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See this image largerJoined SP 1/17/07 - 159.0See this image largerOur Washington Valley is beautiful! See this image larger1/08 - The Redemption of Sarah Cain by Beverly LewisSee this image largerThis is the book I'm currently reading. 2 Thumbs up! - 1/19/08See this image larger2/1/08- October Song - This book was great and tied 3 of her other series together! See this image larger2/10/08 - Starting my first novel by Dee Henderson in the O'Malley series, Danger in the Shadows.See this image largerChristian Suspense - The O'Malley Series 3/1/08See this image larger3/30/08 - The Guardian by Dee Henderson - The O'Malley Series #2 See this image largerWhite Daffodils for Tara - 4/20/08See this image larger4/13/08 - The Truth Seeker by Dee Henderson - Book #3 in the O'Malley SeriesSee this image larger5/13/08 - Reading The Protector - Book #4 in the O'Malley SeriesSee this image larger7/8/11 - I'm back!See this image larger7/5/08 - The Healer - Book #5 in the O'Malley series by Dee HendersonSee this image larger8/7/08 Secrets by Kristen Heitzmann - I love the Sonoma Valley setting in this novel!See this image larger8/31/08 - Unforgotten - Book #2; These are the best novels I've read this year!See this image larger10/1/08 - 155.0See this image larger9/14/08 - This has been the best series! Echos is the 3rd novel to Secrets & UnforgottenSee this image largerThis is Me - a couple years ago, but I always enjoy the memories from this trip to the Oregon Coast!See this image largerOctober 2008See this image largerBook #2 - Sisters of the Quilt Series - FABULOUS!See this image larger3/14/09 - Book 3 in Sister of the Quilt series. I have LOVED this series - wonderful new author!See this image largerSee this image largerApril 17, 2010 @ goal weight 128.0 - Continuing to focus on maintenance, cardio & strength trainingSee this image larger7/8/11 - Sunflower Moss Rib Dishcloth. Love practical!See this image larger7/2011 - Reading this 3rd novel from this series. Enjoy the Amish storylines.See this image larger7/12/11 - 146.5 - Back to Spark People! See this image larger7/13/11 - Most recent finished project - "Sand" Lacy Knit DishclothSee this image larger7/22/11 - One of my favorite authors! I can tell this will be good from the very first page.See this image larger7/22/11 - Most recent finished knitting project. Deep Taupe Cookware Liner. See this image larger8/2011 - Fern Summer Socks. Most recent finished knitting project. See this image larger8/2011 - Most recent finished knitting project - Clotheseline Provence top. See this image largerSee this image largerHappy Hanukkah - The Feast of Dedication and Festival of Lights. Jesus IS the Light of the World!

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