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Me and our vicious guard dog!!! (3 comments) Is that a tricep I see? He has conquered this dune today... Tomorrow... the world!!! (3 comments) He used to fit on my forearm....sniff (1 comments) Our KILLER... HIGHLY TRAINED TO NIP THE ANKLES OF ANY TRANSGRESSOR!!!! (4 comments) My three boys...ready for the Gator Game (2 comments) My 4 year old and I after a 8 mile hike. I carried him more than 2/3rds the way. Second camping trip (3 comments) After a long day of camping, hiking, fishing and sailing. Little sun burnt. 251 in this shot!!! (2 comments) My oldest and me fishing. (1 comments) Puppets in a puppet show. LOL!!!! (1 comments) Riding the bull!!! Looked a lot more exciting in real life. LOL!!! (1 comments) Look at my handsome man!! I just wanna chew on his cheeks. LOL!!! See his vampire teeth? (5 comments) Warning!!! Gratituitous nude K9 scene. Such a little tramp!!! (2 comments) ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!! can you guess who he is rooting for? (1 comments) I cannot wait to show these to their future girlfriends and wives. (5 comments) Zak enjoying a little motor cross. He is scary good on that thing. (1 comments) He is going to have to beat the women off with a stick. (1 comments) My main man rocking his first three mile race!!! Go ZAK!!! (1 comments) My biggest fan. Although he may have been there just for the pizza and bounce house. LOL!! (2 comments) Zak and me after our first run. He is looking a little psycho there. LOL!!! (4 comments) Jonah and me at his 5th birthday. I'm at 236lbs here. (2 comments) closer to 350 than 300 in this pic. Hard to believe that is me. (2 comments) Amazing what losing 120+ pounds can do for your profile. LOL (1 comments) Jonah's reaction to his first Monster Truck Rally. (2 comments) Does this bar make me look tall? Me at 277lbs. I am half way there!!!! (5 comments) Jonah doing his Steve Erkyl Impression!!! Love the missing 4 front teeth. (4 comments) The boys and hannah. Zak(left) Tebow (the furry one), Jonah (peace brotha!!!) and Hannah (Neighbor) (1 comments) Jonah in the Pool. (1 comments) Another cool underwater pic! Zak and My nephew Kenny in the pool. I love this new camera!!! (2 comments) Zak in the pool BUBBLES!!!!! (4 comments) The swamp thang!!! advanced pushups. LOL!!! (3 comments) (8 comments) Modified Bench Press. I call it Child press. (1 comments) This is his new upperbody workout. Called a thumb lift. (1 comments) This is my at 271 (ish)...50+ pounds down. I need new clothes!!!! (6 comments)

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