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(5 comments) (2 comments) Daniel & Cole at Daniels wedding in 2005 (5 comments) Myself on the left with my thoroughly gentlemanly elder son Daniel (23) and his lovely wife Michelle (4 comments) going down the whales back on our hiking holiday (4 comments) coming down off the whales back.our 1st hiking holiday.hole in the wall-SA (3 comments) made it to the top of queens rock formation i really did climb through these rock crevices with my husband and sons!!! (4 comments) getting a big hug from my hubby for completing my 1st 3day hiking holiday (12 comments) I had to cross this river to get to Big Shell Beach.I took some shells as a mementoe (9 comments) ball squats helped a lot to strengthen me for the 3day hike I did 6months after joining the gym (3 comments) difficult to do with a stomach in the way (8 comments) Hole in the Wall surrounding scenery (1 comments) The amazing Hole in the Wall (8 comments) imposing walls of the amphitheater (1 comments) taken august 2006 5 months before starting with sp (7 comments) First you climb down a cable above you to this point, then down a ladder,Aug 2007 Port St Johns (6 comments) these waves crash with the sound of a canon.quite awesome.+- 4 stories high (4 comments) we walked 2 hrs to get to the waterfall and 2 hrs back through ravines like this one (4 comments) first leg is a climb down hanging from a cable.murder on the hands (6 comments) at the blow hole.the water jets out +-3 meters high with the sound of a shunting steam train.woosh (1 comments) bottom of the ravine which took us 4 hrs to walk through-there and back (1 comments) swimming with our great dane in the malgas river (5 comments)

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