHappy Birthday to Blaze!See this image largerUpdate: chicken potpie pic as requested previously!See this image largerThis was from yesterday and feels awesome to have accomplished that many steps!(1 comments)See this image largerMom and son moment. Virginia(brown) and Blaze (black). I love when they sit in cute positions.See this image largerMade these for dessert! 😋See this image largerBlaze doesn’t want me to finish laundry today! Lol my silly boy!See this image largerIt’s a rainy day today! I may bring the kids to the mall playground later today but for now we will all snuggle up and watch movies! Already got my daily exercise in... every morning as usual!See this image largerLunch today was soo good!See this image largerMy favorite new piece of equipment! Was my reward from hubby for losing first 15 lbs. next 15 lbs I get some new clothes lol. Also this is a great stress reliever! ❤️🙂😊See this image largerHave a marvelous Monday! Here’s a cute bunny from yesterday.See this image largerSo I brought my boys on a walk to the lake yesterday. Starting to feel better one day at a time. They love sitting on the rocks but this one didn’t point near the lake. I just love the one with both of my babies! Have a great daySee this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerIn loving memory of my beautiful Lola 01/27/2016-08/15/2018. I will forever love you and miss you my sweet beautiful girl. One day we will meet again. You will always hold a special place in my heart baby!See this image largerIn loving memory of Lola 01/27/2016-08/15/2018See this image largerOur newest addition Rosie!See this image largerOur new baby RosieSee this image largerRosie’s new collarSee this image largerPharaoh and Rosie ❤️See this image largerVirginia’s new collarSee this image largerBlaze showing off his new collarSee this image largerBlazes collar 😊See this image largerPharaohs collar is still good so here’s a cute pic of him!See this image largerHave a terrific Thursday! Meow!See this image largerIt’s a fantastic Friday!See this image largerHave a great week!See this image largerHave a Sparkling day!See this image largerHave a great weekend!See this image largerGood morning! Rosie likes grilled corn on the cob. Don’t worry her food bowl is always full she is just a little begger.See this image largerHappy back to school day!See this image largerWhen on my afternoon walk yesterday I was lucky I came back when I did. Had it been seconds or minutes sooner I could have been crushed. This car was up on the sidewalk where I was walking. I am lucky.See this image largerHappy ThursdaySee this image largerHave a beautiful Saturday!See this image largerHave a marvelous Monday!See this image largerHave a terrific Tuesday!See this image largerAfter a few grueling hours we did it! Our kids now have a bunk bed! It was a late night but worth it.See this image largerHappy Thursday!See this image largerHave a great weekend!See this image largerGood Morning! Here is Virginia(mom) grooming Blaze (son) .😻See this image largerMy older son has been begging for a pet rat for the past few months. Yesterday we couldn’t go to the movies so we bought him this little girl that he named Daisy. I didn’t know they could be so sweet. Have a great day!See this image largerHave a terrific Thursday all!See this image largerHave a wonderful weekend all!See this image largerGood morning Sparkers!See this image largerHave a wonderful day!See this image largerWoke up a little late but here’s some Morning love from Pharaoh, Rosie and Rocky! 😻❤️See this image largerHave a beautiful day Fellow Sparkers! 😻❤️See this image largerHave a wonderful Wednesday! Here are my two favorite study lounge buddies! Rocky is looking up Rosie is asleep. Every time I am in my office working on something they have to be there! ❤️🐈See this image largerGood morning! Virginia is the brown Bengal and Pharaoh is the grey Sphynx. 🐈😻❤️See this image largerHave a beautiful day with Morning love from Rocky. 😻🐈❤️See this image largerHappy Saturday here’s a pic from last night.See this image largerHere’s to a spectacular Sunday! Love Rocky and RosieSee this image largerHello Spark world!See this image largerHave a happy Tuesday!See this image largerGood morning! Love from Rosie and Pharaoh today!See this image largerGood morning fellow Sparkers!See this image largerBlaze says have a meowtastic weekend!See this image largerHave a marvelous Monday, love Rosie and Rocky!See this image largerI had a few days with not quite enough steps this week but yesterday kind of balanced it out!See this image largerHave a fabulous night! Love, Rocky!See this image largerVirginia was happy yesterday! My lovely almost old lady Bengal! It’s hard to get good pics of her since she is usually all over the place. Another reason to stay healthy... someone has to take care of the fur babies, naked babies (sphynxes) and human babies. Have a terrific Tuesday all! 