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On my way to one of 11 weddings, summer 2013 (1 comments) Our 40's themed church Christmas program was fun and I kinda wish we could bring back the 40's look! :) (2 comments) Oh my word!! Got this absolutely amazing,and totally unexpected, gift in the mail tonight! Can not say thank you enough!! not pictured: Hip Hop Abs Dance Party! (1 comments) 30 min elliptical, 10 min arms, 20 min weights and 10 min dancing :) Banana with 1/2 Tb natural peanut butter, 1 tsp semisweet chocolate chips, 1 tsp honey. After having a big and late lunch, I needed some calories and protein to finish the day but wasn't really hungry but kept wanting something sweet. Problem solved! Mid workout selfie. I did the 100 calorie workout that MALIK2006 posted yesterday 2x and then went to the elliptical for 30 min. After the elliptical I did a 3 min arm workout and then the 100 calorie workout again. After that, I took this selfie (CHEESE!) and then went to the pool for a 20 min water workout before ending with 10 min in the sauna and a shower! Today was a good day :) (1 comments) This is the 100 calorie workout (1 comments) When you're doing a tough course on the elliptical and want to quit, but this is your view, it makes it easier to finish the course :D (7 comments) I'm currently mid workout. I just did 20min on the treadmill doing a rough course at a 4 incline most of the time and then went to a different elliptical than I normally use and did 20 min there and somehow managed to find another rough course! I've been sitting for 10 min already and I am still DRIPPING in sweat! Next up, 100 calorie workout, arms and hopefully a little weights too. Post workout selfie :) I didn't end up doing the 100 calorie or arm workouts or weights, but instead I did a butt workout and danced to Wobble, Love Shack and Cupid Shuffle :) Now shower and time to work Sorry the pics are a bit cut off, but this is the butt workout. Do all of them, rest for 1 min, repeat 3x I loved this workout! (1 comments) No kids at work means the coworker and I can do some booty work. I'm a bit sweaty now, so it's a good thing I work at a gym! (1 comments) Working my legs and butt! 35 min elliptical done! Post elliptical, getting sweaty Booty work, 3x through, still sweating... Crazy hair, don't care! Did an arm workout and then ended with 15 min dancing! Feeling great! Further in distance, but fewer strides...I'm ok with this, especially since it was probably the longest 35 min ever since my workout partner was not at all focused and about 33 minutes of the workout was dead silent :( Post workout, feeling good and feeling strong! My hair was looking good before work...then I decided to work out lol Oh well, crazy hair, don't care! :) So, I debated whether or not to share this because I am showing more skin than I normally like, but I tried his swimsuit top on the other day and you know what? I actually liked it and thought, "hey, I don't look too bad!" I don't know how comfortable I would be wearing it in public still, but at the same time, I'm having a hard time finding something I don't like about how I look in it. I consider that a win! (7 comments) Post work workout, 35 min elliptical starting at an incline of 13 and going up to the max at a resistance of 10 the whole time. My legs are tired (1 comments) Incline 13+ Resistance 10 Just keep going!! I don't sweat, I sparkle! Just kidding, I sweat like a beast! (1 comments) 15 @ 300lbs, 20 @ 250lbs, 25 @ 200lbs, 30 @ 150lbs, 35 @ 100lbs and then in reverse, 30 @ 150lbs, 25 @ 200lbs, 20 @ 250lbs and 15 @ 300lbs (1 comments) So, I'm glad I took a pic while I was on the elliptical, because today, it decided to play games on me. I was at the highest incline when I noticed, after feeling like I had been there forever, that the screen was frozen. It said the exact same time and said I was doing 0 strides/min. I decided to just keep going in hopes of it catching up...instead the thing restarted and dropped my incline so fast that I thought my legs were going to cave in under me. (2 comments) Sweaty and I love it!! Plus I had to work off my free birthday cake batter frappuccino from Starbucks lol This was my push to work harder today. Free birthday treat from Starbucks. I could have made a lower calorie choice, but I am ok with treating myself on a rare occasion. And I got it made with nonfat milk so that helps, right? :) (7 comments) I got my birthday wish!! My nephew was born this morning!!! 9lb 2oz! So it's a good thing I've been working out my arms! :) (6 comments) 1 hour Hip Hop Abs and then went to gym to do leg press machine again. I did the same as last time, except I added 10 reps at 350 on both ends as well Hip Hop Abs day 2 ✅ (1 comments) Elliptical ✅ Arms ✅ #crazyhairdontcare lol I tried two new classes today, Step Aerobic and Guts and Butts. Now time to go home and do HipHopAbs HipHopAbs Ab Sculpt ✅ Crazy Hair ✅ Water ✅ Now it's time for a shower and food! Day 4 Hip Hop Abs ✅ 45 minutes Zumba ✅ 10,000 steps before 11am ✅ Tonight is dinner and movie with the best friends! Feeling great today! :) Changing it up today, ore workout selfie. I found out late last night that I was going to be working 9-9 today and I woke up too late to do my HHA at home, so I left for the gym early to hop on the elliptical for a bit BEFORE work and I will do HHA after work tonight. Tomorrow I WILL do HHA before work and maybe even the elliptical too, but if not, I will do Piloxing at home after work and Easter cantata practice. (2 comments) I'm extremely tired and sweaty, but I did my Day 5 Hip Hop Abs AND I ended up getting in almost 23000 steps today because I was so slow at work! (2 comments) Hip Hop Abs rest day, but since my family loves food, I did 1 hour Piloxing to end my Easter. I hope you all had a Happy Easter!! He is Risen! Detroit Tigers and the exercise bike. Good combination to me! Mid bike workout and I'm already sweaty 45 min and 15.3 miles later, I'm sweaty, hot, tired and have crazy hair, but feeling great! (1 comments) So the elliptical that has froze on me twice already had the computer switched out of it to see if it was the computer or the machine and they wanted me to test it out...14 minutes later, the thing froze again and approx 5 minutes after that the machine reset. It's the machine, not the computer. :/ But I'm even more sweaty and heading to work! Hip Hop Abs Day 8 also happens to be workout #3 of the day for me. Time for bed! Hip Hop Abs Day 9: 1/2 done, I did Fat Burning Cardio but still have to do Ab Sculpt. I also did a 1 hr Zumba class at the athletic club. I hit 10,000+ steps by 10am today!! I'm hoping to do either elliptical or bike later as well as doing Ab Sculpt after work tonight :) Hip Hop Abs Day 9 ✅ I wanted to get in another bike workout, but instead I went shopping with my mom. Tomorrow I pack for Texas to meet my nephew and WILL be getting in Hip Hop Abs, a bike ride AND an at home Zumba class. I gotta prepare for the two days in a car driving. :/ Hip Hop Abs Day 10 ✅ both Fat Burning Cardio and Ab Sculpt. I may not get in my bike ride or Zumba today after all due to the flu bug keeping me close to the bathroom :/ Hoping to maybe do 3 miles of Walk Away the Pounds later instead. Long day on the road. Breakfast was an egg white delight w/o cheese or butter and a fruit n yogurt parfait. Lunch was this deliciousness from Cracker Barrel, Apple cranberry bbq chicken w/broccoli from their wholesome menu, less than 400 calories! Dinner was a few bites of ham but I did a lot of snacking on celery, cucumbers, tomatoes and a piece of Angel food cake. Making today my rest day from Hip Hop Abs and will just not rest on Sunday. (1 comments) My stomach has still been sour so I still haven't been able to do Hip Hop Abs since Wednesday, but this lil guy is keeping me company :) I'm so in love! I'm one happy Aunt :) Went to a park in San Antonio yesterday and found this! Does anyone else have one of these in their park(s)? I was so excited when I saw this and even took some time using the equipment provided before I went for a 2 mile walk. Every park should have this! :) (6 comments) Group 1 of 3 of the equipment provided at the park (3 comments) Group 2 of 3 Group 3 of 3 I think the heat may have been turned up a bit too much at the gym today because after 20 min on the elliptical, I was DONE! I took this pic 20 min later and was still dripping in sweat! Thankful I was able to get in a 60 min walk later because those 20 minutes were not enough. 30 min elliptical, 15 min mini trampolining, 15 min weights/body weight exercises!! Feeling great! No more kids for the night in the nursery so I was able to hang out outside with the older kids. Hip Hop Abs ✅ It's been tough to get back after vacation and being sick, but I'm back and starting over with my HHA Feeling strong today. Especially after 25min on the elliptical and 1hr of Zumba! :) I should have done my Hip Hop Abs this morning after my first two workouts, but I waited until after work instead and that made it real difficult to go hard. I was pooped before I even started, but I got it done! Hip Hop Abs Ab Sculpt done first thing today! So here I am enjoying the beautiful Michigan weather today and working on my tan when all of a sudden, I've been pooped on :/ Stupid bird (4 comments) 45 min and 15 miles later, I'm DRENCHED from the stationary bike! (2 comments) 45 min and 15.25 miles on the stationary bike ✅ Hip Hop Abs Fat Burning Cardio ✅ Hip Hop Abs Fat Burning Cardio ✅ 45 min, 15.7 miles on the stationary bike ✅ Hip Hop Abs Ab Sculpt ✅ Fat Burning Cardio ✅ 10 mins HIIT ✅ Hip Hop Abs Ab Sculpt ✅ Hip Hop Abs Fat Burning Cardio ✅ PiYo Define: Lower Body ✅ The main TV is recording shows that I watch with my parents, so I decided to go to the exercise room to watch the Tigers game. 30 min, 1.6 miles on the treadmill ✅ and 30 min, 9.8 miles on the stationary bike ✅ Game isn't done, but I am lol Hip Hop Abs Ab Sculpt ✅ Hip Hop Abs Fat Burning Cardio ✅ (1 comments) PiYo Define: Upper Body ✅ DRIPPING SWEAT ✅ (2 comments) Hip Hop Abs Ab Sculpt ✅ PiYo Sweat 2/3✅ I had to stop early because of a headache that was taking me to the ground :/ I think it may be a combination of me having not eaten enough protein at lunch and the 85* weather today. Time to get some dinner and head to bed Hip Hop Abs Ab Sculpt ✅ Hip Hop Abs Fat Burning Cardio ✅ (1 comments) After a really long, but great, weekend with family and getting a wisdom tooth pulled, I haven't been able to really exercise, so I started the 3 Day Refresh today and plan on starting my workout routine again on Monday morning...before getting another wisdom tooth pulled :/ I forgot to share this the other day, my first outside run of the year! I went 2 miles and didn't have my usual symptoms of feeling like I was going to black out! Hopefully that means I'm finally on the mend and will be able to start training for more long distance runs again! I miss running so much and hope to one day be able to do it again without fear What do you do when you're bored at work on a holiday weekend? You practice doing handstands and take upside down selfies :) Feeling pretty for church this