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(1 comments) Me in the F250 (5 comments) Camping hair, don't care! LOL (1 comments) Growing out my hair... :-) (4 comments) First day of spring? (1 comments) My gift from my Dad I love shadow pictures! My window mirror shot from today.... Near the Bruno Dunes (1 comments) The snow from this morning! Woo hoo!!! (7 comments) (1 comments) Today's walk turned out really pretty! (3 comments) (3 comments) The snow is staying where I like it, in the Boise, Idaho foothills! I had a nice walk today, did any of you get a chance to walk? (5 comments) (2 comments) Just a view from my walk yesterday. It was a very nice day here. (3 comments) We have a light dusting of snow in the foothills of Boise! :-) (4 comments) Visited the Winter Garden aGlow last night, so dang pretty!! (2 comments) The view from my sister's deck last summer... (3 comments) Stanley, ID (1 comments) Photo I took of Lake Stanley. Idaho (6 comments) The River boat tour at 1,000 Springs (Hagerman, ID) was awesome! (2 comments) (1 comments) Our spot by the Snake River... (4 comments) We have had a record snowfall this year and it is all starting to melt. Can you see the people on the platform on the right? Wonderful visit to Shoshone Falls, Idaho. (5 comments) Looking towards the State Capital. (4 comments) 1,000 Springs in the fall. (17 comments) Water line below Arrow Rock Dam today (5 comments) We went to Celebration Park for a picnic and it was a lot of fun. I saw a Golden Eagle sitting on her nest up near the top of a cliff. We also saw lot of other hawks soaring around. (5 comments) Had a great time at the Air Force Show yesterday!! (3 comments) The fireworks were GREAT! (2 comments) Got rained out, where is my sun? Oh yeah it is behind my head! (6 comments) Anyone else having Halloween fun this year? (2 comments) Channeling my inner hippie for Halloween! :-) (8 comments) Mother's Day 2017 (9 comments) Greenbelt walk with Team Treasure Valley, Kathy, me, and Barb. So fun!!! (10 comments) Lots of things are blooming here! (3 comments) My Mother loved roses. RIP (2 comments) Pretty flower that I took a picture of during my walk yesterday. Love flowers!! (3 comments) Here is everything (except my camera) that I would need to have a GREAT day birding... Double-crested Cormorant (2 comments) Heron near Stepanie's deck Caspian Tern with a fish! :) (6 comments) Here is my blue-billed "Ruddy Duck" (4 comments) The lady Kingbird building her nest... (2 comments) The rock wren I am adding to my life list! Woohoo! Planning another trip too! (3 comments) Lazuli Bunting eating seed. (5 comments) I think this may be better :) (4 comments) Kuna has GREAT birds. This is a Black-Necked Stilt.... :) (2 comments) Western Kingbird we saw today... (1 comments) is (7 comments) Common Merganser at Lucky Peak (5 comments) The cute little downy woodpecker we saw today... (7 comments) Song Sparrow at Barber Park (4 comments) Awww, isn't she a cute little Killdeer? (4 comments) Four little Red-tailed Hawk Chicks (5 comments) Here is the Avocet I took a pic of. :) (5 comments) Here is the flying avocet! (4 comments) Lucky Peak Male Wigeon - So cute!!! (2 comments) This Red-Winged Blackbird was busy declaring his territory. (5 comments)

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