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Ah! To be this stress free! (6 comments) The first candle of Advent calls us to have HOPE... God WILL fulfill His promises! (2 comments) Third week of Advent! O come, O come Emmanuel! Fourth week of Advent (1 comments) (1 comments) (5 comments) (1 comments) (5 comments) October 2012 (5 comments) (1 comments) (3 comments) We want inside NOW!!! (2 comments) (2 comments) (2 comments) (3 comments) (2 comments) (2 comments) Renew your Spirit today! will move every 15 minutes...Don't just sit or stand there...BE AWARE! (1 comments) is going to go to bed 30 minutes earlier tonight! (1 comments) has drank water all day. (1 comments) (2 comments) (1 comments) is off to a great start of the week! Happy Monday! is starting the Walkabout Challenge today! (1 comments) (2 comments) i CAN do this!!! One day at a time! Let the weekend begin!!! AKC CH. Beazaks Prince of Belair Raylea...AKA Chevy! is unplugging for the weekend. I need to relax, renew and regroup! (2 comments) (4 comments) is ready to Spark Monday! is Sparkin' Tuesday! is seeing results with the LCGF lifestyle! (1 comments) won 1000 Spark Goodie points! is having a pleasant Sunday! (1 comments) is looking forward to a great week! (1 comments) is only doing basics until 26th...Windows 10 ate up most of my data plan for this month.. (3 comments) (1 comments) Today begins a new chapter in my life. Welcome October!!! Happy Fall! (1 comments) Yesterday was my 4th Sparkversary! (2 comments) is grateful for the weekend! is in One-derrLand! (5 comments) is thankful! (1 comments) is celebrating the first week of Advent! is celebrating the second week of Advent! is celebrating week three of Advent! (1 comments) is celebrating the 4th week of Advent! is going to make the most of being snowed in for another day... (1 comments) is getting some things accomplished today! is heading to PCP for a check in... (1 comments) Yay! It's friday! (1 comments) has hubby home! (2 comments) is learning God IS in ALL things... DH has had another setback, but we will get through it! (3 comments) is going through some difficult days, trying to play catch-up. Still Sparking as best as I can! (1 comments) is taking it one day at a time and Sparking the day as it unfolds... Some days all I can do is put one foot in front of the other. But Spark the day I will!! is beginning to feel better! (1 comments) is going with the flow of TODAY (1 comments) is Sparking each day as it comes... (1 comments) (3 comments) is Sparkin' right along! Seems that life may be getting back to a normal routine, if I can call my life normal! LOL! is grateful for the weekend! is having a nice Monday... it's been awhile since I've had a semi "normal" day... (1 comments) Sunday blessings to all! is taking it one moment at a time and trying to live in the NOW. This shows that U can SEE that U R making progress! My w8 has consistently gone down over the year! (2 comments) is getting used to new Wii... WOW! Summer is here!!! is happy. (1 comments) is SO glad it's Saturday! is going to take advantage of a quiet day ahead... is looking forward to the weekend! is ready to Spark Monday! is glad Friday is here! is enjoying the day! (1 comments) (1 comments) Have a great holiday weekend! (3 comments) Happy 4th of July! (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) is heading off to work! (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) Just let us get some rain!!! is Sparkin' a new attitude! (2 comments) is looking forward to Mother Teresa's day on Sunday! has an ugly old cold! (3 comments) is heading back to work...Sparkin' it! is Sparkin' one step at a time! it works! is going to the 12th Eucharistic Conference in Charlotte today! is clelbrating 5 years fo Sparking today! is celebrating 5 years of Sparking! is grateful to be able to go to work! (1 comments) is actually going in to work for a few hours today... is regrouping today... (1 comments) is adding a goal at a time... (1 comments) has had a great Day 2 of new habit plan... is heading out to work Church bazzar today... (2 comments) is looking forward to a new week! (2 comments) (1 comments) taking it slow but steady today! (1 comments) is going to open the gift of today, and focus on the Present! (1 comments) is going on retreat until Monday! (1 comments) is exhausted from our WorldWide Marriage Encounter weekend. Good weekend, but very intense... (1 comments) is worn out... going to just chill and do nothing tomorrow... is looking forward to celebrating Advent! (1 comments) is getting over the botched meds during my colonoscopy... not a fun week! (4 comments) has doctor appointments today''' Almost Christmas! (1 comments) is down with a cold... but will get right back up! New year is approaching! We can do it! (1 comments) is still sneezing away the day... is tying up loose ends of 2016 today... Happy New Year!! has had a great Day 2! (1 comments) Day 3 is done... is up and at 'em! Wednesday is here! Brand new day to Spark! (1 comments) is Sparking Thursday! Looks like we're gonna have a "snow event"... this is not a license to eat! (2 