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Me - April 2011 (5 comments) My Sister and I -- July 2011 (2 comments) My Vision Board (3 comments) Thirty three years ago... (3 comments) Christmas lights Me - March 2012 (1 comments) Me & my puppy :) (7 comments) Trying to talk to his great grammy (2 comments) (3 comments) Summer vacation (3 comments) (3 comments) (2 comments) Long, long ago in the 1960's when I made my first and only ever snowman with my little ones. (4 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) My glass is over half-full! I love this peony! Doggie sitting The 3rd year for this tree. (2 comments) (2 comments) Lil' Surfer Girl (2 comments) Walking Wednesday... seeing the chiropractor right after my walk. Looking forward to a very good week... Found a couple of great primroses to buy... It's going to be a GREAT day! Plan to make Thursday thrilling! A lot like my mood lately. I vow to keep an open mind and to learn something new everyday. (2 comments) Morning walking, afternoon tooth extraction. Regardless, it will be a great day! Yesterday's gardening activity... Happy Mother's Day to all the SparkMoms Felling fit & ready for a fabulous Friday. Doggy sitting is it's own reward, but our sweet kids brought us a Thank You gifts too :) Major accomplishment!!! Feeling like I'm making progress this Walking Wednesday. And now to make Thursday thrilling! Gift for daughter completed, 8th grade graduation for oldest GD today, youngest GD turned 13 on Wed. ... Milestone week!!! Life is good... Here's the graduate... My two little GD's are growing up way too fast!!! Making memories with my grandchildren. Great visit with DD, DGS & DGGDs ends today. It's been fun & I'll miss them!!! Watching my granddaughter dance is such a treat!!! Better than chocolate!!! It's going to be a great day!!! Joyful!!! Happy 4th of July!!! Marching Monday... Worried about DH. Bert, the bird, who recently joined our family and his three little tormentors... I choose to live by choice, not by chance, to make changes not excuses. Did yard work yesterday and my back is okay... counting my blessings! I choose to feel blessed! I choose to feel grateful. I choose to be excited... Life is good! I choose to be happy! I choose to be happy! With our thoughts we form our world, think good thoughts! (6 comments) Again the morning is misty, answer to prayer! Meeting the surgeon today, hoping for a good meeting. What a beautiful full moon last night... sigh! Such lovely weather right now!!! Going to my grandson's football game today, I hate football, but I will be so excited to be there for him! Didn't make far yesterday, but will be much better today... Oldest granddaughter/youngest grandson from Friday night's game! Have a spectacular Saturday!!! Another busy day getting ready for a visit from my grandson and his family... very excited to spend time with them!!! Such busy, busy, busy fun at the beach... We had wonderful, exhausting trip to the park & zoo!!! Walking Wednesday... I am SO ready!!! Grateful that jury duty was cancelled and I be getting my morning walk in today. is happy to be walking today (2 comments) Today is going to be a marvelous walking Monday!!! Picture is Sweet Autumn in full bloom... Get up, Dress up, Show up... Never, never, never give up!!! Making Thursday Thrilling... Must keep remembering that each minute, hour, day is always a chance to start again and do better!!! Walking Wednesday, no rain this morning... cool & clear... great day for walking!!! Lost a loved one yesterday... he was ready, I was not. Walking Wednesday, just hoping there's not much frost on the trail! This will be a fun Friday, & Thurs. evening was pretty great too... My DGD is a star!!! Watching DGD play in Comet Classic Basketball Tournament this weekend... such a joy! Big travel day, hoping for nice travel weather! Sad about heading home tomorrow, wanted to continue on to my daughter's but DH isn't well enough. It's raining again, yay!!! Still unpacking from our trip! Yesterday's sunrise was so beautiful! Maybe walking in the rain today... need to get out of the house! Going to my DGD's holiday dance recital this afternoon... excited! Count down to Christmas... and I'm not ready... Yikes!!! May the joy of the holidays find you this Christmas Eve... be merry! The full moon of Christmas Eve... Three more days of Christmas before I can move on... I love Christmas! The final Christmas visitation should start today and end on Tuesday! Happy New Year (1 comments) Happy Hippy Birthday (2 comments) Joy is portable, take it with you!!! We are what we think, with our thoughts we make our world. Think positive, think gratitude. I may not have a lot of time for this in the next few months, but I will try to check in as often as I can. They say my husband has 6 to 9 months and he need to be my focus for now. Trying to live each moment to the best of my ability! New Great Granddaughter!!! Joy is portable, bring it with you!!! Hoping for a sunny Saturday! Hoping for a Sunny Saturday! So lucky to have been loved... Saying good-bye... May he run in the surf & fly with the eagles. Celebrating brand new great granddaughter... home from the hospital in the blanket I made for her. Celebrating brand new great granddaughter... home from the hospital in the blanket I made for her. First one of the season... Have a great day. (11 comments) (7 comments) (3 comments) (7 comments) At the Arcata Marsh

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