morning My Memorial Day started with doing a lot of yard work such as burning brush. It was a beautiful day to remember those who serve, have served, those who have lost their life and those who are left behind missing them. I hope you all had a wonderful day! 40 min elliptical, 20 min weights, 15 min sauna and 10 min hot tub sandwiched between work and work. All in all it was a pretty good day :) Today's schedule: Root Canal, rest, elliptical, Zumba, Zumba Step, Muscle Pump and then home to jump in the pool. Oh yeah, and an unexpected cameraman during one of the Zumba classes! Guess who will be sporting a two piece this summer and feeling GREAT in it!? And even better yet, the whole thing cost under $11!! After a long night at work, I spent 20 minutes treading water to clear my head. Felt great! (4 comments) What do you do when you have no kids at work? Walk laps around the room for an hour! That was an easy 3.5 miles (2 comments) This is what I look like after I go for a pissed off, tear filled, run 😡 My emotions are pretty spent for the day so I'm going shopping with my best friend to try and feel better. (6 comments) This morning my mom told me about a 5k this weekend where the $$ goes toward angel flights, flights for those needing to travel for medical procedures. It's running the runway at an airport at night with the lights lit up. She offered to pay my entrance fee so I decided I should make sure I could still do 3.1 and I did! It's been a while, but I did it and will do it again each day this week! (1 comments) Work for two hours and then workout for one and a half :) (2 comments) A 3 mile run, two days in a row!? I'll take it!! I didn't feel like I was going to black out at all today!! I'd like to start working on picking up my pace again as I was at a 9:30min mile before my health problems, but I'm happy with taking it slow! (3 comments) Not finished yet, but proud of how far I've come! (12 comments) I'm totally ready for my 5k tomorrow night! (2 comments) Tonight I'm running a 5k for Wings of Mercy instead of going to my 10 yr high school reunion. I think I've made the wise choice :) Under 35 minutes! My official time was 34:48 and I was 137 out of 218 (1 comments) Not your typical child's cootie catcher :) Kid approved too! My coworker and I were both doing the workouts and the kids decided to join in! (1 comments) Going home after a long day at work and some great workouts! Rode my bike to meet a friend, went paddle boating and then rode my bike home. Now time to get ready for Piloxing!! :) I ended up not getting to go to Piloxing so I spent 60 min on the push mower I'm thinking about riding to work tomorrow so today was a ride for time to find out how early I need to leave. On the way home I had more stops for traffic than on the way there so I added an extra .3ish miles to stretch out (3 comments) I decided against riding my bike to work because I don't have my bike lock with me where I'm house sitting, but then I woke up to a flat tire on my car so I rode my bike to work anyways lol (2 comments) The ride home was 10* hotter than yesterday and not raining so I'm ok with it taking a bit longer today than yesterday :) I took this from a friend on Instagram because it had to be shared! Thanks @chaseinfinite (2 comments) While dad was taking a nap in the shade, I took one by the pool. Then we all spent some time in the pool, playing card games, then watching my brothers softball game and going to dinner. It was an excellent Father's Day to celebrate my amazing dad! (1 comments) My mom gave me a group in gift for a cut, color and style and I am so thankful! I live having red hair and my red that I had done months ago was pretty faded out so I'm happy to be a redhead again! :) (5 comments) I <3 Water! (3 comments) No regrets! Happy 4th!! 3 out of the 5 girl cousins spent some great times together today! Had so much fun in the pool as well as out! (1 comments) Because I work at an Athletic Club, I get a free membership, but a lot of my family members have memberships at Planet Fitness so tonight I went to the gym with them and I actually really liked PF. If I didn't get a free membership where I'm at, I would definitely join there! (1 comments) Thankful for another great workout at Planet Fitness with my cousin! I don't mind working out alone and even today that's pretty much what we did, but it's nice to have a familiar smiling face while working out! Does anyone else love this stuff as much as I do? Thank you groupon for a fantastic deal that allowed me to stock up! I'm going to a wedding on Saturday and I am loving my nails for it! Jamberry mint chevron paired with Sally Hansen no light gel polish, color - Tea Party Wedding ready :) (2 comments) I love working out with my cousin :) (2 comments) Mid run selfie. :) (1 comments) So so thankful for this girl! Tonight she texted me saying she was feeling lazy, but was going to leave it up to me if we worked out. We did it and we feel great! (1 comments) Pre-workout Post-workout While she's kissing her muscles, I'm so tired I had a hard time holding up my phone to take the picture lol Went for a run this morning and felt so sick I had to turn around so I only got in a mile, but it's a mile more than if I had stayed on the couch! (2 comments) 1/2 cup unsweetened frozen strawberries and 1 1/2 cup fresh watermelon blended with just a splash of water, so light, refreshing and delicious!! My favorite summer snack! (5 comments) This was on my way to the Bahamas today! My team made it safe and we are ready for the week ahead! We had a little break today so I found a rock in the ocean to sit on (1 comments) Going snorkeling! The lost island of Atlantis is home after a great week! I got over 16,000 steps each day, spent at least 2 hrs each day swimming and sweated my butt off! Well sadly, I am home from my mission trip to the Bahamas, but at least we had a great view for part of the flight!! Not to mention the excellent week there! God is so very good! (1 comments) Me and another teammate on our way to snorkeling this past Friday! The Queens Staircase (1 comments) Water, sun, sand, good times! Loving my vacation! We swim, then we lay in the sun and dry for a bit before we play catch with the football or baseball and then swim again :) (1 comments) He's grown so much in 4 months!! I'm so happy he's here!! :) (4 comments) I've been hitting the gym more than my basement lately, but today I got in a great Hip Hop Abs Rockin Abs workout! 10 min in and I was drenched in sweat! I love a great gym workout, but nothing beats dancing it out at home! (3 comments) Hip Hop Abs Hard Body! 35 min of pure sweat! I love dancing it out! (1 comments) Steak and fajita veggies, yum! Today was an awful day. It was truly the Monday of all Monday's. Started with some weird problems at work with kids, then having our house broke into and ended with some gym time to try and work off my frustrations. Please pray for peace and rest tonight. This isn't the first time we've been robbed so it's making me feel less safe in my own home. (6 comments) Hip Hop Abs Rockin Abs! Feeling great physically, still a bit sick emotionally after yesterday. I just don't get people. On a funny note though, we realized something else that was nail manicure kit. It was probably the best one I've ever owned. When zipped shut it looks like a wallet. Jokes on them!! 😂 60 min of dancing and sweating it out...oh yeah, I also helped my cousin carry a 100+lb keyboard up three flights of stairs. I think I got in a good sweat today :) Hip Hop Abs Hard Body, I would have liked to have done more today, but I had a flare up of my Raynaud's that made me need to relax for a bit. (3 comments) Hip Hop Abs Rockin Abs. #flexfriday I still have quite a bit of loose skin, but I do have muscle. I wish I could really get a good picture of my arm muscles, but I think this one shows my shoulders nicely, so I'll take it :) I got a new shirt today at JCPenny and I'm super excited about it!! Bottom line, BE ME! (1 comments) 45 min and just under 19 miles on the stationary bike! Feeling great, strong and fit! (1 comments) A different kind of workout today...yard work! Using a pole saw to cut down a ton of branches, using loppers to chop up said branches and then burning said branches...My arms/shoulders/chest are going to be feeling it all tomorrow! (2 comments) I found this bullfrog on the solar cover of my pool this morning. Mom said he was big enough we should have cut off his legs and threw them on the grill with the rest of our Labor Day lunch! :) (3 comments) Labor Day lunch! Shrimp and chicken kebabs made with fresh veggies from our garden! Yum!!! Oh, you know, just me and Shaun T dancing it out together in my basement :) HipHopAbs Round 2, Day 1 (2 comments) Hip Hop Abs Day 2, Fat Burning Cardio 45 min and 16 miles later, it's time for bed Hip Hop Abs, Day 3, Ab Sculpt 60 min Piloxing done and time for bed! Hip Hip Abs Day 4, Fat Burning Cardio, now time for breakfast, movie and gym with my cousin! :) Hip Hop Abs Day 5, Fat Burning Cardio. After hyper extending my knee on the elliptical yesterday, this is all I'm doing today other than my daily movement so hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to do more Hip Hop Abs Day 7, Ab Sculpt. I was supposed to do this one yesterday, but I prefer Sunday to be my rest day so I had to switch things around a bit Hip Hop Abs Day 8, Fat Burning Cardio #crazyhairdontcare Hip Hop Abs Day 9, Fat Burning Cardio AND Ab Sculpt Monday morning, a friend of mine was in a very serious car accident with her two daughters in the car. One of the girls is doing fine and had been released from the hospital, Shannon, the mom, and Kyra, the 7yr old, are still in very critical condition. Shannon and Kyra are both in a coma, Kyra's is induced, Shannon's, however, is not. Please be in prayer for this family and feel free to share this picture on your own social media accounts. Thank you all for your prayers! (6 comments) My prayer wall for Shannon and Kyra, please join me in prayer!! Today was another twofer workout, Hip Hop Abs day 10, Fat Burning Cardio and Ab Sculpt Hip Hop Abs Day 11, Ab Sculpt (1 comments) Hip Hop Abs Day 12, part one, Fat Burning Cardio (1 comments) Hip Hop Abs Day 12, part two, Ab Sculpt Hip Hop Abs Day 14, Fat Burning Cardio and Ab Sculpt 30 minutes, 10 miles on the stationary bike Hip Hop Abs Day 15, Fat Burning Cardio and Ab Sculpt (1 comments) Hip Hop Abs Day 16, Total Body Burn...and I'm definitely burning (1 comments) Reminding myself to pray for the Kerrs today! Please feel free to share the love with the hashtag #lovefortheKerrs and check out the website below for updates on Shannon and Kyra!! Kyra is doing better but still needs prayers and Shannon is in need of a miracle!
