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See this image largerNew years eve...I was about 220ish...I am 207 today!!See this image largerFeeling the motivation today.See this image largerWe can do this....See this image largerHad a proud dad moment on Friday night. That is my oldest son, now to get ready for graduation in less than a month.See this image largerHad a proud dad moment Friday night. My oldest going go prom. Now to get ready for graduation in less than a, where does the time go.See this image largerBeen stuck at this for about 2 months now...grrr!!!See this image largerAfter going back up to 215 over the last few weeks, I kicked in the portions again, and the healthy eating. This morning!!!See this image largerBreakfast!!!!See this image largerI lost a friend over the weekend. He felt so low that he took his own life. It was the icing on the proverbial cake for me. Then I saw this this morning and knee it would be alright. Trust in your "higher power" whomever or whatever that might be.See this image largerAbsolutely gorgeous sunset Monday evening here in the Northeast. Remember to let it all out at the end of the day.See this image largerToday at the gym. Can't figure out the fluctuating weight. Go from 210-214.See this image largerAt 209 down from 235. Just can't get over this hump. Guess the good thing is I haven't put it back on.See this image largerI'd show you a picture of my breakfast, but it looked so good I just had to eat it. So here is the empty bowl... Ezekiel English muffin, Turkey sausage and vegan cheese...See this image largerWhen I started this journey a year and a half ago I was at about 235 lbs. At 6'1" I hid it pretty well. But my knees and my blood pressure knew differently. I was floating between 208 and 212 for the last 6-8 months. Today I stepped on the scale and this is what I saw. Just keep moving forward.See this image largerMe on a Monday morning...See this image largerMissing this place. I lived in Murrells Inlet for a spell, but had to move home to Hershey Pa. Along with that move came stress and bad eating habits. I'm done Nd need to get back on the healthy habits.See this image largerHow much truth is behind this.

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