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5 August National Underwear Day At the Subaru place getting a massive tune up. 6 August National Jamaican Patty Day (SRLY) (1 comments) 7 August - National Sisters Day (1 comments) 8/8/16 National Happiness Happens Day (2 comments) National Book Lovers Day (1 comments) 10 August National Lazy Day 11 August - National Presidential Joke Day National Vinyl Record Day, 12 August (2 comments) 13 August National Garage Sale Day 14 August - V-J Day & Spirit of '45 Day 15 August National Relaxation Day I had insomnia since Sunday evening - didn't sleep for nearly 30 hours. Spent all of today sleeping ... up a couple of hours ... Repeat, repeat (1 comments) 16 Aug - National Rum Day (1 comments) 17 August - National I Love My Feet Day 18 August is National Mail Order Catalog (2 comments) 19 August - Orville Wright's birthday - National Aviation Day is searching for a lost pup's people. He wandered into my yard Friday morning (3 comments) 21 August - National Senior Citizens Day 22 August - National Tooth Fairy Day (1 comments) The little dog that wandered into my yard Friday has been reunited with his owners! (2 comments) 23 August - Ride the Wind Day 24 August - National Waffle Day (1 comments) 25 August - National Secondhand Wardrobe Day 26 August - National Dog Day (3 comments) 27 August - National Just Because Day (1 comments) 30 August - National Toasted Marshmallow Day 31 August - National Matchmaker Day (1 comments) National No Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day National No Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day Dr. Seuss shows us how to rhyme unrhymable words! i2 September - National Lazy Mom's Day 3 Sept - National Tailgating Day (1 comments) 4 Sept National Newpaper Carrier Day 5 September - Labor Day (1 comments) September 6, 2016 NATIONAL ANOTHER LOOK UNLIMITED DAY - It's time to clear out the closets. Purge the attic. Donate toys and clothes. Tidy up, clean up and put to use those items that have purpose! (1 comments) National Beer Lover's Day National Beer Lover's Day National Ampersand Day (2 comments) 9 September - National Teddy Bear Day 10 September - National TV Dinner Day 10 September - National TV Dinner Day 12 September - National Day of Encouragement (4 comments) 14 September - National Live Creative Day 15 September - National Double Cheeseburger Day 16 September- National Step Family Day Wife Appreciation Day 19 September - Talk Like a Pirate Day National IT Professionals Day (2 comments) 21 September - International Peace Day Autumn Equinox & Hobbit Day (it's Bilbo and Frodo's birthday!) 23 September - Inergize Day (not a typo) - another day to take it easy - like I need an excuse! (1 comments) 24 September: NATIONAL HUNTING AND FISHING DAY (1 comments) 25 September is One-Hit Wonder Day. This is probably not what they meant ... National Situational Awareness Day (1 comments) 29 September - National Coffee Day National Chewing Gum Day (1 comments) National Name Your Car Day, 2 October (2 comments) 3 October is National Child Health Day 4 October - National Taco Day (3 comments) National Do Something Nice Day (1 comments) October 6 (10/6) - National Mad Hatter Day (1 comments) 7 October- National LED Light Day (2 comments) 8 October - National Motorcycle Day (1 comments) 9 October - National Chess Day 10 October - National Kick Butt Day (1 comments) 11 October - National Coming Out Day 12 October- National Stop Bullying Day (1 comments) 13 October - National No Bra Day 14 October - Be Bald and Free Day (2 comments) 15 October - National Grouch Day 16 October - National Feral Cat Day (2 comments) 17 October - National Pasta Day Tuesday, 8 October - National No Beard Day 19 October: Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day 20 October - Get to Know Your Customers Day 22 October - National Color Day (1 comments) (1 comments) 25 October - Sourest Day 26 October - National Mule Day 27 October - Navy Day (1 comments) 28 October - National Frankenstein Day 29 October - National Cat Day (1 comments) 31 October - Halloween 1 November - The Day of the Dead (1 comments) 2 November - National Broadcast Traffic Professional's Day (1 comments) 3 November - National Sandwich Day 5 Nov - National Love Your Red Hair Day 6 November - Daylight Saving Time Ends 7 November - National Job Action Day (1 comments) Election Day Don't Know Who Won Yet, 9 November (1 comments) The outgoing FLOTUS (First Lady of the US) graciously greets the new FLOTUS. Yep, it'll be good to see her in the White House (2 comments) 10 November -National Forget Me Not Day (1 comments) Gotta love my neighbors. Sick last night so called off work. Garage door opener messed up so car in driveway. 