Hip Hop Abs Day 17, Fat Burning Cardio and Hips, Buns and Thighs. Holy sore! (1 comments) Stationary bike and elliptical at the gym tonight now home for dinner :) Hip Hop Abs Day 18, Fat Burning Cardio and Ab Sculpt Hip Hop Abs Day 19, Total Body Burn Today I spent at the ballpark and even though my Tigers lost, it was such a beautiful day for a baseball game! (1 comments) Hip Hop Abs Day 21, Ab Sculpt #teamHudson Hip Hop Abs Rockin' Abs...I am DRENCHED! (1 comments) Hip Hop Abs Day 22, Fat Burning Cardio Tonight I spent 45 minutes on the stationary bike praying and crying out to God. God please bring miraculous healing to Shannon!! (1 comments) Hip Hop Abs Day 23, Fat Burning Cardio and Ab Sculpt Hip Hop Abs Day 24, Fat Burning Cardio and Hips Buns and Thighs Hip Hop Abs Day 25, Total Body Burn Hip Hop Abs Day 26, Fat Burning Cardio and Ab Sculpt (4 comments) Oh well, I'm pressing play on my last day of Hip Hop Abs Round 2! (3 comments) Hip Hop Abs day 28, last day, Fat Burning Cardio and Hips Buns and Thighs (1 comments) 20x20x20 workout, 5x, with 10lb kettle bell weight with 5 flights of stairs between each set (1 comments) Since I finished Hip Hop Abs on Monday and won't start another program til next week, I decided to do Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred. Oh boy did I forget how sweaty this workout makes me! Isaiah 26:4 Needing this reminder tonight Great day for the AWANA Fun Fair! I spend my day in the black hole and I am so thankful I had my beautiful cousin helping me out! (2 comments) My legs are jello! (3 comments) Michigan vs Michigan State night at church, GO BLUE!! (9 comments) I'm super excited about my Halloween costume!! I work with kids so this is perfect!! (10 comments) Today's workout: over 2 hrs at a corn maze with my beautiful cousin :) We got there early, enjoyed the sunset briefly while we also enjoyed a hot chocolate and a donut and then went into another maze. It was a beautiful day! (2 comments) This girl is ON FIRE!! In the middle of my workout, the wobble came on so, obviously, I stopped to dance before moving on :) Spent an hour at Planet Fitness getting my cardio on! Stationary bike and elliptical and now home to relax for the rest of the night! (2 comments) After yesterday, it was a bit tough to move today. So after I finished watching last nights DWTS, I decided to do a dance workout as well, Hip Hop Abs Rockin' Abs always provides a good sweat! (1 comments) 45 minutes and 16.3 miles of God and I time on the stationary bike. Didn't want to as I'm still feeling all the squats I did on Monday, but I got it done! 45 minutes and 16.65 miles, man am I tired! Plus, a friendly tip, don't eat baked chicken n rice before riding it out hardcore. I may or may not have burped throughout my entire ride 🙄 Hip Hop abs Hard Body with Shaun T this morning while I've got something baking in the oven :) (2 comments) Not only did I get in my exercise stress relief, but I got in my baking stress relief too :) Pumpkin crunch and cupcakes for a funeral dinner at church tomorrow and cookies for a bake sale at moms work next week. I love baking and I love even more when I have a reason to bake and get it out of my house! :) (4 comments) Here's the pumpkin crunch recipe :) I'm sure there are a few things that could be done to lighten it up, but I don't know how doing so will change the taste if done so try at your own risk...and then share with the rest of us! :) (4 comments) Did my nails this morning for my Halloween costume. They're not as blue as I thought they would be, but oh well. This Cookie Monster wants her nails to be appropriate out of costume too lol. Now time to go workout and hopefully not mess up these nails! haha (3 comments) Over 3 hrs outside using the loppers and handsaw as well as the pole saw, not pictured, cutting branches off of trees, cutting them down to burn and then burning everything...and there was a lot of it! (1 comments) 1 hr of Just Dance and 30 min of Wii Bowling, you gotta have fun working out, otherwise you're more likely to not keep at it. (1 comments) Trunk or Treat at church tonight! My cousin and I were Cookie Monster and Batman and I had to share two of my favorite costumes of the night, pacman and a mom/daughter duo of a box of fruit loops and a bowl of fruit loops! :) (1 comments) An hour of Wii Bowling, 20 minutes Wii Baseball and an hour of outdoor work in the garden and getting things ready for winter. It's windy so my curls went crazy! My blue nails I had done for Halloween were chipping so bad yesterday I decided to reprint them today with something new :) (1 comments) A little bit of Wii Zumba and then Golds Gym dance workout for the Wii that included both dancing and kickboxing. I'm feeling great but ready for a shower! 60 min of dancing followed by 20 min of PiYo. I wanted to do the last 10 min of PiYo but my hello arms weren't letting me go any farther so tomorrow I will START with PiYo and then dance it out after that :) 25 min PiYo and then 90+ min of Wii Bowling with my mom :) (1 comments) I've been getting bored with my nails a lot lately lol. Good thing I've got a variety of Jams and polish to choose from instead of paying a fortune to get it done professionally :) (1 comments) I'm tired lol 2 hrs of housework and then 45 min Wii Bowling with dad earlier today and then 25 min PiYo tonight. :) (1 comments) I'm dog/house sitting 45 min away from home and I she doesn't have a DVD player, so today, I walked to the grocery store, 40 min at the store and then walked home. No excuses (2 comments) Another walk to and from the grocery store today and tonight I'm going bowling :) (1 comments) Tonight I went bowling with one of my best friends, we went out for dinner, went for a very briskly paced 1hr walk and then we went to Walmart to wander clearance aisles. Now I'm relaxing in bed watching tv. Today was a good day :) I've been walking to the grocery store, but today, I decided to run and I cut my time in half! But the best part about this run, is that it was 1 mile each way, so a 10 min mile. That number is extra special to me though because, back in 2012, I had just got my time down to a 10min/mile when I hurt my back and neck that has made running extremely, and even impossible, at times. Today was the first time I've run at this pace since 2012, and for that, I am proud :) (3 comments) Today I did two of Coach Jen's workouts, Barre and Bodyweight and tonight I plan on doing Sizzle after work! :) I didn't get in the workout I was planning on, but I did a TON of walking around grocery stores. I also made a fleece blanket Christmas present and made this chocolate creme pie. It was a busy day. Tomorrow I have to make a pumpkin pie, but plan on getting my workout in right after! :) (2 comments) I made this fleece no sew blanket today for my brother-in-law for Christmas. Although he lives in Texas, I know how cold his wife gets haha :) Today I decided to do a quick 2 miles with Leslie Sansone while my pumpkin pie was baking. 30 min of an indoor walk workout even helped stretch out my hips and muscles that have been bugging me since Monday. (1 comments) I may be smiling, but the two workouts I had today were about the only good parts of my day. I am thankful today is over and that tomorrow is a new day. (2 comments) Just finished the 3 mile Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds Express walk. Now time to get some things done for the day and then do the 2 mile walk tonight! (1 comments) "It ain't called Cardio Groove cause you're sitting your butt on the couch eating potato chips." Thanks Shaun T for giving me that little tidbit lol (1 comments) Hip Hop Abs Cardio Groove AND Fat Burning Cardio This is what I did BEFORE my workout. Oh my word, I got home from the store about 10:30am and didn't leave the kitchen until I went downstairs to workout because I was so busy doing all of this! Mini cupcakes for Black Friday potlucks at work all week and homemade crayon candles for gifts for my AWANA girls. Today was a long day, but so good! (3 comments) 3 miles with Leslie Sansone done as well as an extra 25 lunges, each leg After a long day at work and then cooking the turkey tonight, I decided to get in 45 min on the treadmill while watching NCIS :) I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!! (2 comments) My Mexican style Thanksgiving Day feast for my brother and I. Yes, there's only two of us, so plenty of leftovers lol (1 comments) I didn't do much of anything before noon as I was fighting a headache and a minor pity party. But I eventually got up and ready and went shopping for a little bit before heading to work. I had about 4000 steps before work started! The only way I'll willingly watch football...on the treadmill. 45 min of walking/running before work. Plus I had to break in my new shoes I bought on Black Friday. :) I bought them for work and since they held up on the treadmill, they should do fine at work :) (1 comments) This last week has been a bit rough for me mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Today, other than all my walking at work, I did nothing, but tonight I decided I'm going to work on my trust. Without Him, I am nothing. He is the reason I live and breathe, so I need to remember to trust Him! (4 comments) 35 min Just Dance on the Wii and now off shopping with my mom :) (1 comments) Well, I thought I had to be at work at 9 so I got up early to workout...I don't have to be to work til 10:30, so I had even more time to workout than I planned! 45 min with Leslie, day 1 of the core challenge and 20 min of strength training with the Wii Fit Plus! Now I can plan on breakfast being more than a bowl of cereal since I have so much time still! Haha (1 comments) Ok everyone, tonight I'm going to write a blog about this stuff, it is amazing! If you haven't tried it, please check out my blog tonight or tomorrow to learn why you should! I never thought I'd be a spray deodorant kind of person, but this stuff has changed my life! ***Edit***Blog is up!*** (4 comments) Feeling good tonight! My cousin had a chiropractor appt so we couldn't workout together tonight, so I worked out before and after without her...good thing we spent so much time talking after eating before leaving the restaurant haha (1 comments) Ugh, I don't know where my energy went, but I want it back :/ (1 comments) Grocery shopping, baking cupcakes, making Christmas gifts, making dinner, decorating cupcakes and making for more Christmas gifts...I'm tired and ready for bed! (1 comments) It was a late one after a long day of baking and then work, but I got in Round 3, Day 1 of Hip Hop Abs, Fat Burning Cardio! (3 comments) Hip Hop Abs Round 3, Day 2, ✅. First Christmas party of the year, ✅. Time for bed, ✅! (2 comments) Oops! I forgot to post this yesterday! Hip Hop Abs, Round 3, Day 3 is in the books! Ab Sculpt has me not really wanting to get up and do today's workout, but I'm getting up anyways! :) (1 comments) Hip Hop Ans, Round 3, Day 4, Fat Burning Cardio ✅ (4 comments) Hip Hop Abs, Round 3, Day 5, Fat Burning Cardio. ✅ Hip Hop Abs, Round 3, Day 6, Ab Sculpt ✅ 45 min, 3 mile walk with Leslie Sansone ✅ Feeling determined ✅🏋🏽💪🏽👍🏼 Today's my rest day and I woke up I did 5 min of Slim in 6's tone it up, 10 min of PiYo's Buns and 15 min of Just Dance. Now time to get ready for subbing and pray that the kids aren't crazy! (3 comments) Hip Hop Abs, Round 3, Day 7, Fat Burning Cardio and an additional 30 min, 2 miles, Walk Away the Pounds! Now time for bed! Ugh, I had an alarm set to get my workout in before work, but I won't be doing any workout today unless a miracle happens. In fact, I won't even be going to work unless a miracle happens. 