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(4 comments) Dec 22 2013 Makeover! (11 comments) 12/22/13 Makeover Day! (13 comments) 12/22/13 Makeover day~ (10 comments) Christmas Day Tulsa Oklahoma 2013 (15 comments) December 22, 2013 Tulsa, Ok (3 comments) July 17 2014 San Mateo CA The day I walked OVER 15000 steps! (12 comments) Before and After 230lbs to 145lbs (20 comments) BE happy! It’s YOUR choice. STAY ready! Jesus is coming again! Walk in the Light! Jesus is His Name! Holla@Jesus! He Really Loves YOU! (2 comments) Relax in the River of Joy! Soak a while! SMILE! Be Strengthened! WE are HAPPY because GOD is Our LORD! Holla@Jesus! Joy of Salvation! Happy Thursday! :) (1 comments) We are trees of Righteousness! Birthed by Jesus’ Obedience! Word made flesh! He’s God’s BEST! A Gift that never ends! Keep your hand in HIS! Holla@Jesus! The FULLNESS of the Godhead! Glory! Happy Fri! (2 comments) I was tempted to be down Fri but I remembered WHO gives me great JOY! Jesus! Just saying HIS Name lifts my heart! He NEVER fails Us! Holla@Jesus! Joy Unspeakable & FULL of Glory! (2 comments) Celebrate Jesus Today and ALWAYS! He is A TREASURE that makes Our lives RIGHT! Never leave Him out! He's Our Life Souce! Holla@Jesus! Always the Same! It's A Glorious Sunday! Christ came for US! He doesn’t look at Race or Culture. He came for ALL! What a Love! Even for those who killed Him! Holla@Jesus! He Came for US! TGIM! ily (2 comments) Christmas is the Time We CHOOSE to Celebrate Jesus' Birth! Although We celebrate daily! So REJOICE! Holla@Jesus! I'm SO Glad He Came! Happy Tuesday! (1 comments) In the beginning was the Word-Jesus! The Word-Jesus-was made flesh! He lived& now lives in Us! Let the Word live in you! Holla@Jesus! Lord of lords! Happy Christmas Eve! Ily (2 comments) May your Christmas be filled with Love, Joy &Peace! Share the Life of Christ w/Someone today. BE a Blessing! Holla@Jesus! Happy Birthday Dear Savior and Lord! Rejoice! (2 comments) Prepare for a GREAT 2015! Make at least 1 Change for BETTER! Pray &God will LEAD Us! Holla@Jesus! He Leads & Guides Us Daily! Happy Sunday! Love You! Jesus is Our Shepherd! He feeds us, leads us and protects us. He will NEVER fail Us! Trust HIM always! Holla@Jesus! We Are Well Taken Care Of! TGIM (2 comments) I rise out of the dust. Faith is a must. To walk in God’s best, it starts with Righteousness! Holla@Jesus! Our Exceedingly GREAT Reward! Happy Tuesday! I’m taking My LAND &taking a STAND! I’m on FIRE! I’m going HIGHER! 2015 is FULL of AWESOME things! I’m trusting& BELIEVING that I’ll be RECEIVING my GREATEST Year EVER! You TOO! Holla@Jesus! He's REAL (2 comments) Welcome to 2025! A Year that’s Glorious and Pristine! There’s an abundance of Rain! WE will NEVER be the same! Holla@Jesus! He’s Given Us A Good Year! BR Blessed! ily (2 comments) Happy 1rst Friday! YOU are MORE than CONQUERORS! God said it BELIEVE it! Walk IN It NOW! Holla@Jesus! Our NOW Savior! Love to ALL! :) (1 comments) Love is TRUE Holiness! Let’s LOVE in 2015 harder than ever. No matter our differences. Holla@Jesus! Love Magnified! Happy Sunday Blessed Ones! :) (1 comments) Today is YOUR day! God’s grace brought you here! NO fear! BE Courageous! Bold as a lion! YOU are Victorious! Holla@Jesus! The Lifter of Our Heads! TGIM! ily What a LOVE! Jesus left His GLORY to Give US LIBERTY! A Plan to bring Man BACK! Take it TODAY! Holla@Jesus! He Loves YOU&Me! Happy Tuesday! :) (3 comments) Are you SO busy that you’re TOO busy for the Lord? Not Good! He gives REST from our “labors”! Holla@Jesus! Our REST On Earth! Enjoy Today! ily :) Love CONNECTS Us! Hate DISSECTS Us! We MUST love even our enemy. Holla@Jesus! He Taught Us How To LOVE! I LOVE You! Praying is AWESOME! But we MUST listen too! Have a Faith Filled FUN Friday Loves! Holla@Jesus! He Hears US! Hear HIM! (1 comments) January 11 Happy bdQuincy #6 The PRESENCE of the LORD is HERE! The PRESENCE of the LORD is THERE! The PRESENCE of the LORD is WHEREVER We Are! Holla@Jesus! Our Present Help! ily (1 comments) PC Issues BUT God IS My ROCK! He Gives Me What I Need! Holla@Jesus! He Helps Me & YOU! Love to All! No matter what WITH God ALL things ARE possible! We are NOT alone so sing a SONG of praise! YOU can do it NOW! Holla@Jesus! He Gave US the GOOD Life! ily As we sow GOOD seeds they grow into a harvest.ers. God keeps HIS Word! Don’t eat your seed. It has GREAT Reward. It’s NOT just plants&herbs either! Holla@Jesus! Lord of Integrity! Happy Wed! :) Throwback the mess! Walk in God’s best! He gives rest! We’re created for His goodness! Praise His faithfulness! Holla@Jesus! Our Righteousness! (3 comments) Lifting our voices together we loudly sing and bring our Hearts to the King. It’s HIS Will for All to Live together in PEACE! Holla@Jeus! Our Unity! Happy Friday! :) Planning a Super Saturday! BE safe as you spread love, joy, peace and lots of UNITY! Celebrating Dr. King and the Dream that WE all have a part in! Holla@Jesus! Author of PEACE! :) (1 comments) God gave ALL of Us a Dream! His Destiny for each one of Us! HE empowers Us to LIVE that Dream. NEVER give up on them! Holla@Jesus! He Makes Our Dreams Come True! ily All evil is under OUR feet! It’s because of Jesus Our SEAT! Let’s BE vessels of PEACE! That’s how UNITY will INCREASE! Holla@Jesus! He Makes US One! Happy MLK Day! (1 comments) There are times when things don't turn out the way we want. Forget it &move forward! Holla@Jesus! He Forgets Our Past! Have a GREAT Evening! (1 comments) God wants Us WHOLE! Spirit, Mind, Body, Family, Finances, Relationships-EVERY walk of life! Completely! WE must do OUR part &God does HIS! Holla@Jesus! Our Personal Trainer! (1 comments) Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS! Again I say REJOICE! The LORD is at hand! He LOVES Our Praise! Holla@Jesus! Throw YOUR Hands Up &Praise HIM! (2 comments) The Blood of Jesus is the COST of LOVE not lost! Now WE carry that LOVE! What an amazing Gift inside! Holla@Jesus! Oh How HE Loves Us! In God's Presence there's FULLNESS of JOY! Pleasures are at HIS Right Hand! Keep a Joyful Heart! Holla@Jesus! Our GREAT Joy! Its a SUPER Sat! ily :) May the sweet smell of Heaven flow from your lives always! LOVE is that sweet smell that should rise up from us to others. Holla@Jesus! He Left His Scent in Us! Share with those who are Hurting. ily (3 comments) New beginnings happen daily. Today is the start of YOUR new beginning. Yesterday is long gone! BE all God created you to be NOW! Holla@Jesus! He Makes ALL Things NEW! TGIM Hello I'm Lex! Aunt D just LOVES me! Jesus does too! I like to roam outside daily. How about YOU! Holla@Jesus! He Made ME Too! :) Happy Tuesday! ily (4 comments) Never take life for granted. BLOOM where YOU are planted. YOU have a destiny. Stand back and SEE just what God can do through YOU! Holla@Jesus! He Guides Us! Love to ALL! Live daily w/a JOYFUL heart. No matter your situation GOD is YOUR Peace! NOTHING is impossible if YOU believe! Holla@Jesus! Our GREAT Joy! It’s FRIDAY! ily It's a SUPER Sat No Matter the Weather! ENJOY the LAST Day of Jan! Rejoice ALWAYS! Be Grateful! Holla@Jesus! He Will NEVER Leave Us Alone! Love YOU! (5 comments) WISDOM is the PRINCIPAL thing! Get Wisdom! Get Understanding! Walk in WISDOM! Holla@Jesus! He Was Made Unto US Wisdom! ily BE grateful for your life DAILY! In EVERYTHING give THANKS! This IS God’s Will! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It’s MONDAY! Fresh Start! Have a GREAT Week! (1 comments) Precious you ARE! Born to reach FAR! So raise the BAR! God is Your HELP! Get out the way of SELF! Holla@Jesus! Happy Tuesday! ily (2 comments) Remember that it takes two to have a conversation! Happy Wed! Holla@Jesus! He Wants To HEAR From US! Love to ALL Jesus is My FIRST Love! I listen to HIS directions! HE exceeds ALL of my expectations! I LOVE Him SO! Holla@Jesus! He KNOWS What’s BEST! (3 comments) If we LOVE one another as Jesus loves there would be NO misunderstandings. Can WE do this? Holla@Jesus! HE says we CAN! Love through ME Jesus! (2 comments) He Will NEVER Fail Us! Hope You Have Enjoyed Your Day! Holla@Jesus! LOVE Manifested! Love to ALL! If you struggle to LOVE the unlovely…SEE Jesus and His LOVE. God created EVERY single person by the Power of LOVE! Holla@Jesus! HE Shows the WAY to LOVE True! Ily LOVE is a DAILY verb. Yes you heard right! That’s God’s M.O. I’ve said it before! It’s a must! TRUST in God’s PERFECT Love! Holla@Jesus! He’s A LOVE Spreader! We Should Be TOO! God Loves YOU Just as much as He Loves JESUS! True Story! Holla@Jesus! MY Valentine LOVE! Enjoy Your Day! ily :) Nothing is impossible if You BELIEVE! Faith is the POWER! God NEVER Fails Us! FEED Your FAITH! Study the WORD of GOD Daily! Miracles are HAPPENING! Holla@Jesus! He Works IN Us! TGIM! :) My God SHALL supply ALL my needs according to HIS riches in GLORY by Christ Jesus! Holla@Jesus! He Gives Us What We NEED& DESIRE! Happy Tuesday! :) YOU make MY heart DANCE! How I LOVE my SPARKFRIENDS! Thanking God for YOU! Holla@Jesus! He LOVES You MORE! It's Thursday! :) (1 comments) I’m ready for Spring! BUT sometimes we have to WAIT. They that WAIT on the LORD shall RENEW their STRENGTH! Be Patient&WAIT! Holla@Jesus! BE Thankful NO Matter What! Enjoy FRIDAY! :) (3 comments) Evening Friends! Been unpacking from a move this week. Burning MORE calories than walking! Feeling BLESSED! Stay WARM! Holla@Jesus! He's With Us ALWAYS! Love to ALL! :) WE are fearfully & wonderfully made BY God! HE calls us VERY Good! A flowers beauty doesn't compare to God's BEAUTY in US! Holla@Jesus! He's Leading Us to GREATER Victory! MARCH w/Him! ily :) (1 comments) Rain! Sleet! Snow! Time for winter to go! But spring brings other things. I’m thankful for another day to sing! Holla@Jesus! He Created the Seasons for HIS Purpose! Watch & Pray! Super Sat &75 the high today! Yet I'm COLD! Hope YOU are MOVING &ENJOYING today! Clock Goes FORWARD 2nite! Holla@Jesus! He Gives His Beloved SLEEP! ily :) (1 comments) Beauty Male or Female starts INSIDE! God hides it and it coes out. NEVER think what you SEE is the REAL person. It's DEEPER! Holla@Jesus! HE Made US Beautiful Inside Out! TGIM Enjoy! :) Hello Friends! YOU are a vital part of MY Journey! I appreciate EVERY one of YOU! Thank YOU so much! Holla@Jesus! He Led You Here! Keep Pressing! Love YOU! (3 comments) Sending a BIG Happy Friday the 13th to YOU! No fear at all! We stand TALL in LOVE! Make it FUN today! Holla@Jesus! He Makes All Things NEW! You Can Do It! ily (1 comments) When You don't know what to say! Holla@Jesus! \o/ Get Caught UP in JESUS! He holds Us UP with HIS Righteousness! Holla@Jesus! It's a beautiful Sunday to get outside! ENJOY every moment! Love to ALL! (1 comments) HE put HIS Love IN Our HEARTS! An IMPARTATION of Divine GRACE! Holla@Jesus! His LOVE is Worth MORE Than WE See! Happy Monday! ily Who or what are YOU chasing? Are they or it in God’s plan for YOU? He designed our entire lives b4 Time! ASK! Holla@Jesus! He REFINES Us!!! \o/ (1 comments) Signs &Wonders will appear as Jesus' Return draws NEAR! Total Eclipse This A.M. over Artic area. Amazing Our God IS! Holla@Jesus! He's COMING Very SOON! \o/ Happy SPRING! We're HERE! Enjoy 2day! ily (3 comments) The Word of God is a LAMP to Our feet and a LIGHT to Our path. It DIRECTS &CORRECTS. We are FED Food of Heaven! Holla@Jesus! LIGHT That Makes Our Lives BRIGHT! It’s a GLORIOUS Sunday! ily (1 comments) Redemptiions flow comes to those who KNOW that JESUS is LORD! Jump on BOARD and hold TIGHT to RIGHTEOUSNESS! Jesus IS Righteousness! Holla@Jesus! HE Redeemed Us by His LOVE! Happy Monday! ily Weapons may be formed but they CAN'T harm us in any way! JESUS paid it all so stand TALL in HIS Name! We are NEVER the SAME in HIM! Holla@Jesus! He Made Us FREE Indeed! Happy Tuesday! Love to ALL! (3 comments) May God's PEACE increase in YOUR life! Nothing missing, broken or needed! FULLNESS! SUCCESS! Expect NOTHING less! Holla@Jesus! He IS Our PEACE! Have a WISDOM filled WED! ily GOD said: Fear NOT! BE NOT dismayed! I AM with YOU! I WILL uphold YOU! So WHY do we fear? STOP listening to the LIES of the devil! Holla@Jesus! HE Will NEVER Lie! Hold Your Heads Up OK Storm Survivors (2 comments) JESUS said: In the world you will have trouble but be of GOOD cheer, I HAVE Overcome the world!" BELIEVE Him! HE never lies! Holla@Jesus! Our CHAMPION! God BLESS You RICHLY! ily Oh the sweetness of Jesus’ Sacrifice! He didn’t have to think twice! To take away ALL sin! He WOULD do it again! Holla@Jesus! Do YOU Know HIM? TGIM ily (4 comments) You are a miracle in motion. It’s not just a notion! OH how JESUS loves YOU! Holla@Jesus! He Sends Others to REFRESH Us Sometimes! Thank YOU Friends! :) (1 comments) You say: God SO loved ME that He GAVE His ONLY begotten Son! JESUS did it just for YOU! Holla@Jesus! Thank YOU Lord for Taking MY Place! It's a VERY Good Friday! Praise Him! ily (3 comments) WE are the LIGHT of the world. Keep SHINING! Holla@Jesus! WE Represent HIM! Praise the Lord on this SUPER Bright Saturday Friends! It's a GREAT evening! ily :) JESUS Conquered deat, hell & the grave! HE's ALIVE! He LIVES! We ARE His TEMPLES! Shout VICTORY! Holla@Jesus! On Purpose HE Gave HIS Life for ALL of US! Thank YOU Lord! Happy Easter! \o/ (1 comments) Thank God It's MONDAY! Thank God for Friends like YOU! Thank You ALL Who Left Easter Blessings! Holla@Jesus! Our NEW Beginning! :) Hello Dear Friends! Slow moving this week YET productive. PC issues as well BUT I'm still BLESSED! I'm catching up! Holla@Jesus! He Gives STRENGTH in His JOY! Love to ALL! :) (2 comments) YOU make this journey exciting. Those who are reaching towards similar goals. WE must NEVER give up. Holla@Jesus! HE Empowers Our Lives By HIS Love! It's a SUPER Sat! :) (2 comments) God's BEAUTY shines out as His LOVE! The angels ABOVE desire to KNOW what WE know! How SPECIAL We ARE! We ARE Beautiful in JESUS! Holla@Jesus! WE Are POISED and STABLE in HIM! It's a GLORIOUS Sunday! (1 comments) Be STRONG in the LORD! Keep the Armor of GOD on! Mighty Weapons that CAN'T be PENETRATED! Holla@Jesus! What A MIGHTY Savior HE Is! TGIM Enjoy a GREAT week! :) We NEED One another! No matter how STRONG you are it's IMPORTANT to ENCOURAGE others. Building UP one another in LOVE! Holla@Jesus! Our EXAMPLE of LOVING Others From the HEART! Happy Tuesday! :) (3 comments) PRAY for AMERICA Often! We Will NOT let the devil DIVIDE Us! ONE Nation UNDER God! EVERY Day! Holla@Jesus! HE is LORD Of The USA!!! Praise God! Happy Thursday! \o/ (1 comments) I WILL meet EACH day with THIS mindset! I WILL walk in GOD's Way! I WILL be HAPPY! I AM Loved! Holla@Jesus! He Created THIS Day for YOU! Happy Fun Filled Friday! :) Super Secure in Christ Sat! It would PROFIT Us ALL if we TAKE this Verse and proclaim it daily! Holla@Jesus! Our Healer! Love to all! :) (1 comments) Our God is AWESOME! He's WORTHY to BE Praised! Lift up YOUR hearts! Let JESUS come in! Holla@Jesus! He Is the KING of GLORY! Happy Sunday! Blessings! :) Time to GET UP! Throw the blues OUT! Let YOUR light SHINE! We have a SAVIOR! Holla@Jesus! He's ALIVE! TGIM! SMILE! :) (1 comments) Want POWER from HIGH? Acts2:4 And they were all filled with Holy Ghost &began to speak w/other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance. Holla@Jesus! He Baptizes US In His Holy Ghost! \o/ (1 comments) God’s Word is FULL of wisdom for ALL areas of our lives. We MUST have faith! Faith comes from meditating the Word of God DAILY! Chew on it! BE nourished by it! Holla@Jesus! Our Wisdom! It's Wed! :) In the calm of the morning or the peace of the evening &even the rush of the afternoon we must take time & HEAR from God. His instruction is VITAL for YOUR life. HEAR Him! Holla@Jesus! Heart Hugs! (1 comments) I LOVE to WORSHIP the LORD w/Others Who Do too! WORSHIP the LORD in the BEAUTY of HOLINESS! He's OUR Best! Holla@Jesus! He's The HOLY Savior for ETERNITY! Praise HIM! \o/ It’s MONDAY! Time to REGROUP&RECOUP ! Focus! SMILE! It’s a NEW day the LORD made! REJOICE! Let’s do it! Holla@Jesus! HE Makes ALL Things NEW! Victory is NOW! God’s Love IN Us NEVER fails! We CAN love the UNLOVELY! He DOES! Holla@Jesus! LOVE Manifested In the Flesh! Mimic HIM! Happy Tuesday! :) (1 comments) Not ALL times make you SMILE. TRUTH is that WITH God ALL is Possible! PRAISE stills the enemy! Holla@Jesus! HE Lifts Me ABOVE Contrary Circumstance! \o/ And I SMILE! :)) (2 comments) It's MAY Day & FRIDAY! Welcome! :) Come by FREESTYLE blog! GOD blessed Me AGAIN! He NEVER fails Us! Holla@Jesus! He Makes EVERY Day Worth Living Out Loud! Yes! Glory! LOVE to ALL! YOU are a FLOWER chosen by GOD created in the BEAUTY of HOLINESS! He GAVE His BEST! Jesus OUR Righteousness! Praise HIM! Holla@Jesus! God's GLORY In US! Male&Female! Happy Sunday! :) (2 comments) Jesus said: Be NOT faithless but BELIEVE! Increase your faith by the Word of God! FOOD to be desired MORE than natural food! Holla@Jesus! Faith Comes by HEARING His Word! TGIM! He's KNOCING! (1 comments) Faith Without Works is DEAD! Let's APPLY these words to our JOURNEY! We have to be ACTION minded. DO something! Holla@Jesus! Our Very PRESENT Help! He SHOWS us what to do! Happy Tuesday! :))) (2 comments) Jesus said In the world you WILL have tribulation but BE of GOOD CHEER I HAVE overcome the world! Amen! Holla@Jesus! Our PEACE At ALL Times! Happy WED! :) (4 comments) National Day of Prayer in US! Praying Together for Our Nation, Leaders &ALL here! Faith &AUTHORITY believing for CHANGE! Holla@Jesus! HIS Name Gives Us the AUTHORITY! Good BLESS America! \o/ (3 comments) Hello Blessings! Let's start out in LOVE. Forget about ME! Study 1Cor13. We CAN love like JESUS! Holla@Jesus! LOVE Like HIM! He NEVER Fails! Love YOU Much! Blessings! (1 comments) Happy Mother's Day! Mother's Rock on the ROCK! Jesus! He takes CARE of MOTHERS! Holla@Jesus! Honor Mothers ALWAYS! They Emit a SWEET Aroma of LOVE! God Bless! (2 comments) Happy Tues Everyone! I'm moving slow but not as slow as this PC! lol Hope you are MAKING it HAPPEN! We ARE Victorious! Holla@Jesus! HE Is Our Personal TRAINER! Fire it UP! \o/ Sweatless Victory! That's what JESUS acquired for US! We DO in FAITH and it shall BE! Victory is NOW! Believe&Receive! Holla@Jesus! Through HIM We CAN Do ALL Things! Happy Wed! ily (1 comments) We prayed about the unrest in this Nation this a.m. It's the enemy causing confusion. BUT trust GOD to deliver! Holla@Jesus! WE Must Stand Against the Wiles of the REAL enemy! It's NOT our Neighbor! (2 comments) God chose YOU before the world was! Predestination from His determination to create a part of HIS being! What GRACE! Holla@Jesus! HE Said WE Are Worth HIS Life! Happy Fri! \o/ It's Saturday! Ge UP &MOVE in some way! SMILE! Work your FACE! Jump &Increase your PACE! Holla@Jesus! HE Walked ALL Over Earth! :))) Happy Sunday! Thank GOD for His GOODNESS &FAITHFULNESS! He will NEVER fail Us! Look to HIM! He LOVES Eternally! Holla@Jesus! Worship