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Me in April 2012 and around 147 lbs (10 and half stone) (3 comments) Me at my graduation summer 2007 - I put a lot of weight on over the 2 yrs before this. Me at my heaviest (around 200lbs /14 stone) in July 2007. This was taken on my graduation day. Me in April 2012 2nd of August, 2011 - weighing about 152lbs (7 comments) When I was about 140lbs in Copenhagen, Denmark on holiday. This was about 3 years ago and the goal I wish to return back to. (1 comments) Me at around 160lbs (taken in 2010) (1 comments) Me Nov / Dec 2008. 25/03/09 At my current weight around 160lbs so at the two-thirds of the way there stage! (1 comments) 25/03/09 Current weight of 160 lbs - still have 20lbs to lose! 25/03/09 Weight here at 160lbs. My before picture about a year ago. My weight at that time must have been between 190-200lbs. My 'before' photo. Me a year ago (spring 2008) around 190 - 200 lbs ish. Another 'before' photo - spring 2008. (1 comments) Me just after xmas 2008 - around 12 stone (168 ish pounds) - so I'm around my halfway point now. Me and my new lip piercing - picture taken in late Noember, 2008. Me at my lowest around 140lbs in 2004. This is my goal weight. it's true! Me and my brother in Copenhagen when I was at my ideal weight. (1 comments) My bonsai (1 comments) Copenhagen pandas are the coolest Me now sans make-up. Me a couple of years ago when I weighed around 140 pounds or so, at my best weight (I was overweight since mid childhood). I think I was about 21 or 22 here perhaps Me at my graduation summer 2007 near my heaviest weight. What an unflattering photo! (2 comments) Me on the 26th of aug - not sure how much i weigh here but not far from 182 pounds i guess. me on the 26th of aug Isle of Wight

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