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Me! :) (1 comments) October 2014 to July 2015. 80 pounds down. Madeline, John, Malachi & I in San Antonio Malachi & me. 😊 Malachi, me, and Madeline Daniel & friends at university My little singer. ❤️ Madeline & me ❤️ All of us ❤️ First Majorette to win Drill Down Award! 😃 Madeline & me ❤️ Malachi & Captain Jack at The Magic Time Machine 😂 Madeline & me 💗 Madeline & me 💖 Mother's Day Collage that Madeline made. My favorite picture of the kids. 😆 Madeline--Spirit Week, costume Day My Majorette My boys (with Madeline in the background) 😉 Midnight Run--52 pounds gone. :) (1 comments) My family. :) (3 comments) Me, my sister Daisy, Zumba's Eric Santana, Madeline, Angela, my niece Lyssa, and Reagan (1 comments) Madeline, Zumba's Marcie Gill, my sister Daisy, me, and my niece Lyssa. Madeline, me, Zumba's DJ Francis, my sister Daisy, and my niece Lyssa (1 comments) Madeline & I with friends and Zumba 305! :) (1 comments) My first 5K! :) (I'm not sure why the tags said "Octoberfest". It was APRIL! ??? LOL :D (1 comments) My 3 'Dorables :) (2 comments) Madeline, me and Malachi at my first 5K. :) (1 comments) Daniel, me and Madeline at the top of the mountain in Gatlinburg :) Me and Daniel. Baccalaureate 2012 (2 comments) Daniel's graduation. (1 comments) Daniel playing his French Horn and wearing his Phantom of the Opera mask (the 2009 season theme). (1 comments) Daniel in public speaking, SELTC. Daniel & some friends in front of Dumbledore's Office (2 comments) Daniel and the Puppets, SELTC Daniel, Show Choir :) (2 comments) Daniel Dancing the Tango in Show Choir (1 comments) Daniel Dancing in Show Choir :) (2 comments) Daniel singing a solo in Show Choir :) (2 comments) Me at 211 pounds, dancing with Madeline at the Southern Starlets Christmas Party 2010 Madeline and me :) A/B Honor Roll (1 comments) Madeline juggling batons (1 comments) Madeline on the football field Madeline and her AAU trophies--all 1st place. (1 comments) Madeline in her "Divas" outfit Madeline in her "Home" outfit Madeline and her friend Candra in Notre Dame. Madeline with 2 of her 3 medals in Notre Dame National Baton/Dance Competition Madeline, Majorette Captain 2012-2013 Madeline and her "Workout" baton routine. Me and my little Malachi :) Me and My Little Malachi (1 comments) Me and Malachi Malachi's Harry Potter "Tattoo" for the HBP Premiere My little baseball player

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