🤒 Who had time to be sick this close to Christmas!? Please Jesus, help me to feel better!! (11 comments) I ate some peanut butter crackers and some saltines earlier, but otherwise this is the first real food all day. Thankfully my color is slowly beginning to come back, but I am sadly missing my brothers birthday dinner tonight :( I'm just really praying I'm feeling better tomorrow, even if just a little bit better. (3 comments) You know it's bad when this is all my steps for the day. And they are made up of trips between the bathroom, couch and now my bed. Jesus, please help me wake up feeling better! (1 comments) Christmas Eve, as the day went on I began to feel better and better and at my big family Christmas party, other than feeing tired, I felt great! This is a picture I colored from my new coloring book from one of my best friends. (2 comments) Christmas Day: I woke up after having slept horribly and didn't feel great, but didn't feel sick either. But before breakfast even came, I was feeling sick to the stomach and as the day went on, I only felt worse. It's now 6:30pm and I'm going to bed after having no slept for the last two hrs...and for an hr before that too, but with dinner in between. I ate a little at each meal, but hardly anything. Worst of all, I couldn't eat the fruit salad at breakfast! :( Here's hoping I wake up feeling b (7 comments) I got this mini tramp for Christmas and I've yet to use it because I'm still sick. :( Please Jesus, let me be over whatever this is when I wake in the morning! I miss my workouts and I want to get moving again without pain or feeling nauseous. (2 comments) I have to brag on my Beachbody coach for a minute. My coach and I have never met face to face, we don't even live in the same state or time zone. But my coach is different than most. Most Beachbody coaches I've come across only care about one thing, and that is you purchasing products through them. I do understand that is important, but to be a coach who truly makes a difference, you need to take note of the little things and actually care about the person you are coaching. My coach does that, a (4 comments) Although I didn't use my new mini tramp for my workout, I did use my new 4 mile Walk Away the Pounds hour later, I have zero energy and am thinking I should have only done one or two miles for my first day feeling really well, but I got the 4 miles done and I'm still alive so I'll take that as a success! (4 comments) I did the Abs On Fire workout, 10 reps each, repeat 3x. I paused in the middle when Uptown Funk came on and hopped on the mini tramp until the song was done and then finished. Then another song came on that had me jumping. And just when I thought I was done, a couple songs I like dancing to came on so of course I danced :) Once I got cleaned up after my workout, I got ready to go to the grocery store, and well won't you take a look at that, I actually liked what I saw in the naturally I had to share with all of you 💁🏽📸 Today I started my certification courses to become a Certified Wilton Method Instructor which will open up the opportunity to teach cake decorating classes at my local JoAnn Fabric to have an extra income towards paying off school loans! Only moving up from here! Happy New Year! (3 comments) Ending the year on a good note :) (4 comments) Let's try this again and hopefully without getting so sick in the middle. Hip Hop Abs, Round 3, day 1, Fat Burning Cardio. I'm doing a diet bet that starts Monday so I will be keeping very busy and very sweaty! Let me know if you want to join and I'll send you the info! $20 to join and no fee any weight gain...which is great since we all know they unfortunately happen! Hip Hop Abs, Round 3, day 2, Fat Burning Cardio...long day ahead means getting it done early! After deleting the app and putting it back on or also just restarting my phone, my PEP is still being stupid. SparkPeople, help! I'm about ready to give up on PEP if it keeps doing this! (1 comments) Hip Hop Abs, Round 3, day 3, Ab Sculpt ✅ Hitting the gym in a couple hrs with my cousin too! 20 min stationary bike, 15 min elliptical, 10 min core work and 11 min running on the treadmill. I love getting in a good sweat and it's even better when I get to do it with this girl! I'm so thankful for my cousin Emily and all her love, support and encouragement!! (2 comments) Hip Hop Abs, round 3, day 4, Fat Burning Cardio ✅ Hopping on the stationary bike tonight! I will win this diet bet! :) (2 comments) Woohoo!! Belated Christmas gift from my parents! I can't wait to try these out! (5 comments) I got my confirmation email today telling me I'm officially a Wilton cake decorating instructor now! I'm not great yet, but I'm gonna be! That means LOTS of practice! (5 comments) I mean seriously, LOTS of cupcakes!! Good thing the girls at work have no problem with me bringing them in to them! :) 45 min and 15.85 miles on the stationary bike and I am drenched in sweat! Now time to shower and go to bed! (1 comments) Hip Hop Abs, round 3, day 5, Fat Burning Cardio ✅ Now out to dinner with my parents and then getting in an hr walk with Leslie Sansone tonight! 4 miles with Leslie Sansone ✅ now my butt cheeks are twitching! LOL Oh well, you have to put in some work to see results! (3 comments) Oh my word, I'm dying. As I'm sitting here posting this, my legs are just shaking! HHA, round 3, day 6, Ab Sculpt, 15 min full body kettle bell workout and 45 min, 15 miles on the stationary bike ✅, ✅ and ✅! Now hopefully my legs will hold me up long enough to shower! 😂💪🏽👍🏼 (4 comments) I pushed myself a bit too hard on Wednesday that unfortunately kept me from being able to workout Thursday and Friday, but I'm back on track today with Hip Hop Abs, Round 3, day 9, Fat Burning Cardio and Ab Sculpt! (1 comments) Yay!! I'm officially certified and now have my materials to begin teaching classes!! I am so excited for this opportunity!! (3 comments) Hip Hop Abs, Round 3, day 10, Fat Burning Cardio and Ab Sculpt and an additional 3 mile Walk Away the Pounds (1 comments) Hip Hop Abs, round 3, day 11, Ab Sculpt ✅ 4 miles Walk Away the Pounds ✅ Now time to shower and then bake some cupcakes! Gotta keep practicing my skills! (3 comments) First attempt at fondant and I'm pretty proud! Not sure if I like it better white or painted (5 comments) I really wasn't feeing it this morning, but I got in Hip Hop Abs, round 3, day 12, Fat Burning Cardio and Ab Sculpt ✅ I'm planning on getting in a walk or kettle bell workout later today too! (1 comments) Hip Hop Abs, round 3, day 13, Fat Burning Cardio and Ab Sculpt ✅ (1 comments) Tonight I got in an extra 3 and 2 mile walk, now time for bed and praying for a snow day! (1 comments) Hip Hop Abs, round 3, day 14, rest day...aka HHA Rockin Abs and an additional 1 mile with Leslie because my legs couldn't go any longer lol Hip Hop Abs, round 3, day 15, Fat Burning Cardio and Ab Sculpt ✅ I definitely didn't want to today after spending the first half subbing and the second half super busy working at JoAnn's, but I got it done and now it's time for bed! (1 comments) Hip Hop Abs, Round 3, day 16, Total Body Burn ✅ Then because I know I have a baby shower and a birthday party today I added in an extra 30 min of HHA Learn To Dance: Take It To The Dance Floor and plan on doing 4 miles with Leslie after the day is done tonight! (2 comments) So, for Hip Hop Abs, round 3, day 17, I was supposed to do Fat Burning Cardio and Hips, Buns and Thighs, but accidentally did Ab Sculpt, so I ended up doing all three haha. Holiday tomorrow means time to get in some good workouts too! I didn't get in my walk last night because I ended up not feeling 100% and fell asleep on the couch :/ but on the upside (?) the birthday party was cancelled because the birthday girl was sick so that meant less junk food Hip Hop Abs, round 3, day 18, Fat Burning Cardio and Ab Sculpt ✅ and then I added in a 20 min kettle bell workout and since I was still feeling good and I had woken up super early, I added another 20 min of HHA: Take it to the Dance Floor :) (1 comments) Hip Hop Abs, round 3, day 19, Total Body Burn ✅ 15 min Walk Away the Pounds ✅ Not gonna lie though, totally wasn't feeling it today. I had a very long and busy day subbing 4yr olds on top of constantly feeling hungry today. I pushed just to get in those extra 15 min. Needless to say, I'm ready for tomorrow to get here. (3 comments) Hip Hop Abs, round 3, day 20, Ab Sculpt ✅ I also added in 10 min of Slim in Six, but after all the walking I did subbing today, I couldn't do more. I was actually required to walk a mile with my students in my first class haha (2 comments) Yesterday and today we're both extremely emotionally draining days, today being the worst. Today was my rest day but I really wanted to get in a workout still. After all the moving I got in subbing, I went home and was only able to do 10 min. Wish I could have done more, but the amount of drained I'm feeling can't even be beat by a workout today. :( (3 comments) Hip Hop Abs, round 3, day 22, Total Body Burn ✅ Feeling much better today. I would have done more this morning but a certain almost 10 month old wanted to skype :) I hope you all have a great day! Woke up early, began baking. Went shopping to get things I need to teach my first Wilton class tomorrow, worked an almost 8.5hr shift, came home to make icing and decorate and now time for bed. Super nervous about teaching tomorrow, but also excited. (9 comments) Class 1 ✅ Everyone left with beautiful cupcakes and no one went home crying :) (1 comments) Hip Hop Abs, round 3, days 23, 24 and 25, Fat Burning Cardio, Ab Sculpt, Total Body Burn and Hips Buns and Thighs. The last two days were busy and very exhausting so today I had to play catch up. (1 comments) Hip Hop Abs, round 3, day 26, Fat Burning Cardio and Ab Sculpt ✅ AND my Cize showed up today so of course I had to try it out! I did Crazy 8's and I am in love!!! Like seriously! I can't wait to start this program when I get back from Texas! 