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See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerGot my workout in this morning while Liam was down for his nap. Miles clapped along to part of it. Feels good to get it done early in the day.See this image largerBreakfast! Need that protein! Yesterday was leg day. Still feeling it today.See this image largerI set goals on Saturday. 1. Burn 3,000 calories exercising over remaining 10 days in the month; (300/day is so doable!) 2. Do three different exercises a day. This actually translates to a minimum of 100 calories burned per exercise three times a day. July 31, I will evaluate progress and up my daily calorie goals, keeping the 3/day. What are your goals? How are you finishing July strong?See this image largerStay strong. Keep pushing. Falling is not failure; failure is stopping.💕See this image largerClosest I come to the right macros: this is my on-the-go, chocolate fruit protein milkshake reward for getting two boys under three ready and to daycare and myself to work breakfast. Lol 268 calories of yummy.See this image largerLooking for some mommynfriends who are also on a weight loss/fitness journey. #friendfinder I have two boys, oldest will be three end of October and my "baby" turned one in April. I'm planning a loss of 32-37 pounds. Down a couple already after recommitting as I let life get the best of me. Friend me up and comment so I can friend/follow you too! :)See this image largerSummer fun! 80+ today. #healthymomsSee this image largerConvinced hubby to go for a walk. He pushed the stroller (50+pounds in kids alone) half way and I did the rest.. Including a long hill! Calories burned don't include pushing the stroller.See this image largerWhew! Hubby pulled the trailer with the boys. I cheated and walked up one hill. Good ride though!See this image larger#progress I'm staying on track!

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