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My hubby, boys and dog walking along Myrtle Beach in SC (1 comments) Sunrise on a cloudy morning (1 comments) (1 comments) Boys will be boys ... (2 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) The first peek of the sun (1 comments) (1 comments) Enjoyed hiking the trails at Myrtle Beach, too (2 comments) (1 comments) Me and Daphne, showing off her pup pack. She carried her own water, poop bags and treats! (2 comments) Hubby and pup taking a break (2 comments) (1 comments) My dog watching the sunrise! (4 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) My dog did yoga with me today. (1 comments) Is catching some sunshine and flowers on my lunch break. Needed fresh air! Had a great 12 mile jog today. Sunny and 70! (1 comments) Somehow lost today's blog. Ah, well, you can all easily live without it. I'm going to bed.😊 Broke today's 10 mile jog into two 5s with a 10 minute break between. Hot again! And chased this rabbit of the trail but took his photo first cause he sat there as if he wanted me to. (1 comments) Enjoyed my 5k Turkey Trot this morning. This guy meet me at the finish line. Ho ho ho. Completed an 11 mile trail race today. Lots of hills and suddenly very cold, but I still had a good time. Fun to get of pavement and into the woods! (1 comments) Completed my last run for the year this morning. 666.75 miles in 2015! (2 comments) Had a great 10 mile run at the park. As you can see, no picnickers today! (1 comments) Had to brush off the most beautiful snowflakes I've ever seen from my car. so huge and wet, I could see the structure of individual flakes! Not sure it will spew on this pic .. (1 comments) Is off to my (almost) St Patty ' s Day run! Is getting wet, but getting my run done outdoors is worth it. (3 comments) Thinks that you should get extra calories for walking 2.5 miles per hour if you are tugging back and forth with two large dogs. Yes? Beautiful afternoon for a walk on a woods and meadow path. (2 comments) Is going to hear my hubby's band play tonight, along with both sons plus girlfriends, and a few friends from work. Maybe burn some calories dancing. :-) (1 comments) Put together this awesome outfit for my 13 mile race today. Sorry to everyone who goes by (which is everyone; it's an out-and-back). Turned chilly today, so is about layers that work, not color matching. ;-) Purple, pink, orange, red, gray, black (1 comments) Tried to grab a quick walk with the dogs while the sun was out. Started raining and we said, oh well, then it changed to sleet and the dogs sprinted back to the car. Dusty was annoyed over getting pelted with sleet, drenched and the short walk. (1 comments) Liked the sign I saw at a local hiking area: "Forget the box. Think outside. " My dogs were thinking about a forest chase! Lol. (1 comments) Got sleet and rain in the face at the Pink Run 4 mile run for breast cancer research this morning. But the swag head/neck scarf cake in handy, and the cool temp sure helped my pace. :-) Got sleet and rain in the face this morning at the 4 mile Pink Run for breast cancer research. But the swag head/neck scarf came in handy, and the cool temp helped my pace. (3 comments) Says thanks to Taichidancer for inspiring me to do stairs last week. Sure helped on this hilly trail run. It was 23 "floors" by my watch, and I made it all the way through these vineyard switchbacks at the end. Wine slushy at the finish line. ;-) (2 comments) Git both my sons to walk the K9 Klassic 5k this weekend with our two dogs. Fun! The dogs seemed proud of the bandanas and Frisbees (also made handy water dishes), which they got for completing the course. (1 comments) Git both my sons to walk the K9 Klassic 5k this weekend with our two dogs. Fun! The dogs seemed proud of the bandanas and Frisbees (also made handy water dishes), which they got for completing the course. Git both my sons to walk the K9 Klassic 5k this weekend with our two dogs. Fun! The dogs seemed proud of the bandanas and Frisbees (also made handy water dishes), which they got for completing the course. Got both my sons to walk the K9 Klassic 5k this weekend with our two dogs. Fun! The dogs seemed proud of the bandanas and Frisbees (also made handy water dishes), which they got for completing the course. Got both my sons to walk the K9 Klassic 5k this weekend with our two dogs. Fun! The dogs seemed proud of the bandanas and Frisbees (also made handy water dishes), which they got for completing the course. (1 comments) Had fun taking the dogs to a puppy pool party at the Y today! They're closing for the season so they didn't mind it getting furry :-) (1 comments) Had a beautiful moonlight run this morning. Got to hear my hubby play trumpet (and sing) with his band last night :-) (1 comments) Finished my 5k Turkey Trot and met Santa at the finish line. Officially holiday season! Now on to turkey cooking ... Got the dogs in for check ups and immunizations, the car in for service, and myself in for haircut with a side of relaxation to go. Yay! (3 comments) Took a two hour morning walk with hubby and dogs. They found a tennis ball on the way. Sweet bonus! (1 comments) (1 comments) Spent New Year's morning updating my Spark Page in prep for the 5% challenge. My picture is no longer my black and furry friend (although my dogs, now 2, are great workout partners!) (1 comments) Is dragging myself away from pup