2 of them checked to make sure I'm OK. Thanks! (2 comments) 11/11 - Veterans Day 13 November - World Kindness Day Are we what we eat? 22 November - Go for a Ride Day (1 comments) Black Friday - 25 November. I stay away from the stores the whole weekend! (1 comments) 29 November, Tuesday after Thanksgiving - National Day of Giving 2 December - National Mutt Day is sulking at home. Had to get a crown at the dentist. Sucking down Motrin & a leftover Vicodin. Hurts more than the last one I had. (5 comments) 15 December- Herding Cats Day 16 December - Underdog Day 18 December - Bake Cookies Day (1 comments) 25 December - Christmas Presidential Inauguration Day 23 January - National Handwriting Day January 24, 2017 ? NATIONAL BEER CAN APPRECIATION DAY, NATIONAL COMPLIMENT DAY &NATIONAL PEANUT BUTTER DAY 25 January - National Opposite Day, National Weather Day, & National Irish Coffee Day. (Please ignore the 2014) 26 January - National Spouses Day, National Peanut Brittle Day, & National Green Juice Day (1 comments) 28 January - National Have Fun At Work Day 29 January - National Corn Chip Day 30 January - National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day (2 comments) 31 January - National Backwards Day 1 February- National Get Up Day (1 comments) 2 February- National Groundhog Day 3 February - National Wear Red Day (1 comments) 4 February - National Thank a Mail Carrier Day (1 comments) 5 February- National Shower With A Friend Day (3 comments) 6 February - National Lame Duck Day 7 February - National Periodic Table Day (2 comments) 8 February- National Kite Flying Day 9 February- National Pizza Day 11 February - National Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day 12 February - National Lost Penny Day 14 February - Valentines Day (1 comments) 15 February - Singles Awareness Day 16 February - Do a Grouch a Favor Day 21 February - National Sticky Bun Day 23 February - National Toast Day 10 March - National Pack Your Lunch Day National Farm Rescuer Day (1 comments) 17 March - St. Patrick's Day (1 comments) 19 March is National Let's Laugh Day (1 comments) 22 March is Goof Off Day 16 April is National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day 17 April is National Ellis Island Family History Day 18 April is National Animal Crackers Day 19 April is National Hanging Out Day (Laundry) 20 April is National High Five Day 21 April is National Day of Silence 22 April is Earth Day - and National Record Store Day (1 comments) 23 April is National Take a Chance Day 24 April is National Pigs in a Blanket Day (1 comments) 25 April is National Telephone Day (2 comments) 26 April is National Richter Scale Day (1 comments) 27 April is National Tell a Story Day 28 April is National Superhero Day (2 comments) 29 April is National Peace Rose Day & Pool Opening Day & it's snowing here! (1 comments) 30 April is National Honesty Day 1 May is May Day & National Loyalty Day 2 May is National Foster Care Day - bless all those who do this! 3 May is National Paranormal Day - bwa-ha-ha! 4 May is National Star Wars Day (1 comments) 5 May is National Astronaut Day and National Space Day 6 May is National Nurses Week 7 May is National Lemonade Day 8 May is National Coconut Cream Pie Day 9 May is National Teacher Appreciation Day 10 May is National Third Shift Workers Day 11 May is National Twilight Zone Day is ready for the weekend (1 comments) 13 May is ational Archery Day (1 comments) 14 May is Mothers Day 15 May is Peace Officers Memorial Day 16 May is National Love a Tree Day 18 May is National Pack Rat Day 18 May is National Visit Your Relatives Day (1 comments) 19 May (3d Friday 9 in May) is NASCAR Day NASCAR Day - 19 May, 3d Friday in May 20 May is National Learn to Swim Day 21 May is National Waitstaff Day 22 May is National Musical Instruments Day (1 comments) 23 May is National Lucky Penny Day 24 May is Brother's Day 25 May isNational Wine Day 26 May is National Don't Fry Before Memorial Day 27 May is National Grape Popsicle Day 28 May is National Hamburger Day & National Brisket Day 29 May is Memorial Day 30 May is Loomis Day for one of the inventers of wireless telegraphs 31 May is National Autonomous Vehicle Day 1 June is National Say Something Nice Day 2 June is National Leave The Office Early Today 3 June is National Bubbly Day 4 June is National Old Maid's Day 5 June is National Gingerbread Day 6 June is National Drive-In Movie Day 7 June is National Boone Day 6 June is National Name Your Poison Day (1 comments) 9 June is National Donald Duck Day 10 June