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See this image largerChristmas 2011(2 comments)See this image largerMe at 210 lbs(2 comments)See this image largerSide view of me at 210 lbsSee this image largerI thought 210 was bad! Here's 265lbs front and side view(1 comments)See this image largerNew Year's 2016(1 comments)See this image largerLook at the beauty that is rolling this way!!(2 comments)See this image largerBaked salmon and broccoli for lunch!(1 comments)See this image largerColorful lunch today! Going back to low carb after a week of being sick and eating junk. Its a good day!See this image largerBlack bean burger with white cheddar, cucumbers and hummus, cantaloupe, and cuties for lunch. Idk if I'll be able to finish it all!See this image largerMade my spaghetti sauce yesterday. All portioned out and ready for the freezer!See this image largerAwake before the sunrise this morning :D Not ready to crawl out of bed yet, however.See this image largerBreakfast! Mmm 2 egg and feta omelette, cuties, and the last of the blackberries in my fridge.See this image larger... And this is what i get for trying to wash my car! lmao. If I'm not laughing at myself i would crySee this image largerAs the sun sets on another beautiful day I am wishing everyonea wonderful night!See this image largerYes I am. So are all of you too!See this image largerYum!See this image largerJust about 10 lbs lost this week! I don't expect this to be normal though. Due to a tooth infection I haven't really been able to eat anything. At least something positive came out of the pain. As always, I'm staying positive and trying to look at the bright side.See this image largerI think kickboxing nearly killed me tonight! #SoWorthIt!See this image largerPerfect for how I feel latelySee this image largerDoes anyone know what this thing is? It came in my Bountiful Basket contribution and I have no clue what to do with it because I can't figure out what it is.See this image larger3rd week of kickboxing. I can definitely feel the improvementfrom my first class 😀See this image largerParty Zumba!!! 1st time this in nearly 10 years!See this image largerDrenched in sweat after Zumba. After tracking I was surprised that it burns fewer calories than kickboxing. I felt like it was way more challenging and I sweat a whole lot more! Added this class after 3 weeks of going to kickboxing consistently.See this image largerGrilled chicken and veggies (steamed on the grill in foil packets). With sour cream and a bit of cajun seasoning.See this image largerHomemade spicy black bean soup with 1/4 of an avocado and 1 tbsp sour cream. Only 322 calories and packed full of nutrition.See this image largerHaven't decided on dinner yet, but I think I'm doing ok todaySee this image largerWhen you are ready for Zumba class... Sit there for a few mins... And then realize you are 30 mins early... Lol. Looks like I'll spend some time on the recumbent bike before class. May as well make good use of my timeSee this image largerDinner tonight: Spicy black bean burger with white cheddar (1oz) Banana 1/2 roma tomato Summer slaw 343 calories!See this image largerYes!See this image largerI stepped on the scale this morning out of curiosity and found that I have lost almost 3 lbs!! Back under 250 @ 248.2 lbs!! That's a total of 17 lbs lost. It's taken me nearly a year, with several setbacks in between. I had hoped to be much closer to my goal, but things happen and all I can do is move forward and be the best I can be!See this image largerSee this image largerI did it! I got up and went walking early this morning. It was 40 degrees out, but I don't regret a single min. I set a timer for 45 mins and then turned around and came home.See this image largerNearly 1/2 way through my walk this morning. Slower pace than yesterday caddycausemy legs are sore. But I'm not giving up!See this image largerDay 2 of early morning walking. Not a bad start to the day!See this image largerDay 4 since i got serious again, day 3 of walking. Yesterday was a rest day because my legs were killing me! I love early morning, especially since its starting to get warmer.See this image largerGreeting the sun this fine morning!See this image largerGot my steps in by 7am. Also had a 3lb drop in the scale this am! Finally I'm feeling like something is happening.See this image largerAnother beautiful morning walk. Beautiful but cold!See this image largerLeft later than usual this morning, so had to cut my walk a little shorter than usual. It was a balmy 38° with a slight wind that made it feel around 35°. My daughter wanted to go with me, so I woke her up at 5am. About 20 mins in she said, "Never again!" I am setting a mid-long term goal today. I have decided that I want to reach 220 lbs by my birthday (Aug, 25) this year. That