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walked 3k on a boardwalk through a bog, which was a change, and then rode a boat to see one of the purest lakes in the world. We're in Newfoundland. (3 comments) Here we are at the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond. (5 comments) & DH in front of a log cabin at the site of a Civil War battlefield in Petersburg, VA (3 comments) & DH & 48 others walked in Charlottesville, VA and through the campus of UVA. (6 comments) at the Liberty Bell, Philadelphia. (3 comments) I'm the one in the middle at Lions Park in Washington, MO April 1. We did a 10k. (5 comments) is posting a Halloween pic of her little dog, Alan. (3 comments) and sister reached the top of the Crazy Horse monument after 2 hours of arduous climbing. (2 comments) Puffins! I went crazy taking their pics...had to zoom in. (2 comments) Icelandic horses are a unique pretty! (3 comments) Covered with black sand, one step up the side of the crater and half a step sliding down! (2 comments) All set to whale watch. We did see humpback whales and dolphins. (2 comments) Gullfoss waterfall is said to be the most spectacular in Iceland. (6 comments) Here I am sitting on the edge of the rift in between North America and Europe. (3 comments) The stainless steel "Sun Voyager" in Reykjavik, Iceland harbor (4 comments) Me and Gordon after climbing to the top of Diamond Head in Honolulu, Hawaii last month. (4 comments) day 1000 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 2/10/2016 (1 comments) This is the shark cocoon blanket I crocheted for our 8 yo grandson for Christmas. (1 comments) Some beautiful lakes in Scotland. July 2015 (1 comments) A traffic sign for a sheep crossing! England, July 2015 (1 comments) Gordon and I and Mt. St. Helens, June 20, 2015 (1 comments) Alan resting after a walk, November 2014 (3 comments) DeAnne and Gordon, Empire State Building, October 2014 (4 comments) I'm on the glass Skydeck Ledge of Willis Tower in Chicago. (5 comments) Me and our two young'uns, Angel (bottom) and Alan (top) (3 comments) Castlewood Creek Hike with new dog Alan and six others. That's how you stay cool in the summer. (3 comments) Alan (3 comments) (1 comments) Just our footprints, but look how far we walked! (3 comments) (3 comments) Merry Christmas from Angel! (1 comments) I'm on the Al Foster Trail with my dog Angel. It's so pretty out there. 12/12/13 (2 comments) I'm with Angel and 12 other dogs and their people at Castlewood Park, November 16, 2013. (4 comments) Here we are at the Continental Divide, Colorado, July 2013 Gordon and me, Canyonlands National Park, Utah, July 2013 (4 comments) Angel is laughing! (3 comments) Our grandsons, December 2012 (1 comments) DeAnne (at right) and sisters with Mom on her 90th birthday, August 2012 (4 comments) Grandson blowing out candles for 5th birthday, August 2012 (3 comments) 21-mile March to the Arch 9/11/2012 (3 comments) Our 25th anniversary photo (3 comments) Gordon and me on a Volksmarch, May 2012 (3 comments) Gordon and DeAnne, August 2011 (1 comments) Painting panels for the house we built in Guatemala, March 2011 (1 comments) Our grandsons, Christmas 2010 (2 comments) Christmas 2010 (1 comments) My husband, Gordon, with our dog, November 2010 Our dog, Angel, resting. (Yes, she's spoiled!) (4 comments) My sisters and mother, October 2010 March to the Arch in 2010, a 21-mile walk to remember 9/11 (2 comments)

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