is National Herbs and Spices Day (1 comments) 11June is National Making Life Beautiful Day 12 June is National Loving Day 13 June is National Call Your Doctor Day 14 June is National Bourbon Day (1 comments) 15 June is Nature Photography Day (1 comments) 16 June is National Flip Flop Day Happy Father's Day and National Go Fishing Day. What a way to multitask, dad! 20 June is National American Eagle Day 21.June is Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere & National Selfie Day 22 June is National HVAC Tech Day (1 comments) 23 June is National Pink Day 24 June is National Swim a Lap Day 25 June is ational Catfish Day 26 June is National Beautician's Day 27 June is National Sunglasses Day (1 comments) National Insurance Awareness Day28 June is 29 June is National Camera Day 30 June is National Meteor Watch Day I finally put in the paperwork to start my retirement. My financial advisor said I have enough coming from retirement, social security, etc to be solvent. I'm nervous, but happy. (1 comments) 1 July is National US Postage Stamp Day & Postal Worker Day (1 comments) 2 July is I Forgot Day (2 comments) 3 July is National Barbecues Spareribs Day 4 July is USA Independence Day (2 comments) 5 July is National Bikini Day (1 comments) 6 July is National Fried Chicken Day 10 July is National Pina Colada Day 11 July is National Cheer Up the Lonely Day 12 July is National Different Colored Eyes Day (1 comments) 13 July is National Delaware Day 14 July is Collector Car Appreciation Day 21 July is National Junk Food Day. That's it, nothing more. 22 July is National Day of the Cowboy 23 July is National Parent's Day 24 July is National Tequila Day is : 25 July National Merry-Go-Round Day (1 comments) : 26 July is National Aunt and Uncle Day is tired - bad night in the Emergency Department - but everyone lived (2 comments) : 28 July is National Milk Chocolate Day : 29 July is National Lipstick Day (2 comments) : 30 July is National Cheesecake Day : 31 July is National Mutt Day : 1 August is National Girlfriends Day (1 comments) : 2 August is National Coloring Book Day : 3 August is National Watermelon Day : 4 August is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day (2 comments) : 5 August is National Underwear Day (1 comments) : 6 August is National Wiggle Your Toes Day (1 comments) : 7 August is National Lighthouse Day (2 comments) : 8 August is International Cat Day (2 comments) : 10 August is National Lazy Day (1 comments) 13 Augsut is Left-Handers Day 14 August is National V-J Day 15 August is National Relaxation Day : 16 August is National Roller Coaster Day : 16 August is NATIONAL TELL A JOKE DAY (1 comments) : 17 August isNational I Love My Feet Day (1 comments) :18 August is National Mail Order Catalog Day (1 comments) : 20 August is National Radio Day : 21 August - Solar Eclipse 2017 (1 comments) : 22 August is Be An Angel Day : 25 August is National Kiss and Make Up Day : 26 August is National Dog Day : 27 August is National Just Because Day :28 August is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day : 29 August is National Chop Suey Day (2 comments) : 30 August is National Toasted Marshmallow Day (2 comments) : 30 August is National Trail Mix Day : 1 September is NATIONAL NO RHYME (NOR REASON) DAY : 2 September is NATIONAL TAILGATING DAY : 3 September is U.S. BOWLING LEAGUE DAY The first Monday in September is Labor Day (1 comments) : 5 September is National Cheese Pizza Day : 6 September is National Read A Book Day : 7 September is National Beer Lover's Day & National Salami Day 8 September is Stand Up to Cancer Day i: 9 September s National Teddy Bear Day : 10 September is National Grandparent's Day (2 comments) : 11 September is PATRIOT DAY AND NATIONAL DAY OF SERVICE AND REMEMBRANCE DAY : 12 September is National Day of Encouragement Walked the pups 1.5 miles, then walked up to the State Fair (3 miles). Wandered the grounds checking it out - had my roasted ear of corn, an Indian fry bread taco, and sucked down nearly 2 quarts of "Just Squeezed" (it was hot out there). Whimped out & took the bus home for the last 2 miles. Just took the pups outside to potty - over 20k steps. I'm tired ... (1 comments) : 13 September is National Peanut Day 15 September is Greenpeace Day 16 September is Responsible Dog Ownership Day & Puppy Mill Awareness Day : 17 September is National Wife Appreciation Day : 19 September is Talk Like a Pirate Day (1 comments) : 20 September is National Punch Day 21 September is National New York Day (I'm not from New York) (1 comments) 23 September is National Singles Day : 27 September is National Women's Health and