snuggles to get out the door for a run. (1 comments) Was doing a meditative yoga recording. My dog is participating in the deep relaxation. (1 comments) Earned top points for my WRJG 5% team by walking my two team mascots at the nearby County Park, and drinking my 64 oz of water (Was there a rule that team members have to be human? :-) Found the end of the rainbow at yesterday's post 5k river greening (a plant based dye, so it doesn't harm the river, which is normally ugly brown). Too chilly to dive in for the pot of gold, though. (2 comments) Went for a run this afternoon and returned home to find these delivered to my doorstep. Yay! (2 comments) Made a delicious bowl of oatmeal post morning dog walk and pre early afternoon 5k race. Roast going in the crockpot so dinner will be ready when I get home later. (1 comments) Burned a lot of calories today walking and jogging, and met this guy crossing the trail (2 comments) Thinks these mini pizxas on whole wheat naan are super easy and so yummy! Marinara sauce with pesto, then top with whatever you want. (1 comments) Soaked up some sunshine while kayaking with my son today. (1 comments) Had a nice early am walk with hubby and dogs, then got lots done around the house. Took a patriotic photo on our walk on honor of those who have served. (2 comments) Noticed that Father's Day cookouts are healthier since the kids are grown (18 and 22). This is why my husband and I have both been successful losing weight. Almost empty-nesters :-) (2 comments) He's making it hard for me to get out for my morning pre-work exercise ... (2 comments) loves having breakfast for dinner. Fast and yummy! Watched the sunrise while on a beautiful, long walk with hubby and dogs this morning. (1 comments) Did a 4 mile jog, and amazing given the look of that sky, did not get rained upon. My shirt got plenty damp from the inside, though. 😅 (1 comments) Moved my son into his first non-dorm pad (house with roommate). He set up his music studio with creative decorating skills. Surprised and impressed! :-) (2 comments) Had a fun time with my pups at the Y doggie dip, before they closed the pool for the season. (1 comments) Slept in this morning, walked the dogs in an animal care and control fundraiser, ran 3 miles, cooked a big pot of Momma' s Red Beans and Rice for dinner, and read a book. A Sunday well spent! (1 comments) Took a lovely fall afternoon walk with my furry exercise partners. (2 comments) Did a trail run near my home, then walked a bit and found a quiet meadow path to sit, stretch and meditate. So relaxing! (2 comments) Got this photo back from last weekend's half marathon. I sure look happy to be hitting the finish line! (2 comments) Finally got around to buying the book: The Beck Diet Solution. On to maintenance :-) (1 comments) Enjoyed a beautiful fall trail run today. Peaceful and pretty! (1 comments) Ran a 16 mile (longest ever) trail race today, even got 2nd in my old lady age division, and yet my Garmin keeps saying MOVE! So mean ... (5 comments) is loving Fall trail running. So pretty out there! (1 comments) Enjoyed a beautiful walk with the dogs! (2 comments) Completed my last race of the year required to be an Iron Runner (participated in all the local running clubs' races for the year). It was a bit wet and muddy! (2 comments) Is feeling thankful. Done with my Turkey Trot, and now on to cooking, then eating, and eventually cleaning up. (1 comments) Enjoyed a run during the first "real" snow of the year. Like running inside a snow globe! Cool snowflakes on sweaty face. Very festive! (2 comments) Did a snowy 11 mile trail race yesterday. Tough, but so pretty! This afternoon I'm headed to New Year's Eve yoga. (2 comments) Waited until the temp climbed to 0 degrees to get out for a run today. :-) But it felt good to get out in the sunshine and I actually think I wore one too many layers! (2 comments) Out for a little fun run in the sun today! Haha. 1 degree is beginning to feel warm. That's messed up. The run felt good though--needed out after a rough work week. (1 comments) Took a beautiful long run on the bike trail today! (1 comments) Tried a new recipe tonight. Yum! Did a very muddy half marathon yesterday. Not so much running, but it was fun. (1 comments) Had a great run in the sun on Sunday. Long trail run, part with a friend and part on my own. So beautiful and so peaceful. Ran a really windy 20k yesterday. Felt so slow pushing against that wind! But for today, planning an easy-going sunny trail run with a friend. Adding on the miles lately, and so far, it feels good! (1 comments) Had beautiful, long trail run today! Broke my dog"s heart when I told him a swim wasn't part of the walking plan. ;-) (1 comments) Had a beautiful long run on the bike trails. 23 miles! (1 comments) This is a Seattle vacation photo from a few years ago ... looking at still helps me relax! (1 comments) Spend Saturdays in the fall watching my son in marching band. (2 comments) Sunset on the Great Lake! (2 comments) My boys and dog romping in Lake Erie on a camp out. Ideal summer fun! (1 comments) Loyal workout partner! (3 comments) A pretty snowy scene along my hiking route (1 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) My dog sprints while I hike ... (1 comments) ... and has the shapely legs and butt to show for it (2 comments) Beautiful fall color (1 comments)

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