makes a total of about 30 lbs to lose in 6 months. I can do this!See this image largerWalk was a few hrs later than usual, but the weather is gorgeous! Went all the way to the grocery store this time! Picked up some grapefruit juice (I actually like it). I feel like my outlook is very positive over the past week. My walking time is when I get my creative brain power working overtime. I think I've discovered the perfect solution to my creative block!See this image largerFinal step count for the night. Can't seem to log into my fitbit account on my phone, but I still wear it all the same!See this image largerBeautiful hike today!! A total of about 5 miles in the sun and wind. My soul needed this today.See this image largerNot an easy hike today! Nothing but hills. Sooo glad we went! Might pick a slightly easier one next time though. 6 miles of steep ups and downs.See this image largerBack to working out! I feel like my head is really small in proportion to my shoulders...See this image largerFeeling really tired, and tempted to nap with the little one. Instead I'm going to take advantage of the quiet time and hop on the bike!See this image largerStayed in calorie range!See this image largerDay 4 of 30+ minsSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerDay 5 of 30+ mins!See this image largerMorning sweat session achieved!! Day 6 of 30+ mins.See this image largerDay 7 of 30+ mins! Almost 2 hrs of hiking with the bestie and all of our kids. Mix in some swimming under the waterfall and it was a very fun and full day.See this image largerI am appalled at how I look these days. The image I have in my head and how I feel don't fit this picture (I'm in the pink). I know I'm a big girl, but this really sheds light on how big I've let myself get. I'm still not at my very largest. I'm trying to make progress. Seeing this is a real eye-opener! I'm not going to give up on myself!See this image largerDay 8, 30+ minsSee this image largerDay 9, 30+ mins. Finally recovered from my high sodium day (2 days ago) and dropped the 4lb water gain. Feeling better about moving forward!See this image largerToday was an amazing food day! Tomorrow is the real test. I always have a hard time when I'm at home all day.See this image largerDay 10, 30+ mins Didn't make the full 45, but I did the best I could today!See this image largerWelp, I definitely stayed in my calorie range today due to a stomach bug rampaging through my town! Ate my typical breakfast and after that things went downhill. Managed to not throw up, but couldn't stomach the idea of food coming anywhere near my face. I couldn't even get off the couch. Tomorrow will be a rest and recovery day for me!See this image largerOver the last week I've seen a loss of 8.2lbs!! I'd call it an actual loss of about 4lbs, since I started my week with a 4lb sodium gain. Weighing in daily and seeing what impact the previous day's choices have had has been a great help this time around. I also elected to not add in my workout calories into my meal plan.See this image largerDay 1, 30+ mins accomplished! Was on a 10 day steak and then caught a stomach bug, so starting over after my day of rest.See this image largerStayed within range!!See this image largerDay 2, 30+ mins! Fully recovered from being sick. Weighed in this morning and was up just over a lb, but I was expecting it. It's my bloat week and normally i gain anything from 4-8lbs. I must be doing something right! Can't wait till next week when the scale drops again 😀See this image largerAnother great day today! Hope everyone is ready for tomorrow!See this image largerDay 3, 30+ mins! Since I can only track one goal in a single post, I'm going with the more vigorous part of my cardio. First time I've been able to maintain 15+ mph on the recumbent bike for more than a couple mins!! #nsv Also did 20 mins @ 12mph (or less), which will also be tracked.See this image largerDay 4, 30+ mins! I am covered in sweat and loving it! Today I managed the whole workout @ 15+ mph!!! #nsv My legs are getting stronger. Despite drinking too much last night and having a few too many calories, the scale decided to forgive me this morning with no upwards movement 😀See this image largerDay 5, 30+ mins! Decided to go a little easier this morning. Food choices weren't the best yesterday and I am setting a bit of a gain. All I need to do is hydrate and wait. It'll fall off again.See this image largerDay 6, 30+ mins! Feeling amazing these days. Can't wait for bloat week to be over, hopefully I'll see a few more lbs come off. But, for now, I can say I'm solidly in the 240s! I haven't been here in almost a year 😊See this image larger419 calories and packed full of nutrition! #eattherainbowSee this image largerStill in range! I want to see those 230s!!See this image largerDay 7, 30+ mins! (I think that's the right day count anyway) Made sure I got my full workout in, and then some! Feeling amazing 😀😀😀😀See this image largerFinal count for the night. Burned more than I ate for once. This wont be a normal thing, however. It was a crazy day where my without got interrupted and then I just decided to do a bit more. 230s here I come!See this image largerDay 8, 30+ mins! Decided to listen to my body and lower the intensity of my workout this morning. Yesterday was a crazy workout day! I'm thinking of adding that in once a week because it felt amazing! My body is tired today. Might take a nap later.See this image largerDay 9, 30+ mins! Today I reached 19 lbs lost! 15 during this month alone! I'm starting to get nervous because I've made it to 25 before and then lost my momentum. I won't stop this time. My health is way too important for me to give up on!!See this image largerDay 10, 30+ mins! I almost didn't today. Earlier I was feeling very tiredand just didn't want to do anything at all. After a short nap I feel great again! Calories are going to be over for the 2nd day in a row. The tiredness was affecting my hunger signals and so I ate more than I should have. Once I realized what I was doing I took steps to stop myself. I will be under the amount I burned off, so still a win in my book! I WILL beat this food addiction!See this image largerToday marks 20lbs lost!! I did it! I'm not stopping. I gave myself until my birthday (Aug 25) to lose 30 lbs (220 is goal here). Looks like I might reach that goal way ahead of schedule. I still have a looong way to go before I'm done. 130-135 is my final goal.See this image largerDay 11, 30+ mins I'm dripping sweat and feeling amazing! Today I reached a speed higher than I've ever seen before. Made the bike read 17.2 mph!! It was only for a moment, but still a #nsv for me. I have to take my car in and figure out why it's spewing blue smoke from the tailpipe. Hopefully it's not too serious! Have a wonderful day sparkies!! 💗💗See this image largerTook my car into the shop and decided to walk home.See this image largerDay 12, 30+ mins!See this image largerGuess which one I choose? 466 calories salad vs. 420 calorie piece of pizzaSee this image largerLooking at my ranges and numbers. I think I need to start adding a protein shake to my daily intake. I'm barely in range and have been craving more meats lately. With the amount of exercise I've been getting, I think it would be a great idea. Any recommendations? So far I enjoy the premade muscle milk shakes (banana creme is one of my faves!). I'm really picky on flavor.See this image largerOn the left: Where I currently am. On the right: Where I would like to be. I am on the bike because that is what is going to help me accomplish my goals. That need had a time when it is useful. I chose to get out of that comfy thing and work towards the goals I set! You, also can do this!! We got this sparkies!!See this image largerStarting my streak over. Yesterday was a rest day for me. After 12 days of vigorous activity I needed a break. Here I am on day 24 since I re-committed to healthy living. I'm loving life and I refuse to give up on myself.See this image largerDay 25: Streak day 2, 30+ mins! After nearly a month of just cardio and dropping 12 lbs (had to use a calc. I can't math in the morning lol) I have decided to start adding in some weights. Starting with 5lb dumbbells and I'll work my way up from there. It's never too early to start toning the muscle that is hiding under the rolls!! I just feel ready for it now. Keep sparking people! Together we can accomplish great things!! 💗💗💗See this image largerDay 26: Lowered intensity today because I was kinda stiff and sore from introducing weights yesterday. Not so sore that I couldn't move, but sore enough to feel it! Used my 5lb dumbbells again today. I think I may have hit my first small plateau. I've been hovering around 245-247 the last few days. I'm just gonna keep doing what I'm doing and know that I'll break it soon!See this image largerDay 27: 30+ mins again! I actually more than doubled it!! Still going strong! Covered in sweat and ready to take on the world! I'm less sore than I was yesterday from the added weight training. I think pushing my muscles to do a bit more than normal was the right call for me. Baking banana bread all day today. Good thing I've learned self control over the last month! Time to start weights!! Have a wonderful Sunday sparkies! 