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My motivational collage for spring/early summer May 07: Last week of maternity leave, 225lbs/ March 2008 189lbs (3 comments) Reality check photo 3/26/09: 189lbs Last time I didn't cringe seeing a pic of myself? Maybe 165lbs (1 comments) Cake I made for my 2 year old's b-day March 30 (6 comments) Cake made for nephew 7/4/09 (6 comments) Me & my little bean (2 comments) (2 comments) Tinkerbell Rosetta cake-my daughter loved this and wants me to do one for her birthday (5 comments) Done for neighbor's 2nd birthday, based off of the invitations & decorations (2 comments) The 2 main reasons for being healthy as I can be! (3 comments) Neighbor, myself, and my brother at the 2010 Waterfront 5K (my first 5K!) (3 comments) My Halloween Fairy and Flower Fairy (2 comments) Meeting some women from my Fertility Friend days IRL 10/2010. Approx 185lbs (1 comments) 3/22/11: 172lbs, big crazy hair, size 12 pants (2 comments) Dinosaur cake Riding the Holiday L to see a play in Evanston (1 comments) A rather silly looking self-portrait taken in my car before work 6/2/11. 165.4lbs (2 comments) Getting ready for Zumba Love for NICA 6/17/11 (163.4 lbs) Wedding reception 6/18/11 (162 lbs....50lbs lost!) (2 comments) (DH could have told me it turned out too dark!) new zumba cargoes; 149 lbs 9/9 (4 comments) (1 comments) Silly hair not behaving on account of wet dreary weather! :) 11/8/11 139lbs (9 comments) Our puppy, Scout (1 comments) (1 comments) Some of the instructors at zumbathon 2-10-12 Zumba love forever! (1 comments) Me & My friend (running partner, zumba mentor) 2-10-12 With 2 fellow instructors at the YMCA's Zumbathon March 17, 2012 Posing post-zumabthon (see how we "glisten?" lol) Arny Johnson 10 mile race 4/7/12. We chose to represent for ZUMBA! :) Right before the finish line of the 10 mile race 4/7/12 (2 comments) Yet another zumbathon Friday, April 13. Geez, I need some teeth whitener. lol. Master class with the amazing Jani Roberts 4/14/12 Z Sanctuary ZIN crew. LOVE this pic :) (2 comments) Turks & Caicos, Grace Bay Beach April 2015, back to very few pictures of myself being taken, and hiding behind my kids when I do! Trip to Europe scheduled for August 2015, STAY FOCUSED!!! Iconic Greece (2 comments) The breathtaking patio view in Santorini, Greece Visiting Athens, Greece August 2015 My little chickens on a moody Coco Beach, FL

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