HIS Holy NAME! (1 comments) Why? New week! New attitude! New Goals! New ME! Do BETTER& BE Better! Holla@Jesus! HE Makes ALL Things NEW! Enjoy a GREATER Week! ily (1 comments) Happy Friday! I will be posting my FSF poem THE SOUND OF ABUNDANCE a little late so be looking for it! :) Holla@Jesus! He Gives Us Abundant Love! (2 comments) fREESTYLE FRIDAY IS UP! :) Thank YOU for your patience! Holla@Jesus! He's ALWAYS Speaking!!! Be Encouraged This Memorial Day Weekend Remembering! WORSHIP the LORD With Your WHOLE Heart! Come Into HIS Presence With SINGING! He's ALWAYS Faithful! Holla@Jesus! He NEEDS Us to SPREAD His LOVE Everywhere We Go! Happy Sunday! :) (1 comments) !Love never fails! Holla@Jesus! Love Come Down! ily Beauty has a SOUND. It's all around. Speaking softly. Touching gently. Don't ignore it. Sit & adore it! Holla@Jesus! HE Makes ALL Things Beautiful! Super Safe Saturday to YOU! (2 comments) It's Sunday! Worshipping the Lord with my whole heart! Not just but ALWAYS! Holla@Jesus! Love to Worship HIM! Welcome to JUNE! Newness! GREATER Success! Do Your BEST! Let GOD lead! Yes YOU Can! Holla@Jesus! Give It ALL To HIM & LEAVE It! TGIM! ily :) (1 comments) Need Strength? Get JOY! Got JOY? Relax in HIM! Be HAPPY in ALL things for the LORD is WITH you! Holla@Jesus! He Turns Mourning Into DANCING! Freedom in JOY! Happy Tuesday! :))) NEVER be down! YOU wear a CROWN! Love ABOUNDS! Goodness SURROUNDS! Holla@Jesus! He Makes Our Lives GLORIOUS! Happy Wed! :))) (3 comments) Heyyy it's 1rst Friday in June! Are you excited to MOVE & ENJOY your weekend? Don't WORRY! Be HAPPY! Dance w/the LORD! He won't step on YOUR foot! :) Holla@Jesus! He Likes To Have FUN! :) Love you! Remember to stay hydrated at all times. WATER is our FRIEND! It makes our bodies HAPPY! :) Holla@Jesus! He Gives Us Just What We NEED! Happy Saturday! Blessings! (1 comments) BLESS the LORD Oh My SOUL Worship HIS Holy NAME! My HEART Cries Out YOUR Name MY Lord! NEVER Be Far From ME! Holla@Jesus! He Sticks Closer Than ANY Other! Praise HIM! \o/ (1 comments) Thank YOU Lord for a new day to be VICTORIOUS! I'm here &I am BLESSED in YOU! So GLAD You GAVE all for ME! Holla@Jesus! Be GRATEFUL Daily! He's WORTHY! \o/ (2 comments) Now Faith IS the SUBSTANCE of things hoped for the EVIDENCE of things NOT seen! Simply Said by GOD! Holla@Jesus! Have FAITH In GOD! Happy Tuesday! :) Be JOYFUL in the Lord! He GUARDS your HEART! He IMPARTS His LOVE&GRACE! Trust His Way! He Shines His Glory on Your Day! Holla@Jesus! YOU Are the JOY Set Before Him! Let the GLORY of the LORD Rise Among Us! LET it RISE! God NEVER forces Himself on Us! Although, I wouldn't mind! :) Holla@Jesus! Oh How THEY Care for US! So BLESSED! It's FRIDAY! \o/ What a blessed day! May God's best be YOURS today! God LOVES Us just as much as He LOVES Jesus! Holla@Jesus! Our Savior Divine! Happy Sunday! (3 comments) Oh say can you see AMERICA God shed His grace on thee! This is MY Country! Land of the brave &FREE! Holla@Jesus! HAPPY FLAG DAY! (1 comments) I'm late but It's MONDAY! A new week to pull up those boot straps and get it done! You got this! God's with US! Holla@Jesus! He Is Our WISDOM! TGIM! It's a GREATER week! :))) Oh what a LOVE that FLOODS my soul! Oh what a GRACE that can't be REPLACED! Oh what GOODNESS that gives me God's BEST! Holla@Jesus! Enter Into HIS Rest! You'll NEVER be the same! Happy Wednesday! :))) (1 comments) Sending Father's Day blessings to REAL Fathers &ALL those who stand in the gap! Hope your day is going great! Holla@Jesus! He Empowers You to Lead! Oh Happy Day!! :) Thank GOD It's MONDAY! New Week to Go HIGHER! Stay focused & ENJOY the journey! Hard work pays off but OVERDOING is NOT the same! I'm CHEERING with you! Holla@Jesus! He Made Us MORE Than Conquerors! It's TURN UP your fire TUESDAY! Remember your goals. Work on them. NEVER give up! Holla@Jesus! HE Always Causes Us to TRIUMPH! Let's do it! \o/ (1 comments) Happy Friday ALL! :) June is FLYING by! Let's ENJOY the last weekend! MOVE! SMILE! LOVE at ALL Times! Holla@Jesus! OH How HE Loves US! Praise HIM!! (1 comments) God created Us to THRIVE not just survive! HIS Will for Us! Success in EVERY way! Holla@Jesus! He Gives Us GREAT Success! Walk in it NOW! :) (1 comments) What LOVE the FATHER has shown upon US! He SENT Jesus for Us to LIVE Forever! What GRACE! Holla@Jesus! LOVE Manifested in the flesh! \o/ GOD shed HIS Grace on THEE! We are SO blessed! Forget the mess! His GLORY is HERE! Holla@Jesus! He HEARS Us When WE Call! Happy Friday! Love to ALL! FREEDOM Rings LOUD! Thee's a CLOUD of WITNESSES cheering US On to GREATER Victory! Holla@Jesus! His NAME is ABOVE Every NAME! Glory! Happy 4th of July! :) I Love the sound of the rain! Reminds me of the Former & Latter Rain TOGETHER being POURED out! This IS the time! Holla@Jesus! His Word Is Being Fulfilled! \o/ Lift up your eyes and SEE the GLORY of the LORD in the land of the LIVING! He's EVERYWHERE! Right THERE! Holla@Jesus! He Will NEVER Leave or Forsake Us! Praise God! (1 comments) WE are FAMILY! Created w/the SAME History! By JESUS the LORD! God does NOT see RACE! We have HIS face! It's LOVE! Holla@Jesus! HE Is LOVE In US! It's FRIDAY! :) (1 comments) Give God the HIGHEST Praise! He's SURELY will AMAZE! Lifr Him HIGHthe rest of Your Days! Holla@Jesus! He's Our Glory & the LIFTER Up of Our Heads! \o/ (1 comments) THIS is the DAY the LORD made for YOU &ME! Rejoice! BE glad! Give it ALL to HIM! He ALREADY made it VICTORIOUS! \o/ Holla@Jesus! Our DAILY Bread! Glory! Happy Tuesday! :) (1 comments) iThere's no wsy oit of satisfying the Word of God! Everything Jesus is to Us is found in thst Holy Book! Look &see ALL God created Us to be! Holla@Jesus! Our LIVING Word! (1 comments) ARISE! SHINE! Our LIGHT Has Come! The GLORY Is HERE! Hallelujah! Holla@Jesus! The Glory of God IN Us! Thank GOD It's MONDAY! It's a GREATER Week! ily :) Praise the Lord! Another day to JUST DO IT! It is WIN! YOU have NOW Victory! JESUS set US free! THRIVE in HIM! Holla@Jesus! A SMILE Brings JOY! :))) (2 comments) It's Friday! Put more FUN into your FIT activities! God is our help! Holla@Jesus! Our Personal Trainer In Every Way! :) YES He has! GRATEFUL for HIS Promises! God will NEVER lie! TRUST&OBEY His WORD always! He's Given Us ALL things RICHLY to ENJOY! Holla@Jesus! Our Gift That Keeps On Giving! Glory! ily (2 comments) TGIM! I LOVE to see MONDAY! New day & week for greater VICTORY! Last week's fitness was SUPER! Let's go higher! Holla@Jesus! He's Our Strength! ily Get JOY! It makes us STRONG! Stay HAPPY! Yes we CAN! Holla@Jesus! He's SMILING Over Us! Celebrate! :) Friday Love! Welcome to the 1rst day of Aug! Time to MOVE! Get your GROOVE on! Doesn't take much to BURN calories and CHANGE your MOOD! YES you WILL! :) Holla@Jesus! He's Moving TOO! Enjoy! :) (2 comments) Live with a JOYFUL heart! It's MEDICINE with NO side effects but MORE Joy! Holla@Jesus! Our Unending Joy! TGIM! Enjoy! :) (1 comments) Turn UP the FIRE Tuesday! I'm Turning UP the FIRE all month! Ready for GREATER! Being Healthy & Fit is EXCITING! Happier! We CAN do it! Victory's in JESUS! \o/ Holla@Jesus! Our Healthy Image! :) GOD has GIVEN Us ALL things that PERTAIN to LIFE & GODLINESS! All means ALL! Father left NOTHING undone! THIS Journe is already WON! Holla@Jesus! Our Unending Salvation! \o/ (1 comments) Life is a GIFT! So use it to LIFT the hearts of others. That's why WE are HERE! It'll make YOU smile! Holla@Jesus! Merry Hearts Are Good Medicine! :))) (1 comments) lol Ok my week wasn't bad but Thursday was close! Still I PRAISE the LORD for HIs GOODNESS to me and YOU! Grateful to be HERE during the GREATEST times! YES they ARE! Holla@Jesus! Mighty God! (1 comments) Thank YOU Father for another day to SHINE in YOUR Light! We are NOTHING without You and Jesus! Holla@Jesus! We Have NOTHING to Fear! Happy Super Saturday Friends! :))) (2 comments) Let the LORD be MAGNIFIED Who takes PLEASURE in Our PROSPERITY! Spirit, Soul & Body! Holla@Jesus! The STRENGTH of Our Lives! It's a GLORIOUS Sunday! Peace completes & makes Us WHOLE! Unity is God's goal! Christmas must pray always for God's Will to be done! Holla@Jesus! He Already Won! TGIM! (1 comments) I pray you ALL enjoyed a Turn UP the FIRE Tuesday! \o/ With GOD all things ARE possible! WE are people of POSSIBILITIES! Holla@Jesus! He Gives Us STRENGTH To DO Anything! Glory! (2 comments) You have the POWER inside to meet your daily goals! Just do it! One goal at a time! You are WORTH the work! Your speed! Holla@Jesus! Je's With Us Always! You have the POWER to meet your daily goals! Just do it! YOUR speed! You are WORTH the Work! I'm cheering US to SUCCESS! Holla@Jesus! He's With Us Always! (1 comments) What a Mighty God we serve! His Love towards Us is GREAT! Worship HIM! Holla@Jesus! He Came! He Gave! He Saves! Glory! Give Thanks Unto the Lord for His Mercy Endures Forever! His Love towards Us is GREAT! Worship HIM! Holla@Jesus! He Came! He Gave! He Saves! Glory! It's A Super Saturday! Move your body! Laugh out loud! Enjoy today! Holla@Jesus! He Gives Light! (1 comments) Praying you have a GLORIOUS SUNDAY! Spread Love! Holla@Jesus! He Is Our JOY All Day Long! (2 comments) Finish August STRONGER! We can do it! So wear that smile broad & proud! Holla@Jesus! Our VICTORY! Turn Up Tuesday! Turn Up the Word Flow in your life! Our way is prosperous & we have good success! Holla@Jesus! The LIVING Word! Make this a WONDERFUL Wednesday! WE have it IN Us to do just that! HAPPY are the People Whose God IS the Lord! Holla@Jesus! His Name Is Wonderful!!! Glory! We are 1 In CHRIST! Our Light & Life! United! Delighted! Ignited! Holla@Jesus! King of All! Happy September! REMEMBER your GOALS! Hold His hands leads your way! Holla@Jesus! He Smiles On U BEs Always! :))) BE Happy! \o/ It's WONDERFUL Wednesday! :) Get UP& MOVE! Get in the GROOVE! You're living PROOF! You have Strong ROOTS! Holla@Jesus! The ROOT of GREAT Success! God Bless! It’s a GLORIOUS Sunday! \o/ We’re still HERE! Keep God NEAR in your heart. He will impart ALL we need to live a VICTORIOUS life. NEVER give up! Holla@Jesus! Our Sanctification That Gives Elation \o/ Happy Labor Day! Stay SAFE & WATCH&PRAY! Make sure to MOVE! Start the week MOTIVATED! Holla@Jesus! He's With Us ALWAYS! TGIM \o/ It’s Tuesday after a holiday! If you slipped…Get UP! Smile! Work YOUR style! You can! Our help is in GOD! Yes! Holla@Jesus! He Makes ALL Things NEW! ENJOY! :))) (1 comments) Love one another! God’s plan. We’ve done it b4 in this GREAT Land! 9/11. A time of heartbreak YET we rose UP as ONE! Together in UNITY! Just do it again! Holla@Jesus! His Love Is Poured Out Over US! (1 comments) WE are AMERICA! Home oof the FREE&BRAVE! We PROUDLY wave our Flag He VICTORIOUSLY! Holla@Jesus! He Made Us FREE Indeed! (1 comments) The Lord is the STRENGTH of my life! Had a very active day! WooHoo! Feeling wonderful! Holla @Jesus! He is my ROCK!! (1 comments) Have a Turn UP the LOVE Tuesday! Live us a COMMAND! Yes we CAN love @ALL timrs! Holla@Jesus! Lov Through Him! ily (1 comments) Have a Fit Fun Fabulous Friday! YOU deserve to be treated royally! God says so too! :) Holla@Jesus! He Surrounds Us With Favor! (1 comments) God's BEST is His GREATNESS in Us! His Name is JESUS! Oh how He LOVES Us! Holla@Jesus! What A Friend He Is & More! Turn UP the LOVE Tuesday! Love can NEVER fail! Remember that we MUST love Ourselves BEFORE we can truly love others! Holla@Jesus! He Showed Us How To Love! Love you! Happy Wednesday!Welcome to FALL! A new season & reason to go higher! You can do it! Holla@Jesus! Our Personal Trainer! :) (2 comments) Throw back your head and PRAISE the Lord! Holla@Jesus! He's The Strength Of Our Lives! Enjoy a Funtastic Friday! Make someone SMILE! Holla@Jesus! I Can't Wait To See His Smiling Face! Love You! (1 comments) It's Monday!Be HAPP! Fire it up! Let's take September out STRONGER! Holla@Jesus! He's Right There With You! !You ARE Valuable! God said so when He sent Jesus to die for YOU! Holla@Jesus! Oh How He Loves Us! (1 comments) !You ARE Valuable! God said so when He sent Jesus to die for YOU! Holla@Jesus! Oh How He Loves Us! !You ARE Valuable! God said so when He sent Jesus to die for YOU! Holla@Jesus! Oh How He Loves Us! !You ARE Valuable! God said so when He sent Jesus to die for YOU! Holla@Jesus! Oh How He Loves Us! !You ARE Valuable! God said so when He sent Jesus to die for YOU! Holla@Jesus! Oh How He Loves Us! Happy Friday! Having issues posting FF poem but I will succeed! Holla@Jesus! My Victory! \o/ YOU are BEAUTIFUL! God made ALL things beautiful! YOU'RE #1! Never again disrespect God's Creation!Holla@Jesus! WE Are The Apple Of His Eye! Glorious Sunday! (1 comments) Hope you Turned UP the heat on this TERRIFIC Tuesday! Good day for me! Declutted & felt like I ran 5 miiles! lol Paper can be my enemy! Still BLESSED! Holla@Jesus! He Renews Our Strength! Love to ALL! Get in the GROOVE! Get UP &MOVE! You're living PROOF! You have STRONG roots! Holla@Jesus! Stay Rooted In Him! (1 comments) Go for it! You can do it! Get stronger & live longer! Holla@Jesus! The Lifter of Our Heads! Glory! You're BLESSED! NO need to stress! There's NO test! GOD loves YOU best! Holla@Jesus! He Gives Greater Success! Make it a SUPER SATURDAY! YOU have the run with it! You're a WINNER! Holla@Jesus! He's Running With You! Have faith in God! It's already WON&DONE! Jesus paid it ALL! Holla@Jesus! He's asking What Do You WANT! Glory! (1 comments) Turn UP the PRAISE Tuesday! YOU are still here! Have NO fear! God's Will is CLEAR! Holla@Jesus! He FREED Us! Rejoice! ily It's Friday! Let's enjoy EVERY day like it's Friday! We are SO blessed! Holla@Jesus! Oh How He Loves Us! Enjoy today! Thank God It's Monday! New triumphs to log! Fear NOT! Just go for YOUR best! Holla@Jesus! Our Power To Win! :) Look in the mirror! What do you SEE? YOU are GOD'S Beauty! So SMILE! Holla@Jesus! He Created Us For His Pleasure! REJOICE! Jump OVER every hump in your way! Lifetime victories REIGN! Holla@Jesus! He Gave For Our Abundant Lives! It's A Happy Thursday! We can do ALL things through Christ Who gives strength! We are NOT alone! Holla@Jesus! He Leads Our Way! \o/ Happy Friday Blessed Ones May you be FILLRD from the inside out with ALL God has fot ou in Jesus Name! Holla@Jesus! He Gives Joy So Have FUN! :) All you need to do is START! You CAN make your MARK! Today is NEW! Given by God to YOU! Holla@Jesus! Our Personal Trainer In Every Way! Rejoice In the Lord! Again I say REJOICE! Pray for PEACE in Stillwater OK & OSU. Holla@Jesus! Name Above EVERY Name! (3 comments) Thank God It's Monday! New beginning! Continually winning! You are a FIRE going HIGHER every day! Holla@Jesus! He Leads Us In His Winning Way! Praise God! It's A Turn UP the LOVE Tuesday! Hello dear friends! God's love never fails! He showed us how to truly LOVE! Holla@Jesus! Love Through Him! ily Cherish those wonderful people around you! They could be gone in a moment. Holla@Jesus! Our Perfect Peace! (1 comments) Keep your eyes on CHANGE! We CAN be a GREATER Success! Believe! Holla@Jesus! He Equips Us! Love you! (1 comments) LOVE lives in YOU if JESUS is your LORD! Think on His goodness that woke us to see a new day! Holla@Jesus! He's SO Amazing To Me! Blessings! Stay on course! Remember your goals! Great success is yours! Holla@Jesus! Say His Name And He Answers! Enjoy today! A MERRY heart is GOOD medicine! Joined by FAIITH & God's WORD. ..brings GREAT Power! Holla@Jesus! Our HEALER Spirit Soul & Body! Ily THE SISTERS -Together Again! My Aunt Mayrene &Mommy! We are saying SEE YOU SOON to my Aunt today@11am. Thank you for prayers! Holla@Jesus! Our Comfort! (2 comments) Never take your life for granted! Follow in God's plans for your lives. They are the GREATEST! Holla@Jesus! Walk In His Steps! You deserve God's GREATEST! That's Who Jesus IS! Holla@Jesus! He Has Already Won Our Victory! Celebrate! Happy Friday! We are to always PRAY &NOTfaint, cave in, give up or quit! Holy Spirit is our Helper! Holla@Jesus! His Name Brings Powerful Answers! Keep pressing HIGHER! There's a FIRE inside! JESUS! Holla@Jesus! Follow His Directions That Never Fails! Worship the Lord in the BEAUTY of HOLINESS! That's His PURE Love in US! Holla@Jesus! We Were Made To Worship Him DAILY! EXPECT a GREATER week! We CAN do it! Holla@Jesus! Because He LIVES We Can Face ANYTHING! Shout to the Lord! Climb aboard His GLORY TRAIN! Use the NAME of JESUS! Holla@Jesus! He Guides Us! \o/ HAPPY VETERAN'S DAY! My Dad served from age 17-50+. So proud! Thanks to those Serving & have Served! You deserve TRIPLE Honor! Holla@Jesus! God Bless America & Our Veterans! (2 comments) It's Thursday! Another day to THRIVE in God's LOVE! His Name is JESUS! Holla@Jesus! YOU are His LOVE too! It's A Fit FunFabulous Friday! SMILE & shine VRIGHT! You are God's LIGHT pointing others to CHRIST! Holla@Jesus! He Is The Light! (1 comments) Bless the Lord OH my soul! He's WORTHY! Every day is a time to PRAISE the Lord! Holla@Jesus! He Deserves The GLORY! (1 comments) God brought US to a NEW day and week. Prepare your victorious path for TODAY! See the END before you begin! Success is YOURS! Holla@Jesus! He's ALIVE! Enjoy Today! :) (1 comments) Hello WINNERS! I hope you have enjoyed a TURNED up the THANKS Tuesday! Our God is FAITHUL! Holla@Jesus! He Gives Us SLEEP! Rest well! It's THURSDAY again! What's YOUR plan? I've already started STRONGER! Prayer & the Word gives STRENGTH! Holla@Jesus! He Renews Our Strength! Happy Friday Blessed&Favored Ones! Let YOUR light SHINE so those who need JOY may SEE it in YOU! Be THERE for others! Holla@Jesus! We Have HIS Heart! Enjoy TODAY! :) (1 comments) It's a SUPER cold Sat where I'm at! :) But I'm NOT complaining! God is still so GOOD to Us ALL! Celebrate His Love for YOU! Holla@Jesus! Imitate God Who IS Love! (1 comments) (2 comments) (2 comments) It's a GLORIOUS Sunday & MY 30 Again Birthday! :) Grateful to God for His GRACE upon my life! I'm here to be a LIGHT of His LOVE! Holla@Jesus! Thank God for His Mercy! Glory! (2 comments) YOU are the GREATEST my Friends! That you for your bd greetings! I’m celebrating 30 days 30 again! I have a 28yrdtr&25yrson so I’m a lil older than 30 lol. THANK YOU ALL! Holla@Jesus! TGIM ily (2 comments) God ignites the LIGHT in YOU! He makes today brand new! Start over if you have to. He will show you what to do! Holla@Jesus! He Gives Us Newness of Life! \o/ Happy Thanksgiving Eve! What's up your sleeve? I'm cooking Sweet Potato Pie. What about you? Be THANKFUL regardless! Holla@Jesus! Give HIM Thanks! \o/ (2 comments) Thanking God for ALL of You & Praying that you have your GREATEST day EVER! God is GOOD & His MERCY endures FOREVER! Holla@Jesus! Thank You Lord for Your Grace! \o/ (2 comments) Enjoy today! Get MOVING! Relax IN God's LOVE! You SIT in HIM! Shine! You can do ANYTHING! Holla@Jesus! Our Perfection! (2 comments) It's Saturday! Time to Challenge YOU! Make a small goal & reach for it! Stay positive! NEVER give up! Holla@Jesus! He'll Show Us Just What To Do! Thank YOU Lord! Enjoy your day! :) (2 comments) Love the Lord with ALL your heart and mind. