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288-288-288-288!!!! FINALLY I BROKE THE 290's PLATEAU!!! I was starting to think I was STUCK FOREVER! I'm coming for that STEAK DINNER Hillbilly! LOL (4 comments) did our 1st 5K with my grandkids as well as the rest of my entire family on Thanksgiving morning. Out of 40 in my age group I finished 24th. Something to build on there. I promise to do better soon. (10 comments) TURKEY DAY leftovers mostly gone. In 5 days I've LOST the weight I gained from the food & celebration. 285# Lowest since I started. 4 people commented on my weight today. HAPPY DANCE HAPPY DAY! (2 comments) I LOVE the ‘F’ word….....………. It’s FRIDAY! I LOVE the 'F' word............................ It's FRIDAY!!! (1 comments) Happy Monday! For a few weeks now I've been gaining and losing the same few pounds. TODAY I ventured into new territory. Down to 282 & change. GREAT DAY! Finally! (5 comments) Merry Christmas to all my friends and family. My SP family, FB family and my SWCS family. You're ALL a blessing to me. TODAY I am 281. I will TRY my BEST to report to a 270+something after Christmas. (4 comments) It is a VERY Merry Christmas in my house today. Just 6 mos. ago I was 350 pounds. This morning I broke into a lesser decade of numbers at 279.5. I pray for a MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL and THANK YOU. (3 comments) is back in state. Been without computer, scale, facebook. I had forgotten what the good life was like without these. Now I'M BACK! Hope all has a GREAT YEAR AHEAD! Lot's of MILES to go! (1 comments) Pretty sick puppy lately. Weighed myself 2X since 2-12 when It was 281. Last Friday was 273 and TODAY it's 269.9. Thanks to a strain of flu not affected by my annual flu shot. WHATS UP WITH THAT???? (7 comments) is changing shape for sure. I haven't been able to wrap my Masonic apron strings around and tie it in the front for years. AWSOME FEELING! (7 comments) This is Patriot Rock in Iowa. I plan to re-visit and do the same pic as a skinnier me. (1 comments) I added this pic just because I liked it. (3 comments) Freedom of the open road is a rewarding feeling. My family. They're my inspiration for getting healthier. Yeah........ I'm the BIG guy in the middle. ?Someplace? in central Wyoming. It's a great feeling being on a bike with no time schedule to keep!! (2 comments) Wyoming Street Gangs.................... can be hazardous to your health! My "BEFORE" VIRTUAL MODEL. Actually WAY more flattering than real life My "AFTER" VIRTUAL MODEL Definately a "HIGHWAY TO HELL" for me. I never want to travel this "Heavyweight" road again. City bench in Montpelier, Idaho. I really loved this town. Great place to visit. I will do it again. My Bride and our sons in Colorado July 2007. (1 comments) My Concept2 Model B Rowing Machine This was a really motivatng milestone. The BIG 30 put me within 5lbs.of my intermediate goal of 299. GOODBYE!!! 50 POUNDS day 6 of my streak for "Track food or water" earned 7/8/2015 day 25 of my streak for "Log in to SparkPeople every day" earned 7/26/2015 day 25 of my streak for "Log in to SparkPeople every day" earned 7/26/2015 is relaxing. Ankles hurt. Been on my feet all day. Got my car ready for the car show tomorrow. (2 comments) February 2012 in Hawaii. 350 pounds. Hawaii Feb. 2012. Me on the left and my sons enjoying the evening at "Dukes". Me and my sweety 2010 My brother and I at the car show. I'm on the left. Some of my honeybees. My 1941 all original Chevy Coupe YAY! 8-29-2015 DOWN FROM 350 pounds! HAPPY DAY, HAPPY DAY! (3 comments) My tracker calendar says I should be down to 328 pounds TOMORROW. However TODAY I was down to 315.8. Working hard, eating right. YAY FOR ME AND THANK YOU TO ALL MY FRIENDS FOR KEEPING ME ACCOUNTABLE! (8 comments) is doing GREAT! For several days I've been at 314.8. Today I was 313.6. SUPER!!! ALSO I had a meeting this morning. 2 boxes of delicious BAKERY DONUTS. I had a glass of OJ and NONE of the donuts! (5 comments) On Saturday I weighed in at 313.8. Today, Wednesday I weighed in at 311 even. Trying to hit 309 before anymore scale pictures. BUT meanwhile I had a good time at the Johnstown car show this weekend. (4 comments) Happy I made it to the 3-0-single digits. 309 EVEN finally! (5 comments) is 305! Big convention out of town this weekend with banquets and tons of food & lots of friends. Still went down 2 whole pounds. Hotel had a gym. I'm a HAPPY MAN today! (3 comments) is so close to the 200s. 305 on Monday, 302 this morning. I WILL do it! THIS WEEK I WILL DO IT! I will go below 300 pounds for good! (4 comments) Didn't make it to 299 today but the Screamer (scale) is heading in the right direction. Lower than yesterday but not where my short goal was but then my goal day is Sunday. Should make 299 by then OK. (2 comments) After getting a NASTY CRAPPY COLD this week started to think I wouldn't reach my goal on the right day. This A.M. it arrived unceremoniously. STILL feel like CRAP. Want to return bed! YUCKY winner! (6 comments) is starting to feel a little better. Sat around all day in sweats and drank tea. Total calories for the day is 892. Much less than normal. BUT THE CLEVELAND BROWNS WON TODAY!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! (1 comments) 11 days out of school, cocky,long hair,ripe young age of 19. This was the scariest thing in my life. (2 comments)

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