Fitness Day : 28 September is National Good Neighbor Day :29 September is National Coffee Day : 9/30/2017: National Chewing Gum Day :1 October is National Hair Day (1 comments) : 3 October is National Boyfriend Day (1 comments) : 4 October is National Vodka Day : 7 October is National Inner Beauty Day :10 October is National Handbag Day : 11 October is National Emergency Nurse Day 12 October is NATIONAL VERMONT DAY : 13 October is National No Bra Day - let freedom swing! : 14 October is National Motorcycle Ride Day (1 comments) : 16 October is National Boss's Day (1 comments) 21 October is National Reptile Awareness Day : 22 October is National Color Day 30 October is National Candy Corn Day : 31 October is Halloween : 1 November - feeling blah : 2 November is National Ohio Day & Broadcasr Traffic Professional's Day : 3 November is National Housewife’s Day : 4 November is National Candy Day : 5 November is Daylight Saving Day Ends (USA) : 6 November is National Saxophone Day : 7 November is Election Day :8 November is National Harvey Wallbanger Day : 9 November isNational Louisiana Day - what my ffriends from there say: : 9 November is National Louisiana Day - what my friends from there say: : 10 November is National Forget-Me-Not Day (1 comments) 11 November is Veterans Day (1 comments) I am a female Veteran, and I honor those who have served before me, with me, and now (1 comments) : 13 November is World Kindness Day : 14 November is International Girls Day : 15 November is National Philanthropy Day : 16 November is National Indiana Day : 17 November is National Take a Hike Day : 18 November is National Princess Day : 19 November is National Carbonated Beverage With Caffeine Day : 20 November is National Absurdity Day :21 November is World Hello Day (1 comments) : 22 November is National Jukebox Day 23 November 2017 isThanksgiving Day (1 comments) : 24 November is National Day of Listening : 25 November is Blase' Day 26 November is National Cookie &Cake Day (1 comments) : 27 November is
27 November is Pins and Needles Day (1 comments) 28 November is National Day of Giving : This 29th of November is Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting 30 November - I'm retiring today! I'm retiring today - 40 years a Federal Nurse (10 in the Army Nurse Corps; 30 as a civilian nurse) (1 comments) 2 December is SKYWARN Recognition Day i: 3 December is National Roof Over Your Head Day : 4 December is National Sock Day (1 comments) : 5 December is Bathtub Party Day 7 December is St. Nicholas Day 6 December is St. Nicholas Day The wind has kicked up & temps are dropping. Good thing I already walked the little dogs while the sun was up & winds were quieter! (1 comments) 7 December is National Illinois Day (1 comments) : 8 December is Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day (1 comments) Walked all 4 dogs over to the groomers - 20 minutes - dropped off the fluffies (Pom & Papillon). Walked the chihuahuas home - 25 minutes. When the fluffies were done, I walked back to ransom them, without the chihuahuas, & back with the fluffies. Credited the pups with 45 minutes, me with 90. Ummm, the fluffies smell so good now! (1 comments) 9 December is National Pastry Day : 10 December is Dewey Decimal System Day 11 December is National App Day (1 comments) 12 December is National Ding-A-Ling Day : 13 December is National Violin Day : 14 December is National Alabama Day : 15 December is National Ugly Sweater Day : 16 December is National Wreaths Across America Day 17 December is Wright Brothers Day (1 comments) : 18 December is Answer the Telephone Like Buddy the Elf (please don’t) : 19 December is National Oatmeal Muffin Day : 20 December is Mudd Day RIP Shalako, my princess 20 December 2017 (1 comments) 21 December 2017 is Winter Solstice -Yule Day : 22 December is Forefather’s Day :23 December is Festivus - a fake holiday against the commercialization of the holiday season! : 24 December is Christmas Eve : Christmas : 26 December is National Whiners Day : 27 December is National Fruitcake Day (1 comments) : 28 December is National Card Playing Day 28 December is Tick Tock Day : 30 December is Falling Needles Family Fest Day So, if to,or row is New Year’s Eve, is today New Year’s Adam? (1 comments) : 31 December is New Year’s Eve : 2 January is National Science Fiction Day (1 comments) : 3 January is National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day : 4 January is National Missouri Day 5 January is National Bird Day (2 comments) :6 January is National Technology Day : 7 January is National Bobblehead Day (1 comments) : 8 January is National Bubble Bath Day :9 January is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day Finally, after 96 days on no measurable precipitation, we have rain in Albuquerque, NM! Started very early this morning & predicted to go all day, off & on. We need the rain, but I need to walk the dogs sometime. The picture is not one of my pups, but it’s my older chihuahua’s attitude! :10 January is National Bittersweet Chocolate Day : 11 January is National Arkansas Day : 12 January is Kiss a Ginger Day : 13 January is 13 January is National Sticker Day & Rubber Ducky Day (1 comments) : 14 January is National Dress Up Your Pet Day : 15 January is National Hat Day : 16 January is National Nothing Day : 17 January is National Hot Buttered Rum Day - don’t think I’ve ever had one : 18 January is National Michigan Day (1 comments) : 19 January is National Popcorn Day : 20 January is National Disc Jockey Day : 21 January is Squirrel Appreciation Day : 22 January is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day : 23 January is National Handwriting Day (I said 24 January by mistake, oops) (1 comments) : 24 January is National Compliment Day :25 January is National Florida Day (1 comments) I got a new pup - Shiloh - 4 pound teacup chihuahua (2 comments) : 27 January is National Seed Swap Day :28 January is National Fun at Work Day : 29 January is National Puzzle Day Super Blue Blood Moon Tomorrow! A rare Super Blue Blood Moon starts about 0350 tomorrow morning - ends about 10 minutes before sunrise in New Mexico - check your local times! The last tiime this happened, 1866 : 31 January is National Backwards Day : 1 February is National Texas Day : 2 February is National Wear Red Day : 3 February is National Women Physicians Day : 4 February is National Homemade Soup Day 5 February is National Weatherperson’s Day : 6 February is National Lame Duck Day (Is it too soon to call 45 a lame duck?) (2 comments) : 7 February is National Send A Card To A Friend Day (2 comments) : 8 February is National Iowa Day Took the active walkers (Samurai & Sharona) on a 4 mile walk, carrying the little dog, Shiloh) in a purse. Left grumpy guys Spartacus @ home, as I have to carry him most of the way. Gives me a backache. Took the hilly route. :9 February is National Pizza Day : 10 February is National Umbrella Day (1 comments) : 11 February is National Make A Friend Day (1 comments) : 12 February is National Plum Pudding Day 13 February 2018 is Fat Tuesday (1 comments) : 14 February is Valentine‘s Day (1 comments) : 20 February is National Wisconsin Day (1 comments) : 16 February is National Caregivers Day :7 February is National Random Acts of Kindness Day (1 comments) : 18 February is National Drink Wine Day (1 comments) 19 February is President’s Day : 20 February is National Love Your Pet Day : 21 February is National Sticky Bun Day : 22 February is National California Day (1 comments) : 23 February is National Toast Day (1 comments) : 24 February is National Tortilla Chip Day :25 February is National Clam Chowder Day : 27 February is Spay Day USA : 28 February is National Floral Design Day : 3 March is National I Want You To Be Happy Day : 4 March is National Grammar Day (1 comments) : 5 March is National Cheese Doodle Day (1 comments) : 7 March is National Be Heard Day : 9 March is National Get Over It Day 11 March is the start of Daylight Saving Time (1 comments) : 12 March is National Napping Day I have a program on my Ionic FitBit watch. Between the hours of 10 am & 8 pm, it reminds me to get at least 250 steps. I’ve been doing this about 3 weeks now. Couple of days ago, I looked at my back door steps, and started throwing in step-ups on them every couple of hours. Also walk the dogs at least an hour a day. My legs are getting good workouts! Sharona graduated from beginner class 14 March 2018 (2 comments) i: 15 March s National Kansas Day : 16 March is National Everything You Do Is Right Day : 17 March is National Quilting Day (& St. Patrick’s Day, of course) :18 March is National Awkward Moments Day I’ve been hearing a woodpecker for about 2 weeks. Finally saw it a few days ago - in my tree out front. It was in my neighbor’s tree yesterday - sounds like it’s there again, but I can’t see it, darn it! This looks like the one I saw, although I couldn’t get a clear view of the top of its head. Boy? Girl? : 19 March is National Let’s Laugh Day (1 comments) : Today is National AG Day & the first day of spring (Northern Hemisphere) :21 March is National Countdown Day :22 March is National West Virginia Day (1 comments) : 23 March is National Puppy Day Tried Korean Yoga this week : 25 March is Waffle Day : 26 March