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. These are the 2 commandments that we live by! Holla@Jesus! God's Love NEVER Fails! \o/ Let's LOVE! Happy Sunday! :) (1 comments) TGIM! Saying BYE to Nov & READY for Dec! NOW faith is HERE! Believe & Receive ALL your heart is PRESSING into! WE can! Holla@Jesus! He Is Our STRENGTH! \o/ (1 comments) Dec is here! New year is near! Joy is springing! Bells are ringing! I’m singing! Happiness reigns! In Jesus’ Name! Expect GREATER! Holla@Jesus! He Is Our Prince of Peace! \o/ (2 comments) It's a WONDERFUL wisdom filled Wednesday! Whatever you put your hands to do will PROSPER! If you BELIEVE you WILL! Holla@Jesus! He's Our Mighty God! \o/ (2 comments) Happy Thurs! We must PRAY & NOT faint! Be vigilant as we WATCH&PRAY! Praying for those in CA who lost loved ones & friends. Binding the wiles of the devil in Jesus’ Name! Fear NOT! Holla@Jesus! \o/ (4 comments) Happy Fri! Stay on point! Have FUN with your plan! Let's SMILE! Enjoy those near! HEAR God's directions! Holla@Jesus! What A GREAT Day to BE GREATEST! \o/ (2 comments) It's a SUPER Soaring HIGHER Saturday! Finishing this week STRONGER! Making NEW memories! Preparing for SUCCESS! Holla@Jesuos! He Came That WE May Have Abundant Life! \o/ (2 comments) God’s peace is a mountain where we go &find total security! We SEE His face pouring out unending grace &are amazed. His love makes us whole completely! Holla@Jesus! The Savior Who is The Anointed One! (1 comments) TGIM! Time to PRESS forward as YOU do the BEST! There's help all around! You are bound for GREATER! Stay grateful & in LOVE! Holla@.Jesus! His Love Never Ends! \o/ (1 comments) There’s nothing wrong w/buying&GIVING as long as you’re LIVING in CHRIST! Walk through the DOOR of MORE than enough& CUFF your life to the One Who DIED for US! Holla@JESUS! He SO Loved the WORLD! \o/ (2 comments) Midweek is here! Wipe those tears! ƒº Let¡¦s hear some cheers! You¡¦re closer to the best CHRISTMAS ever! Hold on tight! God gives CLEAR sight! YOU will NOT fail in HIS Will! Holla@Jesus! God With Us! (1 comments) Happy Thursday Winners! :) I'm TIRED! :) Peace...NOTHING, missing, broken or needed! Completely WHOLE! That's Who Jesus is to Us! Holla@Jesus! Our Peace! Sleep Well! (1 comments) It's FRIDAY! Live it UP! Go HIGHER! Set a FIRE with LOVE! Break OUT and SHOUT your VICTORY! You're making HISTORY! Holla@Jesus! Our Good Shepherd Who Leads Us! \o/ (2 comments) It's a SUPER Blessed Saturday! Hope you slept GOOD! Let's take the week out with a GREATER end! We CAN do ANYTHING! Holla@Jesus! The Greatest LOVE of ALL! \o/ (1 comments) A Glorious Sunday to YOU! Do all things in FAITH! We have not the spirit of fear! Fear is NOT from GOD! He Gives Love Power & a SOUND Mind! Holla@Jesus! Have FAITH In HIM! \o/ (1 comments) Thank God for a new day&MONDAY! Remember to PRAY for the USA every time you think about it! Prayer is the Foundation for GREAT success! We are SO blessed! Holla@Jesus! Glad He Set Me HERE! \o/ (1 comments) Turn UP your CHEER for the rest of the YEAR! \o/ Holla@Jesus! Our JOY In the Morning! :))) Be STRONG in the LORD and in the POWER of HIS might! Holla@Jesus! He's ALL We Need To Always Succeed! Glory! \o/ (1 comments) Happy Thursday Everyone! Remember to PRAY for your Family & Friends often! Faith filled Prayers WORK! Holla@Jesus! The Greatest Prayer Ever! (1 comments) Hello Favored Ones! :) 1 week b4 Christmas! Time is FLYING! Hope your MIND is focused on JESUS! He is WORTHY! Holla@Jesus! He'll Be Back Sooner Than We Think! Praise Him! \o/ (2 comments) Celebrate the JOY of KNOWING Jesus as the SAVIOR! Holla@Jesus! He Came for YOU! Happy SUPER Saturday! Hello&Happy Mon! I've been mia tyyihis weekend. My vision is a challenge but I'm persevering in JESUS! Love to all! Holla@Jesus! He's My HEALER Spirit Soul & Body! TGIM! \o/ (1 comments) We watch the news to hear; But we do NOT fear! God is on our side. In Him we HIDE! NOTHING can harm Us! We have POWER in the Name of JESUS! Holla@Jesus! Our Rest! (2 comments) Bless the LORD oh my soul! Bless HIS Holy Name! Forget not 1 of HIS Beneits! Holla@Jesus! OurKing of Peace! \o/ (6 comments) MERRY CHRISTMAS! :) Joy to the WORLD! Celebrating ALL the GOODNESS Jesus has given Us! Enjoy His Gift! Holla@Jesus! He Came For YOU! \o/ (2 comments) Hello All! Hope your Christmas was the BEST ever! JESUS is our GIFT all year around! Holla@Jesus! In HIM We ARE Stable Under The Shadow of God! (1 comments) GLORIOUS Sunday to YOU! A NEW day to give GOD Praise! He brought us this far! So grateful! Holla@Jesus! Finish 2015 GREATER! \o/ (1 comments) ON YOUR MARK! Count down to a GREATER 2016! STRIVE to do the BEST each day! God will lead the way! Holla@Jesus! He Has Prepared The Way! TGIM (1 comments) Turn UP your ANTICIPATION for a GREATER 2016! Yes I'm cheerleading ALL of Us to the VERY best New Year EVER! Be WILLING to be a GREAT Success! Holla@Jesus! He Shows Us HOW! :) ily (1 comments) JESUS has been made unto US, wisdom, righteousness, sanctification &Redemption. 1Cor1:30 Holla@Jesus! He's IN Us! ALL He IS is IN Us! \o/ (1 comments) Happy Thursday! We've made it to the last day of 2015! Think on the TRIUMPHS! Get ready for MORE! Press into God! Holla@Jesus! Our LIFE Trainer! \o/ 2013 Christmas in Tulsa OK (6 comments) We’re HERE! 2016’s a GREATER year! Stay FOCUSED on your goals! Walk in Peace which makes us WHOLE! Celebrate LIFE! Holla@Jesus! He’s The WAY To GREATER! \o/ (1 comments) Super Sunny Saturday! :) LOVE is my focus for now on! JESUS is LOVE in Us so WE can LOVE anyone! I WILL! Holla@Jesus! He LOVES Through US! ily (2 comments) Any day is the RIGHT day to just PRAISE the LORD! He LIVES in Our Praise! Hallelujah! Holla@Jesus! He Deserves To Hear Our Praise Daily! Thank YOU Lord! Glorious Sunday to YOU! \o/ (3 comments) It's a GREAT day to JUST DO IT! No matter what it is get it done! We have ALL we need INSIDE! Fear NOT! Holla@Jesus! He Has Given Us ALL Things That Pertain To Life&Godliness! (2 comments) I SEE through the EYES of JESUS!!! I LOVE through the HEART of JESUS! I PRAY through the SPIRIT of JESUS! Holla@Jesus! I LIVE Through The BLOOD Of Jesus! (2 comments) Super Saturday going STRONGER! Do something that makes YOU smile! :) WE are here to BE healthy & HAPPY! Happy ARE the people Whose God IS the LORD! Holla@Jesus! BE Happy! :) (1 comments) Jesus is the SAME, Yesterday, Today & Forever! Oh how HE Loves US! Holla@Jesus! TRUST Him ALWAYS! Glorious Sunday to YOU! (2 comments) It's MONDAY! Let's start STRONG &Keep the momentum going STRONGER! Holla@esus! He's The STRENGTH of Our Lives! \o/ Turn UP the EXCITEMENT and MOVE it! Keep moving FORWARD! Forget the PAST! Make NEW history! Holla@Jesus! He's SO Proud of US! :) (1 comments) God’s FIRE will take you HIGHER in EVERY area of life! He leads YOUR way into DREAMS come TRUE! You WILL do GREATER! Holla@Jesus! He NEVER Fails! \o/ (2 comments) Just want to THANK you ALL for your encouragement&support! I appreciate your motivation that touches my heart. You ROCK! Holla@Jesus! I Thank HIM For You & Pray His Will BE Done In YOU! ily :))) (1 comments) HAPPY BIRTHDAY DR. KING! Today if He was here, he would be 87! Keep REACHING for YOUR dreams! God Will EMPOWER us if they came from HIS heart! Holla@Jesus! The KING of Dr. King! (3 comments) Don't worry! BE Happy! Make a choice to SMILE! Rejoice in the LORD! Hug somebody! YOU will feel GREATER! Holla@Jesus! He Gave Us A SUPER Happy Saturday! ENJOY! :))) We NEVER have to fear! Keep TRUSTING the Lord always! He will NEVER let Us down! Holla@Jesus! It's A GLORIOUS Sunday! \o/ (2 comments) Jesus makes US free! He who the SON sets FREE is FREE INDEED! Holla@Jesus! Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! \o/ (1 comments) God NEVER sees Us as failures. HE said We CAN! Believe HIM! Holla@Jesus! Through Christ We Shall Do VALIANTLY For HE Treads Down Our Enemies! Turn UP Your TRUST Tuesday! \o/ (2 comments) Wonderful Wednesday to YOU! Been coughing since MLKJ day evening. Not feeling the best. BUT got my steps! Holla@Jesus! My HEALER! \o/ ily (2 comments) Hello friends! :) I' m getting there! Keep me in your prayers! I'm praying for YOU too! Holla@Jesus! He's Our Confidence! (2 comments) Coughing! Sneezing! Freezing! I'm still BELIEVING! Jesus IS my HEALER! Holla@Jesus! His Love NEVER Fails! Super Saturday to YOU! \o/ (3 comments) JESUS! Name ABOVE all names! Slept well up@2am! Almost 4am! lol Eyes watering! BUT not dwelling on it. OTCmeds ok. STRIPES of JESUS Best! Taking both! :) Holla@Jesus! Worship HIM! \o/ TY4Prayers! (1 comments) When you wait on the LORD strength is RENEWED! Feeling BETTER! Love to ALL! I'm standing TALL in JESUS! :) Holla@Jesus! The BEST of MY Life! (2 comments) Turn UP your Faith Tuesday! Faith comes from God's Word. STUDY daily! It brings FAITH. Without FAITH we can't please God! Holla@Jesus! The WORD of God Who REIGNS! (2 comments) JOHN is my FAVORITE Book in the Bible! So much REVELATION flows to me! What's YOURS? Holla@Jesus! He's In EVERY Book! Happy Wed! :) (2 comments) Oh what a FATHER! Oh what a SAVIOLR! They LOVE Us for real! Holla@Jesus! It's a SONny Day in the LORD! :))) It's FRIDAY! Be FIT & have FUN! Register to VOTE & VOTE! Not about a Party but Who GOD wants. Pray about it NOW. Holla@Jesus! He KNOWS Who God's Choice Is! Vote Prayerfully! (1 comments) Making it a SUPER Saturday! Trying to get back in my workout groove! One day at a time! Get up and MOVE! Holla@Jesus! His Strength Empowers Us! I CAN! We WILL! \o/ (1 comments) Haven't been since 17th but EXCITED to GO today! :) WORSHIP the LORD! Holla@Jesus! Forsake NOT Assembling Together! Amen! Glorious Sunday!!! Spread God's LOVE daily! He's IN Us! LOVE ourselves to HEALTH! We NEVER give up! Holla@Jesus! HE Is LOVE! TGIM!! (1 comments) I've Turned UP my Tuesday decluttering! Sis brought my storage I've had since 07! OLD candy from my mom's stuff! lol BRICK hard! lol I'm having FUN with memories! Holla@Jesus! Turn UP your way! :) (1 comments) Midweek already? Blink too many times & Feb will be HISTORY! I hope your week is active. Makes your blood flow WARMER! Holla@Jesus! No Humps In This Day! Only VICTORY! ily (1 comments) God desires for Us to PROSPER in EVERY area of our lives! WE must BELIEVE Him! He does NOT lie! Study His Word. It's TRUTH! Holla@Jesus! He LOVES Us SO Much! (1 comments) While you're spreading LOVE make sure to MOVE your GORGEOUS body! Yes! WE are BEAUTIUL! Holla@Jesus! Let Us Pray One For Another More Often! Love to ALL! (1 comments) Have a SUPER Soaring HIGHER Saturday! Slept after seminar Fri. Diabetes. Have to make up time! Holla@Jesus! We Are Well Able To Be A GREAT Success!!! (1 comments) GLORY: Everything HEAVY with GOOD! Our GOD Is GOOD at ALL Times! ALL He is LIVES In US! Rejoice in HIM! Holla@Jesus! Praise HIM At ALL Times! \o/ Thank God Who DAILY Loads Us With Benefits! What a FATHER! What A LORD! Be GRATEFUL! I AM! :) Holla@Jesus! You Are Benefits That God Loads Me With! Thank YOU! TGIM! (3 comments) If WE don't PRAISE the Lord Jesus said the Rocks and Stones will! I REFUSE to let that happen! PRAISE YOU FATHER! Holla@Jesus! He's WORTHY! Celebrate JESUS! \o/ (2 comments) Happy Thursday Sparkers! Healthy Hearts does a body GOOD! Everything we do should lead to STRONG hearts! Let's reach HIGHER! Holla@Jesus! He Wants Us To Prosper & Be Healthy! Don't worry! BE Happy! No reason to be sad! God has made Us GLAD! His LOVE is flowing! YOU are glowing! Holla@Jesus! His Love Is In YOU Always! Let's LOVE! \o/ (1 comments) Spread LOVE wherever You are! LOVE is the ANSWER! Holla@Jesus! His LOVE Is UNCONDITIONAL! I LOVE You! Happy Sat! :))) It's OVERFLOWING with LOVE Day! Share LOVE everywhere you go! Our hearts are FULL of Pure Love from God! Holla@Jesus! The Greatest Love Comes From His Blood! Have a GLORIOUS Sunday! ily (3 comments) I pray that God's WILL be DONE as WE Vote for the One Who GOD has Predestined for Our Next President of These United States! Holla@Jesus! In GOD We TRUST! (2 comments) Turn UP your KNOWLEDGE Tuesday! If YOU don't KNOW you can't GROW! Get EMPOWERED! Holla@Jesus! He GIVES Power To The Faint & Renew Our Strength! \o/ (1 comments) Let's POWER up our midweek and GO GREATEST! Go HIGHER! We can DO anything if we are DETERMINED! Holla@Jesus! Our Very Present Help At ALL Times! Praise HIM! \o/ (1 comments) It's Thursday! We're REFRESHED! Pushing for the BEST! Never forget to REST! You're seated in God's GOODNESS! Holla@Jesus! He KNOWS All About US! BE encouraged! ily (2 comments) God's POURING out His LOVE upon US! WE are SO Blessed! Today SMILE and let Jesus & Father Know the LOVE you have for them! Holla@Jesus! Sending Love To You All! (2 comments) BLACK HISTORY: ROSA PARKS took her stand so she SAT DOWN! Beautiful & BRAVE she GAVE Us COURAGE! Holla@Jesus! We Should LOVE At ALL Times And EVERYONE! Super Saturday! \o/ WE are FEARFULLY & WONSERFULLY Made! Male&Female! God put Us Here for HIS pleasure! Believe His Word which PLEASES Him! Holla@Jesus! He Gives Us AL Things Richly To Enjoy! \o/ BREAKFAST: Oatmeal w/raisins, nuts& tropical fruit! Start your days the RIGHT way! You will see your days are BETTER! Holla@Jesus! Don't Forget To Pray Too! Jesus Is Listening For YOU! \o/ (2 comments) I'm having a WOOHOO Wednesday! The GREATER One is IN me &I'm well able to JUST DO IT! No matter what I'm a WINNER! Holla@Jesus! WE Are MORE Than Conquerors!! Glory! (2 comments) ARISE! SHINE! Your Light has come and the GLORY of the LORD has RISEN upon YOU! Holla@Jesus! He Shines Through US! Fit Fun Fabulous Friday Coming STRON! Get UP and MOVE! Get in the GROOVE of a HAPPY body! YOU are set FREE! Holla@Jesus! Our Love That Keeps Our Hearts HAPPY! (2 comments) Hello Everyone! :) Hope You have ENJOYED your SUPER Saturday! A NEW day to get it done! I've been BUSY! Grateul though! Holla@Jesus! I Just LOVE Him SO Much! \o/ (1 comments) It's a GLORIOUS Sunday! A New GIFT from GOD! Let's CELEBRATE Love at ALL times! My Focus ALL year! Holla@Jesus! We Obey God's Command To LOVE By Being A LOVER At ALL Times! (2 comments) GOD is CONSISTENT in His LOVE! WE must be too! Without LOVE we are NOTHING! Holla@Jesus! He's LOVE In Us Loving Others! TGIM! \o/ WooHoo! It's MARCH! New goals! New Victories! Let's TURN UP the FIRE as we go HIGHER in March! Holla@Jesus! He GAVE So That We May Have An Abundant Life! Thank God! (1 comments) We need God’s Choice Over This Nation Who Will HEAR His Voice &OBEY! Happy Wednesday! Holla@Jesus! The GOVERNMENT Shall BE Upon His Shoulders! \o/ (2 comments) It's a GREAT day to have a GREATER day! Keep moving FORWARD and NEVER give up! GOD is with YOU! Holla@Jesus! Our Fitness Trainer Who NEVER Fails Us! Happy Thursday! :))) (3 comments) JESUS saw US before He went to the CROSS and beamed with JOY! Thank YOU Jesus! Holla@Jesus! I Get JOY When I Think About His LOVE! (1 comments) Super Keep SMILING Saturday to YOU! Spread the LOVE and JOY all over the place! Holla@Jesus! He Brings JOY! Enjoy TODAY! ily It's a GLORIOUS Sunday! EVERYDAY is a DAY to WORSHIP the LORD! Praise HIS Holy NAME! You are HERE again! Holla@Jesus! The Lord Bless YOU & Keep YOU & Cause His Light to SHINE upon YOU! \o/ (3 comments) Yes indeed! We WILL succeed! With GOD on our side we will ALWAYS thrive! It's MONDAY! \o/ Holla@Jesus! Jesus Is Our Rock That We Stand On SECURE! TGIM! (2 comments) Turn UP your WORD study Tuesday! God's WORD gives LIGHT! Understanding to the simple! Holla@Jesus! As We Study We Can Rightly Discern The Word! Glory! (1 comments) JUMP over the HUMP & get PUMPED! God GIVES Us POWER to do Anything! Use the NAME of JESUS! Holla@Jesus! He Gave Us NOW Faith! \o/ (2 comments) Getting closer to week's end! What's your NOW Victory? I've been logging my food ON TIME! lol Holla@Jesus! We Can't Fail With GOD & ALL He Is On Our Side! Thankul Thursday! \o/ Snoopy's in love with Fridays! BUT glad it's Friday and I LOVE all of YOU! Have a Fit with FUN Friday! SMILE! Holla@Jesus! He Made Us ALL Beautiful! \o/ (1 comments) LET (allow) the JOY of the LORD to BE your STRENGTH! We must be a WILLING partaker in ALL God has for us! He left NOTHING undone! Holla@Jesus! He Was Full o JOY When He Died or US! Enjoy TODAY! (2 comments) Let's give THANKS to the LORD for ALL He has done for Us! We are TOO blessed to NOT give HIM all the PRAISE! Not just on Sunday but EVERY day! Holla@Jesus! He's WORTHY of ALL Glory! \o/ (1 comments) Thank GOD it's MONDAY! \o/ CELEBRATE a GREATER week! RUN in VICTORY & JUMP over road blocks! WE can! Holla@Jesus! HE Empowered Us for GREATER Works On Earth! WooHoo! (1 comments) Hello Dear Friends! I'm Turning UP my HAPPINESS! Joy is GOOD med with a side affect of MORE smiles! :) Let's enjoy today! Holla@Jesus! He Brings GREAT Joy! WooHoo! \o/ (5 comments) It's a WONDERFUL Wednesday My Friends! Let's SMILE! No need to frown! GOD showers Us with HAPPINESS! He's MORE than the best! Holla@Jesus! Oh What A Mighty Happy God WE Serve! :))) (1 comments) What a blessed day! WE are still HERE! A new day to ADHERE to God's PLANS for us individually. Let's SEE through HIS eyes daily! Holla@Jesus! He Sees Through LOVE! Yes! I'm pumping LOVE still! ily (2 comments) Let's BE happy not because it's Friday but because we ARE here in the GREATEST time to be ALIVE! We are very BLESSED so seek MORE of God's BEST for YOU! Holla@Jesus! He's the Author&Finisher of Faith! (3 comments) It's a SUPER Saturday! Taking the week out STRONGER & SMARTER! :) Make it a goal making day! Holla@Jesus! Just Do It! WooHoo! \o/ (2 comments) Hosanna! Hosanna to the HIGHEST! Lord Jesus! Thank YOU! Awesome is Your Sacrifice! Glory! Holla@Jesus! Palm Sunday Is the Sunday BEFORE Our Savior's Sacriice! Praise JESUS! (1 comments) Thank GOD it's MONDAY! I pray your weekend OVERFLOWED with LOVE! Let's have a week of PURE Love! HE never fails! Holla@Jesus! He Came To DESTROY the works of the devil & He DID! \o/ (2 comments) Let's Turn UP our FAMILY time Tuesday! We really need that time to GROW together. It's MISSING in a lot of homes. Holla@Jesus! He's A Family Savior Too! \o/ (1 comments) Good Morning My friends! Asking for prayer over my Fam. My Uncle Harry passed last Fri @church. We will have His Service Good Friday! Unexpected. Thank YOU! Holla@Jesus! All Praise to Him! (1 comments) Good evening wonderful friends! I've posted my Freestyle Friday blog early since I will be occupied. Pray you all lean into what JESUS did for Us. Holla@Jesus! What A Savior! \o/ For the JOY(Us) that was set before Him He ENDURED the CROSS! For YOU! ME! Glory to God! Jesus' Blood will NEVER lose it's POWER! Holla@Jesus! King of Glory! (3 comments) Jesus SO loved US that He CHOSE to be SACRIFICED giving Us ETERNAL life! Oh what a GLORIOUS Savior JESUS is! Holla@Jesus! Choose