💗💗💗See this image largerDay 28: 30+ mins ✔ Walked into town to try and replace hubby's phone. Turns out the phone store is closed. I'll just have to do it again tomorrow! I'm looking forward to it 😀 Another day of strength training, but I'll do that a little later this afternoon.See this image largerDay 29: 30+ mins ✔ Part one of my walk today. Car is still giving me trouble, so I walked to my Dr. appt this morning. Next, I need to head to the phone store to replace phones, then it's on to home. Supposed to get to 95 degrees today. I'm gonna need some luck on my side!See this image largerPart 2 of my walk today!See this image largerFinal walk home. It was tough to finish, but I did it! I am DONE!!! Tomorrow might very well be a cardio rest day with only weights as my activity. We'll see...See this image largerFinal-ish numbers to finish off the evening. Today was a tough day for me. A lot of my walking was done in 90+ degrees. I did make it walking allllll the way from point A to point B to point C and back home again. Ended up pretty dehydrated by the time I got home, but made up for it in the hrs after my 1hr nap. I'm sunburned, but grateful that I could do that much activity!! A month ago I could barely survive!! Might have even called a cab long before I reached home.See this image largerSee this image largerToday's harvest from my very small container garden!See this image largerDay 33: 30+ mins ✔ Yesterday I couldn't stop the hungry monster. It was as if nothing would satisfy and I was powerless to stop it. Today I feel strong and back on track. Just finished my cardio and I'll be working with my weights after I drop hubby off at work. I'll be making fresh salsa at some point today and all my food choices will be healthy ones! Here's to hoping all my spark friends stay strong and determined as well! 💖💖💖See this image largerI'm hoping someone more experienced in gardening can help me out. A couple of my tomato plants have these little black spots on them. I'm just wondering what they are and if I need to do anything about them. Thanks in advance!!See this image largerWhy not start today?See this image largerThis is something I started during 5 months ago. I don't have a anything else to measure with. I also adopted the idea from another spark member (can't remember who it was, unfortunately). Not a ton of progress over the past month, but I've also been bloated poverty the last few days (I think I know what'sabout to start in the next few days). Progress is progress, right?See this image largerSaw someone else that does this (again, can't remember who it was). I thought it was a great idea! I'm making a fitness board for my room. I'm adding a weekly strength training to it. I'll post when it's finished! Might be a day or 2 since I have guys in the house that aren't feeling well today.See this image largerDay 35: 30+ mins ✔ Today I'm starting with the weekly workout I planned yesterday. Board isn't done yet, but I should be working on that this afternoon. Its leg day! I'm starting out easy for now, but eventually I'll be able to work harder.See this image larger#BeforeAndAfter At the very least I can see an attitude difference!See this image largerSee this image largerI saw this posted by one of my friendsthis morning. It really spoke to me! P.s. this is just my warm-up!See this image largerDay 37: 30+ mins ✔ I managed to put 500 miles on my recumbent bike!! This is since mid-Feb, when I got it. Never thought this would be a #nsv that i would be proud of!See this image largerThanks @KERRIBERRI86 for the delicious suggestion!! The banana mix hit the spot this morning 👍See this image largerDay 39: 30+ mins ✔ You can't see it, but I'm all kinds of sweaty! Still no scale movement, but I'm just gonna keep at it and hope to see results in the near future! I've been having trouble keeping within calorie range the past few days. I think I've got a handle on it today. Getting out of the house helped, I think. Now that my vehicle is fixed, I have that option!See this image largerDecided it was time to add to the home gym collection. 8 lb weights and resistance bands. I'm excited for tomorrow's workout!See this image largerBig news!! Bestie set a date 6/22/19!! I have 1 yr to make as much progress as I possibly can. I'm soooo excited! I've never been part of a wedding party (aside from being the bride. And even then I never got a real wedding).See this image largerMade it within calories today!See this image largerI 💖 Bountiful Baskets!! Totally worth it!See this image largerYesterday was day 43. I definitely got in my 30+ mins. Went on a group hike (15 people). 