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My gorgeous girl, 11 year old Rhani, who has been my constant companion for over 10 years. (5 comments) First blossom on the double flowering prunus we planted on Mum's birthday 2009. (1 comments) Oh how I wish I had one, with some extra apps added! (1 comments) I have hit the 'Restart' button by joining Spark People, cos I got sick and tired of standing by. (2 comments) The jester's hat I knitted for a friend. Think it will put a smile on her face. (6 comments) So this is what 10 stone looks like! 46 poounds lighter than when I returned to Spark People! (4 comments) This was me in November 2009. (2 comments) My Keiodie - full of fun, loyal, greatest watchdog I've ever had, and a great footwarmer in winter! (3 comments) Sam used to be Dad's constant companion but now he's mine, or more correctly Keiodie's. (1 comments) This was the first time Keiodie and Sam met each other. Instant bond, Keiodie immediately rushed over to Sam and began licking his ears. They are always side by side - if one is outside so is the other. When they are inside, they are always in the same room. I've never known two dogs to be so close as these two. Tis beautiful to see them together. (4 comments) Self explanatory I think. Me with Kurt and Emily before flying home. (4 comments) Me with my grandchildren Kurt and Emily. (4 comments) My daughter Julie with Emily. (1 comments) Kurt and Emily and a new 'friend' at the dog park. Kurt and Julie. (1 comments) Kurt, tree climber. (3 comments) Definitely not one of my better photographic moments, just check out Kurt, haha. (1 comments) My wonderful Dad, out from the nursing home for lunch at his favorite hotel. (2 comments) My daughter Julie, Kurt and Emily. Finally finished knitting my jacket - way too big for me now, lol. (2 comments) my 'babies' don't like the cold any more than I do. (1 comments) Dad and I, taken in my kitchen. (2 comments) Christmas in July at the nursing home. Dad wasn't interested in the kiss, just the chocolates! (3 comments) My youngest daughter Fiona & fiance Chris - we share both name and birthday,lol. (2 comments) Fiona's engagement ring - sapphire and diamonds. (1 comments) Sunshine on a tree! (3 comments) my beloved Cootamundra wattles in all their glory - there are 3 here. (2 comments)

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