5 more days marks 1 year of daily posting on MyFitnessPal! That includes a vacation, a mission trip out of the country, leaving two jobs and starting three new ones! It is seriously a habit for me and it helps keep me accountable! Add me and we can cheer each other on! (4 comments) Hip Hop Abs, round 3, day 27, aka Last Day! Fat Burning Cardio and Hips, Buns and Thighs ✅ (2 comments) Brought my own "airport" food! Texas here I come! (2 comments) This was yesterday. This is how I help my sister, brother-in-law and nephew move into their new home :) (2 comments) This was today while we were moving :) Hopefully tomorrow we will be finished with this moving stuff and get into the fun :) (5 comments) 1 year in a row of logging in to MyFitnessPal! Yay!! :) (6 comments) So sad vacation had to come to an end, but thankful for the time I had! Now back to life and getting in a workout tonight! (3 comments) I had the WORST headache yesterday so I didn't get in my workout, but today I did! And tonight I'm checking out a kickboxing class! I'm excited! Kickboxing tonight was AWESOME! I was excited but nervous because I didn't know what to expect. But as we got started, I was in my zone! And to top it off, one of the moves the instructor had us do, he showed us and then as he was watching, he pointed to me and said "everyone watch this girl, you can tell she works out and knows what she's doing!" Tooting my own horn, I know, but that made me feel pretty darn proud :) (4 comments) I'm loving Cize and will officially start the program on Sunday. :) Spent some time working on my incline running and then went home and did some CIZE :) (7 comments) #drippingsweat lol CIZE : Crazy 8's day 2 ✅ and I added an additional 10min of strength training I was watching the Biggest Loser when my tv changed channels and began recording something else, so I had to find a new tv, and of course, it was in the room with the treadmill. So, I got in a 55 min walk while watching the last hour of Biggest Loser. :) (3 comments) Unfortunately, I really wasn't feeling it today. It took me 50min to get out of bed after waking up and even once I began my workout, I just wanted to be finished. :/ I think the S.A.D. is kicking in a bit today with the 10-12inches of snow that dropped over the last 36hrs (4 comments) Feeling a little better today so hopefully it will stay for a while (2 comments) Got my Cize in this morning and now I need to shower, go to the store and then come home and bake cookies for a few events this weekend, all before going to work in less than 5hrs lol (2 comments) This weekend was long, exhausting, unmotivational and just overall a failure for me, other than my fantastic decorating, if I do say so myself lol. But today, I got in 60 min of Cize : You Got This and now on to making 6 dozen cupcakes for a men's event at my church tomorrow (5 comments) 6 dozen cupcakes baked, decorated and ready for tomorrow night (3 comments) Substitute taught, came home and got in my CIZE : You Got This and now it's time to go feed 600 men! ***ended up only being 490, but still a great turnout and the food was fantastic!*** 5am Cize before work since my only other option today would be after 8:30 tonight Didn't get in my workout yesterday, but I'm getting it in today! After doing my Cize, I was only able to do 1:40 of the plank challenge, so I'm going to try it again in a little bit as well ask to for a run. Here's the YouTube link for the challenge: Do you see that on my face? And no, I'm not talking about the sweat! SUNSHINE!!!! It's 52* out so I went for a run outside! Sadly, with the 20+ mph winds it was a bit tough and making it slightly difficult to breathe now that I'm done, but I got in a 3 mile run and it feels great to have done it outside! 😀 (1 comments) Major headache today, but I got in my Cize for the day and will be working tonight and hopefully going to bed as soon as I get home. I need some sleep. (1 comments) Cize Full Out ✅ I did not like this one as much because it has my hands and feet doing too many different things all at once and it makes me baptist-white-girl skills, or lack there of, come out lol But I had fun! Cized it up this morning before work and planning on going to the local indoor walking track before meeting friends for dinner Between work and dinner with friends, I got in a nice 45 min walk. Don't let the lack of sweat on my face fool you, the indoor track was reading under 60* so it made it easier for my face not to sweat, but the rest of me did! :) I really wish the Biggest Loser wasn't on so late, but I had to finish it, so I got in a 65 min walk while watching the last hr of the finale Got my sweat on this morning with CIZE and haven't done a darn thing since lol. I feel extremely energized, but soooooo cold so I haven't gotten out from under a blanket. So I'm gonna go shower to warm up and then try to be somewhat (1 comments) I am drenched! I've been done with my workout for 20 min now and I'm still dripping! Got my Cize in this morning then started an at home kickboxing workout only to be stopped by work calling :/ Oh well, I'll just have to make sure I get extra steps in tonight! (3 comments) Cized it up for 50 min today and will do a Walk Away the Pounds workout tonight to try to make up for missing workouts this weekend. I had some spies during my 2 mile WATP tonight 😂 (1 comments) If you want to see some video of my "lovely" dance skills, go check out my Instagram @callmeSallyG Early morning workout of shoveling the longest driveway ever! Ugh, just shy of two hrs shoveling just so I could get to work to be sent home 5 hrs early :/ Oh well, now I'll be able to get in my Cize tonight too (1 comments) Got in my Cize and now I can rest for a short period of time before heading to church tonight. I hate snow, I really, really do. Dear Michigan, shape up or I'm moving out. I had the worst headache yesterday that caused me to skip my workout, so I got my Cize in first thing today, going home to bake cupcakes for my class tonight and will probably get in a workout while I'm home too. Have a great day everyone!! (1 comments) Got my Cize in this morning and I work tonight so I'll be getting in plenty of steps! Have a great day everyone!! (2 comments) I am dripping sweat after 50 min of Cize Go For It. I absolutely loved this routine! (2 comments) Got in a quick 30 min walk this morning before work! Cize tonight! :) 50 min of Cize Go For It tonight. I am so seriously in love with this program, but more specifically, this particular routine!! Do you see how much I'm sweating!? 💪🏽🔥 When I went to work this morning, it was just another day. When I left work, I called my sister and was told of a surprise...My sister and nephew came to visit!!! (1 comments) I got a surprise visitor last night and I couldn't be happier! My sister and nephew came into town for 10 days!! (3 comments) With my sister and nephew in town, along with crazy work schedules, today's the first time I've worked out since Monday. It felt great, but I need to get my butt in gear the next few days because I've eaten nothing but crap the last few days. Tomorrow is a new day! (1 comments) Cized it up this morning and now spending some time with the cutest nephew before reaching a class tonight 65 min of Cize this morning. Now sitting for a few minutes before making cookies for classes this week and then going to target to buy a new sports bra...they're on sale plus I have a coupon! lol :) Well, after almost a week without workouts due to a sick preggo sister and a sick almost 1 yr old in the house, I got off my butt and got in 30 minutes tonight. I hated missing this last week, but my sister and nephew needed me and I needed at least a little sleep this last week! Back at it again tomorrow! (3 comments) First time Cizing it up in a week and it felt great! :) (1 comments) Trying to play catch up after last weeks lack of workouts, so I added an extra 45 min, 2.5 mile walk while watching tv tonight (1 comments) Some days, all you can do is try to walk out the sore muscles, and for me, that's today. :/ I slept in, aka, overslept my first two workout alarms, so I got ready for subbing with the intention of working out when I got home. But before I even got to the school, I could feel my leg tightening up. I got in about 45 min of walking, 10-15 min at a time, throughout the day trying to stretch, but am still going to bed stiff :( try again tomorrow! (2 comments) Cized it up this morning, now time to go to work. Long weekend ahead! My "workout" today consisted of cake decorating, on my feet, for 6 hrs between teaching two classes and making demo cakes as well. Since I missed my Good Friday service, I made an Easter cake 😊 HE IS RISEN! (5 comments) Cized it up this morning and now on to the rest of the day! (3 comments) No workout and a ton of poor food choices, but today is the day I celebrate the resurrection of Christ and remember to be thankful for what He did! Happy Easter everyone!! “He is not here; he has risen! Remember how he told you, while he was still with you in Galilee: ‘The Son of Man must be delivered over to the hands of sinners, be crucified and on the third day be raised again.’ ” ‭‭Luke‬ ‭24:6-7‬ (1 comments) My food choices today were still not the best, but I got in a sweaty 45 min on the treadmill, wanted to do 60, but the knee is saying otherwise after walking and dancing all day teaching elementary school music class lol (1 comments) 30 min walk/jog after work, before church. Today was such a long day and I may not be able to move tomorrow, but I managed to get in 70 min of walking after a 12 hr day on my feet...and I have a sub job scheduled for tomorrow too! I'm gonna sleep well tomorrow! (3 comments) If you suffer from Raynaud's, let me give you a hint...45* is NOT warm enough to run outside, on a windy day, in capris. :/ See how white my nose is?! Ugh, stupid Raynaud's. But I got in 25 minutes (2 comments) Tigers opening day so I wore my Tigers gear for my workout! It is below 30 so I bundled up and went for it. 30 min of walking and 40 min of running later and I'm ready to get warm! Tigers home opener today and although I wasn't there, I wore my gear while I walked the mall with a friend...and holding her baby :) (2 comments) Finally home after dogsitting in the middle of nowhere with no wifi, DVD player and crappy weather. Felt so good to get in a good sweat this morning! Today was a good day :) ❤️West Side Story❤️ I can't say no to it! (4 comments) Left the house this morning planning on 3 miles. 1.25 in, a stranger stopped me to talk and talked for 20 min!! Ugh, it was so hard to run home after my legs had pretty much decided they were done. :/ (3 comments) Beautiful day here so my family took advantage of it! My mom has been trying to get moving more so she told my dad this morning we were going to the walking trail after church! My parents walked 3 miles while I ran the first 3 and then walked back to meet them and finish the walk with them! (2 comments) Now that THAT'S done, I need to study for my class I'm teaching tomorrow night before getting in my workout and heading to bed! (5 comments) Not a long workout tonight, but I got in 30 min on the treadmill tonight. Now time for bed to prepare for a long day tomorrow! (1 comments) Well, I had every intention of walking the treadmill after working two jobs today, subbing and JoAnn's, but, since I apparently thought it'd be fun to try to knee board across a wet wood patio at 11:45 this morning, only to have to work til 9:20 tonight, it is not going to happen. I could barely walk the rest of the day, but was so busy I ended up with over 14,000 steps still (8 comments) I've been taking it easy since falling last week because I hurt really bad. And even though I still hurt, I'm not in as much pain so I spent 45 min on the bike and will be rollerskating for 2 hrs tonight. I've missed my workouts and will hopefully be feeling even better tomorrow. (2 comments) Post skating selfie with my favorite 10 yr old :) I'm definitely going to be sore in the morning! (2 comments) Spent an hr walking on the treadmill today. My knees aren't reading for getting back into dancing yet, so for now, I'll push them with walking. Hopefully by the end of this week the swelling will be gone and I won't be hurting