😊❤️😻🐕🐈🐾See this image largerBefore the rain started this morning when I was driving! Have a fantastic Friday!See this image largerLeft to Right: Rocky, Pharaoh and Rosie say hi and stay warm on this chilly day! 😻🐾See this image largerLast night when I had to go get milk for my boys! ❤️See this image largerI love when they sit silly! This was from our cuddles yesterday.Rocky says have a purrfect day!See this image largerRosie reminds me so much of Lola. Have a wonderful rest of your Wednesday night!See this image largerHave a beautiful evening!See this image largerI went trick or treating with the boys tonight!See this image largerHave a super Sunday! 😊❤️See this image largerSomeone’s still in the halloweeen spirit!See this image largerRosie(front) and Rocky(back) like to cuddle under the bed! Sister and brother love! 💕See this image largerOn our way home this afternoon!See this image largerOne benefit of driving later is the beautiful scenery!See this image largerRocky (Sphynx) and Blaze(Bengal) say have a wonderful Wednesday! 🐾😻😊See this image largerI love the outdoorsSee this image largerRead my blog for the details on my broken nose Thanksgiving! Lol and ouch! Have a great night!See this image largerHappy spark day!See this image largerMy little ones new haircut from yesterday ❤️😊See this image largerRosie being cute. ❤️See this image largerRocky and Pharaoh say have a meowvolous day!See this image largerRocky (blue) and Rosie(orange) cuddling! Happy FridaySee this image largerBlaze (Bengal) cuddling with Rocky (Sphynx). Have a great night! 😊❤️See this image largerPharaoh says have a meowvolous Monday! ❤️😻😊See this image largerHappy Tuesday with love from Virginia!See this image largerRosie(left) Jr and Rocky(right) say have sweet dreams!See this image largerRocky (front) & Rosie (back) say have a fantastic evening!See this image largerTake time to smell the flowers, Rosie! ❤️😻the flowers my husband got me for our anniversarySee this image largerMy hubby and I had a great time for our anniversary yesterday and I didn’t overeat! Have a great day!See this image largerBlaze says have a sparktastic Sunday!See this image largerLeft to right- Rocky, Pharaoh and Rosie say have a wonderful night! 😊See this image largerWalking on a beautiful afternoon! Have a great day!See this image largerMy oldest son being cute a few days ago!See this image largerMy youngest with the Sphynx cats. ❤️See this image largerRosie enjoying a nap! 😻❤️See this image largerIn loving memory of Lola. 01/27/2016-08/15/2018. The caption, not my best work but I’m starting to get back into drawing.See this image largerIt may only be 27 out today but it sure is beautiful when the sun sets!See this image largerMerry Christmas! 🎄🎁See this image largerRocky staying warm yesterday! 😻😊❤️See this image largerStarting to get back into the hang of adding color to drawings. Have a great nightSee this image largerKeep smiling and stay happy! 😊See this image largerWent to the Imax to see Aquaman today with my boys!See this image largerSphynx know no boundaries! 😻😊See this image largerVirginia and her son Blaze! Like mother like son! ❤️😻See this image largerHappy New Years and Happy Birthday to Pharaoh! 😻😊See this image largerI am sick today so this was my breakfast, lunch and dinner! Have a great night Sparkers!See this image largerPrayers and good vibes appreciated for my Dad! We were in ER for a long time today! Full details in my blog. I told him to smile for his picture. He’s always happy even when he doesn’t feel great! ❤️😊See this image largerVirginia cuddling on me last night when I was watching the news. 😻See this image largerRosie cuddling last night. We had a nice long walk today. Have a great Sunday!See this image largerA cute OSH kitten I saw in the internet! Happy Monday!See this image largerRocky loves following me all over in the morning! 😻❤️See this image largerBlaze taking his nap yesterday. He likes talking and sure let me know I was disturbing his rest haha. 😻😊See this image largerIn case you haven’t laughed yet. Rosie cuddling with daddy but making her grumpy cat face yesterday. ❤️See this image largerBengal cuddles the other day! Virginia is the brown one, Blaze the black one. 😻❤️See this image largerPrayers for my poor Pharaoh as his heart continues to enlarge. His arteries are also larger than they should be according to the doc. HCM can be a very sad disease to watch a beloved cat go through.See this image largerCurrently inside my sweater, Rocky loves his cuddles. 