JESUS & You Choose LIFE! Rejoice! \o/ (2 comments) Turn UP your ZEAL these last days of March! \o/ Set your mind to DO what is needed no matter what! Holla@Jesus! He's Listening Are You Speaking? You are BLESSED! Family of God keep LOOKING unto JESUS the AUTHOR & FINISHER of Our Faith! He has ALL we need &DESIRE! Holla@Jesus! He Gave Us ALL Things Richly To Enjoy! \o/ Grateful tears. God protected us from this DESTRUCTIVE Tulsa OK Tornado last night. Praise Him! My hometown& torn up. BUT no lives lost! Pray for Tulsa. Holla@Jesus! He's HERE! (5 comments) Hello Dear Friends! It's FRIDAY! Hope your week has been GREATER. Let's bring APRIL in STRONGER! We're gonna have a JOY filled month! Holla@Jesus! In Him We Thrive & Survive! \o/ (1 comments) Lift UP the NAME of JESUS! Our SAVIOR forever! He SHED His BLOOD because of LOVE for US! \o/ Holla@Jesus! BE like HIM! GLORIOUS Sunday to YOU! :))) Happy Monday! TGIM! Let's FIGHT for Our RIGHT to BE healthy! FIRE up that DESIRE! Let NOTHING distract from the PATH of our BEST Life! Holla@Jesus! Jesus Leads Our Way! \o/ (1 comments) Turn UP your SMILES Tuesday! Use your JOY muscles & SMILE! It's BRIGHT & touches LIVES! No one near? SMILE in the mirror! You're beautiful! Holla@Jesus! Everything Is BEST When We SMILE! :)))))) (1 comments) Hello Friends! Walked over 19K Steps Tues! I used to think I couldn't get 10K but ALL things ARE possible! Holla@Jesus! YOU Can Do It TOO! \o/ (4 comments) It's a THANKS filled Thursday! God is SO Good to us ALL! Even to those who reject Him. Grateful to KNOW Him! Holla@Jesus! He's A Forever Savior! \o/ (1 comments) Remember WE are still HERE to DO God's WILL on Earth. HE empowers us to do ANYTHING! Holla@Jesus! We ARE His People! \o/ Let's have a SUPER Saturday My Friends! Get up and out or stay in but MOVE! Get in a HAPPY Groove. We can do it! Time to shine! Holla@Jesus! Thank God for the SUN & FUN! \o/ JESUS' Light shines BRIGHT in Our lives for OTHERS to SEE His VICTORY! We must LET our LIGHTS shine! Holla@Jesus! It's a VICTORIOUS & GLORIOUS Sunday! \o/ Hello! :) Turn UP your STEPS Tuesday! WALK in the PATH of LIFE! That's where GREATEST Success STARTS! BE a CAN doer! Holla@Jesus! Look UP For Our Redemption Draws NEAR! When you wake up SMILE! Mingling w/others SMILE! Eating lunch SMILE! Taking that customer call SMILE! In a hard day SMILE! Holla@Jesus! He's SMILING When YOU Smile! :))) AMEN! (2 comments) I pray your day has been great and full of LOVE. You all are true blessings & I dearly appreciate every one of you. Keep SMILING! It brightens up YOUR day! Holla@Jesus! What A Friend He Is! \o/ I pray your day has been great and full of LOVE. You all are true blessings & I dearly appreciate every one of you. Keep SMILING! It brightens up YOUR day! Holla@Jesus! What A Friend He Is! \o/ (1 comments) It's FRIDAY! Going STRONGER a lil LONGER! Have some FUN as you stay FIT! Laugh out loud! ALL is healthful for our Body, Soul & Spirit! Holla@Jesus! Just Do It! WooHoo! (1 comments) Hello my friends! :) Hope you had a SUPER Saturday! God ALWAYS rains HIS goodness upon us! Let's PRAISE Him! Holla@Jesus! Our CALM In Any storm! Hallelujah! \o/ Good Night! (1 comments) Turning UP my Tuesday CHEER! Mon I walked 15664 STEPS inside my home! NO excuses! Just DO it! Holla@Jesus! Never Underestimate the Power of God IN You! \o/ (1 comments) Let's make it a FUN Fitness Friday! Enjoy your workouts with a SMILE! Getting FIT & HEALTHY is FUN! We are People of GREAT joy! Holla@Jesus! He Had FUN Playing With Children! Let's GO! :))) Beauty SHINES at ALL times from the INSIDE out! SHOUT to the LORD for HE has made Us ALL, Male & Female, BEAUTIFUL! Holla@Jesus! Turn UP a GREAT end to April! Love YOU! YOUR smile brings JOY to OTHERS! Never forget the REAL reason YOU are BE a BLESSING! Holla@Jesus! BE Imitators of God As DEAR Children! Walk in LOVE! \o/ (2 comments) Hello My Friends! We are winding down April & I pray YOU are ready for a May like never before! Look beyond what you feel or see and live in Victory daily! We can do it! Holla@Jesus! HE Empowers Us! (1 comments) Happy Sunday Blessed Friends! I pray your day has been WONDERFUL! Our God is SO Awesome in OUR lives! Give HIM praise for a GREATER MAY! Holla@Jesus! It's a GLORIOUS Sunday! ily (1 comments) TGIM! Welcome to MAY! I'm praying for us ALL to have our GREATEST May EVER! Let's go STRONGER! With GOD all things ARE possible! Holla@Jesus! He's WITH Us ALWAYS! Enjoy TODAY! With GOD on OUR side why fear? Man can do NOTHING to Us! Have FAITH in GOD! Believe HIS Word! It's LIFE & HEALING! Holla@Jesus! You ARE A WINNER Now! Turn UP your WORD Study! \o/ (1 comments) Hello Blessed Friends! It's up to YOU to set the MOOD & PACE of your day. NEVER allow anyone to take your JOY! His Name is JESUS! Holla@Jesus! For the JOY(You) Set Before Him He Endured the Cross! \o/ Today is NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER! Pray at ALL times! Make it a mission to PRAY for AMERICA today and ALWAYS! We are FOUNDED on CHRIST! Holla@Jesus! Prayer Is POWERFUL! Happy Thursday! :))) Hope your week has been great! Get out and participate in some FUN! Walk or RUN your style. SMILE at someone today! It goes a long way! Holla@Jesus! He Leads Us! (1 comments) It's a GREAT day to be GREATER! In GOD we do VALIANTLY for it is HE Who treads down our enemy! Holla@Jesus! He Makes ALL Things New for YOU! MOTHERS are BLESSINGS from the LORD! They are GLORIOUS flowers blooming in LOVE! Celebrate all MOTHERS & Mother like ones daily! Holla@Jesus! He Created Mothers From Grace & Mercy! Glory! Get EXCITED! I'm DELIGHTED! It's MONDAY! Let's DO it! I KNOW you CAN! Stay MOTIVATED! You ARE a WINNER! Holla@Jesus! He SEES Us! \o/ Hi Blessed Friends! Turn UP your CONFIDENCE Tuesday! You are NOT alone. The Spirit of the Lord leads and guides our way. Let's make it a prosperous day! Holla@Jesus! YOU Are SO Special! WooHoo! We are CREATED by a FATHER Who LOVES us SO much! His GREATNESS is UNSEARCHABLE! Yet He made US in HIS likeness! What a LOVE! Holla@Jesus! BE Greater In Jesus! Wonderful Wed! LET your LIGHT shine! You are a child of the DIVINE Lord & Savior! His FAVOR is ALL over YOU! Holla@Jesus! It's A NEW Day To Be A WINNER! \o/ Have a FIT FUNtastic Friday! Stick with the PLAN! Success is in your HAND! Let GOD lead you! HE knows what YOU should do! Holla@Jesus! Be Like HIM! \o/ Embrace the TRUTH that YOU are a VERY special person NOW! Favor is ALL around! BE confident in what YOU can do. Holla@Jesus! You Were Created for GREATNESS! :))) (1 comments) Keep SMILING! Not HIDING! You are BLESSED! That's EMPOWERED to PROSPER! Yes YOU! So BELIEVE & RECEIVE God's Goodness! Holla@Jesus! He SMILES Over YOU! :))) Glorious Sunday! \o/ It's a NEW day to walk in the WAY of BETTER health & fitness! NO stress! DO your BEST! Angels are CHEERING you on! Holla@Jesus! A Precious Monday to YOU! WooHoo! :))) (1 comments) Turn UP your STRENGTH TRAINING Spirit, Soul & Body! We MUST stay STRONG in ALL areas! Can WE do it? YES we CAN! Holla@Jesus! Let JESUS Be Your PERSONAL Trainer! Midweek! Having a great day! Hope YOU are too. Stay focused on your plan for this day. BE happy and keep a JOYful heart! Holla@Jesus! Bless His Holy Name! \o/ (1 comments) Hello WINNERS! Yes YOU are! Look in the MIRROR & see ALL of the BEAUTY that SHINES brightly! It's COLD here. Enjoy your weather no matter what it is. Holla@Jesus! He Holds Us Close! ily We must be FEARLESS not EARLESS! LISTEN to God's Word & HEAR! Ask and He gives UNDERSTANDING. Holla@Jesus! Have FAITH In GOD! Fearless Friday! \o/ (2 comments) Hope everyone is having a SUPER happy Saturday! Take time to MOVE no matter what is going on. CONSISTENCY is the KEY! Holla@Jesus! Our Strength To Do EVERYTHING! \o/ (1 comments) I would have fainted if I did not believe to SEE the GOODNESS of the LORD in the land of the LIVING! Psalm 27:13 Holla@Jesus! What a GLORIOUS Sunday! \o/ God created this BEAUTIUL day just for YOU! Be GLAD and look UP! Let JOY arise as you keep your EYES on your GOALS! Holla@Jesus! He's Our EVERYDAY Joy! TGIM (2 comments) Turn UP whatever you need to PRESS into Tuesday! We can DO anything! Dismiss the mess and DO your BEST! Holla@Jesus! There's Power To Those Who Believe! \o/ (1 comments) It's WED! Going HIGHER! God's LOVE fire is the FUEL! Nothing but SUCCESS! Have a WINNER's mindset! YES! Holla@Jesus! In Him We Have TRUE Victory! ily (1 comments) Hello Thursday! I KNOW your week has been PROSPEROUS! Something GOOD has happened! Keep it MOVING! Don't give up! Holla@Jesus! Our LIGHT & SALVATION! No fear! \o/ (1 comments) It's a FIT FUNtastic Friday! Enjoy the day! Happiness is a ZEST of POWER! Spread it around! Holla@Jesus! Our Gift Who Brought Life! \o/ (1 comments) Have a Super SAFE Sat & Memorial Day Weekend! Stay ALERT! Drive full of LOVE! Wear LIFE jackets in WATER! Enjoy yourself! Holla@Jesus! Our Way Maker! (1 comments) Glorious Sunday to YOU my BLESSED Friends! It's a BEAUTIFUL because WE are HERE! Celebrate LIFE in the LIGHT! Holla@Jesus! God LOVES Us Just As Much As He LOVES Jesus! \o/ (1 comments) HONOR & PRAISE to Those Who GAVE the GREATEST Gift! Lives for MANY! God's REWARD to You ALL! Holla@Jesus! God BLESS America! Happy Memorial Day! Turn UP your ANTICIPATION Tuesday! JUNE is KNOCKING! Get EXCITED! Keep your FAITH high! We will make HISTORY! WooHoo! Holla@Jesus! He's ALREADY There! Oh YES! \o/ (1 comments) Hello Thankful Thursday! I'm Thankful for YOU! A NEW day to STAY on point! Imagine the GREATEST you! I SEE it! WE can do our BEST! Holla@Jesus! It's Our Best June EVER! Let's GO! \o/ (1 comments) Happy 1rst FIT FUNtastic Friday to ALL! WE WILL stay within our CALORIES! We WILL move our bodies! We WILL smile & share LOVE! Holla@Jesus! God's WILL Be Done! \o/ Have a SUPER soaring HIGHER Saturday! YOU are created in GOD's Image & likeness! So YOU are BEAUTIFUL! Holla@Jesus! Never Degrade Who God Made! :))) (1 comments) Glorious Sunday to YOU! John 8 tells us that the TRUTH that we KNOW will set Us FREE! Keep the WORD of GOD before your eyes! Holla@Jesus! Worship The Lord! He's WORTHY! ily (2 comments) This is the day the LORD has made REJOICE! It's MONDAY! \o/ Let's DO it! BE strong! Live LONG! Holla@Jesus! We Are A CHOSEN Generation! Yes!!! (2 comments) LOVE! It's a COMMAND! It COVERS a multitude of sin! It's GOD! It's the BLOOD of JESUS! Holla@Jesus! Love LIVES In YOU! I LOVE You All! :) (1 comments) One of my FAVORITES! It means to get UP forgetting your circumstances & TRUST God no matter what comes! Holla@Jesus! Our Light Has COME! \o/ NOW Victory! WISDOM filled WED! (1 comments) Thirst Quenching Thursday! Drink your NATURAL water daily! Drink your SPIRITUAL water daily! Our bodies & Spirits need WATER! Hydrate daily! Holla@Jesus! He Pours His Goodness Over Us! \o/ (2 comments) WE are FEARFULLY & WONDERFULLY made in the IMAGE & LIKENESS of God Almighty! WE are EMPOWERED to prosper in EVERY area of our lives! Holla@Jesus! Our Lord & King! \o/ (3 comments) YOU are the JOY that JESUS saw when He went to the Cross! KEEP your eyes/heart FIXED on HIM! Holla@Jesus! Grateful For His LOVE So TRUE! Happy Super FAITHFUL Saturday! \o/ It's a BLESSED day! Walk in the WAY the TRUTH & the LIGHT! We are JESUS' hands, feet & eyes! Shine BRIGHT! Holla@Jesus! Have A Glorious Sunday! \o/ Thank GOD for a GREATER Monday! We WILL go HIGHER! God's FIRE of GRACE is our POWER! Holla@Jesus! He Came So That We May LIVE Abundantly! (1 comments) Pray for those hurting in Orlando & around our Nation. Satan comes to STEAL Kill & Destroy. JESUS came to GIVE us LIFE! Holla@Jesus! Let GOD Arise & His Enemy BE Scattered! \o/ (2 comments) Good evening my blessed friends! I pray your day has been wonderful! YES! If YOU have JESUS you ARE victorious! Holla@Jesus! Let His Love Flow From YOU! Sleep Well! SMILE it up THURSDAY! We really don't have a good reason NOT to be HAPPY! We're still BREATHING! God is GOOD! Look UP! Stay full of JOY! Holla@Jesus! Your Journey Will Go GREATEST! \o/ JESUS is LOVE! He LIVES in US so WE are LOVE too! MOVE daily in GOD's Love! Holla@Jesus! Enjoy a FIT FUNtastic Friday! ily For REAL! :))) Saturday Love to YOU! Hope you are making this a MARVELOUS day! Do something that makes you LAUGH! It will make this the BEST day ever! :) Holla@Jesus! May Your Mouths Be FULL of Laughter! (1 comments) GLORIOUS Sunday to YOU! Praise GOD for Fathers & Father like ones AND Mother's who parent alone. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! Holla@Jesus! Enjoy One Another As You Celebrate Fathers! LOVE to ALL!!! (1 comments) TGIM! Stay FOCUSED on your GOALS! BE positive! See BEYOND what's in front of you! You WIN! Holla@Jesus! Make It A GREATER Week! \o/ JESUS is on Our Side! (1 comments) Turn UP your EXPECTATION Tuesday! LOOK for DREAMS to come TRUE! BE Patient as you WAIT! It's COMING into VIEW! Holla@Jesus! I'm Believing With YOU! :))) WISDOM is the principal thing. GET Wisdom! With all your getting...get UNDERSTANDING! Prov4:7 Holla@Jesus! He's Been Made Unto Us WISDOM! Yes LORD! \o/ I pray your Thursday is going just like you desired! Enjoy the day and give GOD the praise! He made TODAY for US! Thank HIM! Holla@Jesus! NEVER Give Up On YOU! \o/ FIT FUNtastic Friday to YOU! Oh HOW God LOVES Us! NEVER take His LOVE for US for granted. HE's FAITHUL! Holla@Jesus! Thank YOU Lord for a NEW Day to Share YOU With Others! \o/ (2 comments) SUPER Saturday coming at you STRONGER! I'm watching a movie "The Rally" on DAYSTAR now! Holla@Jesus! Let's Have A GOOD Time! Stay COOL! :))) (1 comments) Oh that Men would PRAISE God for HIS Wonderful Works to the Children of Men! Our FATHER Loves US! Unconditional! BE like HIM! Holla@Jesus! He LOVES Us MORE Than We Realize! Glorious Sunday for YOU! PRAISE the LORD it's MONDAY! Let's MAKE today Count! ENJOY every moment as YOU spread joy, peace and LOVE to others! Holla@Jesus! HE Is Our INSPIRATION! \o/ (3 comments) Hello Blessed Friends! Turn UP your SINGING Tuesday! Sing LOUD & PROUD Praises to Our GOD & LORD! Holla@Jesus! His Heart Beats Louder When We Praise HIM With Our Whole Hearts! \o/ (1 comments) GOD is ALWAYS speaking! Are WE always LISTENING? His Voice is STILL & SMALL! His Heart is OPEN waiting to HEAR! Holla@Jesus! His Whisper In Our Hearts Is Full of LOVE! Let's HEAR Him! \o/ (2 comments) Throw back your head and PRAISE the LORD! It's THURSDAY! Keep MOVING forward! Give THANKS! YOU are BLESSED! Holla@Jesus! He's MORE Than Enough! \o/ (2 comments) WooHoo It's JULY! \o/ Halfway through 2016! Get BUSIER! Goals to MEET! Keep pressing! NO stressing! God got YOU! Holla@Jesus! Funtastic Friday! Yes! :))) Blessings to YOU! I pray you are enjoying your Saturday! Make sure to be grateful for EVERY new day! Holla@Jesus! His Peace Is Our Refuge! ily (4 comments) Let the REDEEMED of the LORD say so! I'm REDEEMED by the BLOOD of JESUS! Praise the LORD! Holla@Jesus! A New Day To Say "Thank You Lord!". Love to ALL! (2 comments) Honor & Glory to GOD for Our GREAT Nation! AMERICA! AMERICA! God shed His GRACE on THEE! Oh Beautiful Nation I pray God's LOVE on YOU! Holla@Jesus! We ARE Set FREE! Glory! \o/ HONOR to Our Veterans! Turn UP your TONING Tuesday! Tone a lil longer! Let's get STRONGER! Alone or with a Friend! Just make sure to SPEND time STRENGTH training! Holla@Jesus! Live LONG & STRONG! You are full of LIGHT! Let it SHINE into other's night! Share a kind word or SMILE1 Make SHINING bright YOUR style! Holla@Jesus! He's the LIGHT in YOU! \o/ DON'T Worry! BE Happy! GOD Loves YOU! Me TOO! He will NEVER fail Us! He CREATED Us in HIS Image! Holla@Jesus! A MERRY Heart Is GOOD Medicine! (2 comments) Dear God HELP Us! That devil of confusion can NOT destroy AMERICA! We ARE 1 Nation UNDER God! Holla@Jesus! Pray! Pray! Pray! PEACE in JESUS' Name! (3 comments) Don't know about You but I NEEED a TIGHT hug. I dislike hatred and pain. I rebuke them in Jesus' Name! Holla@Jesus! Give Out Hugs Today Tightly! They ARE Desired! Jesus Loves US!!! (3 comments) LOVE the LORD with ALL You ARE & LOVE Your NEIGHBOR as YOU Love YOURSEL! Forgive OTHERS so that YOU may be FORGIVEN! Holla@Jesus! Walk In His LOVE ALL The Time! WE Will! GLORIOUS Sun! (1 comments) TGIM! Decided I'm gonna be a LOVE PUSHER! We ALL need MORE Love! UNCONDITIONAL! It's the WAY of JESUS! Gives FAVOR! It's a COMMAND! Holla@Jesus! Love Answers Everything! I LOVE YOU! (1 comments) LOVE at ALL times! Pray for the Memorial Service in Dallas today. Our President will be there. Safety over ALL in Jesus' Name! Holla@Jesus! The Presence of the Lord is There! (2 comments) This is the WAY of REAL Love! Meditate on LOVE daily. We ALL need to grow in this area. No matter what- LOVE! Holla@Jesus! God's LOVE In US Never Fails! Wonderful Wed! \o/ LOVE yourself then YOU can Love Others! LOVE is a COMMAND! I AM a LOVE Pusher for the rest of my life! Let's SHINE bright in LOVE! Holla@Jesus! It Pleases Him When We LOVE At ALL Times! \o/ ily (1 comments) Friday LOVE coming your way! I pray you have a GLORIOUS day! May your heart be FULL of satisfaction as You put LOVE in action! Holla@Jesus! LOVE Is The Answer To Our Nation's Problems! Let's LOVE! Use the LOVE to calm those who are CONTRARY towards you. LOVE will melt their hearts! Holla@Jesus! Super POSITIVE Sat to YOU! ily (2 comments) Oh HOW Jesus LOVES Us! OH! How HE Loves US! BEFORE we were here Christ DIED for Us ALL! Love will lay down their LIFE for Another! Holla@Jesus! WORSHIP the LORD! \o/ (1 comments) Have the FAITH of God! You are SHOD with FAVOR! Your LABOR is NOT in vain! REMAIN focused & TRUST God! He leads YOU to VICTORY! Holla@Jesus! Thank God It's MONDAY! \o/ (1 comments) Turn UP your LOVE for OTHERS! Love works NO ill to His Neighbor! Do to OTHERS as YOU would like them to DO to YOU! Holla@Jesus! Life Is A LOVE Journey! \o/ (2 comments) His NAME is WONDERFUL! MIGHTY GOD & PRINCE of PEACE! He takes us HIGHER in HIS Fire burning BRIGHT! His Name is JESUS! The TRUE Light! Holla@Jesus! NAME Above EVERY Name! He's HERE! \o/ (3 comments) Make sure you REST 1 or 2 days a week from Working out. It's VERY important to your body! Also WE need PLENTY of SLEEP! Holla@Jesus! He Is Our WISDOM! Listen to HIM! \o/ Friday's here! Have some FUN! Call someone you haven't spoken to in a while. Give THANKS! Eat HEALTHY! Holla@Jesus! He's Wherever You Go! (1 comments) Enjoy a Super SOARING beyond the CLOUDS Saturday! \o/ May Peace HUG you CLOSER! May your HEART beat HAPPIER! Holla@Jesus! He's SMILING With US! Love to YOU! GLORIOUS Sunday! Praise Our LORD with a LOUD voice! HONOR His NAME! He GAVE His BLOOD! Oh what a LOVE! Holla@Jesus! Praise HIM! \o/ Thank OD it's MONDAY! Seize the DAY with ALL you have! REJOICE! Celebrate LIFE! Shine BRIGHT! You CAN make it! Holla@Jesus! He Enables Us to DO Anything! \o/ (1 comments) Turn UP your EARS to HEAR God's VOICE! He's ALWAYS speaking. We are to HEAR His PLANS! Holla@Jesus! He KNOWS The PLANS He Has for US! LOVE covers