is National Spinach Day 27 March is National Joe Day 28 March is Manatee Appreciation Day : 29 March is National Nevada Day : 30 March is National Virtual Vacation Day : 31 March is National Tater Day 1April is Easter & April Fool’s Day : 2 April is National Ferret Day : 3 April is Orldl Party Day 3 April is World Party Day : 4April is National Walking Day :5 April is National Nebraska Day : 6 April is National Sorry Charlie Day : 7 April is National Beer Day (1 comments) : 8 April is National Zoo Lovers Day (1 comments) i: 9 April s National Name Yourself Day : 10 April is National Encourage A Young Writer Day & Library Workers Day 11 April is National Eight Track Tape Day 12 April is National Colorado Day Today is Friday the 13th of April - National Blame Someone Else Day 14 April is National Ex-Spouse Day 15 April is National Titanic Remembrance Day (1 comments) 16 April is National Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day 17 April is National Haiku Poetry Day (1 comments) 18 April is National Lineman Appreciation Day 19 April is National North Dakota Day 20 April is National Look Alike Day 21 April is National Auctioneers Day 22 April is Earth Day 23 April is 23 April is National Take a Chance Day (1 comments) Does it count if my last meal didn’t stay down? 24 April is National Pigs-in-a-blanket Day 25 April is National Telephone Day (1 comments) 25 April is National South Dakota Day 27 April is National Day Of Silence (2 comments) 28 April is National Sense of Smell Day 29 April is National Peace Rose Day 30 April is National Hairstylist Appreciation Day 1 May is May Day 2 May is National Life Insurance Day 3 May is National Montana Day (1 comments) 4 May is National Space Day & Star Wars Day (1 comments) Anybody else wave at the sensors? 5 May is Join Hands Day (& Cinco de Mayo) 6 May is National Lemonade Day 7 May is National Paste Up Day (1 comments) 8 May is National Teacher Appreciation Day I’ve been taking yoga classes about a month now. Still working on flexibility I’ve been taking yoga classes about a month now. Still working on flexibility i9 May s National Receptionists Day 9 May is National Receptionists Day 10May is National Washington Day (1 comments) 11 May is National Eat What You Want Day 12 May is National Odometer Day 13 May is Mother’s Day Happy Mother’s Day to Mother’s of all kinds 14 May is National Buttermilk Biscuit Day 15 May is Peace Officers Memorial Day 16 May is National Sea Monkey Day 17 May is National Idaho Day (1 comments) 18 May is NASCAR Day 19 May is National Devil’s Food Cake Day (2 comments) 4 August National Coast Guard Day 2 August National Coloring Book Day (1 comments) 1 August National Girfriends Day (2 comments) 31 July - National Mutt Day (1 comments) 30 July - National Dance Day (& Cheesecake Day & Father-in-law Day) (1 comments) 29 July is Global Tiger Day 28 July 2016 National Refreshment Day - I like iced tea the best (2 comments) 27 July - National Scotch Day (the drink, but I don't care, I like this meme) 26 July - National Aunt & Uncle Day 25 July - National Merry Go Round Day (& Hot Fudge Sundae Day & Thread the Needle Day) (2 comments) 24 July - National Tequila Day (1 comments) 23 July, National Cowboy Day Republican National Convention - just saying (6 comments) 20 July National Lollipop Day Remember Telly Savalas as Kokak with the lollipop? (4 comments) Ready to report for jury duty Monday morning (3 comments) 16 July. Oh. woe is me. I have to report for jury duty Monday morning. Good thing I'm off that day. (4 comments) 14 July National Nude Day 13 July National French Fry Day (1 comments) 12 July National Different Colored Eyes Day 7/11 National 7-Eleven day and National Cheer Up the Lonely Day 10 July - National Pina Colada Day National Strawberry Sundae Day (2 comments) National Fried Chicken Day (2 comments) National Bikini Day Happy 4th of July (2 comments) National Eat Your Beans Day National Hop a Park Day National Postal Worker Day (1 comments) National Handshake Day (1 comments) National Camera Day National Insurance Awareness Day (Sadly, having TWO Death Stars blow up will guarantee your monthly premiums will go up" National Sunglasses Day (2 comments) National Beautician's Day (3 comments) NATIONAL TAKE YOUR DOG TO WORK DAY (1 comments) National Hydration Day NATIONAL DAYLIGHT APPRECIATION DAY First day of summer! A full moon, too! National American Eagle Day Happy Father's Day iNational Go Fishing Day NATIONAL FLIP FLOP DAY National Fudge Day NATIONAL SMILE POWER DAY National Pop Goes the Weasel Day National Weed Your Garden Day National Red Rose Day (1 comments) National Rose' Wine