😻❤️See this image largerRocky awaits the results of Pharaoh’s blood pressure results with me today.See this image largerA cute Momma Sphynx and her babies I saw online yesterday! Have a fantastic Friday! 😊See this image largerVirginia wanted to play with the ping pong ball yesterday.🏓 Bengals can be silly, they like playing with everything else except the cat toys at times! Have a great Saturday! 😊See this image largerRosie and Rocky day stay warm on this chilly Sunday!See this image largerThe blood moon last night. Not the best pic but still pretty.See this image largerPharaoh, Rosie and Rocky day good morning!See this image largerRosie being cute the other day! My kitties are one of the reasons I am trying to get healthier!See this image largerMy best friends cute dog! 🐕❤️ Happy Thursday!See this image largerRosie and Blaze say Happy Friday Sparkers!See this image largerVirginia says stay warm!See this image largerMy little guy fell asleep about an hour before bedtime the other night. When you’re too tired to play anymore. ❤️💗See this image largerRocky says stay warm!See this image largerSunday’s temperature and Wednesday is supposed to be much colder. Stay warm and safe all my fellow spark friends! See this image largerThe temperature today for the deep freeze! Stay warm and safe everyone who is affected by this. Wind chill is supposed to get to -70 possibly here and you could die in a matter of seconds according to the news! Yikes!See this image largerIt has warmed 2 degrees since I woke up. Stay warm and safe Sparkers! I am stuck in the house again and that’s ok! I would rather be safe than dead.See this image largerRosie says keep on Sparking! See this image largerRocky is my parrot, although I should not have sat down on the floor because my knees and back hurt to get back up lol. But those injuries can be blamed on the guy who caused the accident in 2017. I feel like I never recovered all the way but at least I am better than I was in that year.See this image largerWorking in my office this morning! Rocky says hi Sparkers!See this image largerThe day after baths when their sweaters still remain on! Pharaoh on top followed by Rosie (in pink) and Rocky (in navy blue). Have a Meowvoulous Monday! 😻😊See this image largerI love the morning sky! ❤️See this image largerMy little man says good morning everyone!See this image largerSphynx love from this morning! Happy ThursdaySee this image largerMy son had fun for 100 day yesterday although I accidentally sent him to school on Thursday like this. I misread the paper his school sent home because it said no homework on Thursday for parents to plan but the actual day was Friday!See this image largerVirginia is pretty and she knows it!See this image largerMy grandma passed away in February of 2016 but my vet kept one of her cats as a clinic cat and I got to see him the other day when I was there. This technician is such a nice girl! 😊See this image largerI got diagnosed this weekend at my dentist with TMD and yes he works Saturday’s because he is an emergency dentist. I got the kids and my teeth cleaned and no cavities is the good news. Bad news is TMD can only be treated and managed there is no cure. Anyways maybe my soreness will help me eat less today since it’s acting up pretty bad today. Explains the pain, clicking and tiredness of the muscles lately. Here’s to a sparktastic Tuesday! Virginia says meowllow!See this image largerRosie on top and Rocky in my sweater love to snuggle! 😻❤️See this image largerHappy Valentine’s Day! Love, Rocky! ❤️😻See this image largerRosie protesting after bath time yesterday! 😻❤️See this image largerSaturday cuddles! Rosie loves her attention. Have a meowvolous Monday!See this image largerRocky hiding in my bag the other morning. 😻😊See this image largerToday is a new day! It’s a good day to praise The Lord and be thankful for life, ♥️♥️See this image largerHave a marvelous Monday!See this image largerHave a fabulous Friday! Yesterday we had an awesome blueberry pancake breakfast and fruit. The kids loved it.See this image largerHave a blessed Sunday!See this image largerIt’s a good morning to be alive! ❤️See this image largerHave a wonderful Wednesday!See this image largerHave a wonderful weekend! Today is Blazes birthday! He is 7 years old today!See this image larger“One Call, That’s All” Thank you to Gruber Law Offices for helping us after the accident!(1 comments)See this image largerBlaze Bengal 2See this image largerPharoah Sphynx 2See this image largerLola Sphynx 1 ❤️(2 comments)See this image largerJuicing is life. Joe Cross’s Lean Mean Green Juice. (2 comments)See this image largerVirginia Bengal 1(3 comments)

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