6.5 miles and 3 hrs through the southern NV desert. I am certainly feeling it this morning!! I was gonna post last night, but I was too exhausted. We started at 6pm and I didn't get home until 10pm! Scale is back on the downward trend over the past few days.See this image larger#BeforeAndAfter Making progress!! Not a huge difference, but I see that there is one! Posting this so I can keep my motivation going! Happy sparking everyone!!See this image largerSince my exercise bike broke a week ago I've really been slacking on being consistent with my activity. That ends TODAY!! I didn't realize how much I relied on that thing until I didn't have it anymore. I found a place to fix it, but now i need to find the time to make the hr drive into the city to get it done.See this image larger3 miles with Leslie!! Finally got out of my funk 😀😀😀 I'll likely do more this afternoon, but for not it's time to start some carrot soup!See this image largerHomemade lamb chili stuffed zucchini boats. Roughly 300 calories per half zucchini. I also topped with greek yogurt instead of sour cream! I discovered I like plain greek yogurt today 😂😂See this image largerSwimming!!See this image largerYesterday was day 47. Definitely got my 30+ mins in! Between swimming, hiking, and deep cleaning my bathroom (still have to finish the floor today) I was exhausted! Today is day 48. Down to 242.2 lbs (started this time at 258). Hoping to break out of the 240s in the next week. Keeping sparking and Happy Father's Day to all you wonderful dads, step dads, and father figures out there. Keep crushing those goals!! 💖💖💖💖See this image largerHoney sriracha (can't spell that to save my life lol) salmon with garlic zucchini and strawberries for lunch! I did mess up a little earlier and ate half an order of onion rings from Sonic when I was picking up lunch for hubby and the kids. But, I accepted it and moved on to make healthier choices.See this image largerDay 50!!: 30+ mins ✔ 3 miles with Leslie this AM followed by 4-5 miles of hiking this evening. I've really been bitten by the hiking bug HARD! This will be my 3rd time out since last Tues, with plans of continuing 2-3x a week. I really want to be able to go on more group hikes. Most of them are above my skill level, so all I can do is push myself to get better! Happy sparking, reach for your goals and then surpass them!!💖💖💖See this image largerAfternoon hike with the family. Wish we would have waited until later in the evening, but I finally got all of them to come out with me!See this image largerSee this image largerBest pace yet!! 💖💖 Hiking is really helping. Dropping the fat is really helping. The scale might not be moving much, but I am! Not done with activities for the day either. Planning on swimming with the kids this afternoon, followed by an evening group hike. What can I say? I'm addicted 😂😂See this image largerDay 56: About to get some exercise in. At least 3 miles with Leslie or Jessica (haven't decided on which yet). Followed by some resistance band training! It was a rough weekend. It was hubby's birthday on Friday. The celebration turned into too many drinks, which turned into too many carbs. Sat was no better because I felt awful from the night before. Yesterday I picked myself up and ate better. My guts were miserable, though!! I'm not doing that again!!!See this image larger30+ mins ✔See this image largerDay 57: 30+ mins ✔ 4 miles with Leslie this morning!! Hike this afternoon!! I can't wait 😁 I'm really trying to work on my endurance so I can participate in more group hikes. There aren't many beginner ones in my area that I can make it to due to hubby's work schedule. We only have 1 vehicle and he doesn't drive. P.S. Can't wait to get my bike back. That thing torches twice the calories of walking.See this image largerDay 63: 30+ mins ✔ I'm back!! It was a rough week for me. Had family come into town over the weekend. I ate terribly, drank a lot more than I should have, but generally enjoyed the visit. They will be coming back in a month and I'll be better prepared to avoid the worst of the temptations. As a result of my terrible weekend, I'm back up 7 lbs 😭 I know most of its just bloat and it'll come right back off within a few days.See this image largerGreat hike with my son tonight!See this image largerEvening hike with my bestie, and our 10 yr old kids! Managed 5.1 miles in just over 2 hrs. Can't wait to go back out!! On another note my exercise bike is ready for pickup in the morning. I'm sooooo happy and relived to have it finally repaired! I feel like I've been battling the same 5 lb gain/loss since it broke. Ready to torch those calories again!!See this image largerI got my baby back!! I've been in a bit of a slump the last few weeks since my bike broke. I finally was able to get it fixed and now I'm back at it! I haven't been totally lazy, but i have been having a rough time overall. Not happy with hovering around 245lbs. That ends NOW! Hiking has helped a ton, and that's not going to stop. I just get to add my cycling back into the routine 😁😁💖See this image largerIt was a good day. Getting back into the swing of exercising again. I haven't been as good as i should have been lately. I'm owning it and moving on.See this image largerGreat workout this morning!! Keep working toward your goals everyone! Feeling