as much. Quick 30 min walk between work and church. I really wanted to do an hr, but my knees are really sore today. When will I stop feeling so old after a silly slip and fall!? :( I Cized it up this morning and although my knees are a little sore, it felt great! Just a quick 30min stationary bike ride today. I left work early yesterday feeling sick and I'm fighting a bit of nausea still along with a migraine, so I took it slow, but it's better than nothing! (4 comments) 3rd deck at the game yesterday so I had plenty of chances to run up and down the steps, run the ramps, and just getting plenty of walking in general. I wish we could have won, but it was a great day at the ballpark! Yesterday's workout 👍🏼 Today's ability to move 👎🏼 the post leg day struggle is real 😳 Forced myself on the exercise bike today to stretch out for some baking and gardening. Bake early to spend the rest of the day outside before church tonight! Easy 2 mile run before the supposed rain hits, now time for lunch :) (4 comments) I thought it was supposed to be spring!? Went on a long walk with my best friend tonight and it got cut a lot shorter than we wanted as we began getting pelted with sleet! Brrrrrr (5 comments) I could use some major prayers. Last night my left eye began feeling like I had something in it. I ended up crying myself to sleep trying to get whatever was in it out because I couldn't see it. I woke up this morning still in a lot of pain so I called my eye Dr and got in right away. There is a pinpoint puncture on my cornea. He said it is very serious and we need to watch it very closely. It could go bad very fast and may lose my sight in that eye completely (11 comments) It's been a long two days with lots of pain and eye drops, but my eye is showing signs of improvement. Dr says we're not out of the woods yet, but I'm trusting God's control. Thank you for your continued prayers!! 💜 (5 comments) Though I'm still doing eye drops and probably have another check-up coming, it seem like my eye is getting better. Still some slight blurriness, but it seems like just normal "need new prescription" type blurriness. Thank you for your prayers and please keep them coming! (2 comments) Boy am I tired of the eye dr. Started having problems again last night so I went in today. Good news, the hole is gone! Bad news, something got in my eye last night that scratched it pretty good so I'm on new eye Oh well, I can see and that's all that matters to me! (3 comments) Today was an excellent family day. My cousin and I enjoyed playing with all the kids and just soaking up the sun. I played in the water for at least 3 hrs. Oh yeah! I was able to wear my contacts again!! (2 comments) After having not been home for the last month other than for an occasional meal, it felt so good to be home and able to workout. Usually I can workout while I'm dogsitting, but life threw so much crap my way the last few weeks that I haven't been able to do much of anything. :( Now 7lbs heavier than the beginning of the month, I'm thankful to be sweaty! (1 comments) Hopped on the stationary bike while watching the Tigers game. 46 min and 15 miles later, I'm ready for bed! (1 comments) The first half of the day was absolutely awful, thankfully, tonight got better. By the time I got home all I wanted to do was lay on the couch and watch the Tigers, but I didn't. 45 min later, I got in a pretty decent walk on the treadmill and I'm ready for bed! (3 comments) 2 hrs of yard work and then 1 hr of mowing with the push mower. I'm gonna say that's a good enough workout for today. 😴 (1 comments) Out of town for a few days and though I haven't been able to get in a "real" workout, this little guy LOVES walking so I've been doing a ton of that. Some of it is just beside him, some his holding him and the walker and some of it is carrying the walker and holding his hand. But no matter what, lots of walking and I love it :) (4 comments) Since it took them two years to finally put my name up, I splurged and got my free cone so tonight I'm gonna have to stay up late to get in my workout and make it a long one too! lol (4 comments) On vacation with the whole family and today we spent quite a bit of time at the beach because it was so windy, the waves were nonstop whitecaps! Because of helping my sister with my nephew I haven't gotten many "workouts" in and have eaten too much sugar, but I'm trying to do my best at getting movement in when I can. On vacation so I went for a 30 min bike ride so I wouldn't feel as guilty about going out for ice cream. 🙄 3 miles on the kayak this morning felt so good! Went for a 6 mile run with my cousin Emily tonight. She's training for a 10 mile race in August so we went her pace and did a run 4 min walk 1 interval run. Super sunny day but absolutely perfect for an hour kayak trip on the lake! (1 comments) Ended the day with an hour long walk with my cousin :) Spent over an hour kayaking with my cousin this morning before I had to leave to head home from vacation. It was a beautiful week and I hated to leave, but I had to get back to reality. (3 comments) Got up early this morning to Cize it up before work! I haven't been able to do that in quite a while because of working so much and not getting enough sleep. It felt so good!! Gorgeous sunset after a long day celebrating my dads birthday! I did enjoy a nice cream cone and Mexican food, but I also spent a few hours helping unpack both my parents trailer and my sisters trailer after last weeks vacation! (1 comments) Over an hour of Cize Get Into It this morning! :) I have the house to myself today so I'm enjoying the freedom of being able to get in "actual" workouts and not just chasing my nephew around the house or walking grocery stores lol After my workout this morning, I spent over an hour disc golfing with my friend and then she and I played some games by the pool before going for a walk tonight. Today was a really good day :) (2 comments) I'm so proud of my students and all their hard work during this course! There were many moments of "I can't do that," but they believed me when I told them they would be able to do all the techniques and with ease! So proud!! (2 comments) Wii Active Fit 2 is no joke! I was DRIPPING sweat after my workout! Due to a bee sting on my foot, I had to pass on my workout today because walking is a bit tough :( Thankfully I had a beautiful sunset tonight to kind of distract me for a bit lol (3 comments) Well, after getting stung by, what we think was a bee, my foot has swelled up pretty bad. Because of it, I haven't been able to do much other than ice, elevate, Motrin and Benadryl. I'm hoping tomorrow is a much better day! (6 comments) Not quite back to 100% yet as it is still a bit swollen and red, but I feel soooooo much better! I was even able to wear normal shoes today! So, now it's time to test them out with a good workout! Wish me luck! :) (1 comments) As I was dancing, my foot was definitely feeling irritated, but I got it done! Oh boy, it has been a long day! But thankfully my nephew and sister both took long naps so I had plenty of time to workout! I even spent some time in the pool too! 💪🏽👍🏼 Cized it up today then spent some time outside and in the pool...could've done without the chocolate banana milkshake tonight though lol (1 comments) I really had no motivation today, but I got it done anyways...fighting for every bit of them! CIZE Crazy 8's this morning and it felt good to get such a good sweat in before 10am! I was challenged today to do PiYo define: upper body on top of my normal workout so I got that in tonight...when I'd much rather be watching the All Star Game 40 min of Cize this afternoon and then some time in the pool before going to work. 40 min Cize, Combat warmup, then an hour of using a long arm pole saw and a chainsaw to cut down large tree time for work! Got some Cize in tonight after a long, but good, day After spending two hrs walking the mall with a friend, I came home and ate two brownies :/ So I told myself to get my butt downstairs and press play...twice! Double workout this afternoon to try to combat the sweaty/sticky/heat bloat feeling. It's been rough today with the bloated feeling :/ Double workout again today to try to help keep some momentum going Yesterday was fun. We took my nephew to the aquarium and he absolutely loved it! While we were there, however, I didn't see one of the "careful, glass is closer than it appears" signs for one of the tanks "bubbles" and whacked my head really hard. I got in a ton of walking while at the mall/aquarium, but couldn't do any other workout the rest of the night or at all today due to headaches and spinning. :/ (4 comments) Still struggled a bit today with being a bit dizzy during my workout, but I got it done and I feel great. Now off to work! Today I started a new round of PiYo and I'm adding in some dancing as well. I need a good kick in the butt after a summer with little progress. Plus I may need a distraction from my sadness after my sister and nephew leave later this week :( PiYo Define: Upper Body and a crap ton of yard work! :) (2 comments) PiYo Sweat today and it felt good until the dizzy spells hit. I had an unexpected trip to Ohio Tuesday night and back to Michigan last night all without my water bottle and the worst nutrition because of how unexpected the trip was. 😢 Rest now, try again tonight. (4 comments) Time to jump in the pool! (2 comments) Double workout this morning and who knows what the rest of the day holds between now and work tonight haha (1 comments) PiYo Sweat tonight after a long day of decorating sample cakes for my works open house this coming Saturday. Sample cake for one of the courses I teach. (2 comments) This is a sample of a new class I'll be teaching this fall: Dancing Skeletons :) (4 comments) Double this morning now time to shower, go finish some dummy cakes at my other store and then the chiropractor :) (1 comments) I went to the zoo today with my walking buddy so we walked every possible path there was! Then we went for frozen yogurt and walking around a nearby town to wait for rush hour traffic to let up :) Now time to get in my PiYo workout 😳 (2 comments) Last night I got ready for my workout after the zoo and then couldn't do it. I think the heat got the best of me because I was down for the count with a massive headache :/ So today, I woke up early and got to work. I can beat myself up for missing PiYo yesterday or I can remember that I listened to what my body needed. I chose to listen. (2 comments) Unfortunately for the second time this week I couldn't do my PiYo. This time because of some back stiffness/soreness, and even cramping at times. The only other time I've had my back cramp like this was when I threw it out a few years back. So I took it easy and utilized the pool instead. Back at it again tomorrow! (1 comments) Because of missing yesterday, I didn't want to get behind, so I did a double PiYo workout today and I'm planning on doing some dancing tonight...unless I can talk anyone into going bowling haha :) (1 comments) Lunch today was a cafe latte shakeology and this: cucumber boat with tuna, a little light mayo, celery and onion. Yum! (1 comments) I couldn't convince anyone to go bowling and since there wasn't anything good on tv, I got in another double tonight. Jumped in the pool to cool down and now winding down with the Olympics. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 (2 comments) PiYo Core ✅ I also spent 5.5 hrs decorating a dummy cake and real cupcakes at the JoAnn's education open house and then spent another 4.5 hrs on my feet working the cutting counter at JoAnn's. Working out tonight was not on my list of things I wanted to do, but I got it done! I got in my PiYo Define: Upper Body and now I'm making a late lunch/early dinner before going back downstairs to do some dancing a little later. It's super muggy today so I decided to split my workouts up with food and swimming between! Happy Sunday!! Got in a double Cize workout and now at my brothers softball games :) Double workout done today and I'm gonna feel it tomorrow! My lower half is already burning and I've been done for almost an hour now! haha (1 comments) I may not be able to move tonight, but I'd rather be sore than sorry! 💪🏽 I stole my friends pic, but I went to hang out with my two best girlfriends tonight and we ended up running sprints and then walking around a nature preserve for another hour :) I took my workout outside today and it was fantastic. Now to get my PiYo in! :) Oh man I didn't want to do this tonight as my legs were so stiff and sore from the last two days workouts, but I got it done anyways! Just keep pushing!! (1 comments) Yesterday was a much needed rest day, so back to it today! 2 hr walk where I got caught in the rain again, and then PiYo Sweat when I got home :) (3 comments) Tomato picking, cleaning and juicing and now that it's cooking down, I was able to get in my PiYo Strength Intervals! Now time to shower and get ready for work (1 comments) So this is how my morning started :/ Coffee all over me, the counter, the dishwasher and the floor. After that, I went downstairs to workout and I think I pulled something. :( Ugh, can I get a do-over? (9 comments) Much better start to my day today! I'm still quite sore as I felt something pop last night, but I'm hoping that after working a 7.5 hr shift tonight that I'll feel a bit better and able to get in one more workout to make up for missing yesterday. Though it was a really fun day and I ended up with over 10 miles by 2pm, disc golf wasn't the best idea for my pulled muscle because I'm paying for it big time now. 😢 (1 comments) Happy National Dog day to my niece dog Odie :) I wish I was sharing a post workout selfie, but after disc golf two days ago, all I've been able to do is lay on the couch with ice and minimal walking around the house. :( I wish I knew what I did to originally hurt myself. (1 comments) My leg is feeling even just a little bit better today, but I'm still waiting until at least tomorrow before trying a workout again. I'm feeling the emotional and physical frustrations so I'm praying I'm able to be back at it tomorrow! (2 comments) Well, my leg was still sore enough that I made the decision to not finish my last week or PiYo and just start up a round of Cize. I love PiYo and will do it again, I just need to let my leg heal a bit more. (2 comments) Got in my Cize this morning, now time to shower and get ready for a job interview before meeting one of my best friends for a walk! (1 comments) Today was a long day, but I got in an hour and a half walk with my best friend. We skipped the kettle bell workout we wanted to do because she was still super sore from running a 10 mile race this weekend. And to end the night, I found out I got the job! Woohoo! 😀 (1 comments) 2 hr walk in the park today with my other best friend! :) We saw a log full of sunbathing turtles including this one that seemed to be enjoying a good full body stretch! And even though the sky looked crazy dark, it didn't rain on us this time! Well, after my long walk this morning and a super slow night at work, which meant I walked around the store most of the night, I begrudgingly came home to get in my Cize. Now I've so ready for bed! Got in my Cize this morning now time to go look for a few new clothes for work because I start in only 5 days! (1 comments) Sadly I didn't get my Cize in yesterday because it was such a busy day at work, but I got it in this morning and now time to shower and head to work for an 8.5 hr day. Gonna get LOTS of steps in today! :) (1 comments) Cize You Got This done this morning and a little holiday pool party before working tonight. Well, I got in my Cize this morning after having not been able to the past two days. Since starting the new job, and still continuing on with the old, I am just exhausted, both physically and mentally. Hopefully a routine is coming soon (2 comments) Though I've only gotten in my Cize 2x this week, I assure you I've been working up a sweat daily. About 50 hrs between 3 jobs and a crazy first night of Wednesday night church mixed in as well. Time for bed 😴 4 hrs of horseback riding today ended in a downpour. But with about half of the riding being trotting, my watch said I walked a whole heck of a lot more than what really happened lol Oh well! Now eating dinner before getting in my Cize! (3 comments) Got in my Cize and now relaxing before bed! No dancing yesterday due to soreness from horseback riding, so I went for a 2 hr walk. Today I got in my Cize and added in an extra 1 mile on the treadmill to stretch out and cool down. Ugh, dancing with a headache = no fun, but I got it done! After 3 days of leaving the house at 6:45 am and not getting home til after 9:30 pm, I was able to sleep in today and FINALLY able to get in some dancing. I've definitely been moving my butt off the last few days though so I don't feel guilty about missing my workouts the last few days, but I feel great having got my workout in today! (1 comments) After getting in my Cize tonight, I was still about 3000 steps short of my 10000 step goal, so I got in another 21 min Cizin It Up! First day of 2016 with preschoolers is in the books and I ended up with over 13,000 steps by the time school was out 😳 So I went home, ate dinner, did some sewing and then Cized it up! Spent an hr out walking with my best friend tonight after having already gotten in over 12,000 steps in at school. Now, time for bed! (1 comments) And this is without a "workout" today. (1 comments) Got in some dancing today before I went in to work. Got in my Cize workout this morning before church and hoping to get in another workout later because I didn't get it in yesterday after being too tired and lazy from a long day at work. I didn't want to do it as late as I did, but I got in my second workout of the day after skyping with my sister and her family. Now it's time for bed! (2 comments) Sorry I've been MIA for a while. A lot has happened in the last two weeks! 1. I got sick right before leaving town to meet my niece who was born last Thursday. 2. I dumped a pot of boiling hot tea in my lap giving me a pretty bad burn that meant nothing but skirts and sweatpants and 3. I traveled to meet my new niece! She'll be 1 week old tomorrow and I'm loving every moment with her! 💜💜💜 (2 comments) Cont from previous post...With all that being said, today I took my nephew for a walk/run. He did great, Aunt Sally on the other hand isn't used to running with the stroller and added weight! lol But it was a great workout! Spent the afternoon walking around a corn maze/pumpkin/apple orchard with my sweet niece attached to me 💜 (2 comments) Got in a nice 30 min kettlebell workout tonight on top of my over 18,000 steps from two jobs today. Time for bed! My body was shaking so bad when I finished! (2 comments) 3 mile Walk Away the Pounds with added 3lb hand weights (1 comments) 60 min of Cize done and now waiting for some cakes to come out of the oven for tomorrow's class so I can go to bed! Today was "the last nice day of the year" according to the meteorologists so I managed to talk my parents into going for a walk! And tonight, I got in a good sweat jumping all around my kitchen trying to kill fruit flys on the ceiling. I'm so over them!!! GAH! (1 comments) I did about 30 min of P90X today, I'd like to do more, but I'm limited on time. My lips are blue because I needed to know how long my whole costume would last before I get to work on Saturday! :) (8 comments) I look awful, but here's my costume! Some of my coworkers and I decided to be characters from the movie Inside Out. I was sadness (because I already had a blue tutu and you can only have one joy), and we had a joy, disgust and anger. We had someone who was going to be fear, but we told everyone he was too afraid to show up! Happy Halloween!! (6 comments) Going for the past two months of working three jobs on top of house sitting for a month in total, I've done a lot of driving, working and sleeping which hasn't left time for workouts. Today, shame on me, I skipped church and I got in a workout. I hate that that's what it took, but it felt good to sweat! (1 comments) Finally got a new laptop and decided to try it out with the #mfpfallchallenge Day 1 in the books and boy did I get sweaty with that full body circuit workout! (1 comments) Crappy day ended with a workout. About 20 min of the recumbent bike, some leg presses, 7 min of stair climber and then 45 min of mall walking Anyone else ever feel like life wants you to fail? I got my workout in today, but other than my normal daily walking, I haven't worked out since Tuesday. Being gone from 6:30am-10pm or later leaves me no time for working out if I'm going to sleep and I'm not even sleeping much then either :( (3 comments) Workouts have been few and far between lately, but today I decided to sweat it old-school. I am so thankful for a very rare day off that allowed me to get in a workout! 62 min of Dance Dance Revolution and today had some tough songs that I kept repeating to get right haha I'm enjoying a week off of school already! :) Today I did 4 miles on Walk Away the Pounds but I also added my hand weights and my running armband do I could make my miles count towards Charity Miles. If you do a lot of walking/running/biking, whether indoors or out, you need to download Charity Miles! Free to download and for every mile you do, there are sponsors who donate to the charity of your choice! (1 comments) I have a goal to walk a minimum of 1000 miles this year, which breaks down to 2.75 miles/day. Today, I did 5. Take that 2017! I'm one ticked off girl and ready to get revenge for what last year resulted in! (3 comments) Spent an hour doing Just Dance and recorded 2 miles in the process! I'm planning on a walk with my best friend in a little while too! It's amazing what can be done when you have time off of work. Tomorrow will be tough! 