a MULTITUDE of SIN! We are to LOVE at ALL times! LOVE puts us in GOD's Will! WALK in LOVE Who LIVES in US! Holla@Jesus! What A LOVE Who GAVE for US! \o/ (1 comments) The NAME of the LORD is our STRONG Tower! We run INTO it and We are SAFE! What a PLAN He has GIVEN Us! He left NOTHING Undone! Holla@Jesus! Through Him We Can Do ALL Things! Happy Thurs! :) (1 comments) Last Friday in JULY! Raise your hands up HIGH! About to say BYE! Prepare to FLY! In VICTORY! Daily! Holla@Jesus! WE Are Seated In God’s BEST! \o/ YES! (2 comments) Leaving July STRONGER & SMARTEER! Write your PLANS for AUG! Set ATTAINABLE goals! Have time for RELAXING! Remember to STRETCH after Workouts! Hollla@Jesus! Our Personal Trainer Spirit Soul & Body! \o/ Worship the LORD in the BEAUTY of HOLINESS! That's God's LOVE displayed! Give HIM Praise all the days of YOUR life! Holla@Jesus! Oh How He Loves Us ALL! Thank YOU Jesus! Glorious Sunday! \o/ (1 comments) HAPPY AUGUST! Start it of RIGHT! Keep your EYES on the PRIZE of HEALTHY living! God's GIVING His A HAPPY AUGUST! Start it off RIGHT! Keep your EYES on the PRIZE of HEALTHY living! God's GIVING His ALL! Stand TALL in HIM! Holla@Jesus! He's WITH Us ALL The Way! \o/ (3 comments) Turn UP your FRIENDLINESS Tuesday! Somebody needs your SMILE! A GOOD Word! Your KINDNDNESS! Do your BEST! Holla@Jesus! Look At His LIFE Blessing Others! \o/ Thank YOU Lord for another WONDERFUL Wed! LIGHT the PATH You have WRITTEN for TODAY! May WE shine BRIGHTER in EVERY way! Holla@Jesus! God's FAVOR Is Over YOU! \o/ It's a GREAT day to be GREATER! See YOU as GOD does! Let HIS Love HUG you CLOSE! May GRACE give you a TOAST to His FAVOR! Holla@Jesus! Nothing Is Too Hard For OUR God! (1 comments) Continuous PEACE comes when YOU cast ALL cares on the LORD and LEAVE them there. HE told US to do this. LET God's WILL be done! Holla@Jesus! We Are NOT Alone! LOVE to ALL! (1 comments) SMILE so that OTHERS will SMILE with YOU! Be JOYFUL in GOD's Grace! It CAN'T be replaced! What LOVE He has for US! Holla@Jesus! Never Forget His Sacrifice for YOU! \o/ God's GLORIOUS Love GENTLY Hugs Us TIGHT! JESUS Gives LIGHT & Spiritual INSIGHT Into His GOODNESS! Our BEST is LIFE in HIM! Holla@Jesus! He Made Us GLORIOUS! \o/ (1 comments) START the week STRONG and FINISH it STRONGER! WE do the IMPOSSIBLE because GOD is WITH Us ALWAYS! That's HIS Promise! Holla@Jesus! He Gives Strength To The Weak So LET Him RENEW Your Strength! \o/ (1 comments) Turn UP your FAIT in GOD Who LOVES Us Just as MUCH as He LOVES Jesus! We have CLOUT with THEM! Think about HIS Goodness and REST in HIS Faithfulness! Holla@Jesus! Let The REDEEMED of the LORD Say So! (1 comments) It’s midweek! PUMP it UP! Overflow your CUP in GOD’s Presence! Let HIM take RESIDENCE in YOUR Heart! He IMPARTS His JOY! Great JOY have those Who LOVE the Lord! Holla@Jesus! Get JOY! Give JOY! \o/ (1 comments) What a BEAUTIFUL day! YOU make it WONDERFUL! Keep your eyes UP in God's LOVE and SPREAD it wherever you go Holla@Jesus! His Name Is AWESOME and so IS He! :Love YOU! (2 comments) PEACE! That's WHO God IS! Calm too! For ME and YOU! Trust HIM! His LOVE is ALWAYS there! GIVE it ALL to HIM! Holla@Jesus! Seize the Day! (1 comments) God's GOODNESS draws HAPPINESS! So WE should BE happy EVERY day! He's FAITHFUL! Holla@Jesus! Spread The Grace of God Today! We REPRESENT Them! (1 comments) GOD lives in OUR Praise! Shout to the LORD with a VOICE of TRIUMPH! We ARE Overcomers NOW! Holla@Jesus! Glorify HIS Name Wherever You ARE! \o/ (2 comments) Thank GOD it's MONDAY! I pray you are REFRESHED after a GREAT Sunday & READY to EXCEED last week's triumphs! We WILL! Holla@Jesus! His Smile Is Over Our Lives Shining BRIGHTER! \o/ Jesus! Our FORETASTE of GLORY! Live in Your SEAT in JESUS! That's unending VICTORIOUS & GLORIOUS Peace! Nothing missing! Nothing broken! Nothing needed! Holla@Jesus! He Is Our Wholeness! \o/ (1 comments) JESUS: "LOVE one another as I have LOVED You!" That's how WE show OTHERS that we ARE His CHILDREN! Holla@Jesus! Love Is the KEY That Unlocks Our Victory! I Love YOU! (2 comments) We strive to reach HIGHER! We live in God's DESIRE! That brings SUCCESS! So let's DO our BEST! Holla@Jesus! What Wonderful Plans He Has For US! \o/ Rejoice in the day! Let LOVE lead the way! Share a SMILE with ALL you meet! Don't forget to move your FEET! Holla@Jesus! Let His Mind Be In You! (2 comments) MOVE your FEET to the BEAT of VICTORY! Take it SLOW then off you GO! It’s TIME to SHINE! Holla@Jesus! He Leads Our Way! \o/ (1 comments) Put ON God's LOVE! Never leave It behind! Be KIND to one Another. PRAY for Your SISTERS & BROTHERS! Holla@Jesus! He's Our Glory & The Lifter of Our Heads! (1 comments) Thank GOD it's MONDAY! Time to GET UP! Make a PLAN! You STAND on SOLID ground! Don't FROWN! You are CROWNED with God's LOVE! Holla@Jesus! He's Our Crown of Heaven! (1 comments) Turn UP your CALORIE burn TUESDAY! Let's MOVE it! GROOVE it! Smile and PROVE it! You are WINNERS! Holla@Jesus! Nothing Is Too Hard For Us! WooHoo! (2 comments) it’s MIDWEEK! It’s a great day since WE are still HERE! May we ALL see CLEARLY God’s Plans for OUR lives! It’s the WILL of the Father! Holla@Jesus! He Gives Us POWER As We WAIT On the LORD! \o/ (1 comments) OUR hearts are filled w/JOY as WE GIVE it to OTHERS! This week is going FAST! Forget the PAST! Look FORWARD to GREATNESS! Holla@Jesus! The Sunshine Who Shines BRIGHT From Our LIVES! (1 comments) Do you know that God calls US special? The APPLE of His eye! Those He Created for ETERNITY! That's YOU & ME! Give HIM Praise! Holla@Jesus! He Saw Us Before We Ever Was! (1 comments) As we walk in God's RIGHTEOUSNESS spread His HAPPINESS! Give out HIS best with the ZEST of HEAVEN! Holla@Jesus! The JOY In Our Hearts! (3 comments) Praise the LORD! Our MIND BODY & SPIRIT! Worship HIM! He's WORTHY! Our LAMB of REDEMPTION! Holla@Jesus! He's Our Way Truth & LIFE! \o/ You can't go WRONG when you start STRONG! See MONDAY full of BRIGHTNESS! We ARE Winners NOW! Holla@Jesus! His TRUTH Transforms Our Lives! \o/ (2 comments) Turn UP your CREATIVITY Tuesday! Make your Workout FUN! See yourself STRONGER! Now CHEER! Holla@Jesus! Celebrate Your Life Daily! (1 comments) Bless the Lord with a WHOLE heart of PRAISE! We LIVE in GRACE! Let's RAISE our HANDS as we STAND in GLADNESS! Holla@Jesus! He Feeds Us! (1 comments) Love one another! We are sisters & brothers. God is our Father & His Love LIVES in Us! Holla@Jesus! His LOVE Gives Powerful Results In Our Lives! (1 comments) Thank YOU Lord for a NEW day! NEW Month! NEW Attitude! NEW Blessings! NEW Victories! Thank YOU for the GLORY! Holla@Jesus! Look At HIS Life & Shine Bright! (2 comments) A new day! Thank GOD! He LOVES Us! MORE than WE can Imagine! We ARE SPECIAL to HIM! Holla@Jesus! We Are Safe In His Name! Super Sat! \o/ (3 comments) Glorious Sunday to YOU my FRIENDS! May your JOY never end! May God's LOVE hug YOU close as His GRACE gives YOU a TOAST of GLORY! Holla@Jesus! Oh What A Savior He Is! \o/ (2 comments) Beautiful DAY to ALL the WORKERS around the USA& Canada! God's MANY Blessings POURED out over YOU! Thank GOD for ALL You DO! Holla@Jesus! He Gives Strength to the Weary&POWER to the Faint! (2 comments) Turn UP Your HAPPINESS! Walk in GREATEST Success! God GIVES the BEST Gifts! Use them to LIFT others! Holla@Jesus! We Are Here For Others! ily (1 comments) Keep CALM! GOD keeps You WARM! Safe from All HARM! In HIS Secret PLACE! Where YOU'll SEE His FACE! Holla@Jesus! Walk WITH Him! (1 comments) ONLY Believe! You WILL Receive! Walk by FAITH! There's POWER in every STEP You MAKE! Holla@Jesus! The WINNER's Way is LOVE! (2 comments) BLOOM wherever God PLANTS You! HE empowers YOU to PROSPER. BELIEVE His WORD! It's TRUE! Holla@Jesus! Our Training Manual Is the Bible! (2 comments) Make it a SUPER FUN Sat! LAUGH! It's the BEST medicine! SPREAD Your SMILE! It'll make OTHERS Smile too! Holla@Jesus! He's SMILING Too! :))) (1 comments) NEVER forget how much GOD and JESUS Loves US! They PAID it ALL! Holla@Jesus! The GREATEST Love of ALL! \o/ God gives the ZEST to REBOOT & REFRESH! One STEP at a time! MOVE in LINE with God's PLAN! You STAND on the Solid ROCK! Holla@Jesus! Thankful for a New Day Turn UP your SWEETNESS Tuesday! Skip Giggle & Jump! We're almost to the HUMP! Don't be so SHY! Keep your head to the SKY! Holla@Jesus! He's A Joyful Savior! WooHoo! (2 comments) SHINE in JESUS all the TIME for YOU are His PRIME! You GLOW brighter than SNOW on a SUNNY day so WALK in the WAY of LOVE always! Holla@Jesus! God's SON Who Shines Brighter Than the SUN! Worship HIM! (3 comments) BE Thankful & GIVE Thanks! A NEW day is here! God holds us DEAR in His HEART! Never Ever Leave Him Out of Your LIFE! Holla@Jesus! Our Way Our Truth & Our LIFE! (2 comments) BEAUTIFUL are the FEET of THOSE who SHARE the GOOD news! Make sure to SHARE God's LOVE wherever YOU go! Holla@Jesus! Another Beautiful Friday From the Lord! (1 comments) WE are created for GREATNESS! God's RICHNESS gives US the KEY! That's the WORD that is TRUE! Holla@Jesus! WE are a SUPER Fired UP People of GOD! (1 comments) Sing PRAISES to the LORD! He SENT a GUARD around Our LIVES! He Shines BRIGHT and Gives DELIGHT! He's SO Amazing! Holla@Jesus! He's With US! \o/ (1 comments) Thank GOD it's MONDAY! \o/ Prepare for a GREATER week! Fear NOTHING! You ARE a WINNER! Holla@Jesus! His Word Is Bond! WooHoo! Turn UP Your TRUST in GOD Tuesday! He has NEVER failed Us yet NEVER will! He has WON our VICTORY! Holla@Jesus! He Will NOT Leave Us ALONE! \o/ (2 comments) Sending SEEDS of LOVE your way. May YOU be BLESSED all day! Let GOD's Peace lead YOU! In Him there's NOTHING YOU can't DO! Holla@Jesus! (1 comments) Let's SMILE! So much sadness going around. GOD says DON'T Worry! Be HAPPY! Holla@Jesus! Pray At ALL Times! (3 comments) Keep PRAYER over AMERICA! We are UNITED Under GOD for HIS Purpose! WE are LOVE! Holla@Jesus! Our Everlasting Love & Peace!!! EVERYBODY is Our Neighbor! We are to LOVE Others. NO judgements...just LOVE! Holla@Jesus! Let's Share LOVE All Over The World! (1 comments) GOD Loves US Just as much as HE Loves JESUS! So REJOICE! Lift Your VOICE! Holla@Jesus! He Made Today GLORIOUS! It's MONDAY! Get up & MOVE! You are living PROOF that ALL things are POSSIBLE! You are SO BLESSED! No need to stress! Holla@Jesus! Let's Have Some FUN! WooHoo! Turn UP your GLEE Tuesday! Let's spread HAPPINESS! It's IN Us! Holla@Jesus! Lift Him Up Higher!!! (1 comments) YOU were CREATED for GREATNESS! LOVE yourself & YOU can LOVE others! Holla@Jesus! BE All YOU WERE Meant To BE! It's Our Turn to BURN more CALORIES! FIRE it UP! You have the GRACE Touch! Holla@Jesus! Take Sept Our STRONGER! WooHoo! (2 comments) PLAN to go HIGHER in Oct! See BEYOND the Blue Sky! Get BUSY! Holla@Jesus! WE Can Do It In HIM! It's FRIDAY! \o/ PRESS into OCTOBER! Bud like a FLOWER! We CAN! So STAND firm! Holla@Jesus! He Leads Us & Guides Our Way! JESUS gave ALL so that WE can LIVE a LOVE, PEACE & HEALTHY life in EVERY Way. Holla@Jesus! The LORD Our HEALER! What a GLORIOUS Sunday! \o/ (1 comments) You can't go WRONG if you start the week STRONG! Keep your EYES right on the PRIZE: Greater HEALTH & a WEALTH of WISDOM! Holla@Jesus! He Gave Us ABUNDANT Life! Turn UP the FUN in your WORKOUT! Get jazzy with it! Put on some HAPPY music! Get MOTIVATED! Holla@Jesus! He Is Our Very Present HELP! WooHoo!!! (3 comments) SING unto the LORD a NEW Song! HE has done GREATER things for US! Holla@Jesus! H E SING unto the LORD a NEW song! HIS Love REIGNS over US! Holla@Jesus! He Makes ALL Things New! Wonderful Wednesday to YOU! YOU are so BEAUTIFUL to GOD! Created in HIS image of LOVE! Let's Make HIM Proud! Holla@Jesus! Give God the Glory With A SHOUT!!! (2 comments) THIS is the day the LORD made for YOU! Safety is of the LORD! Stay CLOSE to HIS heart! Holla@Jesus! He Really Does LOVE Us!!! LIVE in the LOVE of GOD at ALL times! You WILL stay HAPPY when you DO! Love is the KEY to Continual VICTORY! Holla@Jesus! It's A Super Happy Saturday! \o/ (1 comments) HOLINESS is God's LOVE! It COVERS Us with His BEAUTY! Spread HEAVEN's Light everywhere you go! Holla@Jesus! GLORIOUS Sunday! (1 comments) Thank GOD it's MONDAY! No FRETTING! We are GETTING healthy and Fit! So SIT in HAPPINESS for You ALREADY have GREAT Success! Holla@Jesus! Do Your BEST! (1 comments) Turn UP Your DETERMINATION to WIN!! Holla@Jesus! Because the LORD is OUR Shepherd We Have Everything We Need! (2 comments) Making this a WONDERFUL Wednesday in ALL I do! Thank GOD for a NEW day to SPREAD the LOVE! I'm a LOVE PUSHER! Holla@Jesus! His LOVE Never Fails Nor Runs Out On US! (1 comments) I'm THANKFUL for a NEW day! JESUS Paid it ALL for ME to SEE total VICTORY! You TOO! Only BELIEVE! Holla@Jesus! He's Always Faithful! Thankful Thursday!!! (1 comments) Keep CALM and ENJOY this AWESOME day the LORD made! WE are SO Blessed to KNOW that GOD loves US just as muchas He LOVES Jesus! Glory! Holla@Jesus! He Set Us Free INDEED! \o/ It's SUPER Saturday! Get in YOUR Groove! Get UP and MOVE! You have NOTHING to PROVE! Just DO it! Holla@Jesus! He's Dancing Too! \o/ (1 comments) MEDITATE in God's WORD and OBSERVE all His COMMANDS! We STAND firmly PLANTED in Them! Holla@Jesus! Glorious Sunday to YOU! \o/ (1 comments) TGIM! Praise the Lord it's MON! WooHoo MONday! Gotta DANCE it's MONDAY! Holla@Jesus! Start the Week STRONG! (1 comments) Turn UP your SMILE Tuesday! Let JOY lead your day! FORGET the dumb stuff. Just BE totally full of GLEE! Holla@Jesus! What A Beautiful Day! (1 comments) The BLESSING of the LORD is UPON all of YOU! Take it FREELY! \o/ Holla@Jesus! He GAVE Us A Brand New Day To SHINE! (2 comments) YOU can go FAR so REACH passed the STARS! Nothing's too HARD for YOU to DO! Make up YOUR mind and JUST do IT! Holla@Jesus! He's Cheering Us On To GREATER! \o/ (1 comments) OH Yes HE does! SO we CAN love OURSELVES! He calls YOU so WORTHY! Holla@Jesus! What A GREAT Love He Has For US!!! (1 comments) BE Encouraged & NEVER discouraged! YOU have ALL you NEED inside so REACH high! Let GO and LET God! Holla@Jesus! It's A Wonderful Day! :))) BE Encouraged & NEVER discouraged! YOU have ALL you NEED inside so REACH high! Let GO and LET God! Holla@Jesus! It's A Wonderful Day! :))) (1 comments) God's GLORY fills the EARTH with HIS Love that is UNENDING! May His LOVE lift YOU Up and OVER every BUMP in YOUR lives! Holla@Jesus! BE Like HIM! GLORIOUS Sunday! \o/ (2 comments) Thank GOD it's MONDAY! Try something NEW! Food-Workout-Goal! Make it WORK for YOU! Holla@Jesus! Our Life Coach! (1 comments) Let YOUR light SHINE! We are HERE for OTHERS! Share a GOOD Word! Holla@Jesus! He Put HIS Goodness IN Us! BELIEVE in God's POWER in YOU! We Are EMPOWERED to PROSPER! Holla@Jesus! WISDOM Filled Wed! (1 comments) Get REFRESHED! It's almost FRIDAY! Sending a BIG basket of LOVE your way! Holla@Jesus! He Gave Me The GREATEST Friends! Yeah!!! (1 comments) Hi Blessed Friends! Let's takr Oct out REFOICING! It's been a GREATER month! Have a GOOD weekend! Holla@Jesus! Let The SONshine IN! Live ONE day at a time! REACH one goal at a time! USE one GIFT at a time! SHARE Love at ALL times! Holla@Jesus! Our LIFE Giver! Keep the FAITH! Jesus has ALREADY Won Our VICTORY! Holla@Jesus! NOTHING Is Too Hard For Our GOD! (2 comments) Thank GOD it's MONDAY! Spread HAPPINESS! You are seated in God's GOOODNESS! Holla@Jesus! Let Go and Let God! (1 comments) It's a GREAT month to BE the GREATEST! DO what needs to BE done! Victory is already WON! Holla@Jesus! He Has Already Done The Real Work! Glory! Such BEAUTY that flows from GOD to US! He gave JESUS so that WE may LIVE in HIM forever! NEVER forget the PRICE Jesus Paid for YOU! Holla@Jesus! He Prayed Then Gave His Life for ALL! (1 comments) Stay FOCUSED in ALL areas of your life! Spend QUIET time LISTENING to your HEART. God SPEAKS! Holla@Jesus! Pray For The Election!!! (1 comments) Whenever YOU vote in the Election remember to PRAY LISTEN then VOTE! Holla@Jesus! GOD Has A PLAN For AMERICA! \o/ (1 comments) Hello! It's FALL BACK Saturday! Don't forget to change the clocks at bedtime! Enjoy today ALL day! Holla@Jesus! He Gives His Beloved SLEEP! Yes! (1 comments) TODAY was MADE for YOU by Our LORD and SAVIOR! Make it a GLORIOUS day in HIM! Holla@Jesus! His LIGHT Shines BRIGHTER Through YOU! Thank GOD it's 1rst MONDAY of NOVEMBER! Keep PRAYING over the USA & the ELECTION! Holla@Jesus! GREAT Is GOD's LOVE Over US! (2 comments) TIME TO VOTE IN A NEW PRESIDENT! GEt UP and GO Vote if You have not! Take someone Who Needs a RIDE! Pray for the CANDIIDATES Holla@Jesus! God's WILL Be DONE! (2 comments) Let NOT Your HEART Be Troubled! Our GOD will NOT leave Us ALONE! Everything IS All right! Holla@Jesus! He IS Lord Over The USA! (2 comments) Shake UP the NORM! Put EXCITEMENT into YOUR day! Don't forget to LAUGH! Holla@Jesus! He's Watchin Over US! ALL HONOR TO YOU WHO SERvVED AND ARE STILL SERVING UNDER THE RED WHITE & BLUE I SALUTE YOU ALL! Holla@Jesus! YOU Are BLESSINGS to Our NATION!!! Thank You! SUPER Saturday ALL day! May God's BEST come Your WAY! Practice the PEACE inside! Don't ever HIDE Love! Holla@Jesus! We ARE Made to GROW Wiser! Our NATION is STRONG & MIGHTY only IN Christ! Let's KEEP Our LEADERS Covered IN Prayer! Holla@Jesus! Pray For Our Leaders From the President to the Janitor of Government Buildings! (3 comments) If you're feeling down don't frown just SMILE! Your MOOD will IMPROVE! Think about ALL the LORD has done for YOU! Holla@Jesus! He Gave US A NEW Day! Yey! (1 comments) Share a MERRY heart! It's MEDICINE! LAUGH when you feel like crying! Holla@Jesus! We Were Created To Spread Happiness! Terrific Tuesday! TODAY is BLESSED! You ARE here! GOD holds You DEAR in HIS heart! Holla@Jesus! God Calls Us Worthy To Receive His Greatest In Our Lives! Don't SLOW down but PUMP up your FITNESS workout today! WE can do it! Holla@Jesus! Thankful for Thursday Victories! WooHoo!!! (1 comments) It's a FIT FUNtastic Friday! Start your weekend right! Stay FOCUSED! Stay SAFE in GOD's PEACE! Holla@Jesus! Make A Friend Today! (1 comments) Have a day like no other! Give THANKS! We are still HERE! Stay NEAR to God's LOVE! Holla@Jesus! You Are A Winner! Give God the GLORY due HIS Name! His LOVE will NEVER change! Holla@Jesus! It's A Glorious Sunday!!! Thank YOU Lord! Thank GOD it's MONDAY! God brought US here! I'm GRATEFUL! Holla@Jesus! Sending Out My Love! (1 comments) All HONOR & PRAISE to GOD for the start of a NEW Year of MY Life! Holla@Jesus! Thank You Lord For The Joy YOU Give Me! \o/ (6 comments) Our God is WONDERFUL! He makes sure WE are ALL Ok! He's a FATHER to Us. He Gave Us Jesus! Holla@Jesus! Give Him Thanks for All He Has Done! Thank YOU Lord! GIVE THANKS! Stay GRATEFUL! We are SO blessed to be ALIVE! Holla@Jesus! Live A Thankful Life! \o/ (2 comments) Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving Day! Continue in the JOY and keep SMILING! You are a BLESSING! Holla@Jesus! Love To ALL! Get UP and