discouraged over the last week. My waist over the last month showed no movement. The scale keeps showing the last 5 lbs up and down. I know what I'm doing wrong and I know how to fix it. I'm just having trouble implementing the fix. Today starts a new commitment. I NEED to lose this fat.See this image largerI went completely or of my comfort zone yesterday!! Soooo glad I did it! I think I may have developed a new addiction... As long as the weather holds I'll be going again tonight. I may not have made the absolute best food choices, but I did stay within calorie range.See this image largerOut of breath and sweaty, but I got it done 😀😀👍 Looking forward to another fantastic day. Keep on sparking and crushing those goals everyone!!See this image largerSee this image largerI'm on an 800 ft mtn!! Well... I was a couple of hrs ago. It was the most incredible feeling!!See this image largerWent over by almost 400 calories... Not the best day. I started out with an emotional eating moment, but quickly realized what was going on. Good a good calorie burn in to offset the overage.See this image largerGreat workout this am! Been stuck in a plateau since early June. I'm now smaller than when I started, but still frustrating to feel like I haven't been making any progress. It would help if I was a little more consistent. I'm not planning on giving up, just venting a little. Stay positive sparkies! We can do this!!See this image largerI'm done making excuses!! #noexcuses Lost my focus again, but I'm back to it. Clean eating all day today, with a good workout included. I feel great!!See this image largerToday marks a first!! My best friend asked me if I've been losing weight!! Someone noticed!!! It makes me feel pretty good because I've been plateaued for over a month. I feel like I've made no progress. I must be doing something right if others are noticing. I have hope again.See this image largerBreadless sandwich for lunch!See this image larger#BeforeAndAfter Same shirt! It's now quite baggy on me. I might have to get new clothes soon!See this image largerO! M! G! I haven't stepped on the scale in nearly 2 weeks. I'm under 230!!! This is also with wet hair!! I'm in shock. I haven't even been trying lately. I just have been so busy that food isn't on my mind a lot of the time.See this image largerToday is a new day. Today I am going to make healthier choices! It's been awhile since I felt 'ok' enough to try. Despite gaining some of the weight back that I lost last year, I have not gained it all back. No idea where I'm starting today, but it's less than my highest!See this image largerThis is where I'm starting today. No clue as to how much I weigh. My scale batteries are dead and have been for months 😂 I just know I'm not at my highest (272 lbs). Yesterday I did 15 modified pushups. Today I did a little bit if course work and 16 modified pushups. It's not much, but at least it's something. I find myself struggling with self-love, and have been for the past 6 months. Any words of encouragement are greatly appreciated!See this image largerSo, had to go to urgent care yesterday after a fall while hiking the day before. I sprained my wrist and have a few scrapes and bruises to go with it. But the hike was more than worth it and my soul was on top of the world! Found out that I've lost about 4lbs since Jan!!See this image largerAlso...See this image largerHappy Tuesday everyone! I'm still recovering from my fall last week. Hoping to get back to it in the next couple of days. You rock spark friends!!See this image largerDay 1 (again) of tracking and exercising... U can do this! Down about 40 lbs since my highest last year!See this image largerDay 2! Another 30 mins on the bike. Managed to go over a little bit on calories yesterday, but still within reason after my cardio session. Going to do my best to stay in range today 😊See this image largerDay 5: days 3 and 4 were horrible for days. I didn't even track yesterday.... 2 days ago I had a complete emotional breakdown. It's nearing the end of the school year and a lot of things are coming to an end. Yesterday I forced myself to get on my recumbent bike and I didn't regret it. I'm honestly glad I got those cardio mins in. Today has been a much better day overall!See this image largerIt's been such a rough week. I did mostly ok, and some not-so-ok. School is officially out and I'm in my 2nd week of a new babysitting gig. The hours are supposed to get better soon, so I hope that helps me. New routines are always a rocky start for me. I WILL do this!!See this image largerNot too bad!! I joined a stepbet challenge, so I'm really gonna have to work to get my steps in and not lose my money!!See this image largerIt's been awhile, but I haven't given up!

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