comments) is not surprised the "snow event" didn't materialize... is enjoying staying inside and catching up on bookwork! (1 comments) is enjoying catching up on bookwork! (1 comments) has had enough "in house" time! (2 comments) is ready for sunshine and warmer days! Keep going! is recovering from computer crash yesterday afternoon. Such a PAIN to get fixed! (4 comments) is still catching up from crash. Teaching me to be grateful to be able to jump in where I am NOW. had a great time at my work holiday party... we had the Wine Pallette come and we painted a picture, had wine, pizza and treats. This girl ate before she went, and had a diet soda intaead of wine. I s is so glad it's Friday! (1 comments) is staying to the task of taxes... is going back to work today... is glad it's Friday, and work is done! is SO happy it's Saturday! (1 comments) has had a nice Monday! is sort of glad to see January go is Sparkin' the Day! Says "It's Friday! Why not unplug for the weekend, and just BE!" is devoting today to Dear Hubby! Day 2 of total Hubby care... (2 comments) have a great Tuesday! is workin' the Wednesday! is so glad it's Friday! is having a nice Sunday... is excited to begin a new week! Spark it! (1 comments) is sad... I had a 666 day log in streak, and I was sick yesterday, and ended the streak! (5 comments) is good. is in love with the Instant Pot!!! (1 comments) is going to a World Wide Marriage Encounter weekend "sing out"! is going bowling today! is tired... working long hours. But grateful to have a job I love! (1 comments) will be glad for a new month to arrive! Been sick ALL February! is gonna get some houseblessing done! (2 comments) is Sparkin' Sunday! (1 comments) has started a new job...working 6 days a week right now... has barely time to check in these days... but will get acclimated to new schedule soon! Keep Sparking! I am! (2 comments) is confused... what has happened to SP? I do not like FB, and it appears SP is becoming FB... ARG! (6 comments) is going to adjust to the new start page, but I truly do not like it. (1 comments) is having to move after 7 years in one spot... prayers appreciated. Won't be posting much, as have to pack! ARG! (3 comments) is not only having to kove, but start a new job, too! It is going to be an interesting 7 weeks... (1 comments) is grateful we have been approved for the apartment we wanted... now to get packing! Will be MIA for a bit. At least until I get a game plan for move in place. (1 comments) is heading off to new job! (1 comments) is going to sign lease today on new home... Life is happening so quick. Bear with me SparkFriends! I will be MIA some, but I'm NOT leaving Sparkin' behind. Just not able to post much right now! (1 comments) is trying to juggle So many things! is grateful to be able to check in on SP each day. Workiong 6 days a week, trying to pack, and be caregiver to DH. it is a whirlwond at the moment, but by God's grace, I am doing it and doing it well. is learning to TRUST. In God's provision and His plan... day by day! is still packing and working 6 days... this too shall pass! is going to evntually update my SPage... is tired, has ugly tummy bug, and is still packing up house... (1 comments) is making progress! is packing, packing, packing! can officially begin moving itno new apartment on Monday... (2 comments) Let the moving game begin! Please let the rain stop! Trying to get moved in the rain... Just because it's wet doesn't mean there is nothing to be grateful for! The temp now is 52°, and the high is supposed to be 54°. The other times we have moved over the years, it was in the 100's. So I am thankful for cooler weather! Everything is boxed. Big stuff doesn't get moved until Sunday, when it is supposed to be nice. Tomorrow is supposed to be dry and decent. LOTS to be grateful for! is attempting to establish order... is frustrated... forgot to check in yesterday. Sarting a new streak of daily checkins. need to be more kind to ME! Been through a lot the last month... It's OK. I'm OK! (1 comments) is still Sparking...just busy. Move took a loy out of me. is still Sparking... Move took a Lot out of me. Wind is coming back to my sails slowly... is starting to come back to life...things beginning to fall back into place! is starting to come out of hibernation... is kicckin' those carbs to the side! Back to School! is thankful for SP! It's been six years! (2 comments) is living today in a spirit of gratitude! (1 comments) is grateful for a new year! (1 comments) is enjoying a snowday! is Sparkin' on! is back. is starting off slow. Life happens. But i have NOT quit Sparkin' my life! (5 comments) (1 comments) Raylea Bart Simpson, CGC (9 comments) AKC CH. Raylea Mair O Aberteifi... Mary Frances... The REAL Catholic Corgi! (7 comments) The Natural Area in my front yard... (7 comments) I DO not like photos of ME... but here is one from March 2012... I've since cut my hair short. (16 comments) This is my mother and dad... in 1977. She was the same age as I am now... (5 comments) New hair! A new ME is coming into being! WOOHOO! (13 comments)

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