1 hr and about 3 miles walking with my best friend on a chilly day. I've still been getting in my walking towards my 1000 mile goal, I just haven't been able to capture it most days since I'm doing it throughout my days at work. But THIS was all tonight. I'm ready for the new week to start! Ice day for me means I could bum it out on the couch for a while and then a 2.3 mile walk on the treadmill while watching the freezing rain out the window...thankful I don't need to get out until later today! Well, I've been sick all day today so no workout (or food) for me. :/ But, check out tonight's episode of Treehouse Masters to see the build at my favorite walking spot! And who knows, maybe my cupcakes will make the show!? I found a new yoga app that I'm trying out! 15 min of yoga today with a 5am alarm to do 15 min again tomorrow (3 comments) It has been a rough start to the year. I've been struggling some major stress induced depression and today's workout is strictly because I was just so angry with myself. I have been tired, lazy, unmotivated and everything else for the last few months and today was the first workout in almost 2 weeks. I'm seriously feeling like I'm constantly starting over right now. :( (2 comments) I slept wrong last night so no dancing for me today, but I did get in 20 min of PiYo to try and stretch out my sore back. Now off to bed! Got in an hour of Dance Dance Revolution and now letting my sweaty hair dry so I can re-straighten it before going to celebrate my best friends birthday! :) Throughout the second half of the game, I did this during commercial breaks. Each move is for the duration of a commercial (2 comments) No school means I actually can get in a workout...but due to being sick for the last two weeks straight, that was one of the hardest workouts of my life. 😷 Terrible lighting and I didn't feel too great doing it as I'm still getting better after fighting the flu for three weeks, but I got in 45 min on the stationary bike today and now time to get ready for work. First day in over 3 weeks that I actually had energy throughout a workout! Because I felt so great, I did a second one! Now here's hoping I can still breathe to sleep #stupidflu Not gonna lie, this may not have been the best idea today lol. I did my resistance workout and then only was able to do 12 min of CIZE because my body was just done. 😳 (1 comments) I'm so thankful it's spring break. Today, I came home from church, ate lunch, watched a Hallmark movie and then went for a 2 hr walk! I'm hoping to get in a few more this week between rain storms (3 comments) Took a 2 hr walk today to try to clear my didn't work, but I got in 6.75 miles! A nice, long, very rainy walk with my best friend. :) We were both soaking wet by the time we got back, but it was totally worth it. Finally feeling energy again after having been sick for so long. Still struggling with depression, but I have the energy to workout when my brain actually allows my body to move instead of be a bum. (2 comments) 5 am 22 min Hard Corps Resistance 1 and roller skating tonight... #ThisGirlIsOnFire Sadly, roller skating didn't happen after all, so instead I got in 50 min of Just Dance! Tuesday's double workout Wednesday's double workout Day 4 of double workouts...I am seriously hoping I can move tomorrow because I'll be working both jobs and need to be on my feet all day/night Yesterday was such a long day at both jobs I didn't get my workout in. This morning, I began my workout only to be stopped early to help remove my bathroom tub. After that, I spent all day in Detroit with my best friend. Never was able to finish the workout, but got in lots of steps! After a long, sore weekend, I got it done today and though my knees are a bit sore, it felt good! Another day of double workouts! 22 min Hard Corps and Walk Away the Pounds! No double workout today, but I did get my workout in...outside! 80* in April in Michigan?! Yes please! Again, no double workout because I'm feeling a bit like I may not be able to move in the morning. I was super stressed when I decided to workout so I think I may have spent more time focusing on my thoughts than my form :/ I only got in one workout today because I spent the rest of the day sewing/cooking and baking with a friend :) But I was able to wear my new workout tank for my workout tonight! (1 comments) It's Monday and it's May! If I want to get back to where I was last summer, my butt needs to be moving! So today, it moved! Got it done and then enjoyed a welcome home dinner with my parents :) Only one workout today, but it was a sweaty one! One workout in and thinking I will go for a nice long WATP walk later tonight (1 comments) Not as sweaty from the walk as I'd liked to have been, but I was on the phone the whole time so I wasn't able to do as much upper body along with the walk. (2 comments) Only one workout today as I also spent 5 hrs on my feet at work. 22 min Hard Corps Resistance 3 SUCKS! Ugh, I had to modify the first workout 100% because there was no way I could get the coordination down to do what they wanted, but I still got in a great sweat! (1 comments) Lots of yard work today, including an hour of using the push mower. I'm tired! Got in 45 min of CIZE tonight after having not been able to get in hardly any "normal" workouts this week. Starting week 4 of 22HC over again tomorrow. Back at 22 min Hard Corp today, added in some CIZE and spent my work day loving on one of preschoolers who lost their home in a fire this past weekend. She just keep saying "but what if grandma's house burns down too?" Just another reminder to not take anything for granted! This sweat is from only 10 min of a workout and sadly that's all I was able to get in today. Two emotional days in a row (today due to my BIL being deployed today) takes a lot out of you and I just did not have the same push I had yesterday. (1 comments) Went for a nice long walk with my best friend and was so warm when I got home, I jumped in the pool! I don't think I've ever been able to jump in before Memorial Day before, and it felt so good! (2 comments) Hot tea, iced tea, water and cough drops. Sore throats are annoying. (1 comments) Some days you do nothing, and other days you do everything. 22 min HC, 35 min of Zumba, 2 hrs helping a friend move and then an additional 30 min walk around her new apartment complex. I'm whooped! Thanks to some gorgeous weather, today was another "do everything" kind of day. Vacuumed the pool, mowed the lawn, two workouts and lastly cut up and burned brush for over 3 hours! I'm gonna feel it tomorrow! It's not a #sweatyselfie today, but I'm loving my hair today, so I had to capture it lol :) I did get in a workout, but not as long as I'd have liked cause a friend called and needed to vent, so the workout ended. Good thing I walked the zoo today! (1 comments) Visiting my sister, niece and nephew for a week because it's Scott Air Force Bases 100 year anniversary! It's a hot weekend, but yesterday started off great and we're in for another beautiful day today! The air show weekend was a success. Fun was had by all and it exhausted this guy so much he couldn't keep his head up! Looking forward to the rest of the week with the family! Today we went to the St Louis Children's Museum and then spent the rest of the day working on things around my sisters house. Here's one of the funniest/creepiest parts of our trip to the museum 😂 (1 comments) Back home from vacation and began 22 min Hard Corps again. This was yesterday's workout, which also included some pool water aerobics in the afternoon after a bunch of yard work! Today's workout was a late one as I spent a lot of time either out of the house or working on homework. I didn't press play until 8:45 and after I finished my 22HC, I decided why not add in 45 min of dancing!? 😂 After spending all morning at the zoo with one of my best friends and her brother, we went back to the apartment pool and then when I got home, pressed play. I'd like to jump in the pool again to cool down, but a storms a brewin! I spent most of the day sitting on my butt doing homework, but after mom got home from work we did some yard work, then dinner and then ended my night with pressing play! 3.5 hours in the pool and then finished the night with my 22 min Hard Corps workout. Now I'm heading to bed completely exhausted! (1 comments) After spending about 7 hrs working on homework today, 5 of which were outside, I finally got in my workout! I added in a 4 mile WATP because of how long I was on my butt lol Had to get my workout in early today because I'm going to the Tigers game tonight! (1 comments) I'm gonna have to make today my rest day instead of Sunday. I spent the entire game feeling sick, and even part of it being sick in the bathroom :/ Still not feeling great today so I know getting in my 22 HC would not be wise today. :( (3 comments) Ugh, still not feeling well! Again the only things I've consumed today are saltines and some soup. :( To make matters worse, I had to cancel a date because of it! This sickness has worn out its stay! (4 comments) Sadly, not much had changed since my last post :/ I've lost 12lbs in two weeks because I have been so sick I can barely eat anything and keep it down. Anything I do eat hurts my body so much too! Ultrasound scheduled for Monday to see what's going on. (4 comments) Is anyone on here familiar with the alkaline diet? I don't want negative comments, more so ideas on how to eat what I need to fuel my body. I have been sick for almost 4 weeks now and have lost almost 20lbs in that time. Medical tests scheduled for this week, but until I have answers, this is the diet I am having to follow. TIA! I haven't shared in a while because, frankly, I haven't had much to share. I'm still sick and limited on what I can eat, but I had to share this. This was my dinner last night and I was able to eat all of it without getting sick! It's been about 65 days since I've been able to do that! Thanks to some free vegetarian products I received to test and review, I made some delicious veggie sausage egg rolls today that didn't upset my stomach! I may not be able to eat everything I used to, but I'm thankful I'm able to find some things to enjoy! Each one is only 72 calories! (4 comments) New state, new job, new all required a much needed morning workout. It felt good to finally get such a good sweat! My stomach may not be 100%, but I can do some more heavy duty workouts again! (1 comments) This was while I was hanging out at a camp in the Philippines (1 comments) me and my sister on the day we took her senior pictures. Enjoying a HOT chai during SnowFest @ Frankenmuth Murder Mystery dinner set in the 1920's to raise money for a Foster Care non-profit Last Saturday of every month my friends and I feed approx. 150-250 homeless (1 comments) Halloween 2011 A zoo in the Philippines where you can hold some hair tastes good I guess! (1 comments) Swam down about 20ft to share this before returning it to the South China Sea in the Philippines So very true! (3 comments) My friend James and I at a party put on by the Cultural Center and hosted at a friends house. My friend Mark and I at a party put on by the Cultural Center and hosted at a friends house. (3 comments) I foud the picture on google and added the motivational quote. I'm trying to find my "Skinny Me" 4 dress sizes smaller :) (6 comments) My sister and I on vacation this summer After completing the Crim 10 miles! :D Patience Motivate yourself Muster Mystery, April 2013, also the same day I hit 100lbs lost! (4 comments)

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