MOVE! Shake OFF some of that FOOD! You'll be in a better MOOD! That's if YOU need too! :))) Holla@Jesus! He Leads Our Way To Greatness! Super Saturday!!! (1 comments) REJOICE! God Loves US! Holla@Jesus! You Are His JOY!!! Glorious Sunday to YOU All!!! Let's DO it! Take November out STRONGER! Keep up your pace in this RACE of TRIUMPH! Holla@Jesus! We Are Winners NOW!!! Thank God It's Monday! To ALL my FRIENDS I'm so GRATEFUL for YOU! Your MOTIVATION and ENCOURAGEMENT gives me STRENGTH! You ROCK! Holla@Jesus! He Put US Together!!! (2 comments) Got JOY? Got STRENGTH! We ARE Strong IN the LORD! Holla@Jesus! He Is Our JOY! Wonderful Wednesday to YOU! (1 comments) Be BOLD! Be BRAVE! We WILL do GREAT! No fear! Just ADHERE to YOUR Plan! Holla@Jesus! God Holds Us In The Palm of HIS Hand! \o/ (1 comments) God DELIGHTS in Our PRAISE! Never let HIM down! Holla@Jesus! Be A Blessing To Someone Today! Love to ALL! SEIZE the DAY! Praying for YOU & Your FAMILY too! Holla@Jesus! It's A Super Wonderful Saturday! Stay Warm! (1 comments) GOD gives Us ALL we NEED to SUCCEED in THIS Life! Praise HIM! Holla@Jesus! GLORIOUS Sunday To YOU! (1 comments) SALAD GREENS are REFRESHING! Water IS rejuvenating! LOVE is CONTAGIOUS! Holla@Jesus! Thank God It's Monday! \o/ Turn UP your FAITH in GOD Tuesday! He will NEVER let Us down! Holla@Jesus! His Love For Us Is REAL! (1 comments) Make Your Day WONDERFUL! Let JOY lead YOUR way! GIVE hope to OTHERS! Holla@Jesus! Give And It Will Be Given To YOU! Yes!!! Thank YOU Lord for a new day!!! I'm excited for NEW victories! Let's DO it! Holla@Jesus! That Looks FUN Snowman! LoL (2 comments) YOU are SO blessed! You made it to a NEW day! Do something SPECIAL today for YOU or SOMEONE else. Holla@Jesus! Have FUN! ily (1 comments) YOU are SO blessed! You made it to a NEW day! Do something SPECIAL today for YOU or SOMEONE else. Holla@Jesus! Have FUN! ily YOU are SO blessed! You made it to a NEW day! Do something SPECIAL today for YOU or SOMEONE else. Holla@Jesus! Have FUN! ily It's up to YOU to set the PACE of your DAY! Soar HIGHER! Holla@Jesus! You Are God's CREATION!!! Have a GLORIOUS Sunday! Holla@Jesus! Oh how He LOVES You and Me! \o/ (1 comments) Thank GOD it's MONDAY! Expect a GREATER week! We WILL do it! Holla@Jesus! We Are So Beautiful To Him! Turn UP your SMILING today! Shine BRIGHT in God's LIGHT! Holla@Jesus! Take It One Step At A Time! WISDOM is the PRINCIPAL thing; therefore get WISDOM: and with ALL thy getting GET Understanding. Prov4:8 Holla@Jesus! Blessings! No matter the WEATHER Life is a PLEASURE! So TREASURE it ALWAYS! Holla@Jesus! He's The Light Of Our Lives! No matter the WEATHER Life is a PLEASURE! So TREASURE it ALWAYS! Holla@Jesus! He's The Light Of Our LIVES! (1 comments) May ALL of Your God given DREAMS come TRUE in Jesus' Name! Holla@Jesus! Keep Dreaming Big! (1 comments) Be SAFE and WARM this weekend! Dress in LAYERS. Enjoy FAMILY! Holla@Jesus! He Holds Us CLOSER! (1 comments) JESUS is our JOY Who keeps our HEARTS lifted HIGH! Holla@Jesus! He Gave ALL for ALL! Glorious Sunday to YOU! (1 comments) It's a NEW day! May GREATER come your way! Stay SAFE & WARM! May God keep you from ALL harm! Holla@Jesus! Thank God It's MONDAY! \o/ (1 comments) Do NOT frown!You are CROWNED with FAVOR! Loved by the SAVIOR! Blessed beyond MEASURE! Holla@Jesus! He's Rejoicing Over Us! (2 comments) Glow BRIGHT everywhere You GO! Lift a HEART today! Holla@Jesus! You ARE Valuable To God! (1 comments) Take care of YOU and you'll be THERE for OTHERS! We ARE well ABLE! Holla@Jesus! I'm Grateful For You ALL! You ARE beautiful female or male! Created in God's likeness and image. From the HEART of His grace. Holla@Jesus! Oh What A Beautiful Day! Love to ALL! (2 comments) JOY to the WORLD! The LORD has COME! Let Earth RECEIVE her KING! Holla@Jesus! Have a Wonderful Christmas Eve Full of PEACE! (4 comments) JESUS labored and became the SAVIOR to ALL who COME to HIM! His LOVE is GREATER then ANY other! PRAISE Him! Holla@Jesus! He Makes Today A Merry Christmas! CELEBRATE Him! \o/ (2 comments) Let's FINISH the year STRONG! Set the PACE for the NEW year! Our lifestyle CHANGE is for ALWAYS! Holla@Jesus! He's Our Life Trainer! Coach! \o/ (1 comments) Turn UP your BOLDNESS Tuesday! Do something NEW! Take a CHANCE! You are well ABLE to do ALL things! Holla@Jesus! He Leads Us and Guides Us Safely!!! May WONDERFUL things happen to YOU on this NEW day! NOTHING to fear! Holla@Jesus! His Love Will Never Fail Us! (1 comments) Just for LAUGHS! I saw this the other day and CRACKED UP! lol Now I do JOG a lil while walking. Get UP Garfield! Holla@Jesus! He's Laughing With Us! HAPPY THURSDAY! (2 comments) VICTORY is NOW! Sending Friday LOVE your way! Holla@Jesus! Keep Your Eyes Forward! ily (2 comments) Celebrate the Goodness of the Lord over YOUR life in 2016! He's SO faithful! Praise the Lord! Holla@Jesus! More Victories Are Coming! \o/ (2 comments) Praise the LORD! 2017 is HERE! Draw NEAR with no FEAR to God's PLANS! He got YOU in His HANDS! Holla@Jesus! It's A GLORIOUS New Year! \o/ God's WILL be DONE! (2 comments) Thank GOD It's MONDAY! Have a MARVELOUS day FULL of PEACE! Holla@Jesus! You Are Here For Such A Time As This! \o/ (2 comments) Bring in the NEW in 2017! Bring more JOY back on the SCENE! Show those PEARLY whites and SMILE! Holla@Jesus! Turn UP Your Veggies Tuesday! (1 comments) GREAT is Our GOD Who ALWAYS cause US to TRIUMPH in CHRIST! We are WINNERS right NOW! Holla@Jesus! Sing Your Victory Loud & Proud! \o/ (1 comments) It's a GREAT day to be the GREATEST! Holla@Jesus! He Gives Us Strength To Do All Things! \o/ (1 comments) LET the LIGHT of God's LOVE shine BRIGHT in YOU today! You have been BLESSED! Holla@Jesus! Keep His PEACE Flowing IN You! \o/ (1 comments) Have a SUPER safe Saturday Friends! May God's ARMS keep you WARM and FILL you with LOVE! Holla@Jesus! Thank You Lord For That BIG Hug! Have a SUPER safe Saturday Friends! May God's ARMS keep you WARM and FILL you with LOVE! Holla@Jesus! Thank You Lord For That BIG Hug! LIFT your VOICE in PRAISE! These are GLORIOUS days! God wants YOU to SHINE! Your life is a GOLD mine! Holla@Jesus! You ARE Valuable To Him! Glorious Sunday to YOU!!! (1 comments) Thank GOD it's MONDAY! \o/ NOTHING is too hard for YOU to DO! One moment at a time! Everything is FINE! Holla@Jesus! You Are STRONGER This Week! WooHoo! God's LOVE will NOT fail US! Thank YOU Jesus! BE encouraged! Holla@Jesus! Turn UP Your TRUST In Him! (1 comments) How BEAUTIFUL are the FEET of those who SHARE the GOSPEL of PEACE! Holla@Jesus! We ALL Should Be God's Witnesses of His Love! (3 comments) NEVER worry! Stay FOCUSED on the PRIZE! Greater HEALTH in EVERY way! Holla@Jesus! Look Unto Him Who IS the Author and Finisher of Our Faith! (1 comments) Keep FIGHTING for your HEALTHY life! NOTHING can stand in the way of a MADE UP MIND! Holla@Jesus! It's FRIDAY! \o/ It's SATURDAY! Have some FUN! Dance! Jump! Run! RELAX your MIND! Sing a SONG! Holla@Jesus! He's Laughing Our Loud WITH Us! (1 comments) With hands RAISED shout the PRAISE for this GLORIOUS Sunday! Holla@Jesus! His Love Rains Upon Our Lives Continuously! \o/ (1 comments) HAPPY MARTIN LUTHER KING JR DAY! Keep going after YOUR dreams! Holla@Jesus! He Aready Overcame For Us! \o/ (2 comments) YOU are the one to set the TONE of YOUR day! Don't WORRY! Stay ENCOURAGED & MOTIVATED! Do ALL things with a CHEERFUL heart! Holla@Jesus! Turn UP That SMILE! Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday! Holla@Jesus! You Are Blessed To Be A Blessing! \o/ YOU can DO whatever your HEART desires! NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE! Holla@Jesus! Give THANKS! \o/ Remember to PRAY over the USA & the Inauguration and other events in Washington DC! Holla@Jesus! Pray For ALL In Authority From A Heart of LOVE! (2 comments) The LORD made THIS day for YOU! Shout His Praises of JOY! Holla@Jesus! You Are Made Beautiful By His Love! (1 comments) The GLORY of the LORD has RISEN upon YOU! Trust in the LORD and LEAN into HIM always! Holla@Jesus! Another Glorious Sunday Of Blessings! ily (1 comments) Determine to make this week SHINE! It's TIME to REV up POWER inside! Holla@Jesus! We Can Do It! (1 comments) Turn UP your CONFIDENCE Tuesday! NOTHING is too HARD to DO! Step OUT and TRY! Holla@Jesus! Fear NOT Neither Be Afraid! Let EVERYTHING that has breath PRAISE the LORD! Holla@Jesus! Sing Praises To His Name! \o/ YES! (1 comments) Happy ARE the PEOPLE Whose GOD is the LORD! Holla@Jesus! Share His Love All Over The World!!! LET your LIGHT and LOVE shine BRIGHT! It's a FIT FUNtastic FRIDAY! Holla@Jesus! His LOVE Shines From Your Heart! SUPER Saturday coming STRONG! YOU can't go WRONG if YOU keep a SMILE on your FACE! Holla@Jesus! Pray For Me. Hurt my left shoulder from a fall. Thank YOU! (3 comments) Thank YOU for your PRAYERS! I appreciate them ALL! Holla@Jesus! Oh The Glory of HIS Presence!!! (1 comments) Thank GOD it's MONDAY! May you have GREATEST success in EVERY way! Holla@Jesus! Spread Happiness!!! Are you FINISHING January STRONGER? Do what YOU can and STAND proud! February will be GREATER! Holla@Jesus! Let Faith Lead Your Day! (1 comments) Hello FEBRUARY! Have a GREATER month!!! Holla@Jesus! Let Your LOVE Shine ALL The Time! (1 comments) Get UP and MOVE! It's a Thursday GROOVE! Work that SMILE! It's the Best STYLE! Holla@Jesus! How Wonderful You Are In God's Eyes!!! (1 comments) It's FRIDAY! Whatcha gonna DO? Wait a minute! Just be YOU! Holla@Jesus! Run Free & Happy! \o/ (1 comments) May today's PLANS come from God's HANDS! He KNOWS the WAY you should GO! Holla@Jesus! He's With You Wherever You Are! (1 comments) Have FAITH in GOD! With HIS Word You are SHOD! Speak HIS TRUTH only. He NEVER leaves us LONELY! Holla@Jesus! He Keeps His Word! \o/ Let's DO this! ONE day at a time! ALL will be FINE! Holla@Jesus! Doing All Things the WINNER's Way! :))) Turn UP your ENTHUSIASM Tuesday! YOU can DO it! Holla@Jesus! We Are Victorious Daily! Celebrate! WooHoo! Don't WORRY but BE Happy! GOD has a HOLD on YOU! Watch HIM see YOU through ANYTHING! Holla@Jesus! It's A Wonderful Wednesday! \o/ (1 comments) Shout THANKS to the LORD! He GAVE us ALL things that PERTAIN to LIFE & GODLINESS! Holla@Jesus! BE Thankful! (1 comments) LOVE is the WAY to VICTORY! Spread it EVERYWHERE you go! Holla@Jesus! Our Love For Ever! (1 comments) Let's ENJOY another SUPER fun Saturday! WE can BE cheerful! SPREAD the LOVE! Holla@Jesus! Speak Words That Heal & Give Lots of LOVE! (2 comments) Love is PATIENT! Love is KIND! Love is ALWAYS right on time! Holla@Jesus! The LOVE of OUR lives SHINING brighter! (1 comments) Thank GOD it's MONDAY! Expect a GREATER week! YES we CAN! Holla@Jesus! Keep SMILING! SPREAD & SHARE the LOVE all over the WORLD! What the WORLD needs is LOVE! Holla@Jesus! The Greatest Love Of ALL! I LOVE You!!! (4 comments) Turn UP your PRAISE for these are the DAYS the LORD has MADE for YOU! Be STRONG in the LORD's power! Holla@Jesus! He's Our Strong Tower! (1 comments) ALL things ARE possible to THEM who BELIEVE! So Keep FIGHTING this GOOD fight for a HEALTHY life! Holla@Jesus! He Perfects All That Concerns Us! (1 comments) It's FRIDAY my FRIENDS! Make sure to PRAY for ALL of Our LEADERS in the USA & BEYOND! Holla@Jesus! Prayer WORKS When You BELIEVE!!! (3 comments) Make it a SUPER wonderful YOU can DO it Saturday!!! Keep JOY flowing and YOU will be GROWING in STRENGTH! Holla@Jesus! Spread The Joy Of The Lord!!! Singing: "JESUS is LOVE! He WON'T let US down!" Holla@Jesus! He Shall REIGN Forever & EVER! \o/ (3 comments) Thank GOD it's MONDAY! I'm EXCITED to SEE what GREATNESS comes to ME! We CAN exceed the NORM! Holla@Jesus! He Gives Strength To The Weak! (1 comments) Turn UP your LOVE bells! Let them RING as you SING for HAPPINESS! Make it your BEST day thus far! Holla@Jesus! Be A Star In God's Love! Wonderful Wednesday FULL of HAPPINESS! Making it the BEST day so far. RAISING the BAR higher! Holla@Jesus! His Love Is A Burning Fire! Oh what a beautiful THURSDAY! Everything's going OUR way! Holla@Jesus! Jump For Joy! WooHoo!!! Remember to LOVE at ALL times. It makes your HEART feel GOOD! Holla@Jesus! We Came This Far By Faith In God! Remember to LOVE at ALL times. It makes your HEART feel GOOD! Holla@Jesus! We Came This Far By Faith In God! just now (1 comments) Time to show YOU some LOVE! God does it ALL the time! NOW it's YOURS! Holla@Jesus! Love Others As We Love Ourselves! (1 comments) Let the REDEEMED of the LORD say so! I'M REDEEMED! Thank YOU Jesus for Your BLOOD! Holla@Jesus! He Would Not Come Down From The Cross To Save Himself! Thank YOU Jesus! (1 comments) WooHoo! It's MONDAY! Make it a FUN day! Start the week STRONG! You can't go WRONG! Holla@Jesus! Thank God It's MONDAY! \o/ (2 comments) Look UP! May GOD overflow our CUP! With VICTORY for each DAY! As GREATNESS comes our WAY! Holla@Jesus! Finish Feb STRONGER!!! (1 comments) Welcome MARCH! Let's SPRING into ACTION! Share MOTIVATION! Aim HIGH! See beyond the SKY! Holla@Jesus! It's A GREAT Day! (1 comments) Make a JOYFUL sound! Raise your hands & dance AROUND! We stand on solid GROUND! Holla@Jesus! Dancing Makes For A Greater Day!!! (3 comments) First Friday full of LOVE! It FLOWS from God ABOVE! Yet He's always NEAR! He holds US close and calls us DEAR! Holla@Jesus! He Will Always Protect Us!!! Every DAY is a GOOD day! Shine a SMILE along your way! Someone might NEED it! Holla@Jesus! Go For The Gold!!! (1 comments) GOD's Word IS a LAMP unto our FEET and a LIGHT unto our PATH! Holla@Jesus! It's a GLORIOUS Sunday! (1 comments) WooHoo! It's MONDAY! Get UP! Participate! Don't be LATE! SO mu ch to DO! Holla@Jesus! TGIM \o/ (2 comments) God's LOVE empowers US to DO any and EVERYTHING! Holla@Jesus! Let's LOVE at ALL Times! (1 comments) As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the Word, that ye may grow thereby. 1Peter2:2KJV Holla@Jesus! He Is Our Wisdom! (1 comments) WE are part of a CHOSEN generation! WE come from MANY Nations! God does NOT see COLOR! Neither should WE! Holla@Jesus! Love One Another! (1 comments) God loves US just as much as He loves JESUS! We are SPECIAL in HIS heart! Holla@Jesus! Hugs Full of LOVE Coming Your Way! Enjoy a day FULL of laughs and cheers! Stay NEAR to those who are DEAR! Make a NEW friend! May LAUGHTER never end! Holla@Jesus! He's Laughing With YOU! Thank GOD for a NEW day! Walk in the WAY of HIS light. SHINE bright and SING! There's not ANYTHING you can't DO! Holl@Jesus! Yes! He LOVES Us MORE Than We Know! (2 comments) Thank GOD it's MONDAY! Woke up &thoutht it was TUES. lol It's gonna be a WONDERFUL week! Holla@Jesus! Just DO It!!! Oh the WONDER of God's CREATION! His SEED spred throught EVERY Nation! Let PEACE lead YOUR way! Holla@Jesus! We Are Seated In His Strength! YOU are VICTORIOUS! God calls you GLORIOUS! So SHINE all the TIME in HIS light! Holla@Jesus! He Is the LIGHT of the World! (1 comments) Friday Fever! Spring is COMING! Get to RUNNING just because! Holla@Jesus! Our Example of Obediance! Don't worry BE happy! It's the WEEKEND! Extend your HAND to someone in NEED & SEE how GOOD that feels! Holla@Jesus! We Are His JOY! (1 comments) GOD hears Us! Are YOU speaking? Holla@Jesus! It's A Glorious Sunday! LEAN into SPRING & all the BEAUTIFUL things it may BRING! Holla@Jesus! He Made All Things Beautiful In It's Time! (2 comments) Turn UP your ENTHUSIASM Tuesday! KEEP your EYES on the PRIZE! Holla@Jesus! He Gives Power To The Faint! \o/ Enjoy those around you and celebrate life daily! GOD is HERE! Holla@Jesus! Wonderful Filled Wednesday! THINK beyond WHAT you SEE! Be ALL You ARE called to BE! Holla@Jesus! Dream BIGGER! (1 comments) Don't forget to DANCE! God has your HANDS! Holla@Jesus! Praise God In The Dance It's FRIDAY! \o/ Don't forget to DANCE! God has your HANDS! Holla@Jesus! Praise God In The Dance It's FRIDAY! \o/ Make it a SUPER Fun FAMILY time SATURDAY! Holla@Jesus! He Sends Good Times Over Our Lives! Oh the GLORY & BEAUTY of the Father & Son Who WON it ALL for US! Holla@Jesus! It's A Glorious Sunday! \o/ (1 comments) GOD is SO good to US! Celebrate His LOVE! Holla@Jesus! Monday Is A Great Day To Start Fresh! Show that SMILE all day! Holla@Jesus! You Are Blessings! :))) (1 comments) What a GREAT day to be GREATER! Holla@Jesus! He Loves You Personally & Passionately!!! Big Blessings My Friends! Holla@Jesus! He Is Our Wisdom!!! The GIFT Giver Gave US This day! Praise HIM! Holla@Jesus! Take March Out STRONGER! (1 comments) iWelcome to APRIL Blessings! Holla@Jesus! Enjoy Every Day God Gives Us! (1 comments) Oh what a GLORIOUS Plan! Holla@Jesus! No Greater Love! Thank GOD it's MONDAY! Let's SHINE all the time! Holla@Jesus! Make It Happen! (1 comments) Turn UP the EXCITEMENT Tuesday! Feel the FIRE of SUCCESS! Holla@Jesus! Walk With Him! Look UP! We are NOT in this alone! Holla@Jesus! His Hands Are Reaching For Us! (1 comments) BE HAPPY in ALL you DO! This journey is for YOU! For LIFE! Holla@Jesus! Share Your Smile Of Encouragement!!! (1 comments) Give Jesus the HIGHEST praise! He's WORTHY! Holla@Jesus! Shout His Name Out Loud! (1 comments) Share HAPPINESS today! It's GOD's Way! Holla@Jesus! The Key To Our Joy! (1 comments) HOSANNA in the HIGHEST! Holla@Jesus! Happy Palm Sunday! Thank GOD it's MONDAY! Be an example of PEACE! Holla@Jesus! Expect A GREATER Week! (1 comments) Turn UP your LOVE Tuesday! Give it FREELY! Holla@Jesus! He Gave It All Because of LOVE! It's an AWESOME day the LORD made for US! Holla@Jesus! Thank God for FAVOR of Friend's On Spark! It's an AWESOME day the LORD made for US! Holla@Jesus! Thank God for FAVOR of Friend's On Spark! (2 comments) WED I was MOTIVATOR of the day! All because of YOU my dear FRIENDS! You ROCK! Holla@Jesus! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!== (2 comments) OH WHAT A SAVIOR! Be GRATEFUL! Holla@Jesus! He Came! He Gave! He Was Raised! He Saves! Give Praise!!! (3 comments) YOU deserve the most WONDERFUL Saturday EVER! God AGREES! Holla@Jesus! His Favor Leads Your Day! (1 comments) He's ALIVE! Praise GOD Jesus LIVES! Holla@Jesus! He Lives to Give Us Eternal Life In HIM! Hallelujah! (2 comments) Thank GOD it's MONDAY! Make it a FUN day! Holla@Jesus! He Gives Strength to the Faint!!! (1 comments) Turn UP your BIBLE reading Tuesday! Holla@Jesus! Get Wisdom!!! Today GOD made ALL things NEW just for YOU! Holla@Jesus! PRAISE Him With Your WHOLE Heart! We MUST Pray for Pres. Trump & ALL Leaders in America! Why? For GOD's Will to BE done! Holla@Jesus! He's Lord Over the USA! (2 comments) Friday LOVE coming YOUR way! May YOU enjoy TODAY! Holla@Jesus! He Is Everything We Need! (1 comments) JESUS is the SUNSHINE of our LIVES! Holla@Jesus! Let Him Shine Through YOU! (1 comments) Lift HIM up! LIFT the NAME of JESUS higher! Holla@Jesus! It's A GLORIOUS Sunday! (1 comments) LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! He really makes the WORLD go around! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD it's MONDAY! (1 comments) Turn UP your VEGGIES Tuesday! Try something NEW! Holla@Jesus! We Are Not Alone!!! (2 comments) Get PERMISSION if you want to share a HUG. Someone needs one DAILY! Holla@Jesus! Make Every Day A HUG Day! (2 comments) HELLO my FRIENDS! We're getting THERE! Don't let go! Holla@Jesus! He Leads Us To Greatness! (1 comments) Let LOVE take us out of APRIL stronger! VICTORY is NOW! Holla@Jesus! Enjoy Your Friday Love Sharing!!! Enjoy this day the LORD made for YOU! Holla@Jesus! It's A Super HAPPY Saturday! I'm REDEEMED! How about YOU? God wants YOU in the FAMILY! Holla@Jesus! What A Glorious Sunday!!! (1 comments) A NEW month to catch on FIRE! Let's go a lil HIGHER! God will GIVE our heart's DESIRE! Holla@Jesus! Thank God It's MAY DAY! A NEW month to catch on FIRE! Let's go a lil HIGHER! God will GIVE our heart's DESIRE! Holla@Jesus! Thank God It's MAY DAY! (1 comments) WE are GOD's Light in the WORLD! Holla@Jesus! SHINE for JESUS! (1 comments) LAUGHTER is the BEST Medicine! REJOICE in the LORD! Holla@Jesus! It's A Thankful Thursday!!! (2 comments) Make TODAY what GOD desires for it to be. HE will lead your way! Holla@Jesus! First Friday Love Coming Your Way!!! (2 comments) EVERYTHING looks BETTER when YOU Smile! Holla@Jesus! Have A SUPER Smiling BIG Saturday!!! May Your Hearts Be Merry Flowing With God's Joy Always! Holla@Jesus! It's A Glorious Sunday! (1 comments) YOU are VALUABLE! Holla@Jesus! Monday LOVE all day!!! (3 comments) Turn UP Your SMILING Tuesday! Show those pretty WHITE teeth! Holla@Jesus! Apples Are VERY Healthy!!! SPEAK! God WILL listen! Holla@Jesus! Have A WONDERFUL Wednesday My FRIENDS!!! SPEAK! God WILL listen! Holla@Jesus! Have A WONDERFUL Wednesday My FRIENDS!!! (1 comments) I Feel Like SINGING! How about YOU? Holla@Jesus! He Wants To Sing Too! (1 comments) Enjoy A Marvelous Start To A Beautiful Weekend! Holla@Jesus! It's A Fabulous Friday! (2 comments) May the SON shine EVERYWHERE You go! Holla@@Jesus! It's A SUPER Saturday!!! To ALL Mothers & Mother like ones YOU are BEAUTY from God's GLORY! Holla@Jesus! It's A GLORIOUS Sunday! (3 comments) Let's start the week STRONG! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's MONDAY!!! (1 comments) Red Brown Yellow Black and White WE are PRECIOUS in GOD's Sight! Holla@Jesus! He LOVES Us ALL!! (1 comments) GOD is Our PEACE! Holla@Jesus! Let Peace Guide Your Lives! WE are SEATED in CHRIST! Holla@Jesus! He's Our Health & Strength! Reach BEYOND the STARS! Holla@Jesus! He's Holding Out His Hand!!! Lean BACK and ENJOY the PEACE! Holla@Jesus! He Is The Peace That Passes ALL Understanding! What A LOVE Our God Has For US! Holla@Jesus! It's A GLORIOUS Sunday! (1 comments) Get that MONDAY Strength going STRONG! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's Monday!!! Turn UP the PEACE Tuesday! Holla@Jesus! He Keeps Us In Perfect Peace! Praying for God's LOVE&PEACE to RAIN over Manchester and ALL those touched by this heinous crime. Holla@Jesus! He Is Love! (1 comments) Live with a GRATEFUL heart. GOD is SO good! Holla@Jesus! Thank YOU Father for the BLOOD! (1 comments) May the LOVE of GOD shine through US always! Holla@Jesus! We Are His Miracles! Live With A JOYFUL Heart! Holla@Jesus! Spread Happiness Everywhere You Go! (2 comments) To Honor Those Who Gave Their All: THANK YOU! Holla@Jesus! May His Glory Fill The USA Always! (1 comments) Singing Praises to God for Our Heroes! Never Forget Them! Holla@Jesus! God Bless America! EVERYTHING looks BETTER when You SMILE! Holla@Jesus! He's SMILING With Us! (1 comments) Last day of MAY! Make it the GREATEST day! Holla@Jesus! Anticipate A Marvelous June! WooHoo! It's JUNE! I'm ready for FUN! How about YOU? Holla@Jesus! Enjoy Every Single Day! (1 comments) God Loves US Just As Much As He Loves Jesus! Never Forget That! Holla@Jesus! He Fills Us With Love! Make sure YOU have FUN today! Holla@Jesus! It's A SUPER Saturday! (1 comments) Fear NOT the signs of the times! God holds Us TIGHT! Holla@Jesus! It's A Glorious Sunday! (1 comments) Grateful for a NEW day! May GOODNESS come YOUR way! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's MONDAY! (3 comments) Turn UP Your STEPS Tuesday! Walk PROUD! Holla@Jesus! He's Our Strength! (1 comments) May Your LIGHT shine BRIGHT Today and ALWAYS! Holla@Jesus! His Light Is In YOU!!! (1 comments) JESUS said LOVE one another as I LOVE You! Holla@Jesus! LOVE Never Fails! (1 comments) God's BLESSING makes RICH and adds NO sorrow with it! Hallelujah! Holla@Jesus! Our Very Own LORD!!! Take GOOD care of the HOUSE the LORD put YOU in! Holla@Jesus! You Are SO Beautiful To HIM! All of YOU! NEVER allow sadness to overwhelm you when a LOVED one or FRIEND Passes! Look UP! Redemption Draws Nigh! Holla@Jesus! He's Coming SOON! Stay READY! (1 comments) MONDAY Hugs coming YOUR way! It's a GREAT day! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's MONDAY! Turn UP Your SMILE Tuesday! Holla@Jesus! A Smile is Priceless! (1 comments) Keep MOVING Forward! YOU can DO it! Holla@Jesus! WONDERFUL Wednesday! Keep MOVING Forward! YOU can DO it! Holla@Jesus! WONDERFUL Wednesday! (1 comments) It's Friday Eve! Holla@Jesus! Enjoy Today!!! (1 comments) Sending Friday HUGS full of LOVE your way! Holla@Jesus! Have A Great Father's Day Weekend! It's SATURDAY! Jump HIGH! Enjoy the day! Holla@Jesus! Have A Super FUN Day! ily (1 comments) Giving HONOR to Whom HONOR is Due! God BLESS the Fathers! Holla@Jesus! What A GREAT Gift You ALL Were and ARE! Praise the Lord! SMILE and SHINE! You SIT in BEAUTY! It's from God's GLORY! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's MONDAY!!! Turn UP Your ENTHUSIASM Tuesday! YOU Can DO Anything! Holla@Jesus! We Are Victors! (1 comments) Hello Blessed Ones! It's SUMMER! Holla@Jesus! Let's ENJOY Every Moment! (2 comments) Share a BIG Hug Today! Holla@Jesus! It's FRIDAY Eve! Enjoy the Day! Hello My Friends! Enjoy TODAY and Make MEMORIES! Holla@Jesus! He Leads Us In The Way We Should Go! Friday LOVE! (2 comments) Hello Blessed Friends!! It's SATURDAY! Have FUN! Holla@Jesus! Keep SMILING! You ARE A SUPER Happy WINNER!!! (1 comments) Our God is an AWESOME God! His LOVE will NEVER fail US! Holla@Jesus! It's A GLORIOUS Sunday! (1 comments) May your day be GREAT! May your week be GREATER! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's MONDAY! Turn UP Your JOY & FRIENDLINESS Tuesday! Share a HUG or SMILE! Holla@Jesus! Love Never Fails! Have A WONDERFUL Wednesday FULL of God's WISDOM! Holla@Jesus! Get WISDOM! (1 comments) Worry makes you sick! Being HAPPY will LIFT others! Holla@Jesus! HAPPY Are The People Whose God Is The LORD!!! (1 comments) SMILE as we say GOODBYE to JUNE! Say HELLO to JULY! It WILL be a GREATER month! Holla@Jesus! Take Some Friday LOVE!!! (1 comments) Expect to Go HIGHER in JULY! We Can DO It! Holla@Jesus! It's A SUPER Blessed JULY! SHOUT to the LORD! He's FAITHFUL! Holla@Jesus! It's A GLORIOUS Sunday!!! (1 comments) Hello BLESSED & HIGHLY Favored Friends! It's A NEW Day! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's MONDAY! (2 comments) AMERICA! AMERICA! God Shed HIS Grace on Thee! 241 Years STRONG! Holla@Jesus! Turn UP Your PRAYERS Over AMERICA!! (3 comments) It's A NEW Day! May GOODNESS Come YOUR Way! Holla@Jesus! Sending YOU A LOVE Hug!!! (1 comments) I'm THANKFUL! It's THURSDAY! Get Outside and PLAY Today! Holla@Jesus! HE Set Us FREE Indeed! (1 comments) Friday Blessings Coming YOUR Way! Holla@Jesus! Enjoy This New Day Full of God's Beauty! Today Has Just Begun! Make Sure To Have Some Fun! You're Never Too Old or Young! Holla@Jesus! It's A Super Saturday!!! May God's Love, Joy, Peace & FAVOR Cover You In Every Way! Holla@Jesus! It's A Glorious Sunday!!! Thank GOD It's MONDAY! Holla@Jesus! Expect A SUCCESS Filled Week!!! (2 comments) Turn UP Your SMILES Tuesday! Holla@Jesus! Spread HAPPINESS Wherever You Go!!! BE A BLESSING! Holla@Jesus! He's WONDERFUL!!! (1 comments) Celebrate TODAY! Holla@Jesus! Blessed To See A New Day!!! (1 comments) Take LOVE Everywhere You Go Today! Holla@Jesus! Tell Everybody That Jesus Is Love!!! (1 comments) GOD Loves YOU Personally, Passionately and Powerfully! Holla@Jesus! Have A SUPER Blessed Saturday!!! A New Day! A New Week! SEEK the Lord while He can be Found! Call upon Him while He is Near! Holla@Jesus! It's A Glorious Sunday! Expect A GREATER week! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's MONDAY!!! One day before Wed Bible Study this year '17 (7 comments) Wake Up! Turn UP Your CARDIO Tuesday! Holla@Jesus! Have A Terrific Tuesday!!! (1 comments) A WONDERFUL God Gives US A WONDERFUL Wednesday! Holla@Jesus! Spread HIS Word!!! (1 comments) Get EXCITED & IGNITED! It's Almost FRIDAY! Holla@Jesus! High Five Someone Today! :))) (1 comments) HAPPY Are the People Whose GOD is the LORD! Holla@Jesus! Our JOY!!! SMILE and LET the SUN Shine In! Holla@Jesus! Enjoy A SUPER Fun Saturday!!! Sing PRAISES to the LORD! Holla@Jesus! It's A GLORIOUS Sunday!!! Be HAPPY! It's A GREATER Day! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's MONDAY!!! (3 comments) HUDDLE Time! Turn UP Your FRIENDLINESS Today! Holla@Jesus! It's A TERRIFIC Tuesday!!! Bless the LORD for a NEW day! Holla@Jesus! Be GRATEFUL!!! (1 comments) WooHoo! It's Friday Eve! Holla@Jesus! It's A GREAT Day to Be GREATER!!! (2 comments) Keep CALM! It's FRIDAY! Let's REJOICE! Holla@Jesus! Sending Friday LOVE to YOU!!! (3 comments) OK! Let's have some FUN! Holla@Jesus! Just DO It!!! (3 comments) PRAISE the LORD with YOUR whole HEART! Holla@Jesus! It's A GLORIOUS Sunday!!! HELLO Friends! Let's Finish July STRONGER! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's MONDAY!!! (1 comments) HELLO Blessed Friends! Welcome to AUGUST! Holla@Jesus! Have A GREATER Month!!! (1 comments) Hello BLESSED Friends! Wednesday HUGS Coming For YOU! Holla@Jesus! It's A WONDERFUL Wednesday!!! Morning FAVORED Friends! It's A GREAT Day to Be GREATER! Holla@Jesus! Enjoy Every Moment of TODAY!!! (2 comments) No One LOVES Us As Much As Our GOD & LORD! Holla@Jesus! Have A Faith Filled Friday!!! (1 comments) Get UP and MOVE! Get IN the Saturday GROOVE! Holla@Jesus! Have A Super FUN Saturday! (1 comments) Oh Give THANKS Unto the LORD for HIS Mercy Endures FOREVER! Holla@Jesus! It's A GLORIOUS Sunday!!! (2 comments) Start The Week With PURPOSE! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's MONDAY!!! (3 comments) DON'T Worry! Be HEALTHY! Holla@Jesus! Turn UP Your DETERMINATION Tuesday!! (1 comments) Shout Praise to the LORD! Holla@Jesus! His LOVE Never Ends!!! This is the DAY the LORD Made for YOU! Holla@Jesus! REJOICE! It's THURSDAY!!! (3 comments) You ARE So BEAUTIFUL To GOD! Holla@Jesus! Share Some FRIDAY Love Today!!! (1 comments) Get UP and MOVE Today! It's A GREATER Day! Holla@Jesus! ENJOY A SUPER Fun Saturday!!! JESUS Loves US! Rejoice! Holla@Jesus! It's A GLORIOUS Sunday!!! (1 comments) Let's Make This A GREATER Week! We CAN Do It! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's MONDAY!!! (1 comments) May GOD's Peace INCREASE In Our Lives Always! Holla@Jesus! Turn UP the PEACE and LOVE Daily!!! (1 comments) LIVE to LOVE! Holla@Jesus! It's A WONDERFUL Wednesday!!! (1 comments) SMILE! It's A NEW Day To Go HIGHER! Holla@Jesus! Stay THANKFUL Always!!! (2 comments) A Friend LOVES At ALL Times! Holla@Jesus! We ARE His WITNESSES!!! (1 comments) LIVE! LAUGH! LOVE! Life Is GOOD! Holla@Jesus! Have A SUPER Satisfying Saturday!!! (2 comments) Oh How JESUS Loves US!!! Worship HIM!!! Holla@Jesus! It's A GLORIOUS Sunday!!! (1 comments) Hello Friends! Look UP At the SKY! Watch the SUN and MOON Roll By! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's MONDAY! (2 comments) OH the WONDERS of Our GOD! Awesome ECLIPSE! Holla@Jesus! Turn UP Your PRAISE for Our GREATEST Days!!! (1 comments) YOU Are FILLED With the LIGHT So Shine BRIGHT! Holla@Jesus! Enjoy A Way to Go Wednesday!!! (1 comments) Is YOUR Week Going GREATER? Mine's IS! WooHoo! Holla@Jesus! We're Growing MIGHTIER and WISER!!! (1 comments) May Today Be FULL of the JOY of LIFE! Holla@Jesus! It's A Beautiful Friday!!! (1 comments) Hello Blessed Friends! Let's PRAY for Those In the Path of the Storms! Holla@Jesus! Have A SUPER SAFE Saturday! LET the REDEEMED of the LORD Say So! Holla@Jesus! It's A GLORIOUS Sunday!!! (2 comments) May Your MONDAY Be A BLESSED Day! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's MONDAY!!! (1 comments) LET Your SMILE Shine BRIGHTER Today! Holla@Jesus! Turn UP Your Prayers Over Texas & Louisiana! (1 comments) DON'T Worry! BE Happy! Holla@Jesus! It's A WONDERFUL Wednesday! Matt 7:1-2KJV Judge NOT that ye be not judged;. For with what judgement ye judge ye shall be judged; and with what measure ye mete it shall be measured to you again. Holla@Jesus! Thankful Thursday! (1 comments) HAPPY SEPTEMBER MY FRIENDS! Let's Go HIGHER! Holla@Jesus! Sending LOTS of FRIDAY Love Your Way!!! (2 comments) God WILL Open DOORS No Man Can Shut! Holla@Jesus! Have A SUPER Spectacular Saturday!!! LET the PRAISES of GOD Be In YOUR Mouth & A Two Edged Sword In Your Hand! Holla@Jesus! It's A GLORIOUS Sunday!!! (1 comments) PROUD to BE An AMERICAN! We ARE Free to BE Who GOD Created US to BE! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's LABOR DAY! (1 comments) Oh boy! Oh boy! Let's SPREAD Smiles of JOY! Holla@Jesus! Turn UP Your FRIENDLINESS Tuesday! Oh Praise the LORD! He's Our FOREVER Guard! Holla@Jesus! Oh How HE Loves US!!! GOD Has Made ALL Things BEAUTIFUL! Holla@Jesus! YOU Are SO BEAUTIFUL Too!!! (1 comments) Sending Friday LOVE to YOU! Holla@Jesus! LOVE Never Fails Any of US!!! LOVE Is The KEY! It OPENS Many Doors! Holla@Jesus! Have A SUPER LOVE Filled Saturday!!! (1 comments) GOD So LOVED the WORLD That He GAVE Us JESUS! Hallelujah! Holla@Jesus! It's A GLORIOUS Sunday!!! (1 comments) Welcome to a NEW Week! New Goals! GREATER Success! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's MONDAY!!! (1 comments) May the BEAUTY and GRACE of God's LOVE Shine Through You ALL! Holla@Jesus! Turn UP Your SMILES Today!!! JESUS Has Been Made Unto Us WISDOM! Holla@Jesus! Have A WISDOM Filled Wednesday!!! (1 comments) It's Friday Eve! Let's LEAVE This Week Victoriously! Holla@Jesus! BE Thankful! Happy Thursday!!! (2 comments) May Friday Love and Blessings Overtake YOU Today! Holla@Jesus! His Unending LOVE Will NEVER Fail Or Come To An End!!! (1 comments) Get UP and MOVE! Get IN the Saturday GROOVE! Holla@Jesus! Have A Super FUN Saturday! (1 comments) WORSHIP the LORD! Let's PRAISE His HOLY Name! Holla@Jesus! It's A GLORIOUS Sunday!!! (1 comments) Welcome To A NEW Day! We Can't Go Wrong If We Start STRONG! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's MONDAY!!! (1 comments) BE Happpy! Holla@Jesus! Turn UP Your LIGHT Tuesday!!! (1 comments) SMILE Then Pass It On! Holla@Jesus! Everything Looks Better When You SMILE! (1 comments) Live With A Heart Full Of THANKS! Holla@Jesus! Thursday Love!!! (1 comments) Stand TALL! It's The First Day Of FALL! Holla@Jesus! It's A FUN Friday!!! Make HAPPINESS & JOY Your GUIDES Today! Holla@Jesus! SUPER Saturday Going STRONG!!! (1 comments) Let's Just PRAISE the LORD! Holla@Jesus! It's A GLORIOUS Sunday!!! (1 comments) It's A NEW Day! A New WEEK! Let's LEAP Over ALL Obstacles & KEEP Our Eyes Forward! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's MONDAY!!! (1 comments) SING a SONG! Sing LOUD & STRONG! Holla@Jesus! Turn UP Your SINGING Tuesday!!! (1 comments) Look At Woodstock! THANKING God for His CREATION! Holla@Jesus! BEAUTY Belongs To US!!! (2 comments) Wake UP! Give THANKS! You Have WORK To DO! Holla@Jesus! YOU Can DO It!!! (1 comments) May God's LOVE Rain On YOU Continually! Holla@Jesus! Friday BLESSINGS Are Upon YOU!!! (2 comments) LET Your LIGHT Shine BRIGHTER Than The SUN! Holla@Jesus! It's A SUPER Marvelous Day!!! (1 comments) Oh GIVE Thanks Unto the LORD for His MERCY Endures FOREVER! Holla@Jesus! It's A GLORIOUS Sunday!!! (1 comments) WooHoo! It's MONDAY! Let's Start STRONGER! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's MONDAY!!! (1 comments) PRAYERS Going UP For Those Injured In The Las Vegas Shooting During A Concert. God's PEACE! God BLESS Them ALL! (2 comments) May PEACE Increase In Our Lives Daily! Holla@Jesus! He Makes Us WHOLE In EVERY Way!!! (2 comments) May the SON shine the SUNshine In Our Hearts! Holla@Jesus! It's A WONDERFUL Wednesday!!! (3 comments) DON'T Worry! BE Happy! It's FRIDAY Eve! Holla@Jesus! You ARE Strong In The Lord!!! (1 comments) This IS the DAY the LORD Made for YOU! Rejoice! Holla@Jesus! FRIDAY Love Coming At You STRONGER!!! (1 comments) GOOD Day to YOU! Holla@Jesus! ENJOY a SUPER Productive Saturday!!! (1 comments) GOD so LOVED the WORLD that HE gave Us JESUS!!! Holla@Jesus! It's A GLORIOUS Sunday!!! (2 comments) Take a DIP in the POOL of SATISFACTION! Victory is NOW! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's MONDAY!!! Turn UP Your HAPPINESS Tuesday! Holla@Jesus! Be TRUE To YOU!!! God Made YOU So AMAZING! Holla@Jesus! It's A WONDERFUL Wednesday!!! (2 comments) HAPPINESS Is CONTAGIOUS! Holla@Jesus! Everything Looks GREATER When We SMILE! (3 comments) It's a GREAT day to SPREAD more LOVE! Holla@Jesus! Friday LOVE Going STRONG! (2 comments) Hello BLESSED Friends! Make It HAPPEN! Holla@Jesus! It's A SUPER Saturday!!! Hello BLESSED Friends! Make It HAPPEN! Holla@Jesus! It's A SUPER Saturday!!! (1 comments) JESUS said in John 14:1 Let NOT Your Hearts Be Troubled. BELIEVE! Holla@Jesus! It's A GLORIOUS Sunday!!! (2 comments) HELLO My Friends! It's a GREATER Day to BE Greatest! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's MONDAY!!! (1 comments) Turn UP Your JOY Tuesday! Holla@Jesus! He Gives Us JOY!!! (1 comments) WISDOM is the PRINCIPAL thing; GET Wisdom! Holla@Jesus! It's A WONDERFUL Wednesday!!! LOVING One Another Makes God SMILE! Holla@Jesus! Oh What A Happy THURSDAY!!! (2 comments) WE are TRANSFORMED by God's WORD! Holla@Jesus! Spreading Friday LOVE Today!!! (1 comments) It's SATURDAY! Go OUTSIDE & PLAY! Holla@Jesus! Have A SUPER Fun Saturday!!! OH the GLORY of GOD's PRESENCE! Holla@Jesus! It's A GLORIOUS Sunday!!! (2 comments) YOU can't go WRONG if YOU start the day STRONG!!! Walk in NOW Victory! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's MONDAY!! (2 comments) Turn UP Your FRIENDLINESS Tuesday! Holla@Jesus! ENJOY A Terrific Tuesday!!! (2 comments) Sending Lots of LOVE and HUGS Your Way Today! Holla@Jesus! It's A WONDERFUL Wednesday!!! (1 comments) May God's FAVOR Overflow In Your Life! Holla@Jesus! Have A THANKFUL Thursday! (2 comments) ENJOY A FIT FUNtastic Friday! Holla@Jesus! FRIDAY Love Coming At YOU!!! (1 comments) Enjoy TODAY! It's a GIFT! Holla@Jesus! It's SUPER Saturday!!! (1 comments) GREAT Is Our GOD! Holla@Jesus! It's A SUPER Sunday!!! (1 comments) WELCOME to a NEW Week! Let's SEEK to go HIGHER! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's MONDAY! (1 comments) We ARE Safe In the HANDS Of the LORD! Holla@Jesus! Turn UP Your PRAISE Tuesday!!! (1 comments) PRAY for those in NEW YORK injured & killed by the Terror Attack Today. In Jesus' Name I loose God's Love & Peace Upon ALL! (3 comments) Welcome to NOVEMBER! Let's Go HIGHER! Holla@Jesus! We WILL Do It!!! (1 comments) JESUS said that WE are the LIGHT of the World! Holla@Jesus! LET Your Light SHINE!!! (1 comments) FRIDAY's Here! Let's Hear Some CHEERS! Holla@Jesus! ENJOY Every Moment of TODAY!!! (1 comments) Oh What A BEAUTIFUL Morning! Oh What A BEAUTIFUL Day! Holla@Jesus! It's A SUPER Wonderful Saturday!!! (2 comments) LET the REDEEMED of the LORD Say So! Holla@Jesus! It's A GLORIOUS Sunday!!! (1 comments) SMILE! Share the LOVE! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's MONDAY!!! Turn UP Your FRIENDLINESS Tuesday! Holla@Jesus! Enjoy TODAY!!! Have FAITH In GOD! Holla@Jesus! Trust HIM At ALL Times!!! (1 comments) It's a NEW Day to WALK in LOVE! Holla@Jesus! Thankful Thursday!!! (2 comments) THANK God for Our HEROES! Holla@Jesus! LOVE You VETERANS!!! GIVING THANKS & HONOR to ALL Who Served! HAPPY VETERAN'S DAY TO YOU!!! (2 comments) SHOUT to the LORD with a VOICE of TRIUMPH! Holla@Jesus! It's a GLORIOUS Sunday!!! (1 comments) WELCOME to a NEW Week and a New DAY! May GREATER Come YOUR Way! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's MONDAY!!! (2 comments) Turn UP Your STRENGTH Training Tuesday! Holla@Jesus! It's A Terrific Day!!! (1 comments) It's A BEAUTIFUL Day!!! May the BEST Come Your Way! Holla@Jesus! Have A WONDERFUL Wednesday!!! (1 comments) A FRIEND Loves At ALL Times! Holla@Jesus! Let's LOVE!!! Seize the Day as YOU spread LOVE wherever YOU go! Holla@Jesus! Friday LOVE Coming To YOU!!! May God's PEACE Continually INCREASE As You ENJOY Your Day! Holla@Jesus! It's A SUPER Exciting Saturday!!! Our GOD is an AWESOME God! HE Loves US Continually! Holla@Jesus! It's A GLORIOUS Sunday!!!! (2 comments) HELLO! You Are Too BLESSED To Be STRESSED!!! Holla@Jesus! MONDAY Love Going STRONG!!! (1 comments) Look Around! We are CROWNED with GOODNESS! Holla@Jesus! Turn UP Your Thanksgiving to GOD Always!!! (1 comments) What A BEAUTIFUL Day! Thank GOD for a NEW Year! I'm SO Grateful for HIS Love IN Me! Holla@Jesus! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! (2 comments) Thank YOU Lord! I Just Want To SAY Thank YOU!!! Holla@Jesus!!! LIVE WITH A THANKFUL HEART!!! (1 comments) The GREATER One is IN Us! Holla@Jesus! SMILE! It's A NEW Day To SHINE!!! (1 comments) May the LIGHT of Your SMILE Draw Others to YOU! Holla@Jesus! Enjoy A SUPER Saturday! (3 comments) Oh the BEAUTY of God's PRESENCE! Give HIM Reverence!!! Holla@Jesus! It's A GLORIOUS Sunday!!! (1 comments) Let's Go HIGHER This Week My Friends!!! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's MONDAY!!! (1 comments) Turn UP Your LOVE Tuesday! Holla@Jesus! His LOVE Never Comes To An End!!! (1 comments) Wisdom Is the PRINCIPAL Thing; Therefore GET Wisdom! Holla@Jesus! With ALL Your Getting GET Understanding! Prov 4:7 (1 comments) Get EXCITED & IGNITED! It's Been A GREATER November! Holla@Jesus! SMILE for WE are WINNERS!!! (1 comments) DECEMBER is Finally HERE! Let's Have a GREAT End of This YEAR! Holla@Jesus! Have a FIT FUNtastic Friday!!! (1 comments) Hello WONDERFUL Friends! GOD Created THIS Day Just for YOU! Holla@Jesus! It's A SUPER Saturday!!! (2 comments) THIS Is The DAY The LORD Made For US! Let's REJOICE! Holla@Jesus! It's A GLORIOUS Sunday!!! (2 comments) Put a SMILE On Someone's Face Today! It Will LIFT You Always! Holla@Jesus!!! Thank GOD It's MONDAY!!! (1 comments) Trust GOD With ALL Your HEART No Matter What! Holla@Jesus! Turn UP Your PEACE Tuesday!!! LET There BE Peace On Earth and LET It Begin With ME! Holla@Jesus! ALL Things ARE Possible If YOU Believe!!! (1 comments) HELLO Awesome Friends! YOU Are BLESSINGS! Holla@Jesus! Thursday LOVE Coming YOUR Way!!! (2 comments) Hello BLESSED Friends! It's FRIDAY! Be HAPPY! Holla@Jesus! Showing LOVE Never Fails!!! (1 comments) Get UP and MOVE! Get In The GROOVE! It's Gonna Be GREAT! Holla@Jesus! Have A SUPER Active Saturday!!! (1 comments) We Are BLESSED To See A New Day! Walk PROUDLY In Jesus' Way! Holla@Jesus! It's A GLORIOUS Sunday!!! Let's SEIZE Every Day! We ARE Able! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's MONDAY!!! (1 comments) Turn UP Your PRAYERS For OTHERS Today! Holla@Jesus! It's A BLESSED Tuesday!!! (2 comments) PRAISE the LORD with the DANCE! Holla@Jesus!!! Let EVERYTHING That Has Breath PRAISE the LORD! (1 comments) HAPPINESS is a GIFT from GOD! Holla@Jesus! Stay THANKFUL! (1 comments) May God's Light SHINE In Your LIFE Always! Holla@Jesus! Oh How He LOVES Us!!! (2 comments) I'm DANCING With JESUS With My Eyes Open WIDE! I'm DANCING With JESUS His LOVE I Won't DENY! Holla@Jesus!! It's a SUPER Wonderful Saturday! (2 comments) JESUS Is The KING of KINGS! He IS The LORD of LORD! Holla@Jesus! It's A GLORIOUS Sunday!!! (1 comments) Unto US a Child is BORN! Unto US a SON is GIVEN! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's MONDAY! (3 comments) Wanted to do a 30min walk. Couldnt find my shoes Walked up hallway &sat down. Got up again looked down. SHOES on my feet! lol Holla@Jesus! LAUGHED Out LOUD While Walking!!! (2 comments) God's WORD is LIVING Inside of US! Let It LEAD Our Way! Holla@Jesus! Have A Wisdom Filled Wednesday!!! (1 comments) Go After JESUS Like a Man In The Dessert Thirsty & Tired for COOL Water!! Holla@Jesus! HE Is The WATER Of The WORD!!! (2 comments) May God's LOVE Hug YOU Closer Each Day! WE Are SO Blessed! Holla@Jesus! He IS Our SAVIOR!!! (3 comments) ALL That GOD Is He Makes Available To US! Holla@Jesus! Have A SUPER Jolly Saturday!!! (1 comments) Born: Our Savior Who IS Christ Our LORD! Holla@Jesus! What A GLORIOUS Christmas Eve!!! (1 comments) SINGING: Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord!I Just Want To Thank YOU Lord! Holla@Jesus! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU MY BLESSED FAMILY & FRIENDS! (1 comments) Turn UP Your Tuesday SMILES! Holla@Jesus! He Gives Us JOY!!! LET Your LOVE Shine BRIGHT! Hollla!Jesus! He IS the LIGHT! (1 comments) WooHoo! Dance & Shout! Holla@Jesus! It's THANKFUL Thursday!!! (1 comments) YOU are SO Beautiful to GOD! Holla@Jesus! WooHoo for the Last Friday of 2017!! (1 comments) Hello BLESSED Friends! Keep MOVING! Holla@Jesus! ENJOY a SUPER Marvelous Saturday!!! (2 comments) Shout With CHEER! A New YEAR Is NEAR! Holla@Jesus! CELEBRATE A Happy New Year's Eve!!! (3 comments) It's 2018! EVERYBODY SCREAM!! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's the FIRST of MONDAY of a GREATER Year!!! May ALL You Set YOUR Hands To Do PROSPER In Every WAY! Holla@Jesus! Turn UP Your FAITH Tuesday!!! (2 comments) Wednesday SMILES Coming YOUR Way! Holla@Jesus! Oh What a WONDERFUL Day!!! (1 comments) Bump UP Your SPEED It's Friday EVE! Holla@Jesus! Get Your Body MOVING!!! (2 comments) I Love YOU With GOD's Love In ME! Holla@Jesus! First Friday LOVE Flowing STRONG!!! (1 comments) Don't Worry! Stay HAPPY! Holla@Jesus! SUPER Happy Saturday Going STRONG!!! How BLESSED to BE the CHILD of the KING of GLORY! Hollo@Jesus! It's A GLORIOUS Sunday!!! (3 comments) Welcome to a NEW Week of GREATER Victory! WE Can DO It! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's MONDAY!!! (1 comments) Hello Blessed Friends! Let's DO It! Holla@Jesus! Turn UP Your ENTHUSIASM Tuesday!!! Get WISDOM! With ALL Your Getting...GET Understanding! Holla@Jesus! Have A WISDOM Filled Wednesday!!! HUGS Truly Makes SO Many Things BETTER! Holla@Jesus! Happy THURSDAY Blessed Friends!!! (3 comments) If You're COLD Stay WARM! If You're HOT Stay COOL! Holla@Jesus! Friday LOVE & BLESSINGS Coming Your Way!!! May PEACE Continually INCREASE Over YOUR Lives! Holla@Jesus! It's A SUPER Satisfying Saturday! (2 comments) WITH God YOU Can DO Anything! Holla@Jesus! It's A GLORIOUS Sunday!!! (3 comments) MARTIN LUTHER KING JR A Man of Purpose, Peace and Power! Holla@Jesus! Thank God For A Great Man!!! (2 comments) May LOVE Lead Us ALWAYS! Holla@Jesus! Turn UP Your LOVE Tuesday! (1 comments) It's Another GREAT Day to WALK in the WAY of HEALTHY Living! Holla@Jesus! It's A WONDERFUL Wednesday!!! (3 comments) Give HUGS! Give SMILES! Give LOVE! Make It YOUR Style! Holla@Jesus! Have a VERY Happy Thursday!!! (1 comments) Oh HEAVENLY Father Thank YOU for a NEW Day! Holla@Jesus! May ALL You Do Be Blessed!!! (2 comments) Keep ENJOYING Your HEALTHY Lifestyle Change! Holla@Jesus! Have a SUPER Healthy Saturday!!! (1 comments) God's LOVE Will NEVER Fail US! Holla@Jesus! It's a GLORIOUS Sunday!!! A NEW Week is HERE! Move FORWARD Without FEAR! You CAN Do It! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's MONDAY!!! (1 comments) HELLO My Friends! Make THIS a GREATER Day! Holla@Jesus! Turn UP Your HAPPINESS Tuesday!!! (2 comments) A Friend LOVES at ALL Times! Holla@Jesus! ENJOY A WONDERFUL Wednesday!!! Keep PRESSING Into ALL You Want to BE! Holla@Jesus! Sending Thursday BLESSINGS Your Way!!! (1 comments) What a GREAT Day to SPREAD Peace Along the Way! Holla@Jesus! Friday LOVE Coming YOUR Way!!! (1 comments) Make Sure YOU Laugh Out Loud Today! Holla@Jesus! Have a SUPER Fun Saturday!!! (2 comments) GOD Is LOVE! He LIVES In US! So WE Are LOVE Too! Holla@Jesus! It's a GLORIOUS Sunday!!! (1 comments) A NEW Week to Get it RIGHT! Let's FIGHT the GOOD Fight of FAITH! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's MONDAY!!! (2 comments) WE Made It to a NEW Day! Praise GOD! Holla@Jesus! Turn UP Your GRATITUDE Tuesday!!! (1 comments) Expect GOOD Things to Come YOUR Way! Holla@Jesus! WISDOM Filled Wednesday ALL Day!!! (1 comments) ALWAYS Walk In LOVE! It NEVER Fails! Holla@Jesus! It's THURSDAY...Friday Eve!!! (1 comments) Happy First Friday! Let's POWER Up! Holla@Jesus! LOVE is the KEY!!! Spread LOVE Everywhere YOU Go! Holla@Jesus! It's A SUPER Saturday!!! (1 comments) WORSHIP the LORD! He IS Worthy! Holla@Jesus! It's A GLORIOUS Sunday!!! (5 comments) Living a HEALTHY Lifestyle is a TREASURE! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's MONDAY!!! (1 comments) A Sincere SMILE Goes A LONG Way! Holla@Jesus! Turn UP Your SMILES Tuesday!!! (1 comments) KEEP Your Eyes BEYOND The SKIES! Holla@Jesus! JUMP Over EVERY Hump!!! (2 comments) It's A GOOD Day To GO Outside & PLAY! Holla@Jesus! Have A WONDERFUL Thursday!!! (1 comments) GREATER Love Coming YOUR Way! Holla@Jesus! Friday BLESSINGS to YOU!!! (2 comments) SMILE! You Are LOVED! Holla@Jesus! Enjoy A SUPER Saturday!!! (1 comments) WORSHIP the LORD! Praise HIS Holy Name! Holla@Jesus! It's A GLORIOUS Sunday!!! It's A MARVELOUS Day! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's MONDAY!!! May JOY Lead Your Way! Holla@Jesus! It's A TERRIFIC Tuesday!!! (1 comments) May LOVE Continually HUG Us CLOSE Always! Holla@Jesus! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!! (3 comments) THIS Is The DAY The LORD Made For YOU! Holla@Jesus! GOD Is Our PEACE!!! (2 comments) HAPPY! HAPPY! Oh HAPPY Day! Holla@Jesus! Keep the LOVE Flowing! (2 comments) "OH What a BEAUTIFUL Morning! OH What a BEAUTIFUL Day! EVERYTHING'S Going OUR way!" Holla@Jesus! It's a SUPER Marvelous Saturday!!! (2 comments) Oh the BEAUTY of GOD's Presence! GIVE Him REVERENCE! Holla@Jesus! It's A GLORIOUS Sunday!!! (2 comments) HAPPY PRESIDENT's DAY! Pray for the President DAILY & for ALL of Our LEADERS! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's MONDAY! (2 comments) Hello BLESSED Family & Friends! Holla@Jesus! Turn UP Your FAITH Tuesday!!! Just BE Happy! No Need to Worry! Holla@Jesus! Shine BRIGHT In the LIGHT of God's LOVE!!! BLESSED are those which DO hunger & thirst after RIGHTEOUSNESS for THEY shall BE filled! Matt 5:6 Holla@Jesus! It's QUENCH Your Thirst Thursday! (1 comments) Friday LOVE! Friday HUGS! Friday JOY! Holla@Jesus! Oh HAPPY Day!!! (1 comments) EVERYTHING Looks BETTER When YOU Smile! Holla@Jesus! It's A SUPER Fantastic Saturday!!! (2 comments) WORSHIP the LORD! Praise HIS Holy Name! Holla@Jesus! It's A GLORIOUS Sunday!!! (3 comments) Make the CHOICE to RAISE Your VOICE and REJOICE! We ARE Here! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's MONDAY!!! (1 comments) Let YOUR Light SHINE! Holla@Jesus! Turn UP the PEACE Tuesday!!! (2 comments) PRAYING That ALL of US Have ENJOYED A PROSPEROUS Month! Holla@Jesus! It's A WONDERFUL Wednesday!!! (1 comments) A NEW Season is Coming SOON! Look UP and Watch the MOON! Flowers are About to BLOOM! Holla@Jesus! Have a MARVELOUS March!!! (2 comments) I'm Passing Out Friday LOVE! Holla@Jesus! I'm GIVING OUT Friday HUGS!!! (1 comments) Hi Friends! It's TIME to WALK in God's PRIME! Holla@Jesus! Have A SUPER Seizing the Day SATURDAY!!! PRAISE the LORD! He's OUR Victorious GUARD! Holla@Jesus! It's A GLORIOUS Sunday! (1 comments) Ready! Set! GO!!! I Am READY for the Week! Are You? Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's MONDAY! (1 comments) LOVE is the KEY that Unlocks Our VICTORY! Holla@Jesus! Turn UP Your Tuesday HUGS!!! (2 comments) LOVE Never Fails! USE It DAILY! Holla@Jesus! It's A WONDERFUL Wednesday!!!! (1 comments) Oh YES! We ARE Closer to the WEEKEND! Holla@Jesus! Have A THANKFUL Thursday! (1 comments) NEVER Forget That YOU Are SPECIAL! Holla@Jesus! ENJOY A Fabulous Friday!!! (1 comments) WE Look SO Much BETTER When We SMILE! Holla@Jesus! It's A SUPER Smiling BRIGHTER Saturday!!! (1 comments) GLORY to GOD in the HIGHEST! HOolla@Jesus! It's A GLORIOUS Sunday!!! (1 comments) It's TIME to QUICKEN Your PACE and Put a Big SMILE Upon YOUR Face! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's MONDAY!!! BE A FRIEND Who Sticks CLOSER Than A BROTHER! Holla@Jesus! Turn UP Your FRIENDLINESS Tuesday!!! GOD Gives Us PEACE: Nothing Missing! Nothing Broken! Nothing Needed! WHOLE In EVERY Way! Holla@Jesus! Have a PEACE Filled Wednesday!!! (2 comments) LET Your SMILE Shine BRIGHT! Holla@Jesus! It's ALMOST Friday!!! (2 comments) WooHoo! It's Time for a FUN Friday! Holla@Jesus! Let's ENJOY Every Moment!!! (1 comments) It's A GREAT Day to Be GREATER! Hollla@Jesus! Have A SUPER Great Saturday!!! (1 comments) CHRIST: Our TREASURE of LOVE! Holla@Jesus! It's A GLORIOUS Sunday!!! (3 comments) LET Your LIFE Shine BRIGHT! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's MONDAY! Enjoy!!! (1 comments) Oh The BEAUTY That SPRING Will BRING! Holla@Jesus! ENJOY This Marvelous SEASON! (2 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) SINGING: "Oh What a BEAUTIFUL Morning! Oh What a BEAUTIFUL Day! I Got a WONDERFUL Feeling EVERYTHING'S Going OUR Way!" Holla@Jesus! It's a WONDERFUL Wednesday!!! (1 comments) ENJOY A Day FULL Of LOVE And PEACE! Holla@Jesus! Have A THANKFUL Thursday!!! (1 comments) SMILE! Happiness Lives In US! Holla@Jesus! Pass Along Your Friday SMILES!!! (2 comments) Get UP! Let's MOVE It! Don't Just SIT Around! Holla@Jesus! Have A SUPER Active Saturday! (2 comments) THANK You JESUS For Your BLOOD! Holla@Jesus! Blessed Palm Sunday To All!!! (1 comments) SPREAD Some TIGHT Hugs Along YOUR Way TODAY! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's MONDAY!!! (1 comments) PRAY One for Another That YE May BE Healed! RefJames5:16KJV Holla@Jesus! Turn UP Your PRAYERS Tuesday! (4 comments) LOVE Who is GOD Will NEVER Fail US! Holla@Jesus! Have A WONDERFUL Wednesday!!!! (1 comments) YOU Are ABLE To OBTAIN Every GOAL You DESIRE! Holla@Jesus! Enjoy A Grateful Thursday! (1 comments) NEVER Forget ALL That JESUS Did for US! Holla@Jesus! Blessed GOOD FRIDAY To ALL!!! (2 comments) SPREAD the LOVE That GOD Put IN Us! Holla@Jesus! HE Is LOVE!!! JESUS! His BLOOD Will NEVER Lose It's POWER!!! Holla@Jesus! OH What A BLESSED Easter It IS!!! (2 comments) DON'T Go By What You FEEL Or SEE! You ARE Victory! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's MONDAY! SHARE Some HAPPINESS Today! Holla@Jesus! Have A TERRIFIC Tuesday! (2 comments) WALK In the Steps ORDERED By the LORD! Holla@Jesus! Have A WISDOM Filled Wednesday!!! (1 comments) NEVER Stop REACHING For Your GOALS! Holla@Jesus! Have A THANKFUL Thursday!!! (2 comments) BE A Friend Who Sticks CLOSER Than ANY Other! Holla@Jesus! Have A FRIENDLY Friday!!! (2 comments) Let's ENCOURAGE Someone Today! Holla@Jesus! Have a Super MOTIVATING Saturday!!! (1 comments) Oh Give THANKS Unto the LORD for HE is GOOD! Holla@Jesus! It's a GLORIOUS Sunday! PRAISE the LORD!!! (2 comments) Let's SEIZE the DAY My FRIENDS! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's Monday!!! (1 comments) May Your SMILE Shine BRIGHT Today! Holla@Jesus! Turn UP Your JOY Tuesday! (3 comments) STOP and SMELL the FLOWERS as the SUN Shines BRIGHT! Holla@Jesus! WE Are SO Blessed!!! (1 comments) HELLO Everybody! Are YOU Ready for the WEEKEND? I AM! Holla@Jesus! ENJOY A Great Thursday!!! (5 comments) SPREAD Some LOVE All Around TODAY! Holla@Jesus! His LOVE Never Fails!!! (3 comments) EVERYTHING's Going OUR Way! WooHoo! Holla@Jesus! ENJOY a SUPER Happy Saturday!!! (2 comments) OH How JESUS Loves YOU and ME! Holla@Jesus! Have a GLORIOUS Sunday!!! (3 comments) KEEP Your GOALS in SIGHT and FIGHT for a GREATER Week! Holla@Jesus! Thank GOD It's MONDAY!!! (2 comments) NEVER Worry! STAY Happy! Holla@Jesus! Turn UP Your PEACE Tuesday!!! (2 comments) BE a WITNESS of God's GOODNESS! Holla@Jesus! Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday!!! BELIEVE in YOURSELF...God DOES! Holla@Jesus! Have a THANKFUL Thursday!!! (1 comments) DO Something GOOD for YOU Today! Holla@Jesus! ENJOY a FUNTASTIC Friday!!! (1 comments) SHARE Some GOOD Fun With GOOD Friends Today! Holla@Jesus! Have a SUPER Marvelous Saturday!!! (2 comments) OH Give THANKS Unto the LORD for His MERCY Endures FOREVER! Holla@Jesus! It's A GLORIOUS Sunday!!! (3 comments) Spread SMILES of HAPPINESS Today! Holla@Jesus! Monday SMILES All Day!!! (2 comments) Get IGNITED and EXCITED! There is NOTHING too HARD that YOU Can't DO! Holla@Jesus! Turn UP Your CONFIDENCE Tuesday!!! (1 comments) My Before picture 2007 (10 comments) Prince... my rug dawg (5 comments) Oct 11 2007 Me slimming down (3 comments) Oct 11 2007 (3 comments) Isn't she swee? Just wait till 145 lbs! ; ) (1 comments) 2nd Grade (4 comments) 8th grade Look at my fro! (3 comments) My son Matthew and dtr Jacinda 1990 (1 comments) (1 comments) 2008 at the dr's office. lol (1 comments) Early 2010 after losing some twice gained weight. (3 comments) HOLLA @ JESUS!!! May 2009 (1 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) (1 comments) Oct 14 2010 (2 comments) Valentine Love Having So Much Fun!!! July 2011 (2 comments) (5 comments) (9 comments) (4 comments) I Love Me! 8/12/2012 (1 comments) May 2012 (4 comments) December 08, 2012 153 lbs/80lbs GONE FOR GOOD!!! (13 comments) (3 comments) December 24, 2012 Thank You Lord! 152 (16 comments) Dec 12/24/12 Loving Me! :) (5 comments) This IS Our Year!!! (4 comments) Dec 12/24/12 (1 comments) 10/11/2007 & 12/8/2012 BEFORE AND AFTER (27 comments)

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