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(1 comments) Dec 13, 2009 - Masters Graduation April 7, 2009 - Honors/Award Ceremony at VSU - I received the Outstanding Masters Student Award (1 comments) April 7, 2009 - Me at the Honors Ceremony at VSU April 25, 2009 - just a really nice shot of Eddie running April 25, 2009 - Eddie running free (1 comments) Eddie at the trainer's - June 6, 2009 July 3, 2009 - Eddie coming home from the trainer July 3, 2009 - Eddie coming home from the trainer July 3, 2009 - Eddie coming home from the trainer July 3, 2009 - Eddie coming home from the trainer Dec. 24, 2011 - Me, Dolly (corgi) and the Christmas Tree Autumn Classic Oct 2010 - before the accident. (3 comments) Oct 6, 2012 - Berry College Mt. Day 5k Fall 2014 - Work Photo Fall 2014 Work Photo Personal therapist! (1 comments) I need to ride my horse more often!!! Horse riding two days in a row!! Haven't done this great in a long time! Yeah for horse riding!!!! Signed up at Team Beach Body, and I'm ready to roll! I'll post my starting pictures too, and when it's over I'll post the updates. I'm signed up as a coach, so if you like the e bs results at the end and want to know more, let me know! These are my recent "Before" photos... Keep an eye out for my updates! Healthy dinner! Not a frozen meal!!! Woohoo!!! Dinner was same as last night, but dessert is yummy!! Here's to hoping! (3 comments) Dinner! Yum! Alaskan Salmon patty, corn, & zucchini in tomato sauce- yummy It's getting there! Just have to keep it up!!! Yummy Rest of the black beans from last night, another salmon patty, and a bunch of spinach! (2 comments) Minute rice, leftover broccoli from Longhorns, and Atlantic Salmon patty! Granted I can't get out to ride a horse every day... But... Mahi-Mahi, asparagus, and mixed vegetables! Wild Mahi patty and fresh steamed broccoli!! First time I've ever steamed something that didn't come in a steamer bag! Abs starting to show!! #21DayFix Chicken, asparagus, & pico! Roast beef, rice, & spinach Blueberries!!!! (1 comments) Post-ride Veggie burger with green beans, tomatoes & mushrooms Veggie burger with green beans, tomatoes & mushrooms (1 comments) Just completed the #21DayFix! (3 comments) We both got a good workout today! What riding does for my steps! Got some good core work today doing two-point & posting. Grilled Chicken salad at Whataburger! (1 comments) Found a new reason to visit Dothan, AL! (Other reason is Jeffers horse supply) Getting back into the swing of things with a veggie burger, quinoa & green beans! #21DayFix in the morning and an hour of horse riding! (1 comments) Discovered bruise on my bad left knee after riding tonight. Not sure what I did but it hurts and it's swelling. Not sure how this will effect my Lower Fix workout for tomorrow morning. But considering how crappy my day has been... I'm not surprised. (2 comments) Tuna, broccoli, apples, & multigrain crackers Celebrating my 14th anniversary at Darton State College! Multi-grain rice, scrambled eggs, & tomatoes- my version of one of those bowls. Microwaved but still healthy! After photos - completed 2nd round of #21DayFix! Out with Bailey! Going to start focusing more on developing my health in my spiritual/prayer life! (1 comments) Though today was EXTREMELY exhausting! (5 comments) And they didn't even get the turkey!!! Jingle Bell Jog 5k this morning! (2 comments) Post Race! Time: 46:53.25! PR! (1 comments) Breakfast!! Rainbow Scramble with coffee! (1 comments) Pretty good since there was no concerted "exercise" effort today!

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