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Head shot. (1 comments) Modeling lesson number 1: the S shape Editorial costume-y-ness Taking a swig of water. Yay bikini shot! (2 comments) Strength training is paying off! I love this shot that hubby randomly snapped! (2 comments) My loving husband and me at the last dinner of our 3 1/2-year-late honeymoon! (1 comments) Waiting for a dinner table, and hubby snapped this photo. Hey, that's me playing at a change-of-command! (3 comments) I'm in the middle! Yay! (1 comments) Hopped into the car in my dress blues! (5 comments) Getting my letter of commendation from the Master Chief (4 comments) More award reading (1 comments) Me and my family! (3 comments) Being announced as the Navy League Award winner at graduation! (2 comments) Kinda liking the new haircut! (1 comments) No she didn't! Oh yes... she did. (4 comments) Hubby and I had tickets to the Browns vs. Panthers game. We won! Barely! (5 comments) Yep, I need to make friends with more photographers. Love this picture! (2 comments) A brighter picture of the two of us. My friend and me outside the Metropolitan Opera in NYC. Cheesy Christmas kissy. Cheesy Christmas portrait with funky colors! :-) (2 comments) Cheesy Christmas portrait number 3. (2 comments) Cheesy Christmas portrait number 2. Cheesy Christmas portrait number 1... more to come! (1 comments) I'm told that the contra-bass clarinetist and I won the "Fierce" award. I'm honored! The fall 2009 Wind Symphony clarinet section. I'm the raging blonde. :-) That's me on the far left with the much blonder hair. i love it! The clarinet section with our director just after an awesome concert! (1 comments) Backstage at the WASBE convention before our performance. (1 comments) That's my brother. He looks like he's lecturing hubby, even though he's not! We made these centerpieces for less than $10 a piece! (3 comments) Okay, I had to include this one because it shows off my butt -- I worked hard for it! (4 comments) Me and the most beautiful trio of bridesmaids ever! (2 comments) Me and my sister-in-law. (1 comments) My soon-to-be-SIL turned around and snapped this one. I'm glad she did! (2 comments) Another happy wedding photo! (2 comments) Okay, I just like this one. (1 comments) Happy wedding pic. (4 comments) Me and my hubby at the local "English pub." At least that's what it tries to be. (3 comments) I heart bass clarinet. At least on some days... (1 comments) About to find how how incapable I am of driving the Dodge Charger. (1 comments)

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