Day National Iced Tea Day National Earl Day (1 comments) Best Friends Day National Chocolate Ice Cream Day (1 comments) National Eyewear Day National Moonshine Day (1 comments) National Hug Your Cat Day (2 comments) National Repeat Day (1 comments) National Bubba Day (1 comments) National Go Barefoot Day National Speak in Compete Sentences Day (1 comments) Memorial Day (2 comments) National Hole in My Bucket Day National Hamburger Day National Heat Awareness Day (3 comments) Red Nose Day National Tap Dance Day National Escargot Day (1 comments) National Lucky Penny Day National Buy a Muscial Instrument Day National Buy a Musical Instrument Day is on vacation! (1 comments) National Bike to Work Day (2 comments) National May Ray Day National No Dirty Dishes Day National Pack Rat Day National Love a Tree Day National Peace Officers Memorial Day National Frog Jumping Day (2 comments) Third Shift Workers Day (1 comments) It's Fred Astaire's birthday (1 comments) National Muscoto Day (a type of wine grapes) it's Derby Day! Mother's Day National Train Day How I feel when I eat or drink anything. Yuck It's National Astronaut Day National Star Wars Day National Paranormal Day (3 comments) National Life Insurance Day National Law Day (1 comments) It's NATIONAL POOL OPENING DAY It's Arbor Day Thursday is NATIONAL TAKE OUR DAUGHTERS AND SONS TO WORK DAY Wednesday is National Babe Ruth Day Tuesday was National Kids and Pets Day It's National Telephone Day It's National Telephone Day It's National Pet Parents Day National Take a Chance Day! (1 comments) It's Earth Day! It's National Kindergarten Day - what did you learn as a kiddo? Sharing It's National Look Alike Day It's National Hanging Out Day It's National Lineman Appreciation Day It's National Bat Day (1 comments) It's National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day! Among other things, this is NATIONAL TITANIC REMEMBRANCE DAY (3 comments) It's National Ex Spouse Day - sent them an anti-love note! iIt's National Make Lunch Count Day It's National Big Wind Day! it's National Submarine Day - probably not this kind of sub (1 comments) i10 April is National Siblings Day (1 comments) It's National Name Yourself Day - pick a new nickname or fake name for today! It's National Zoo Lovers Day It's National No Housework Day - definitely one Imcan get behind! It's National Sorry Charlie Day - for everyone that ever had regrets (1 comments) It's National Read a Road Map Day (1 comments) National walk Around Things Day National Find a Rainbow Day (1 comments) National Love Our Children Day (2 comments) April Fools! (1 comments) National Tater Day, 31 March (1 comments) Today is National Doctors Day (1 comments) Computers crashed at work last night. Yikes! (1 comments) 26 March is National Spinach Day Today (25 March) is National Medal of Honor Day 24 March is National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day 23 March is National Puppy Day (1 comments) is goofing off First day of spring (3 comments) It's National Let's Laugh Day! (1 comments) National Awkward Moments Day, 18 March (2 comments) Happy St. Patrick's Day! (2 comments) 16 March: National Everything You Do Is Right Day. (1 comments) 16 March: National Everything You Do Is Right Day. 15 March: National Everything. You Think is Wrong Day. (1 comments) Did you change your clocks forward? (5 comments) 10 March is National Pack Your Lunch Day (2 comments) 9 March 2016 is National Get OverbIt Day 8 March 2016 is International Women's Day (3 comments) Sunday, 6 Mar was National Dentist Day. Today is National Cheese Doodle Day! (2 comments) Today is National Grammar Day (2 comments) Beautiful walk with the pups on a clear, warm afternoon. Birds singing - spring is coming (2 comments) Having myself a Fat-free (OK, low-fat) Tuesday (1 comments) Spartacus, the little weasel, decided he'll ride inside my jacket instead of walking. He predicts 7 more weeks of cold! (2 comments) Snowed this morning - had to take the trash & recyc out & got icy hands. Note to self: gloves! (1 comments) is feeling better, fingers crossed for sleep today & work tonight (3 comments) is having worsening belly pains - looked up appendicitis. - symptoms not right. Called off work today again. (8 comments) made cheeseballs for work - my first attempt! Eaten in 30 minutes - guess they liked it. (1 comments) Bad Mommy - I walked the pups after dark last night. Let them loose in the front yard, then let them in the house. Half hour later, I didn't see Spartacus. he was outside in the cold, just shivering! (4 comments) Bad Mommy - I walked the pups after dark last night. Let them loose in