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Bella (on the left) Katie (on the right) with their human Aunt, Shelby. (2 comments) Bella & Katie in the backyard! (1 comments) BELLA & KATIE (2 comments) KATIE & BELLA (1 comments) BELLA & KATIE IN THEIR CAR SEAT, ON THE WAY TO THE DOG PARK! (3 comments) BELLA AND KATIE IN THEIR CAR SEAT ON THE WAY TO THE DOG PARK!! (1 comments) Bella and her doggie mom and her human mommie! (6 comments) KATIE AND HER DOGGIE MOM! (she was only a few weeks old) Doggie Mom is 4 yrs. old (3 comments) The Hubby (Cactus Bandit) at Home (3 comments) BELLA & KATIE WITH DADDY! (3 comments) Exploring out on the porch, only 3 months old (1 comments) My Beautiful Ginger............... (1 comments) Sneaked a phot of the girls!! hahaha! (2 comments) GEE, ITS A LONG WAY DOWN, BELLA! Mommie misses you so much, my little Poodly girl with your sparkling eyes! (4 comments) BELLA & KATIE (2 comments) BELLA & KATIE (3 comments) BELLA & KATIE in my crochet bag! (3 comments) KATIE & BELLA ISABELLA MIA (4 comments) Cactusflower & Ginger (2 comments) Cactusflower on her birthday! (6 comments) YEP, ITS ME, GINGER! (1 comments) GINGER WITH HER FALL COLORS It's me, Ginger girl, in my new summer dress! Any poodles wanna go on a picnic? (4 comments) Yes! It is me, the Princess of Southern Alabama! (2 comments) Hi Pals, it's me Ginger Girl! (3 comments) Gee whiz, can't a girl take a beauty nap? (1 comments) HEY YA'LL! I GOT A FRONT ROW SEAT TO SEE THE VIEW IN IDAHO! (3 comments) Ginger, My Poodle Girl! (2 comments) Howdy Pardner! I was born in TEXAS! (3 comments) Ginger in New Mexico (7 comments) YEAH, I KNOW. MARILYN MONROE WOULD BE SO JEALOUS, GIRLS! (2 comments) (2 comments) Ginger.......My Little Diva Girl! (5 comments) Ginger...........and her Baby Doll (7 comments) Gee Mom! Do we have to make pictures? (4 comments) My Ginny being good! (4 comments) YEP, ITS ME, GINGER! (5 comments) Yes! It is I, beautiful Ginger! (4 comments) Nappy time for Ginger! (2 comments) Yes! It is me Ginger! (1 comments) Ginger on her couch (1 comments) BELKAYS GINGER (2 comments) Ginger being beauthiful! (1 comments)

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