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says: It's not very romantic, but the boyfriend knows what I need. (2 comments) says: Don't get fooled today. (4 comments) says: I came in 7th in my age group!! I'm elated!!!! (5 comments) Pre-race photo (note my nervous smile). (3 comments) says: I chose the balance ball chair before my boss could decide what kind of furniture to get. He says my chair looks pregnant :) (4 comments) ***sigh*** (4 comments) says: Yup! (5 comments) says: Thanks for the reminder health insurance. (4 comments) (10 comments) says: 91 in November is wrong, even in sunny Southern California. (7 comments) says: Happy Sunday. (3 comments) says: My new yoga mat is on its way to me. (3 comments) says: I spend the afternoon putting together 'Love Bugs' for my nephews' 1st grade class...I don't even like Valentine's Day! (8 comments) says: So this happen today. (3 comments) first day of PT tomorrow. (2 comments) says: Let them eat cake? Turning thirty-something-or-other today. (3 comments) is bleh says: It’s gonna be... says: Tough week... (1 comments) says: Done (1 comments) says: Rest days count, too. didn’t end up walking, but I still got the swag. (1 comments) says: It SO was. (2 comments) Newest hat and glasses (4 comments) says: 80 degree weather on Thanksgiving Day?! Only in Southern California! (5 comments) says: My sister gives the worst gifts. Hashtag I’m not wearing that! (2 comments) says: Merry Christmas. says: Ready or not, it’s 2018! (1 comments) says: A Barbie approved pink drink. (1 comments) says: On top of working insane hours this week I have this to deal with, too. (2 comments) says: Oh to be 8 1/2 again, when things like this were the highlight of the day! Happy half birthday to my nephew. (1 comments) says: says: Monday, Monday... says: When you think you you’ve seen it all... (1 comments) is just saying: (1 comments) is (2 comments) says: If I ever need proof that I was once VERY active, it would come in the form of a stack of size small capri pants. (21 pairs, 12 in black) (1 comments) (2 comments) A pix of my long gone youth, college graduation. I had braces!! (6 comments) My first running hat! (11 comments) A pix of my long gone youth, college graduation. I had braces! (1 comments) (2 comments) My new cut! (9 comments) My new glasses! (10 comments) Why, yes! That IS my Spark Activity Tracker! (11 comments) 5th Annual 29th Birthday (15 comments) says: Happy last day of September, make it count! (4 comments) (3 comments) the 2010 me (2 comments) the 2012 me (4 comments) (5 comments)

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