the front yard, then let them in the house. Half hour later, I didn't see Spartacus. he was outside in the cold, just shivering! (2 comments) is happy! It's my birthday, we're out of creamer for the coffee, so I went to the machines. Put in $2 and it kicked $1 back and a coin dollar - then gave me the coffee (6 comments) is feeling blah today. (1 comments) Walking pups - snow starting to stick - the little weasel is NOT happy. Carried him the first mile (1 comments) Walking pups - snow starting to stick - the little weasel is NOT happy. Carried him the first mile Took the pups on a 2.5 hour/5.2 mile walk - slower than usual as my hip is giving me problems. The weather was possibly one of the last good days. (3 comments) Happy, happy - took my black screen iPad to Apple Genius Bar - in the check in line, the tech fixed it! (2 comments) Welcome to my world - my schedule was changed a couple of weeks ago so that I had to work Halloween. Now, it's almost time to reset the lock from 0200 to 0100, & work computers are down. Sigh (2 comments) i'm bummed - broke a Kindle (out of warrenty), left the backup @ stor, iPad froze. Big electronics jinx this week! (4 comments) I took the pups to the Walmart/Petsmart strip mall in between rain storms - only, by the time I drove them over, it was pouring again. Getting them from the car to the overhang got me pretty wet. I took the pups to the Walmart/Petsmart strip mall in between rain storms - only, by the time I drove them over, it was pouring again. Getting them from the car to the overhang got me pretty wet. (3 comments) Oops! I put off walking the pups today until it cooled off - but now the skies are dark, thunder is rumbling, and I hear rain pattering (1 comments) Sick for the second day in a row. Bleh (2 comments) is hot sick for the second day. Yuck Spartacus thinks he's hiding (3 comments) Saw "The Martian" today. Great movie! (2 comments) The hot air balloon fiesta starts this weekend. Hope the weather holds. It's a beautiful sight to see them flying (1 comments) Can't prove it's fall by the weather here - we've hit 90F for the last 3 days, tying previous high records! (1 comments) The full moon on Sunday (27th) is the Harvest Moon, a super moon, and a lunar eclipse! (3 comments) Shopped at Sprouts, a new grocery store today. Stocked up on veggies an d fruits - now I have to to fix them! (1 comments) is going to the State Fair today (1 comments) NM State Fair parade was this morning. Had to go the long way around to get home in the morning, since I live on the route. We have scheduled computer server maintenance today - 12 hours! It's gonna be rough (1 comments) Grumpy dog, Earl, is a 5 month old puggle from Iowa. His owners say it's just his face - he's really a happy normal puppy! (2 comments) Yea! UPS dude came, package is off to Amazon for refund. (2 comments) had to call in for the first 4 hours of my night shift - nausea, cramping, no sleep - still feel like I'm half a step behind everyone else tonight. (1 comments) I get to attend 2 classes - 4 hours each on managing disruptive behavior. Sigh Scorpio the Cocoa Bean (1 comments) Shasta on laptop (3 comments) Sahara Snowball (AKA Harry Butt) (7 comments) (7 comments) Samurai, Spartacus & Shalako - challenging a big dog across the street! (7 comments) witchy woman kitty (3 comments) Samurai, Spartacus, & Shalako - My little warriors! (2 comments) My inner skinny kitty (16 comments) (3 comments) Samurai, Sahara, Shasta, Starkist & Shadowspawn in cat cage (2 comments) Driver's License Photo (8 comments) Samurai graduates from Intermediate Class 5/24/09 (2 comments) Shalako graduates from Intermediate Class 5/24/09 (4 comments) Shalako gets a lion cut 5/24/09 (2 comments) My name is Rocky Balboa (2 comments) Dr Kitteh Check my gunz (2 comments) Aqua Cat Tired pup (1 comments) Starkist & Sahara Snowball (4 comments) Shadowspawn (3 comments) (2 comments) This doesn't concern you (2 comments) Just a little nap after my workout (not my cat, just a cute picture) (17 comments) I got my cheese (2 comments) computer dog fan hound bad dog (2 comments) boxer or briefs? (4 comments) here kitty, kitty (1 comments) Lazy bones Pom-iac (4 comments) I need my coffee to wake up with! (Not my pup, just a cute pix) (4 comments) My new Pix 4/16/09 I look like a ghost! (1 comments) Me @ EPCOT 2005 (4 comments) Sir Marks & Scooby Boo (1 comments) Not my cat, but I had one like this (4 comments) Shalako & Samurai, my baby dogs (9 comments) Shasta says "Whatcha' lookin' at? (4 comments) Border Patrol (5 comments) Mexican Navy Seal (4 comments)

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