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Four months’ difference. August 2017 on left (185 lbs); December 2017 on right (160 lbs). I can really see the progress now, especially in my hips and thighs. Still have a way to go, and I’m gonna keep on! Dear self: you may feel like your weight loss is stalling, but your weigh-in calendar tells a different story. You lost over four pounds in January. Stop whining and celebrate the slow-and-steady progress you’re making! Woo-hoo!! Fifty down, thirty to go. Okay, maybe I shoulda taken an “after” picture with my hair straightened and wearing makeup, but whatever. Being polished isn’t the point. The slimming of my face and neck is the point. And the reemergence of collarbones! Before picture taken 17 June 2017; after picture taken a day ago, 19 March 2018. Still have a ways to go, but I’m going in the right direction. 55 pounds down today! The pier at my local beach, photographed at sunset. Saw this feathered flock on my walk-run this morning. 🦆 A flowering bush in our backyard. It looked so cheerful that I wanted to share! I ran for 1.5 miles (2.41 km) nonstop today! I’m working up slowly but surely. March 1999. I'm the one in pink and white. THIS is my heaviest. Baby is the bride's. Me in July 2001. Not quite as large as in 1999, but still... Me around my tiniest, in October 2002. April 2003; I can't believe I felt "fat" that day. My mom and I in January 2005. How I looked when I joined SP in July 2007. Me in December 2008. I was a lot heftier than I had been 15 months prior. Me in May 2009, at my graduation for my Associate's. Me, on my 34th birthday (June 2012). August 2012. Roughly 30 pounds lost over five months. (1 comments) 29 September 2012. Just playing around with some costume jewelry. Left: 21 March 2012. Center: 04 August 2012. Right: 17 November 2012. (1 comments) Me in November 2012. February 2013. Got a new haircut and some highlights. May 2013. In a changing room at a fashion store. This dress is size XS. (1 comments) Me in May 2013. From October/November 2014. I was regaining weight. (I made the scarf, though.) From December 2016. Good lighting and camera angle.

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